Dynamic Spiritual Leadership, by J. Oswald Sanders

His first book on leadership was so powerful that J. Oswald Sanders received many requests for another leadership resource. He responded with this in-depth look at the Apostle Paul’s leadership qualities.

Paul stands out as a great leader in the New Testament church. He played an instrumental role in the foundation of churches, missions, doctrine and the Scriptures. Sanders digs into the letters of Paul to uncover real qualities and practical truths as an example for us. As inspiring as Paul was, he was a human being just like you and I. This makes him a great model for us!

Paul was steadfast in his convictions. He endured great hardship and difficulty. He understood the importance of a clear conscience, and zealously pursued purity and growth. He sought to please God, and kept his eyes always on eternity.

Sanders analyzes Paul’s high view of God, his focus on the cross of Jesus, his prayer life, his ministry on the mission field, how he trained others, and much more. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to grow and be challenged to lead others in the body of Christ.

“The apostle’s leadership was not perfect, but it provides us with a tremendously encouraging and inspiring example of what it means to continue pressing toward maturity.”   -J. Oswald Sanders, page 45