The Jesus Style, by Gayle Erwin

Do we dare to actually model our lives after Jesus? Here is a better question. Do we dare not to model ourselves after Jesus? Jesus calls us to follow His example, which is radically different and contrary to what we are used to.

Gayle does a masterful job of drawing out deep heart issues and practical life issues to challenge us. Jesus’ example is so simple, and yet these points will stretch us to the limit if we seriously consider following Him. Applying these truths will require a transformation of our lives from top to bottom, from work to family, from leisure to service.

Are you ready to be challenged to the core? Are you ready to put into practice the truths that Jesus taught? Jesus humbled Himself. He did not lord over others (even though He had the right to). Jesus lived as an example and served His followers. Jesus did not force people to follow, but took a position of lowliness, last or least. Through it all Jesus fully obeyed the Father and kept His heart pure.

Although this example seems way beyond our reach, Gayle helps us to understand what each one really means for us today. He delivers solid, simple, powerful application for living the Jesus style.

“The world has seen no power greater than that of Jesus, and the church exercises no power greater than that of living the loving lifestyle of Jesus.”   -Gayle Erwin, page 162