The Philosophy Of Ministry, by Chuck Smith

Pastor Chuck Smith is the founder and father of Calvary Chapel. In this book he explains from the Bible the role and function of the church. These principles are the foundation of Calvary Chapel ministries worldwide.

The church primarily exists for Jesus. He is the head of the church. He is the only One who can truly say, “My church.”

The church also exists for the building up of the saints. Pastor Chuck shares his own journey of learning this lesson early on in his ministry. He tried hard to be an evangelist, thinking that evangelism is the main function of the church. Although he tried hard, he failed because God had called him to a different role.

When he discovered his role of pastor-teacher in Ephesians 4, his life and ministry changed dramatically. He focused on building up the body of Christ and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. It was at this time that he discovered the importance of teaching through the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

This book is a powerful story of Pastor Chuck’s ministry, and an important reminder of the foundation and roots of Calvary Chapel.

“It is that blending of the Word of God and being taught through the power of the Spirit of God that brings the changes in the people.”                      -Chuck Smith