Essential Practicals:
Pass On The Vision


Exodus 19:7, So Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before them all these words which the LORD commanded him.

From Moses’ example we learn the responsibility of a leader of God’s people. Moses was responsible to hear from the Lord, and then share with the people what God spoke. He received the law, and then shared it with the people. He received the plans for the tabernacle, and then shared it with the people. He passed on all the specifications and every last detail. This is the model that we follow. Our responsibility as leaders is to hear from the Lord, to receive His instruction and vision, and then pass on the vision to the people.

That means that you must learn to communicate well. Many times plans do not go as we expect because we failed to communicate the vision clearly. God expected Moses to make sure every detail of the tabernacle was fulfilled (Exodus 25:40). The details were written and repeated three times. When God gives you vision for an event, study or ministry, communicate the vision clearly and repeatedly so that it will be completed as God instructed.

The other side of this coin is just as important. When you are involved in something that someone else is planning, you must catch the vision. You cannot override, or change the vision, because God gave it to them as He wanted it fulfilled.

There is a great benefit to operating in this model. It is a protection for you. When people complain it is not against you, it is against the Lord (Exodus 16:8).

Does following this model mean that nobody else can give input? Of course not! However, when receiving counsel, you must still hear from God. Jethro gave Moses counsel about what to do, but he added “If God so commands you” (Exodus 18:23). Let no one convince you to do something that God has not commanded.

In order to follow this model we must receive clear vision from God. If we do not have clear vision, we must ask if it is from God. As He gives you vision, pass it on clearly so that it happens the way He wants. And when you are asked to do something, make sure you understand the vision, so that it happens the way God wants.