Asking The Six Questions

The six questions are… Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

The basic idea is for you to make up at least six questions beginning with those words. There are not exact questions for every passage, each passage will be different. Some questions will be more important for some passages, and not so important for others. There may not be all six questions for every passage.



Who is involved in this passage?

To whom is this written?


What happened in the story?

What are the main ideas expressed?


When do these events take place?

When was this written?


Where did these events take place?


Why did this happen?

Why was this written?

Why obey these commands?


How does this event happen?

How did they do that?

Asking questions of the passages takes some practice, so keep asking and trying to create new questions. With some experience you will learn what type of questions work best with different types of passages. Asking the questions will become second nature to you the more you do it.