How To Prepare Your Notes


Your notes are what you use to preach from. Every preacher has their own style and format for their notes. It is good to try different styles to learn what works for you and improve your preparation.

Make sure to consider your audience as you prepare your notes.



Your goal in prayer is to receive direction about how to organize, what to include, and what not to include in the message.


Write The Point

Expound The Verse(s) Related To The Point

Consider your audience: Define appropriate words and terms. Explain customs. Describe geography.

Support The Point

Consider your audience: Use illustrations, examples, quotations and cross references that will help bring clarity.

Apply The Point

Consider your audience: How does this truth, command, question, or insight work in real life?


Introductions can do any of the following: Capture attention, introduce the passage, share the context, introduce the subject, or preview the points.

Introductions can include questions, strong statements, stories, challenges, quotations, or verses.

Choose the content and style of your introduction that is appropriate for your audience.


Your conclusion should be based upon the prophetic emphasis that the Lord gave you.

Conclusions can do any of the following: Summarize the points, recall the application, call to action.