Additional Resources
For Digging Deeper

  1. Making Sense Of Man & Sin, by Wayne Grudem

This is a systematic look at what the Bible has to say about man and sin, including creation, nature of man, and the sinful nature of man.


  1. The Lie: Evolution, by Ken Ham

This is an explanation of the importance of creationism taught in Genesis and how that impacts your worldview.


  1. Respectable Sins, by Jerry Bridges

This is a call to victory over sin that looks at how we loudly denounce certain sins, but tolerate other sins even in our own lives.


  1. The Meaning Of Marriage, by Timothy Keller

This is a look at how God created marriage to bring us closer to Him and how that instructs us to have successful marriages.


  1. Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage, by Jay E. Adams

This is a solid Biblical examination of the details about marriage, divorce and remarriage in the Bible.