Additional Resources
For Digging Deeper

  1. The Popular Handbook On The Rapture, by Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice, Ed Hindson

This is a comprehensive look at the rapture of the church by a team of prophecy experts.


  1. The End Times In Chronological Order, by Ron Rhodes

This is an overview of all the end times events such as the rapture, tribulation, millennium.


  1. The Final Act, by Chuck Smith

This is Pastor Chuck’s explanation of end times prophecies as an exciting four act drama.


  1. Who Is The Antichrist?, by Mark Hitchcock

This is a Biblical look at who the antichrist is, where he will come from, how he rises to power, and more.


  1. Heaven, by Randy Alcorn

This is a thorough description of Heaven that separates fact from fiction and answers our most serious questions about Heaven.