Additional Resources
For Digging Deeper

  1. The Case For The Real Jesus, by Lee Strobel

This is a systematic and investigative look at who Jesus is and how we can be sure that our beliefs about Jesus are accurate.


  1. The Jesus Style, by Gayle Erwin

This is a look at the life of Jesus for the purpose of learning how we are to live our lives like Him.


  1. Jesus In The Present Tense, by Warren Wiersbe

This is a study of the “I Am” statements of Jesus from the Old and New Testament.


  1. The Jesus Chronicles, by Jack Abeelen

This is a chronological retelling of the life of Jesus from the four gospels.


  1. Jesus The Son Of God, by D.A. Carson

This is an in-depth look at what it means that Jesus is the “Son of God”.