Additional Resources
For Digging Deeper

  1. Archaeological Evidence For The Bible, by Charlie H. Campbell

This is a quick look at many discoveries that show the Bible’s accuracy. Includes many full color photos of sites and discoveries.


  1. How We Got The Bible, by Neil R. Lightfoot

This is a good introduction that follows the path from the original writings to what we have in our Bible’s today.


  1. Every Prophecy Of The Bible, by John F. Walvoord

This is a very thorough look at every prophecy found from Genesis – Revelation.


  1. The Canon Of Scripture, by F.F. Bruce

This is an in-depth, detailed and technical look at the selecting of books included in the Bible.


  1. The Big Book Of Bible Difficulties, Norman L. Geisler & Thomas Howe

This is a collection of over 800 answers to questions about verses often misused by skeptics, critics and cults.