Revelation Refresher Teachings

Revelation 1-3

The most important chapters of Revelation for us today

Revelation 4-5

The throne of God, the rapture of the church, the Lamb that was slain

Revelation 6-8

Opening the scroll with seven seals, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the tribulation and the 144,000 servants of God

Revelation 8-11

The seven trumpet judgments of the tribulation

Revelation 10-12

The tribulation events timeline, the temple, the two witnesses, the dragon, the woman and the child

Revelation 13-15

The antichrist, the beast, the false prophet, the mark of the beast, the flying angels and the preparation for the last seven judgements.

Revelation 16-18

The 7 Bowl Judgments, The Future Religious System, The Future Commercial System

Revelation 19-20

The 2nd Coming Of Jesus, The Millennium, The Great White Throne, The Lake Of Fire

Revelation 21-22

Eternity, the new heavens and earth, the new Jerusalem, and the tree of life