2 Chronicles 24, Three Types Of Spiritual Living

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from 2chronicles on Monday, February 7, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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Well, as we look at 2 Chronicles Chapter 24 this morning, I've titled The Message three types of spiritual living, three types of spiritual living, three different kinds of spiritual life.

And as we look at these three different kinds, I want to encourage you to be thinking about praying about and evaluating yourself.

In regards to which one describes you?

Through the best, which of the three types fit you most appropriately and unusual for me?

I know I'm going to give you all three points ahead of time right now so that you can begin to pray and consider what is it that really describes you and your spiritual life.

The three types of spiritual living we'll evaluate this morning is you can live as a spiritual influencer.

You can live as a spiritual dependent.

Or you can live as a spiritual captive.

And I would encourage you to write those down.

Put some notes in your head or in your.

Electronic device, however you do that and begin to think about and.

Of course we want to automatically choose the one that we think that is the best one right off the top right, but, but don't just assume one of these.

I prayed that you would consider that you would take these to the Lord and that you would.

Be honest and real with the Lord about where you are at in your relationship with him.

On Wednesday, we noted that each of the kings there's a summary of their reign given as we're working through the chronicles, and one of the most important things is listed first, whether or not the king did what was right in the.

Eyes of the.

Lord, and that that was the that's the most important thing about each king is their relationship.

With the Lord.

And it's true for us.

As well, the most important thing about you in your life?

Is your relationship with the Lord?

If people around you summarize your life, they might focus on a lot of different things.

But if God is going to summarize your life, you know what he's going to focus on.

You know it's going to be the top of his list.

The most important thing to focus on is what was your relationship with the Lord, and so we need to consider this morning.

What is the kind of life?

That we have.

What type of spiritual living are we engaged in?

We start by looking at the spiritual influencer and verses 14 through 16.

Here's point number one, looking at the spiritual influencer.

Here's what it says in verse 14.

When they had finished, they brought the rest of the money before the king and Jehoiada.

And they made from it articles for the House of the Lord.

Articles for serving and offering spoons and vessels of gold and silver.

And they offered burnt offerings in the House of the Lord continually.

And they noticed this.

All the days of jehoiada.

Here in 2 Chronicles 24, we're looking at the Kingdom of Judah and the reign of Joe Ash.

Joe Ash was a very young boy when he became king.

It tells us in verses one and two that he was seven years old.

And there's a whole account that kind of leads up to that, but but jahada was the high priest and jehoiada here.

In this chapter we see him very clearly as a spiritual influencer.

He was an influencer early in Joe Ashes reign when Josh was seven years old.

Obviously he wasn't conducting affairs of the state, right?

He was under the custodian ship really of Jehoiada until he was old enough to begin to rule on his own and to lead the nation as king.

And so Jehoiada was instrumental in the life of Joe Ash, especially in those early years.

Later on, Joe Ash has it on his heart.

You know, I want to restore the temple.

It's been demolished and not demolished, but kind of rundown and closed up and and defiled in many ways.

And so under previous reigns and and things that happen.

And so let's let's bring back the worship at the temple, the way that we're supposed to, and.

And so we kind of catch the tail end of that.

They're in verse 14.

They make a collection, they receive the funds necessary to restore the temple.

They do the work.

The people come back to the worship of God at the temple.

The doors are open, things are set right and they begin to sacrifice there again and it says continually all the days of jehoiada.

Joida was a strong spiritual influence.

On Joe Ash the King and on the nation as a holder, the whole Kingdom of Judah was seriously impacted by Jehoiada, the high priest.

The implication here, of course, is they offered.

Sacrifices to the Lord continually all the days of joetta.

What is the implication?

After Joetta is gone, they don't offer sacrifices like they once did.

But during his life, during the time that he was around and available, he was a huge influence.

On the nation so that they stayed the course and kept on the path of walking with God in the way that they were called to.

We've seen throughout the Book of chronicles some good kings, some bad kings for the nation of Judah, mostly bad kings.

But here we get Joe Ashen.

As we look at his life, we see so much good that he did under the influence of the encouragement and the help of jehoiada.

So much so that Joanna was buried in great honor.

Because of his godly influence, check out verse 15.

Jahada grew old and was full of days and he died. He was 130 years old when he died.

And they buried him in the city of David among the kings.

Because he had done good in Israel both toward God and his house.

There are some kings.

Who were so dishonored?

That they were not buried.

In the city of David among the Kings, even though they had the position, they were so unfaithful.

They did not get that honor in their burial, but jahada high priests.

No other high priest is noted to have this kind of burial.

This kind of honor to be buried among the kings in the city of David, but, but because it says he had done good in Israel.

He had done well.

He had accomplished good.

He had influenced towards good.

It says toward God and his house towards the temple as well because of his impact.

Because of the significance that he had amongst the people he was buried in honor amongst the Kings.

Because of his godly influence.

He died being 130 years old.

And so.

This high priest, who was influential who was instrumental in the recovery of the nation.

The revival of the nation.

Who was instrumental in keeping the nation on the path towards walking with God?

This man God gave him grace and allowed him to live a long time in enduring life to continue his days of influence.

And so all the days of jehoiada.

They offered burnt offerings in the house.

Of the Lord.

Continually, what does that imply after the days of joetta they did not.

In verse 2, going back a little bit looking at Kinjo ash, it says Joe Ash did what was right in the sight of the Lord all the days of Jehoiada the priest.

What does that imply after the days of deuda?

Joe Ash did not do what was right in the.

Sight of the Lord.

And we'll look at those those things in just a moment.

But but here just focused on Jehovah that we see.

He had a great influence.

Later on, these guys are going to wander.

They're going to flounder.

They're going to mess up.

But but during his presence while he's around.

So many people.

Are encouraged.

To hold fast to the things of the Lord.

Charles Spurgeon says see the influence of one man.

One man can sway a state.

One man can check sin.

One man can be the head of a host who shall serve God and honor his name.

This one guy jehoiada.

Made such an impact upon this king upon this nation.

That they were influenced in the things of God.

Now there's many other examples that we could look at aside from Joetta, right?

We're going to be working our way out of chronicles into Ezra and Nehemiah.

Both great examples of spiritual influencers.

Who really impacted the people?

the Exiles who were coming out of Babylon back to Jerusalem?

They they needed help.

They needed guidance.

They'd been spending the last 70 years living amongst the the Babylonians.

They had lost much of the insight in the ways of the Lord and Ezra.

Nehemiah had to be an influence and to help hold the course for the people, help them stick to what God said.

And what God desired of them.

After that, we'll get into the book of Esther.

And of course she's an influence, but then also think about Mordecai, her uncle, who was a real spiritual influence in her life, really helped her to walk the path that God had set before her really influenced her to to move forward and to be an instrumental part of the work that God wanted to do in the life.

Of his people.

Later on this year, we'll move on into reading through the profits.

And each one you can understand as a spiritual influencer, that they were the the mouthpiece of God to speak.

God's word to the people to call them to repentance, to help them stay the course, or to call them back to the path that God had called them to. I was like to consider Daniel. They're in the Babylonian Kingdom. What a spiritual influencer, right?

He was there in the Babylonian Kingdom and everybody knew about God because of Daniel.

His witness, his influence.

Was tremendous.

Was this kind of spiritual influencer he made a huge impact on everyone around him and helping them to know the reality of God to seek after God, encouraging them to walk with God?

As you think about this idea of a spiritual influencer, try not to think of social media.

Influencer, I know.

I kind of wrestled with this a little bit, but.

Maybe I should freeze it just another way so that you don't think I'm talking about just posting things that are, you know, scriptural on social media.

That's not what we're talking about.

We're we're talking about holding to a life a course of actual behavior and living for the things of God.

This is the kind of influence that Jahada brought.

Is this a good categorization?

Of the way that you live of your spiritual life.

Is the thing to consider.

I would suggest to you that this is not just something for the occasional person that there are just select few who are called by God to be spiritual influencers.

But that actually every believer in Jesus.

Ought to take on this role and have this kind of mentality towards spiritual life.

I think we can see it clearly in the Great Commission in Matthew Chapter 28.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.

Baptizing them in the name of the father.

And the son of the Holy Spirit.

Teaching them to observe all things.

That I have commanded you.

And lo, I am with you always, even to the end.

Of the age.

Jesus tells his disciples listen guys, disciples make disciples.

That's what disciples do, and you're not a disciple.

If you're not making disciples, 'cause disciples make disciples.

And you're to teach people the things that I'm teaching you.

The things that I've commanded you.

And we know that this was not just to those eleven guys.

There was more than 11 there on the mountain when Jesus gave this, but we know it's not just the 11 apostles that the Lord spoke this too because he told them I'm with you even to the end.

Of the age.

He's not just addressing the people who are physically present at the time.

He's addressing all disciples, and he says, listen disciples, disciples make disciples.

Disciples are spiritual influencers.

They teach others to observe the things that I.

Have taught them.

Go and make disciples.

And so this morning I would ask you to consider and again I would pray that the Lord would help us to be honest with ourselves, are we?

Influential in regards to spiritual things in our life.

You can think about this a lot of ways, making disciples, teaching things that the Lord is commanded.

Teaching doctrine.

You can understand it as being a witness.

Representing God to the world around us, also representing God to one another as we gather together.

A spiritual influencer restrains disobedience, holds back where there's a desire where there is a push to do, things that are not of God, influencer is.

Effective in holding back and calling people back and out of the disobedience.

I would encourage you to think about this in.

The context of your home.

Are you a spiritual influencer?

In your home, do you represent God?

Do you restrain disobedience?

We know in the home that God is prescribed a certain order.

You can read in Ephesians Chapter 5.

The simplification of it we know is the husband is to be the head of the home as.

Christ is the head of the church.

Guys, men.

Husband fathers.

Are you the head of the home?

Are you a spiritual influence?

Are in the home now?

This is not to suggest that the wife is not called to be a spiritual influence.

I would suggest this is not talking about headship or that kind of thing talking about spiritual influence.

I would suggest that both spouses.

Are to be spiritual influencers to the home and to one another.

That that it's not just husband is the head wife.

Be quiet right?

There is order and I'm not going to try to teach that message.

That's a different message for a different time but but here my.

Point really is, I think.

For some guys.

One of the problems that we face is you're not a spiritual influencer in the home husband.

You're not a spiritual influencer in your wife, you you don't represent God to her.

You don't help her in the things of the Lord and to walk with the Lord and some of the problems are in the home are from the reverse wife.

You you are not.

Influencing your husband in the things of the Lord.

Restraining from disobedience and representing God.

Parents, of course, need to be spiritual influencers, husbands, wives need to be spiritual influencers.

You can place this in the context of the workplace.

Again being a witness, perhaps any secular scenario like Daniel and the Kingdom of Babylon.

Without going through all of the possible examples and scenarios again.

I would ask you.

To take this to the Lord and consider.

Are you?

A spiritual influencer.

Now there's some alternatives.

If you're not a spiritual influencer, you might be a spiritual dependent.

That's the second point.

The second thing to consider this morning.

Second type of spiritual living is you can live as.

A spiritual dependent look at verse 17 and 18.

Says now after the death of Jehoiada, the leaders of Judah came and bowed down to the king.

And the king listened to them.

Therefore, they left the House of the Lord God of their fathers and served wooden images and idols.

And Wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem because of their trespass.

After the spiritual influence is removed from the scene.

The nation doesn't take a long time.

To really dive into depravity.

And here we see really the failure of King Joe Ash and it's such a disappointment because Joe Ash has an incredible origin story.

If you're thinking about like.

Superhero Type Origin stories right.

Yes, it's incredible if you would give the back story.

This would make a great movie.

The nation of Judah is in turmoil.

A wicked king Afelia takes over and kills all.

The royal descendants.

All those who would have the.

Right to the throne.

Except for this one, Joanna, she's a little baby at the time.

He's hidden by jehoiada, the high priest preserved it.

He alone survives.

This slaughter under the wicked King Affilia.

And Jahada hides Joe Ash and raises him for several years.

He waits until the right time.

Joe is 7 years old.

Jahada arranges this.

Occasion of anointing Joe Ash as king.

And there's all this strategy to it.

He schedules all of the priests and the Levites to.

Be there and.

And they work out so that they're all in the same place at the same time, so that the people get the news and hear the message that Joe Ash is alive and that he is king.

And at the lion when she sees it, she cries out treason and they put her to death, I mean.

It's an incredible movie in my head at least.

And so here he is, 7 years old.

Now on the king, after this incredible events take place under the.

Guardianship of jehoiada.

He comes to his own.

He becomes an adult and he begins to take action on his own in the 1st.

Part of the chapter we see Joe Ash instruct Joetta and the priest and the Levite's to repair the House of the Lord.

And so they go about repairing and restoring and opening the doors, cleaning it out so that the temple worship can be restored because under Queen Athaliah reigned had been defiled and shut down.

And you look at that restoration of the temple there as an act of Josh.

And it's like, Oh yeah, Josh, you are on the right track.

And then you're doing great.

Toyota must have been so proud.

But knowing the end of the account.

We realize.

He did some good things, but in the end.

He was a spiritual dependent.

Without Joey's presence.

To influence him.

To help him stay the course, he wavered immediately.

He was a dependent.

It's likely that Joe Ash didn't know he was a spiritual dependent.

It's not something he was conscious of.

In fact, during the time where they're rebuilding the temple, restoring the temple, if you had asked Joe Ash hey, do you think you would ever abandoned God and turn away and worship idols?

He would have laughed at you and said that was impossible.

That would never happen.

But notice what happens in verse 17.

Now, after the death of Jehoiada, the leaders of G.

They came and bowed down to the king.

And the king listened to them.

Therefore, they left the House of the Lord God of their fathers and served wooden images and idols.

And Wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem because of their trespass.

These later years of Josh's life, once Jahada passes off the scene.

The strong influence that was on his life.

Helped him stay the course but but when that strong hand was gone.

Now he listens to the other leaders of Judah.

Who are not spiritual influencers?

In a way you could call them spiritual influencers, but not in godliness.

They enticed him seduced him.

To allow idolatry.

And an abandonment of the things of God.

Pastor Charles Spurgeon says all that Joe Ash had done.

Was to give his heart to Jehoiada.

Not to Jehovah.

It is very easy to be outwardly religious by giving your heart to your mother or your father, or your aunt, or your uncle or some good person who helps you do what is right.

God says my son.

Give me thine heart.

Listen, there are those.

Listening right now.

Who are spiritual dependents?

You're not an influencer.

The only reason why you're listening to this right now is because an influencer in your life.

Has kept you in a place where you're listening to this right now.

The only reason why you're involved in the things of God at all is because there is somebody else who helps hold you and restrains you.

To the things of the Lord.

And in that it is.

Mostly external.

Doesn't mean that you don't feel anything and experience anything of God.

And maybe like Joe Ash, you even have some good ideas.

Hey, let's restore the temple but but the reality is.

There's a weakness within that.

It's just ready to crumble.

As soon as that strong influence is removed.

From your life.

It's the second type of spiritual living.

You can live as a spiritual dependent.

When you work through your taxes every year, one of the questions you have to answer is, can anyone claim you as a dependent?

Spiritually speaking.

Can anyone claim you as a dependent now, the IRS defines dependent as.

When you are well, when someone else provides more than half of your annual support.

Then you are dependent.

When someone else provides more than half of your annual support, that's IRS guidelines.

OK, it's not biblical, but let's just use it as a.

Point of reference.

Your spiritual life.

What you hear from God, what you receive from God, what you do forgot how much of that?

Is from sources outside of you.

How much does God speak to you?

And if you say, well, God doesn't speak to me, then I would suggest you have no spiritual life at all.

If God doesn't speak to you, you don't have spiritual life.

You must be born again.

You need to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit and be given spiritual life and listen.

God will speak to you.

That's what God desires is a real relationship with each one of us.

If God doesn't.

Speak to you.

You need to be born again.

If God does speak to you, how much of that?

Do you receive from the Lord directly?

And how much of?

That is received from other sources.

If God speaks to you.

Through me

More than he does to you directly.

I would suggest you have some reason to be concerned.

Your spiritual dependent. Yes, of course. I pray that God speaks to you through me. Hopefully that's one of the reasons why you show up or why you TuneIn?

My job is to bring forth the word of God and words from God.

But if I'm half or more of what you hear from God then then you are dependent upon me in a way that is not appropriate.

You need to have a greater connection to God yourself.

That that I would just be a supplement.

To the things that.

God speaks to you.

But let's take it a little bit further.

Again husband, wife.

Can your spouse claim you?

As a dependent.

Can you?

Say honestly.

That the majority of what you receive from God.

You receive because you are personally directly connected to him.

That the steps of obedience that you take and the steps out of disobedience, that you take the steps of faith that you.

Go forward in.

The instruction that you have and the things that you know about the Lord is that is that from your encounters with God.

Or is that because your spouse is such a strong influence and praise God that they help you to know God and and keep you in the things of God at the same time?

That is not a good position.

To be in.

If half of what God speaks to you comes through somebody else, you are a spiritual dependent.

That's what Josh was and you can see the obvious issue.

The obvious problem with that, because when the influencer is out of.

The life of the dependence.

Well then the dependent is susceptible to gross failure.

And I'm talking about gross failure.

Check out verse 17.

After the death of Jehoiada, the leaders of Judah came and bowed down to the king, and the king listened to them.

Then jump to verse 22.

Thus, Jo Ashley King did not remember the kindness which Jahada his father had done to him but killed his son.

And as he died he said, Lord, look on it and repay.

Notice the progression here of Joe Ash.

Jahada died, the influencer died.

He's off the scene.

Now the dependent is listening to others who do not have God interests in mind.

As he goes down that path.

God calls him to repentance.

And one of the prophets that God sends is the very son of Jehoiada.

The son of Jehoiada.

Comes and says to Joe Ash Joe Ash.

You need to get right with God you've.

Fallen so far.

And what does Joe Ash do?

He does not remember the kindness.

Remember how Toyota preserved his life when he was just an infant and all of his brothers and sisters were being slaughtered?

Josh says yeah, forget that that's no big deal, who cares?

Joy it up.

So what you saved my?

Life when I was a baby.

The work that Joanna did to set Josh up as king.

He preserved the Kingdom preserved order within the Kingdom and then handed him the Kingdom instead of taking it over himself or doing something else with it.

Josh goes hand, who cares?

Doesn't matter.

All of the faithful years that joetta.

Helped Joe Ash to experience the things of God.

Now that he's gone, Joe Ash says.

Doesn't matter, I don't care.

And so joetta, when your son comes to me trying to call me out of my sin and rebellion.

No regard for you joetta.

I will kill your son.

I don't care.

I mean that that's deep, right, that is.

Crazy harsh the way that Joe Ashwood treats.

Toyota in that way.

Listen, This is why it's so important to recognize.

When we are in a position.

Of being a spiritual dependent.

Because when we do not have our own connection to God, our relationship with God.

When the person who is influencing us and helping us in the things of the Lord is.

Were incredibly vulnerable.

To do the things that we would have said, we would have never, ever, ever done.

You wouldn't think you could go that far.

But you can.

I can.

That is the depravity of our sinful flesh.

We need.

To have our own strong connection.

To God, there isn't a season that's appropriate for you to be a spiritual dependent.

And that's early.

In your walk with God as a new believer, you're just getting started.

It's appropriate in that case to be a dependent, just like it is appropriate for you to be claimed as a dependent on your parents tax returns.

For a while.

Right, but there comes a point where you should no longer be a dependent on your parents.

Tax returns.

You need to grow beyond that, think about what the author of Hebrews says in Hebrews 5.

For though by this time you.

Ought to be teachers.

You need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food.

The author of Hebrews says look by this time you should be a spiritual influencer, but instead you're still a dependent.

There is an appropriate time for you to be a dependent, but then you should develop in your own relationship with God in your own connection to God, so that then you transform into an influencer because you are hearing from the Lord and you're able then to make an impact on others around you.

But here the author of Hebrews says it's shameful.

You're still a dependent.

After this much time.

You still rely upon somebody else to feed you, and we will always need one another in the body of Christ and the the gift of teaching and the gift of prophecy and the the one another ministry that happens.

That's always going to be a need in our lives, but it's not meant to be the primary source of our spiritual nutrition for our whole life.

And for a time it might be the primary source of our spiritual nutrition, as we're getting our feet under us or learning how to walk on our own, that's appropriate.

But there are many who are spiritual dependents who've long passed.

The appropriate amount of time, or maybe have regressed.

That at one time you were a spiritual influencer.

And you were making an impact and you were helping people in the relationship with God and you were a strong influence for the things of God.

But any one of us?

Can remove ourselves from influence and become a dependent once again.

When we remove ourselves in our connection with the Lord, and when we stop walking with God.

We become independent again.

And we must be restrained, or else.

We will walk away and so those influencers are an important role in our lives.

Pastor Warren Razmi says if you lean on others and fail to develop spiritual depth, your spiritual life will be gone when those.

People are gone.


If you lean on others and fail to develop spiritual depth.

Your spiritual life will be gone when those people are gone.

This is.

Why God wants you to have your own relationship with him?

To learn how to receive from him to hear from him to be corrected by him.

You need to have a strong relationship with God, because if it's relying upon somebody else listen, we know the context of you know today's or tomorrow's not promised to anyone, right?

And we usually think of that of ourselves.

But the reality is, the person you're relying on.

As a spiritual influence in your life.

Tomorrow's not promised for them either.

Now God blessed joetta with.


Years he had a long time and much opportunity to be an influence, and it's good that he did 'cause as soon as he was gone.

Boy, they just rushed back into idolatry.

But you need to understand that you have this vulnerability as a dependent that.

Are susceptible to deception to be LED astray.

To be.

Missing that support.

When the person you're leaning on.

Is removed from your life that that is a part of life.

Are you a spiritual dependent?

Do you think Joe?

Ash is in heaven right now.

It's a tough one.

To think about, I know, but.

Do you think he's in heaven?

Having turned away from God towards idolatry.

Killed the son of the.

High Priest who was so instrumental and influential.

In his life.

It's challenging thing to think about Ezekiel chapter 18.

God walks through an outline of listen when a righteous person turns from me and commits iniquity and and turns himself to iniquity.

He shall die because of his sin, and all the goodness that he did before.

That's not going to be remembered.

You could imagine Joe Ash saying, but God I restored your temple and think of you know the many years of sacrifices that happened at the temple and so much good.

Obviously we don't know for sure.

Only the Lord knows where Joe Ash is at.

But it raises the question.

And I hope that it raises the alarm for us.

Are you a spiritual dependent?

Your soul is at stake here.

If you're a spiritual dependent, your soul is at stake.

Because if your spiritual influence goes away.

You could find yourself like Joe Ash.

Far, far far.

From God.

Can anyone claim you?

As a spiritual dependent, again, if half.

Of what God speaks to you comes through someone else.

Listen, you're a spiritual dependent.

There's a saying that God has no grandchildren.

And the idea of that is you can't have a relationship to God on the basis of your parents relationship with God.

God only has children.

You be born again, become a son or daughter of God directly.

God has no grandchildren.

You could also say it this way.

God has no in-laws.

God has no in-laws.

You don't get.

To have the blessings of God, the work of God and eternity with God on the basis of your spouse.

That doesn't work.

It doesn't happen.

God has no in-laws, he has no ground grandchildren.

You need to have your own relationship.

With the Lord.

And if you're a spiritual dependent here today.

I'm praying that God would help you to see it.

It's going to be hard again.

Josh would say no, not me never.

I would never do those things.

I would that not that person look.

I rebuilt the temple.

We need God's help to see.

Where we are really at with the Lord now a little bit of advice here to those of you who are spiritual influencers.

Great thing to be an influence.

I would encourage you to be specifically thinking about your dependence.

And it's not that it was wrong for joetta to be an influence on Joe Ash.

Perhaps Joida realized and recognized that Joe Ash was independent, didn't have his own real.

Relationship with the.

Lord, maybe he knew maybe he did it.

We don't know.

But listen as an influencer as as one who has matured.

It would be wise for you to be aware.

When those people in your life are not just other influencers who are helping you and ministering to you and being part of your relationship with the Lord as well.

But it would be helpful for you to recognize when those people in your life are dependents.

So that you can help them to develop their own spiritual walk, we need to be very careful.

That we don't foster that kind of dependency.

Again, there's an appropriate time for it.

Early on there there is that need for that, that strong influence and and dependent relationship.

But our job really as influencers is to help people not depend on us so much.

And to teach them how to depend.

Upon the Lord.

And how to connect with the Lord and hear from the Lord and have their own relationship with the Lord and?

And we're still an influence in their life, but.

But not to the same degree as as a dependent requires.

And if you recognize if the Lord is kind of highlighting for you those dependents in your life recognize the seriousness of their position and where they're at now, you know how to pray for them.

But also I would.

Encourage you to chart a course.

Of discipleship.

To help teach them and train them to know the Lord themselves, to walk with the Lord on their own.

Three types.

Of spiritual living.

You can be a spiritual influence.

You can be a spiritual dependent.

And thirdly you can be a spiritual captive.

Here we're going to look at verses 17 through 19.

Looking at the leaders of the House of Judah.

It says in verse 17.

Now, after the death of Jehoiada, the leaders of Judah came and bowed down to the king, and the king listened to them.

Therefore, they left the House of the Lord God of their fathers and served wooden images and idols.

And Wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem because of their trespass.

Yet he sent prophets to them to bring them back to the Lord, and they testified against them, but they would not.

We've looked at these verses a couple times focusing on joetta focusing on Jo Ash.

Now focusing on these leaders of Judah.

These leaders of Judah are the ones who prompted Joe Ash.

To turn away, they bowed down to the king and the king listened to them, and so they're persuading the King king, listen, it's going to be so great if you let us go back into idolatry.

We don't know the arguments they use, but.

They made a case.

He bought it, they persuaded him.

But here you get the picture.

There's these group of leaders and probably not just the leaders, but the whole multitude within the nation of Judah.

That were restrained.

Because Jahada was on the scene.

The only reason why they haven't gone into idolatry?

Up to this point is because.

Joetta the influencer is on the scene.

They're walking in obedience.

But it's all external, it's forced.

They don't want to have the conflict and pursue idolatry openly there.

They want to pursue idolatry clearly, and they're looking for the first opportunity, the first chance where they can pursue and and abandon the things of God.

While Joy is alive, it's going to be a conflict.

They're going to have to be honest about where their hearts really at if they're going to pursue idolatry.

If they're going to turn from.

The things of God.

And being honest about where our hearts are really at is not one of.

The things that we're really great at.

The heart is deceitful above all things.

And desperately wicked.

We trick ourselves, we deceive ourselves.

And so they were in this time.

Under the reign of Joe Ash and the influence of Jehoiada.

Where they were faithful to the Lord.

But it was forced.

It was not what they wanted.

It was because they were being restrained.

They were spiritual captives.

You know during the Millennium.

When Jesus comes back to rule and reign for 1000 years, there will be a time similar to this time of forced righteousness.

Zechariah Chapter 14 talks about this a little bit that there will be this requirement for all of the nations who populate the earth during the Millennium to come in to worship God on the the feast days.

And if they don't come in worship, then rain and play well.

Rain will be withheld and plague will come on their nation and they will be required for it.

First you come on the days appointed and you worship in the way that you're supposed to, and you do what's right and you don't do what's wrong and it it will be a forced righteousness during that Millennium.

And that's why in a similar case, at the end, when Satan is released and is allowed to lead one final rebellion, many are going to join up with him.

Because although they've been complying for so long, it was not in their hearts they didn't desire to comply, but.

It was a forced righteousness.

They were captives.

And when they get the opportunity to rebel, they will.

Do you think the leaders?

Of Judah are in heaven.

Inspired Jewish.

To take this course to allow these things.

The Lord sent prophets to them.

And they would not listen.

They refused.

To hear because their hearts were rebellious.

The whole time.

It's only now.

That strong influence is gone.

And so they're able to really show their true nature, their true selves.

Are you a spiritual captive?

Consider your home.

For some of you, your children are spiritual captives.

They're immersed in the things of God.

They're around the things of God because you're the parents.

They're the child and you get to say.

What they do and no, As for me at my house, we don't do that.

It's appropriate.

Again, as.

An influencer.

I would encourage you to take note of these things.

'cause you recognize a captive.

Now you know how to pray for them.

The root, the truth or reality.

You can see that rebellious heart.

It always was there for the leaders of Judah.

They just couldn't express it openly.

Until that strong influence was gone.

There are some spiritual captives.

And and it's the right thing for you to be an influencer.

It's worth it for the time, the opportunity that you have.

And pray like Joanna, that you get 130 years to be that influence because think think of how many people were saved.

Because Jehoiada kept the Kingdom on course for so long.

If Joe had had died at 80 years old instead of 130, that's 50 years of people.

Who were kept out of idolatry?

50 years of people who were kept in the worship of God at the temple.

50 years of people who were influenced.

It's worth it for the time, even if after you're out of their lives, they turn immediately.

There's still so much worth and value and impact in recognizing their captives.

They don't want to do anything to do with the Lord, but in the meantime, and while I have the time I'm I'm.

Going to be an influence.

But now you know how to pray for them.

Now you know the.

Course to chart for them.

To try to help them understand.

The rebellion of their own hearts.

You might have captives in your house.

But even worse than that.

Are you the captive in your house?

Not just a dependent where you know you.

You enjoy the things of God.

You're around the things of God and.

It's your spouse or someone else in your family who.

Really has the strong influence.

You don't really hear from the Lord yourself, you just rely on them.

But but you don't mind the things of.

God so much.

It's good, it's fun, but yeah, it's not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning so it's OK.

That's a dependent.

A captive is.

I don't want to go.

But I also don't want to have the fight that's going to have to happen if I don't go, so I might.

As well, just go get it over with.

I don't want to.

Do things for God or have this in my I want to go after this thing.

I want to watch that I want to spend time here and I want to do.

That, but I.

Can't because ** *** they say no, I can't Dang it.

Well, secretly I'll try to get away with it.

And when that influencer is gone, I'll get to do whatever I want.

Listen, if you're a spiritual captive, you're in grave danger.

You're in a bad place.

Your heart is rebellious against God.

And there needs to be a repentance.

There needs to.

Be a turning away.

From sin.

There's no no no work that you can do.

To resolve the issue.

Of your heart on your own.

You need to call out to God and ask him to change your heart.

And so we have three types of spiritual living.

Do you really fit in?

If you're going to be honest.

Between yourself and the Lord.

Are you a spiritual influencer?

Are you a spiritual dependent?

Or are you a spiritual captive?

You're one of them.

And the Lord wants all.

Of us to.

Really be in the first category to be influencers.

To know him, to hear from him.

And to make an impact.

In his name for his glory.

Like the youth retreat, right for the glory of God, that that our lives would be lived.

To glorify God.

To represent God to our family, to our coworkers, to our community, and to all the world around us.

I pray.

That the Lord would help us to live in this condition.

To stay here.

But if you find yourself in one of the.

Other types, if you find yourself as a dependent.

Very comfortable living as a dependent as having your parents provide for you and just take care of everything right.

Very comfortable letting your spouse do all the spiritual heavy lifting.

Very comfortable.

But not a good place to be.

You need to connect with God on your own.

You need to develop your own relationship with God.

Learn to hear from him.

And if you're a captive, well.

You probably tuned me out a long time ago.

But we'll pray for you.

Your heart needs to be transformed and changed your.

On a course towards great destruction, let's pray.

God, I pray as we as we consider these things again that you would give us clarity.

And honesty with ourselves and with you.

Lord, are we?

Right in our relationship with you as you give the summary of our lives.

What would it be that we did what was?

Right in your sight.

That we walked with you and made an impact on the world around us for good and for your glory.

God, I pray that you would help us to all be in that place to work towards that place.

To walk with.

You in that way, and God, I pray for any dependents hearing this.

Or that you would help them to recognize their condition, their position.

But if it's in that appropriate season, protect them from condemnation in this God that they would.

Just learn how to seek you and know you for themselves and hear from you and dive into your word and spend time with you.

But God, for those who have been dependents for far too long.

Or have fallen back to that status.

God, I pray that they would hear your call to draw near to them.

Or that they would.

Respond as you stand at the door and knock.

And Lord, you wrote that to a church.

To those who were influencers at one.

Time that had fallen back into that.

Position where you are on the outside, knocking to come inside Lord.

You're knocking on hearts.

Right now.

May they hear you help them to hear you.

And respond to you.

Or that you would not.

Just be a part of their life because.

Of the influencer around them.

Lord, that you would consume their life.

Gotta pray for the spiritual captives.

But would you break through chains of *******

Remove blinders from the enemy and the deception of sin.

Or that there would be a clear opportunity to make a choice.

And to choose you, we pray for deliverance.

For the captives.

Or that they'd be able to break away and turn away.

Their hearts are drawn.

Towards sin towards rebellion.

They crave it.

Thirst for it.

But maybe those addictions and desires be broken.

As they call out to you.

Transform them and change them.

We pray in Jesus name.