2 Corinthians 5 with Richard Bueno

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Richard Bueno shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from 2corinthians on Sunday, June 12, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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2nd Corinthians Chapter 5.

We are going to be starting in versus 12 to 21. Those are the verses we will be going through. Second Corinthians chapter 5.

Verses 12 through 21.

But we're going to begin.

Starting just reading the first few verses verses 12 through 15.

So if you're there in Second Corinthians chapter 5, let's begin reading verse 12 for we do not commend ourselves again to you, but give you opportunity to boast on our behalf that you may have an answer for those who boast in appearance and not in heart.

For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God, or if we are of sound mind.

It is for you.

For the love.

Of Christ compels us because we judge this.

That if one died for all, then all died.

And he died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves.

But for him who died for them and rose again, let's pray.

Lord Jesus, we come before you this morning God and we just want.

To thank you for.

It's this opportunity to get into your word.

Well, thank you for.

Knowing though, that as we get into your word as we dig into it, well that you desire to speak to us.

So Lord, I pray that you'd help each and every one of us here, Lord, to have ears to hear.

What your spirit is seen.

But help us to put.

Aside all the things that are on our mind.

That happened in the past few days or even the things that we still have to get done later today.

What I pray you help us to give full attention to.

You and what you want to say to us.

Well, I pray that right now I would decrease that you would increase.

That your spirit would flow through me.

That, as your word is.

Given out, it would accomplish that which you wanted to.

Thank you Lord in advance for the work you're going to do here this morning.

I pray God.

That your spirit will be at work right now in Jesus name.

Amen, Amen.

Second Corinthians chapter 5.

And just to kind of catch you up to speed as to what's been taking place here in second Corinthians here in this earlier portion of this Chapter 5, as well as the previous chapter, Chapter 4, Paul had been talking about the different trials and the hard times that he had been going through memory he talked about in 2nd Corinthians 4 the the fact that he was hard pressed.

On every side but not crushed, he was persecuted.

He wasn't abandoned.

All the the difficulties Paul had been going through.

He had been writing in this epistle to the Corinthian Church, and he is encouraging them through these things.

And he's he's telling him about these trials.

But he's saying here at the beginning.

Of chapter five, he

I mean, we're going to go through these things, but guess?

What I need you to keep focus stay focused.

He was reminding them to stay focused in the midst of all the trials and the myths about hardships that God is working even through the hardships even through the trials that he was going through.

But even things that they're going to go through.

So he said in Chapter 5 that.

He likened their bodies, our bodies to that of a tent.

You know, a tent because you and I as we're living here on this earth, we should really look at our bodies as two kind of that of a tent.

It's very similar, you know, we.

Attend is something that we stay in temporarily.

Now I've shared it before.

I'm not much of a tent person.

I've done it the past couple years.

Maybe the others always convinced me to go with them to go hiking.

I'm sorry, hiking to go on camping in tents and for me it's not what I prefer.

It's a good time.

We have a great time, but I prefer being in the bed.

Comfortable, relax.

And those of you you may enjoy going out then, and stain intense, and that's great.

But I know each and everyone of you can't wait to get back to your bed after you're there for three or four days in a tent on a cot or whatever it is to be back in that bed.

It feels great.

Because the tent is not made for the long haul, it's for a a certain amount of time, it's.

Temporary, and that's what Paul says about our body.

Our bodies are like tents, it's temporary.

Though our bodies are like tents though, so many of us try to make it seem like this, is it like?

This is going to last.

We put all of our attention into the here and then.

Now in policy and guys you're just passing through.

He's right into the Corinthian church.

You're just passing through guys.

This is temporary.

It's not meant for you to live forever in this body, and so knowing that pool scene, your mind, our minds need to be focused on one thing.

Heaven heaven is our home.

This is temporary, this life that we're living is temporary, and so he starts off there.

We begin reading in verse 12.

Paul says in verse 12 so far we did not commend ourselves.

Again to you when he was saying commend ourselves, Paul is talking about bragging.

I'm not boasting guys, I'm not boasting about my.

Stuff and he's referring to what he was just going through all of those trials and hardships that he went through.

See in Pauls hardships and trials, he was pointing them to the Lord and policy.

I'm not just trying to boast and say, well guys, I went through all these hard times in and I'm still staying focused.

I'm not boasting by saying these things, the reason why I'm telling you about these hard times that I'm going through.

Is I'm trying to encourage you guys.

That in my hard times, yes.

I stood focused.

I kept my eyes upon the Lord.

But I'm telling you this so that you can have an answer to give those, because in these days there were those who are kind of looking down upon Paul the apostle they looked in and said I don't know.

About this guy.

They questioned the legitimacy of maybe is he really even an apostle?

Is this if God was with this man, would he allow him to go through all these hardships?

These beatings shipwrecked.

Persecuted like crazy.

Is God really with this man and they questioned that and so here the Corinthian Church, who really had some hard times on their own.

These guys weren't focused all the time.

His first letter was correcting these guys where they were really messed up.

The church wasn't focused the way they were called to be, and so the 1st letter corrected him here Paul is trying.

To encourage him to say you know what?

Yeah, you might have some doubts.

But I'm I'm writing these things like, you know, hey, in spite of the hardships I'm going through, God works through them and he's still working and I want you to know that when those people question you and question me, Paul saying no.

That I'm telling you that God worked in me through these things and God is going to work in you through the things that you're going through.

Paul was questioned very often.

In fact, someone you guys as Christians might get similar questions regarding hard times.

The hard times Paul went through you might be questionable that age old question.

Well, if God is so good you know why does he allow these?

Bad things that happen, maybe even recently some of you guys got questioned that with that recent shooting that took place and you know it's such a tragic situation that happened.

And people say.

Why would God allow this to happen if he's so good, but the fact of the matter is, you and I live in a sinful and fallen world.

And God gives us free choice and because of the sinful world that we live in, things are going to happen.

Not that God wants them to happen, but he's given us a free will.

But even in the worst of situations we may not see it at the time, but we need to know policy and even the worst of situations.

God is still at work and God can work in the worst of situations, and so Paul wanted the Corinthian church here to know that even in their hardships, even in his hardships, God was working and he.

He's going to continue to work, and he wanted that church to take heart in that.

Those who say Well, look what he's going there.

Look at Paul's going there. He say no, it's not.

About my appearance there in verse 12.

Again, it's about the heart.

It's about the heart.

Paul wanted them to focus on that one thing and so he goes on in verse 13, saying for if we were beside ourselves it is for God or if we are of sound mind it is for you.

Those words beside ourselves, it literally means to be crazy policy if if I'm beside myself.

If I'm crazy, it's the idea of someone who's literally talking to themselves.

You know what we get today?

I don't know what are you gonna do today and this that person just having that full on conversation here in Corona.

There's a big population of those who are, you know.

Messed up, they had their minds.

Not quite there and as a result, they'll be talking to themselves.

We'll see that and what you can do you kind of walk on their side 'cause you don't want to be involved in that?

Well here Paul saying this is what they're saying about me like I'm crazy there, why would they think Paul is crazy?

Well, again, going back to what we just discussed.

These hardships that Paul went through.

Paul Paul was different in how he responded these things.

You and I.

We go through our trials and what do we?

Or why, why, what did I do? And I don't deserve this in what is Paul's response to this poll in a interesting way he embraced these hardships that he went through. It's almost like he's like OK with them.

And so as a result they thought this guy is out of his mind.

How could he be OK with the things that he's going through with these hardships?

That to them was crazy and not even just that.

It's the things Paul said about the things that he went.

Through so you and I look at what we call our versus. You know, we we look at some of the verses that Paul's shared and we think alright, these are like my life versus these help us get through, you know, when he said in the previous chapter for our light affliction.

Which is, but for a moment.

Is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

We look at that with me.

Thank you Lord all right.

'cause these things that I'm going through, man, they're gonna pass in and have something great to look forward to and and we encourage one another.

With these verses.

But for the Corinthian church, they're not.

Looking at like.

2nd Corinthians Chapter 4 verse.

No, they're saying this is a letter from some guy who's going through hard times.

And he's calling them light afflictions.

They're saying, is there something going on?

With this guy.

Being shipwrecked being beaten is not a light affliction paw.

You said it's a light affliction.

For a moment, Paul, you've been doing this for.

So long in a way it might.

Sound crazy for?

Paul, to be this way to respond in this manner.

But Paul is saying, hey, you know what I'm, I'm not beside myself.

I'm not crazy.

In fact, if I am crazy.

Saying, I'm crazy.

For God, I'm crazy because God has called me to.

This and it's.

An interesting way to look at it.

But Paul, because of his relationship with Lord, was able to press forward in the midst of these hardships in the midst of these trials, he could say yes, it's a light affliction.

It's but for a moment and it's working for me.

Something far more greater than I can ever imagine.

Paul was able to say that so they thought, OK, this guy is crazy.

Paul say no, it's not that at all.

If I'm crazy, I'm crazy for the Lord.

Paul was encouraging the church to keep the rising God in spite.

Of what others might say, living water you might be called crazy in some of the.

Things that you do.

For the Lord.

But be crazy for the Lord, if that's what Scott's calling God calling you do certain things that the world may not understand.

What server, what do?

You mean you you give a?

Percentage of your income?

Well, that's crazy.

Like Josh is like the economy we're living in right now.

You gotta save every it may sound crazy, but when God is calling you.

To do something.

If it's maybe crazy of the world, we are called to do it.

We're faithful because God calls us to do it.

Pulses be crazy for the Lord.

If you're gonna be crazy, I'm not crazy.

But if you think doing these things for the Lord because he called me to do is crazy, hey, I'm crazy then I'm crazy for the Lord.

Living water be crazy for the Lord and the world calls you crazy 'cause you're doing something dumb or hey don't do that anymore.

That's not for the Lord, but if you're doing something God called you to do and the world thinks you're crazy, hey, so be it.

You're doing it for the Lord.

This is what Paul was encouraging.

The Corinthian.

Church to do do it for the Lord.

Verse 14.

He says for the love of Christ compels us, because we judged us that if one died for all, then all died.

I love that word compel right there, Paul says, for the love of Christ, compels us.

That word means to to have holds of the love of Christ has a hold of me pawlcyn

It could be translated, brought under the influence of Paul was brought under the influence of Christ's love and it affected anything and everything that he did.

He was under the influence of Christ's love in this day and age. It's so common to be.

Under the influence of many different Wetherbee substances.

Or the influence of the media, social media, whatever it might be, we're so often influenced by so many things and they and they well, do I have to worry about this?

Just do I have to do because of what the influence around us says in the media?

No, Paul was under the influence of one thing.

He was under the influence.

Of Christ love

I don't have.

To tell you guys what it's like to be under influence of maybe a substance you know in their schools.

I hear it so much.

Our schools are just rampant with being under influence of drugs and different things.

They just want to try these new experiments and you know.

Is how is it going to make me feel?

You know a teenager who decides to just be under the influence of alcohol?

Who jumps in a car?

You guys know there's a potentially deadly consequence to be under the influence of alcohol getting in the car and not just deadly for that individual driver, but deadly for all those who are around that driver.

Well, in a same idea Paul, who was under the influence of Christ Love.

Not potentially bringing death for someone who's under the influence of Christ.

Love potentially brings life not just to himself, but life to those around.

Paul was under the influence of Christ live in such a way that it impacted him and it impacted the people around him.

He was under the influence of Christ Live.

You and I had that same potential as we.

Do what Paul says we become under the influence of Christ Love.

See Ephesians 21 tells us and you he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the Prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience. So that was us. It says, among whom we once conducted ourselves in the lust of our flesh.

Fulfilling the desires of our flesh and of the mine were by nature, children of wrath, just as the others, but verse 4.

But God, who is rich in mercy because of his great love with which he loved us, it says, even when we were dead in trespasses, Simpson made us alive together Christ what was it with?

God, who was rich in mercy because of his great love.

You and I were dead.

But when his great love got a.

Hold of us.

When it got ahold of us, he made us alive.

That's the life that you and I have to offer when we're under the influence.

We're compelled by Christ love it does something to us and insert.

It should affect those who are around us.

When we're truly under the influence of Christ, love my question for you.

This morning is is the love of Christ compelling you?

Is it compelling me in such a way that it's?

Affecting not just you, but your home.

Is is Christ love affecting your workplace?

Is it evident that Christ love is affecting you?

Is it affecting those who you're spending time with?

You go to the grocery store.

You're going to.

Put gas, whatever it is is.

The love of Christ compelling you.

They have an effect in your life.

It's a challenging thing.

Something we don't often give think you know thought about.

We just go off we do our thing if I'm going to guess I'm just going to guess I gotta get out there I don't want to send in my long Costco lines I just want to get home.

Lord, is there someone you want me to demonstrate your love to?

Is there opportunity for me to show others that I'm under the influence of your love Lord?

Or am I just about my own business?

If God's love isn't compelling you what is compelling you? What is it that you're focused on? Is it? Is it money? Is money? What compels you? If I can just get that next promotion?

Oh, then I'll be set Lord, once I get the next promotion then I can go ahead and and go all out and serve you.

Then I could, you know, bless others because I have more to give.

Is it money?

Is it buying that new thing?

That new car, that new home?

What is it that's compelling you?

For some might say, well, people, you know I love people and it sounds great.

I love people so I just want to help others in and that brings me fulfillment and and that that's great and it sounds good.

But if that's what's compelling you the problem is people will let you down.

And I know that because, well, like you, I'm people.

I'm a person.

I let people down just like you.

You let people down.

And if that's what's compelling, you know when people let you down what?

Now you don't want to help others out because, well, you've been hurt too much.

I can't believe I did that for her in and she interned.

Did this like I can't believe him?

Why would he do that to me?

I was trying to help him.

People will let you down.

If money is compelling, you have people compelling and these things will leave you empty.

Well, I just live in the moment I live in the moment.

Whatever you know, I just want to make sure I get everything I can out of the moment.

The moments will let you down when the hard times.

What is compelling you?

For those of us here living Waters who are involved in any form of ministry whatsoever, if we're serving in the ministry and anything other than the love of Christ.

Is motivating that ministry?

You're going to burnout.

I'm going to burn out if it's something else other than the love of Christ.

That's compelling us to do that, we're going to burn out.

It's so important that US administration again where a small church, so the majority of us are involved in some form of ministry.

And if you're not, I encourage you get involved, but it needs to start.

With the love of Christ compelling, you say Laura because of what you've done for me, the great love they have for me, Lord, I can't but do this in return.

Everything that we do should be because of the love of Christ.

It goes on to say because in that same verse, because we judged thus that if one.

Died for all.

Then all died.

If one died for all, then all died.

Now, obviously, we know that one is Speaking of Christ.

Christ died for all is what he's saying.

If one die frog Christ died for.

All but but I want.

To change that all because we can easily get in this mentality as Christians, yeah, we know Jesus died for us.

You know he died for us all but.

It's important that we look at that and say, you know what?

That all that he died for it?

Speaks more of just all.

It's personalized it's you.

That one, Jesus he died for you individually.

In fact, if you were the only one here, if you're the only one that was left on Earth, he would have still went to the cross for you.

That's the love that Christ that Paul was talking about.

That's the love that compelled him to move forward.

His love for you individually.

He died for you.

No, don't get wrapped up.

I'm just one of all.

No, he died for you individual.

That's the love, the great love that Christ had for you.

He died for you individually.

And then it says and after he die for.

You for all.

He says then all died and that's the question I had for you, you.

Know he died for you.

Now have you died?

Now you're looking at me like what do you mean?

Which of course I didn't die.

I'm here listening to you right now.

If I was dead, I couldn't.

Hear you, but that's not what he's talking about.

Those who he died for are called to die.

Jesus spoke of it in.

Mark eight, he says in verse 34 when he had called the people to himself with his disciples. Also, Jesus said to them, whoever desires to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.

For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospels.

Will save it.

Have you died?

Have you died to yourself?

Are you just receiving what Christ did for you?

But yet now you're like thanks, but I appreciate you dying for me and now I'm gonna go live life with myself.

I got my get out of hell card right here.

I'm good to go.

No, he's saying if you want to come after me.

He says pick up your crust now.

He died for us that we might die for him.

See, there's that.

His death physically upon the cross should lead to yours and my death, spiritually speaking, dying to ourselves.

That we might then turn around and live for him, and he's going.

To go on to talk about that.

Have you died?

Have you died to yourself and this isn't a one time thing you know?

Oh, I did it.

You know 25 years ago when I accept the Lord I I said, Lord, I'm dead to myself and I'm alive.

But whatever you want now Lord, then you live.

The next 25 years for yourself. This is a daily thing.

You and I are called to pick up.

Our cross daily.

And live for the Lord.

He says verse 15 he died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves, but for him who died for them and rose again.

What was the purpose of his death?

Here it says, well, he.

Died for us that we should.

Live for him.

Jesus died for you.

He died for me.

That we should live for him.

Are you living for him?

Are you?

Living your life as he's called you to live.

Paul summed it up so greatly in in Galatians Chapter 2, verse 20.

Paul said I have been crucified with Christ.

It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me the life I live in the flesh.

I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me, who gave himself for me.

This is exactly what Paul was talking about Paul saying just as Jesus died upon the cross.

Paul says I've been crucified with Christ as he died spiritually.

I died to myself, I'm no longer life.

The guy you see Paul saying here in the flesh.

The guy you're you're making fun of.

His going through all these hardships and you're thinking is not a true apostle, he says.

Guess what the man you see in the flesh it's not me.

Living that man died.

The life of living the flesh he saw.

I now live by faith in the son of God, who loved me again.

It goes back to God's love. I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. This is what Paul here is writing about.

You and I are called to live our lives for him, the one who died for you again.

I'll say it again.

Jesus died physically that you and I should die to ourselves spiritually.

That we might live physically.

For him.

But how do we do that?

In the spirit.

He died for us physically, that we should die spiritually.

Only that we might turn on and live again for him physically in the spirit.

See on our own you and I can't do it.

It's a hard task.

You and I cannot cannot live this life that we're called to live on her own.

It's not an easy task, which is why daily we need to die to herself asking God to fill us with his Holy Spirit that we might live the life.

He's called us.

To live every day we wake up.

Lord, you know, and here's what happens to many of it.

I know it's happened many times.

We blow it.

You know what we just blow weather we lose it at work with the family and just some matter.

We this hidden sin, we blow it and what happens, the next day.

We know we should go to the Lord, but what do we do?

Oh my God, they're saying you're whispering and don't.

Well, you can't turn to God now he knows what you did.

He's not going to listen to you.

God wants nothing to do with you right now, and so we let our past mistakes keep us from going to the Lord because, well, we know how bad.

We are no one else knows how bad you are, but God knows and you know how bad you are.

God knows how messed up your mind can be at times, and so it keeps us from going to the Lord.

But daily workouts say Lord, I know I've blown it, Lord, you know I've blown it.

But I'm here, Lord.

Not much but Lord I die to myself today and I and though I blew it yesterday Lord May.

You help me to live for you today.

Will you fill me with your spirit that I can live out this life.

You've called me to live coming back to God in.

Spite of how often you might have blown it.

Because our past sins will keep us.

You know, saying well, just throw those lies in your mind.

You're not worthy well in the sense you're true, you're not worthy I'm not worthy.

But God says, even though you're not worthy, you can still come to me.

'cause I've taken care of that, and we'll get into that leader.

But we're called.

Paul as he encourages the church, I encourage you living water.

Live your life for Christ.

It's the only thing that matters aim to please him.

How is it we're going to please him?

It goes back to that compelling love.

Live under the influence of Christ, Love.

Understand don't just Oh yeah, I know.

He died for me no understand.

He died for you individually because of the great love that he has for you and allow that to penetrate that heart allow that to motivate you to live for him start with spending time with them.

Spend time with him.

That's the easiest thing you can do, but at the same time it's the hardest thing we can do, right?

Because well I have so much going on.

It's so busy and you know the kids are asking me to do this and I have to take care of these bills and I and and work and and there's always one thing after another.

Spend time with them.

It's something so simple.

Yet so hard because of everything that's calling and demanding for attention.

Spend time with them.

Remember, when you first fell in love?

Those of you or Mary.

I'm sure you remember for sure.

When you first fell in.

Love you always wanted to be with that person in and though life was there.

There's a business of life.

I have to go to work.

You found time when there was a break to make that phone call where there is.

Hey, I don't care if you live 50 miles away.

I'm gonna drive.

I just want to see you.

I want to spend time with you, you made time for that one.

Special love right?

You made the time.

When you couldn't be with them.

Oh, I just I.

I know I miss you, you're on the phone and what happens?

You end up talking into the wee hours of the night and I don't want to hang up.

No, you hang up first.

No, you hang up first and.

And you're laughing because you went to that.

No, I don't want to hang up.

I'll just fall.

Asleep here to wake up, you know, listening.

To your snore.

That was the love that compelled you to push everything else on the side because you made time for the love of your life.

Well here.

Pulsing make time.

Yeah, I think everything is calling out for you.

Make time.

For the one who loves you more than your spouse could ever have loved you, God loves you even more.

Let that love compel you to live for him.

Verse 16 he goes on.

Therefore, from now on we regard no one according to the flesh, even though we have known Christ according to the flesh.

Yet now we know him, thus no longer.

Paul here says regard no one according to the flesh.

This year is huge because as believers as Christians, we tend to kind of categorize people you know.

Christians, non Christians in old, that's really not a Christian right there.

You know, you look what they're doing.

Look what they're saying.

Wow, that person is so far from the Lord and we can have this mentality that man that person wouldn't could never be a Christian.

Look at the way.

They are look at what they do.

Paul scene we regard no one according to the flesh.

It's easy for us as Christians to try and write people off.

As you know what there's no possibility ever that God is going to use this person or or save that person.

They're so far from the Lord and we we may not stay there with our mouth.

But we see that in the sense of yeah, maybe God, prompting you to.

Share with a certain person and you think, yeah, right I that person would never listen to me.

There's no way that person is gonna listen to the things I have to say.

So what you're saying is God can't reach that person well.

How do you know?

How do I know that God can't reach a certain person just because we put these labels on them?

If they're so far from the Lord?

There's no way they would ever come to Christ.

Well, how do we know that?

It is, I'm sure people said the.

Same thing of solid tarsus.

Who we're now reading about Poly Apostle, who wrote this book and most of the New Testament.

He put Christians to.

Death, yet God says I'm going to change that heart around.

I'm going to use him too.

Transform a whole world really upside down. In fact I'm gonna use him to administer to you here individually. 2000 years later. That's the the way God changes hearts around.

Who are we to put a limit on who God can reach?

Paul says, don't look at someone according to the flesh.

Look at them and say you know what that person is way out there.

But man, I believe God could change them.

You know, we I know I do it often with celebrities.

We look at celebrities being man.

They're so messed up and in a way, sometimes they are but.

That should give us opportunity to be praying for even celebrities who are so far out there that many imagine what God could do.

Have people listen to the celebrity spitting nonsense.

How much more could.

He listen to someone who's talking about the Lord God K uses people to reach the masses.

Paul saying Don't look at them, according to the flesh look at them with the potential of what?

Could be if God got ahold of them, which should motivate us again, should motivated by that love.

To reach out to others.

Again, second is 418. Paul says we don't look at the things which are unseen. But we look at the I'm sorry. We do not look at the things which are seen, but we look at the things which are unseen for the things which are seen are temporary and that which is unseen is eternal.

Look at someone, with Christ eyes, the potential of what God could do in changing and transform your life in the same way.

That, he transformed your life or transformed my life policy.

We need to keep that in mind.

But I don't think they listen to me well walk by faith, not by sight.

Every person that we see we need to look at them, according to how Christ sees them.

And he sees.

First of all we know Christ loves them, regardless of where they stand.

We know Christ loves every single person.

Out there so.

See the potential of what God could do.

Don't look at the outward appearance of being man.

They're so far from the Lord.

No God might reach them and he may want to use you to reach that person.

Jesus said that the world will know.

Ours is like we are his disciples.

By our love.

By our love for one another.

The world will know that you and I are his disciples by our love for one another so often.

We're known by our.

Well, our laws.

You can't do that.

I know he's a Christian 'cause.

He always tells me not to do this, or do that.

We're known by our laws.

But he said the world would know your media site, you are my disciples by your love for one another.

Do people know that you were his disciple is your love.

For others so evident.

I mean, they can tell there's something different about you.

You're not like everyone else at my workplace there's something different.

It's your love that's going to change people, lives not looking at their outward appearance, not looking at what they've done what they've said, but your love.

Because it's a love that God is still upon you can transform and give people opportunity knowing that hey.

Why does this person?

Give me extra time when no one else wants to give me the time of day?

Well, because it's not you, it's Christ.

Working in you working through you that's what Paul said.

Remember I've been crucified.

It's not me.

It's Christ working through me now let Christ work through you to reach the masses.

And then verse 17.

My favorite, therefore, if anyone is in Christ.

He is a new creation old things are passed away.

Behold all things have become new.

That person who you think is just so unsaveable.

There's no possibility well it says here if anyone is in Christ.

There were anyone?

Guess what?

It means anyone there's no limits anyone who is in Christ is a new creation.

That's good news for the world, but that's even better news for you for me right here.

You and I.

Because we're in Christ.

We renew creation and that should give you and I this.

The most motivation to give out to serve the Lord were new creations.

All those things that you think well God not gonna use me because all these things I've done in my past and he has nothing to do with that.

If it was our past that was involved in that I would not be here with you sharing God 's word this morning I don't deserve.

To be here sharing God 's word none of us.

Are qualified based upon our past but it says here?

If anyone is in Christ.

They're a new creation because of the new creation that he did that God creates in us now.

God can do great things in and through us.

Notice what it doesn't say here it doesn't say if anyone goes to church.

They renew creation, see going to church isn't what qualifies you as a new creation.

Going to church has nothing to do with that.

Now we should go to church.

It's important that we go to church and not forsake.

The Assembly of the brethren, but that's not what makes you a new creation.

You can come every Sunday every Wednesday.

Go to every home Bible say there is.

But that does not make you a new creation.

There's one qualification for that and that is in Christ.

If anyone is in Christ.

His a new creation.

And God can transform you and change you and make you suitable to be used for his glory, not only can he but he wants to?

He desires to?

To use you no matter the past that's washed away it's done with your new creation in Christ.

Now, some might say I well.

I've been a Christian for many years, Richard I.

I certainly don't feel like a new creation.

I don't feel like a new creation.

Well, this is where it's important that we as believers.

Understand the difference between.

Our feelings.

And faith, because our feelings will leave.

Us out there.

Our feelings will make us you know, we, we get those feelings that God is not with us.

You know look at all these things that are happening to me.

Certainly God not with me, he doesn't love me.

You know there's no way I'm a new creation based upon look what I'm going.

No our feelings are not fact we go based on faith the scriptures tell us.

That anyone in Christ is a new creation, you and I need to believe it because the Bible teaches it.

It's faith that holds onto that we're a new creation.

I like what David Guzik says because oftentimes we think we're not a new creation because well look at the way I'm still struggling right.

David Guzik says being a new creation does not mean.

That you're perfect.

Being a new creation does not mean that you're perfect.

It means that we are changed and that we are being changed.

It's a process.

You're changed and you're being changed.

That process of God, working in you is still going on.

It's not a one time thing you're being changed.

You're new.

But now it's time to start walking in that newness of life.

Ephesians 422 is going to teach us. There's the putting off of the old man and there's the putting on of the new one.

Ephesians 422 that you put off concerning your former conduct the Old Man, which grows corrupt, according to the deceitful lust and we're called to be renewed in the spirit of our mind that you might.

Put on the new man, which is created, according to God in true righteousness and holiness.

You know for like a new creation well.

Maybe you're not putting off some of us need a little changing.

We need to put off the old man, the old man.

It's we crucified and Paul said.

I've been crucified with Christ.

Sometimes we're kind of digging up that old man say.

Hey come back.

I want to go hang out and we want to go live life like the old man.

No put that Matt put him off put off the old man.

Put on the new man.

That was created, according to God in shoot in righteousness and holiness.

Christians there are many of them, they're out there who are.

Who are a new creation but they're living?

The old like the old creation, they're living the old man 's life.

Which man is living in you?

Is it the old man or is it the new man?

Is the new creation or is it the old creation?

We need to live life that God has called us as a new creation.

But it's so hard there's the battle.

I struggle every day.

You know you don't know what I go through I.

Do every one of us.

We have that old men that new man who's just battling they're at war, saying who who's going to take charge?

Who's gonna win this battle for your soul?

I I've shared this, but there's that fleshly tiger and there's that spiritual tiger and they're at war and who's going to win the battle.

Who are you going to follow well the one that's going to win the battle is the one that you feed the most.

See if you're feeding that spiritual tiger you're in the word of God.

You're you're spending time in prayer.

You're spending time worshipping the Lord and on the other side you're.

You're starving the fleshly tiger you're not partaking in things you know you shouldn't be involved in.

Well, that spiritual man that new creation is going to lead your life, you're going to be doing things under.

God love being compelled by his love.

But so often what we're doing is we're trying to walk in this newness of life.

We're trying to feed the spirit.

But here we are as we get done feeding the spirit.

We throw a bone to the old man or say here fleshly tiger and and what happens now that Fletcher Tiger is.

Ooh he's got some momentum going and before we know it.

We're pulling away from feeding.

The spiritual tiger.

Now we're feeding this fleshly tiger and guess what?

We wonder why we're doing the things that we're doing.

We're feeding.

The fleshly tiger.

Paul said starve that man feed the spiritual tiger feed the spirit in your life.

Memory you're a new creation.

We're not that old man anymore.

We're a new creation.

All those old things are done with.

It's time to put on that new man put on Christ.

Verse 18.

Now all things.

Are of God?

Who has reconciled us?

To himself through.

Jesus Christ and has given us, the Ministry of reconciliation verse 19 that is.

That God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself not imputing their trespasses to them and has committed to us, the word of reconciliation.

There were reconcile means to sell an agreement or to restore a relationship policy that God Reconciled God restored the relationship between man.

And himself our relationship was broken because of Sin since separated you and I from God.

But it says that God reconciled.

He restored that relationship how through Jesus Christ.

God in Christ reconciled, you and I to himself through Jesus Christ see when Jesus was upon that cross.

God the father said, God the son Jesus on that cross and when he was there, he said.

Every bit of guilt every bit of wrath that ultimately you and I deserve.

He put that upon Jesus.

And when Jesus was on the cross, he paid the price in full that would satisfy the justice that God had required.

That was God reconciling the world reconciling you and I to him not impugning their chest did not impede you and I the word impute is to charge to someone account.

Our sins, which again he pulled that kind of our sins.

It's it's a long list and it's.

Still, going, but

When God looks like he doesn't see that big account of our sins, he looks.

It's empty there because every one of our sins has been charged to crisis account.

He did not impute our sins to herself.

He did not charge our sins to herself.

He charged them to Christ account that's Why?

He went to the Cross God put every bit of wrath upon Jesus.

And that's how he reconciled us to himself and the beautiful thing about that.

Though guys is the reconciliation didn't stop there.

Paul says he he did that for you, he did that for me with a purpose in mind.

He say now you and I are called to have that same Ministry of reconciliation.

He's committed to us, the word.

Of reconciliation.

By inspiration of God, the Holy Scriptures are there, you and I have the word of God, we have the word of God, the holy scriptures?

In them contain the word of reconciliation, we have every bit necessary.

To bring this message to bring this gospel.

This good news to the world that we can show others of what the blood of Jesus did upon the cross.

There we have that ministry now you and I are called to Proclaim to a lost world that God loves them.

So much that he sent his son to the cross you and I have.

That ministry, but how are we doing with that ministry again?

Are we too busy living her own life?

Are we too busy focusing on him.

Being comfortable here on this earth or are we involved in that ministry.

Paul takes it further in verse 9 in verse 20.

He says now then we are ambassadors for Christ as though God was pleading through us.

He posted were ambassadors and ambassador is someone who's sent as an official representative to a foreign country and I think it's fitting for you and I because, like, we already stated you and I are not from here.

This is not our home number Heaven is our home.

Heaven is our home and if that's the case, we're here in a foreign land.

On special assignment, we are ambassadors you and I are here on special assignment from.

The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, to bring forth a message.

To this lost and dying world and what is that message?

Reconciled to God.

Be reconciled how are you doing, bringing forth that message Paul says we implore you to be reconciled Paul was begging people to be reconciled to God.

Then he's done the work already receive it.

Paul was begging others.

How are we with China get people to understand that God loves them?

Are we just like Oh well I'm busy?

When I get time later.

Once I get all my life.

Situated then I can focus on reconciling others, but right now.

My kids are keeping me busy.

I have all this working you don't even know we're on special assignment from the king.

We're called to be ministers of reconciliation.

We're ambassadors to bring forth this message.

Ambassadors are called to bring forth the exact message.

That, they're keying president whoever it is has called them to bring forth our are you doing a good job of that am I doing a good job of that.

Paul wanted sinners to know.

So much that he begged them to be reconciled to God.

His heart for the loss was evident in his message to Corinth.

It was evident.

So he ends it in verse 21 right here, he says for He.

Made him who.

Knew no sin to be sin for us.

That we might become the righteousness of God in him.

It's kind of hard to comprehend that that Jesus here never once committed a sin.

God made him to be sin.

And yet here you and I stand who have not one bit of righteousness.

The Scriptures tell us that our righteousness is as filthy as rags.

Yet here we are God looks it as Righteous, it's unfair.

Yet beautiful at the same time because it goes back to demonstrating how much Christ loves us.

The love of Christ compelled Paul this love that Paul experience compelled him to live for God.

I want to challenge you this morning lady water.

I want to encourage you at the same time.

To be compelled by the love of Christ allow the love of Christ to to motivate and lead you in everything that you're doing.

Again, there's a lot of things.

Trying to get our attention and trying to get us to focus on it, they?

Whatever it is.

But let the love of Christ compel you.

Let it motivate you to.

Live your life for the Lord.

And now you might blow it today.

But we leave this place you might blow it.

But that's where it comes back to Lord Forgive me, I've blown it.

I'm not much Lord.

But how do you want to use me I'm here God is not looking for like we've said it so often your ability.

He's looking for your availability are you available.

Are you able to be used?

And the manner God wants to use you.

Oh, but my path it doesn't matter.

We dealt with that, it's been taken care of at the cross.

All things have passed away behold.

All things become new.

Let's allow those that new creation that God created within us to live for him.

I'm going to ask Josh to come up and re using that that last song the when the music fades.

Josh he can lead us in that song.

You know it's if you pull out the words of that song.

We've blown it.

At times when the music fades and all is stripped away.

Listen no words allow him to Minister you.

And if you need to get right if you can.

So here to say you know, I I have.

I haven't been on the right track.

I haven't been focused like I'm called to be?

Allow this to be a time where you can just draw close to the Lord ask for forgiveness if necessary, but definitely ask for his spirit to fill you?

That we might be compelled.

And be under the influence of Christ Love, where we come before you this morning.

God and we thank you.

Thank you.

Lord for that?

Great love that you have for us, though, we don't deserve it.

I pray God that.

Every person here, every person who's listening online or even out in the parking lot.

Lord, they begin to understand and comprehend the great love that you have from.

And while that love would motivate each and every one of us.

To live for you.

Because Lord, this is not our home, heaven is our home.

Help us to live like it.

Help us to live.

Like eternity is at stake.

'cause Lord when we stand before you one day we want to hear those words well done, good and faithful servant.

So we asked you to fill us right now, anoint us with your spirit.

That we might live for you.

In Jesus name we pray.