2 Samuel 11 with Rick Dominguez, Riding High In April And Shot Down In May

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Rick Dominguez shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from 2samuel on Sunday, October 17, 2021 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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We've been going through the Bible in three years.

We've been to the first Samuel and we're starting into the second Samuel.

I'm going to bump up a little head with permission from Pastor Jerry to focus on Chapter 11.

The 1st 5 verses of Chapter 11.

We all know that story, but before that.

I want to take a look at who David was and how he became this great man of God. The apple of God's eye, the the man after the heart of God.

So let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank you, Lord God, for your grace, your mercy, which is new.

Every morning.

Lord New every second if we need it.

Father God, Lord, no matter how many times we fall or fail.

You pick us.

Up Lord, you're there to pick us up, Lord, but we have to reach up Heavenly Father to grab your hand that is waiting to pull us up.

Out of the muck out of the mire out of our Sin Father so I pray, Lord God, that you would just I'm humble here today, Lord to share what you have shown me Father God for my life use me as a vessel father to share your word.

Father God as we.

And we just pray for everyone here this morning.

God that whatever they woke up to this morning that Lord, you would just that they would just lay it.

At the foot of your throne, Heavenly Father, and that your word would come forth and in Jesus name we pray.

I took a.

Lyric from a Frank Sinatra song.

To title my message, it was from a song called That's Life.

And there's a lyric and he talks about how he was.

All these things.

I was a puppet, a poet, a pie up, opera pawn in the king.

And then he says that's life, whatever happens.

So, the lyric I took and it's relating to King David, was one of the lyrics is riding high in April and shot down in May.

So you'll you'll figure that out for all you youngsters.

When that comes in, but so when we start, let's start.

I want to take a look at who David was and how he was able to accomplish all the things he did.

From the time.

Of his youth.

You know the things we Remember Remember his kids.

Are you looking at the Bible books and the cartoon and he's killing the bear and he's killing a lion.

And then he knocks out Goliath with one smooth stone.

So we want to find out who David was.

We're going to go through a few different scriptures.

You don't have to turn to each one, but if you want, you could write them down before we get into the meat of the message.

But who was David?

David was one of eight sons of Jesse.

And he was a humble, lowly sheepherder.

There was a job nobody wanted, but it was a very important job taking care of the sheep, 'cause they used them for food.

They used them for clothing.

So David was was out there.

Some of the different scriptures describing David Hebrews 11 says David is described as a man of faith.

Luke 132, an ancestor of Jesus himself.

He truly trusted God and he wasn't afraid.

I mean I, I I see a lion at the at the zoo, you know you're up against the.

Glass or real close?

You know, see him on TV one thing, but see him at the zoo or a bear.

They're huge, I'd be afraid, but David was not afraid.

He trusted he truly, truly trusted in God was not afraid.

He was humble.

And he believed that he was.

God had him.

Complete protection.

David was chosen to be king because he had what Saul didn't have.

A heart for God, Saul could have been.

One of the greatest king.

But he didn't have a heart for God.

He had a heart for Saul.

First Samuel 13 says, 14 says the Lord.

Says the Lord sought out a man after his own heart to be king, and Saul simply was not this man. David was a man after God's own heart.

Because he understood well that there is no other light and savior than the Lord.

Davis was one of the greatest men in the scripture.

So let's look at why.

David was a man after God's own heart. What did he have that made him that special man?

Number one.

And these are.

All taken from his writings, the Psalms #1.

Psalm the Lord was his rock and fortress.

Psalm 18 two says the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer.

My God, my strength in whom I trust my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Right there, as when David wrote that not only did he write it, he lived it, he believed it.

He was protected by God in every corner.

Nothing could get to him.

Physically or spiritually, he was as rock in his fortress.

My strength in whom I trust, saw he trusted his own strength look what happened to him.

The second point of why David was a man after God's Own Heart was the Lord was a ship.

In that Psalm 23.

It teaches us David Reliance on God just like a sheep who relies on his shepherd.

The Psalm teaches us that the Lord is our shepherd.

But growing up and going through different funerals, you know as you grow, it seems like I always thought Psalm 23 was like about death.

You know, because I remember being in a couple churches, the guy.

Would come in little orders.

Marsh shepherd.

You know, and I'm going, Oh my God, it seemed but.

Once I started, you know, I came to the Lord and started reading what that is. That is not. That's for us, you know he's surrounding us, protecting us. Some of the some of the points in Psalm 23 verse one, he fills our need.

He was filling. David needs verse two and three. He provides us with the right opportunities and circumstances. You know, even read in a while, read it. Read Psalm 23. Verse three. He leads us to righteous.

This verse four there is nothing to fear when the Lord is on our side.

God didn't fear the bear, he didn't fear the lion.

He didn't fear Goliath.

He didn't fear what people said about him.

And verse four also says he's his leadings comfort us and gives US security.

Verse five talks about how he protects us.

How he anoints us and how he blesses us. So if you haven't read Psalm 23 in a while, go through that and see how much God loves you. How much he wants to bless you and how much he wants to use you.

The third, what made David a great man of God?

He chose to have the Lord as his light and salvation.

One of the things that was constant in David's prayers was God.

David's prayers he was pressed with many trials and challenges around him as we read in the Psalms.

But he understood that God would never leave him, no matter how bleak, how desperate, how despondent, how impossible the situation seemed, and God was always there to save him.

David knew that.

And also David knew that the Lord was his strength and shield.

Unlike Saul, David trusted not in his armours or in his soldiers or in his horses.

But in his dependence was entirely on God.

Even though when David went into battle, yes he had on from head to toe all his physical armor where a sword or an arrow could not Pierce.

He was covered those completely with his armor.

But before he went to battle and put on his physical armor, David always put on his armor his spiritual armor, his spiritual armor, which we're going to talk about in a little bit.

And then Psalm 147.

Says sovereign Lord my strong deliverer.

You shield my head in the day of battle.

David knew, you know he wasn't going to be a dummy and go out there without his armor.

But he knew with his physical armor, but most importantly his spiritual armor, God shielded him.

From harm.

Spiritual harm and physical harm and then #5 the Lord was his trust.

Psalm 27 excuse me 20 yeah. Verse seven says some trust in Chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name.

Of the Lord our God.

And David had numerous horses and Chariots and mighty men, of valor, and men of war, but he trusted in God, not all the other kings that we've read about.

Trusted in God, they trusted more in what they had and sometimes we do that we trust in.

Things that we have and I remember the day I graduated from the Fire Academy, I had my alley county badge.

I mean you have that.

Bam, you're the bomb in my you.

Know in our.

Eyes, but I was so happy and they pinned it on.

And then after we got off the thing and then I went up to Zelda and I grabbed her.

I said.

Babe were set for life, you know.

I'm thinking that man I.

Got a job I got.

Insurance I got boom, bam boom I'ma get how's everything I'm set for life you know and I got a beautiful wife at the top of that and she kind of I mean she didn't push my hand she moved my hands around and she grabbed me and she goes.

Don't ever say that were never set for life.

And that was so I didn't dawn on me.

What happened at that point, but I.

Realized that's because.

We don't know what God is going to do.

David was a man after God's own Heart because he understood that there is no other light and savior than God.

Now let's look what sent what happens in first Samuel 17 back when we learned about David. Verse 34. David said to Saul, your servant used to keep his father.

Sheep, and when a lion and a bear came and took out a lamb.

Of the flock.

We are the lambs of God.

I went out after it and struck it and delivered the lamb from its mouth and when it arose against me, I caught it by its beard and I struck and killed it.

Your servant has killed both lion and bear, and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God.

Moreover, David said.

The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear he will deliver me from the hands.

Of this, Phyllis.

All the other soldiers and there were some bad dudes that were in the army besides David.

They were men of valor.

David was a lowly shepherd boy, but he did not fear this 9 foot.

You know, I was looking at how tall glass some people say he was seven this or 9 foot that you know.

Just imagine standing next to Shaq.

You know Richard standing next to Shaq?

That's kind of what it was like.

Pulling not here.

But imagine that David had No Fear, you know, and everybody says, well, why did he, if he trusted in the Lord so much, why did he get 5 stones?

Because he had wisdom.

You know, if you're going to, you know you go to war or copper or go on a policeman and just put one bullet like Barney five, you know he's got a full load.

And back up.

But David knew.

I mean, he wasn't.

God gave him that talent.

David didn't measure his giants by their size.

You know the bear the lion Goliath.

Because he truly believed and he knew and stood upon, that the God of Israel is greater than any obstacle.

You we want God wants us to believe.

That we know and trust and believe that he is greater than any obstacle that we are facing today.

In our lives and a lot of people are struggling and facing.

So riding high in April shot down in May.

OK, what what led to David's fall from grace? This mighty man of God, this man of trust with an example for everyone. He's still an example for us.

David was wasn't a God, he was.

He was created.

He was a human like us.

He had his failures.

But from a young age, it is obvious from what we know what we read, and in the Bible here that David always covered himself with the spiritual armor of God, because from day one from we met him as a youth. Whatever he was, 1516 his words, his actions.

He was covered.

He couldn't have done them, you know?

He could not have killed those bears if he didn't believe God was with him. God was protecting him, giving him that strength that superhuman strength to kill a bear kill a lion. Ephesians 613. We all know that says.

Take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand, stand there for having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breast.

Plate of righteousness and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

Above all, taking the shield of faith which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one, and take the helmet of salvation.

And the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, praying always.

With all prayer and supplication in the spirit.

Of God.

Through the spirit of God.

David obviously did that daily.

Throughout his day, throughout his years.

David went into battle, leading his men.

Of course, he was always covered with his complete armor.

He was protected from head to toe.

Even their horses have armor.

That's wisdom OK.

The police don't go out there.

Without their, you know some people complain because the the police have two.

Too many high powered weapons or all these SWAT things.

But you know what they need that.

Because that's what they're coming up against.

It's obvious that in Chapter 11.

As we're gonna read.

David was without his spiritual armor.

He opened up himself up and he was not able to stop the fiery darts of Satan.

We're going to see what happened to this great man of God in these 5 verses.

And it's just a reminder to me.

And a reminder to you that without our armor.

Completely on we are gonna we're gonna succumb to temptation we're gonna succumb to sin it's proof right here.

So there's just a reminder for us.

And it didn't happen overnight.

Did not happen overnight.

He didn't fall from grace overnight.

Neither do our falls away.

And into sin happen overnight, they always gradual.

So let's look at the first word, the first verse here in Chapter 11, verse one it says.

It happened in the spring of the year at the time when kings go out to battle.

When Kings go out to battle.

What was David?

That David sent Joab and his service with.

Him and all.

Israel and they destroyed the people of Ammon and besiege Raba.

But David remained at Jerusalem.

Springtime, I was just kind of doing some research and they were saying that a lot of battles in those days were held in the spring in the summertime because the winters were rough.

So both you know the good and bad guys you know they kind of knew.

Let's wait till the spring to fight the battle.

You know as we know.

Every day is about.

So what was David doing as the king?

Of Judah as the king of the Lord's people, mighty gifted man. What was he doing?

Thinning out his guys and staying back.

What happened to him?

That looks like one of the things my first point that hit David was complex.

And see OK, complacency, I go.

I know what it means.

I didn't look it up, but I know what it means.

But you get become complacent.

It says self satisfaction, especially when accompanied by an awareness of actual dangers or deficiencies, pleased with oneself.

Self satisfied getting too comfortable.

Being a retired firefighter, a lot of my analogies will be fire related.

So I want to share with you about complacency and this incident.

I saw a film on this.

It was a reenactment of a film I saw when I was in the Academy.

I think it happened in the 70s or the early 80s and I I'm not sure it was somewhere back east in Boston or Chicago.

It was a training film that used they used it.

Nationally, but it was, you know, it was a film made after it wasn't the actual.

They didn't have video cameras in those days.

What happened was OK, we all every fire district.

There's always places you have that you get false alarms.

When I was in Pico Whittier, one of the things was pressed during hospital.

The alarm system malfunctions.

Something gets in there.

It goes off, there's malfunctions.

OK, but you have to go.

Like it's a full fire, you know, no matter how many times it happened, so here these guys are at the station.

The alarm goes off and you know they're all actors and they go fire alarm at the someone, so building was a multi Storey building.

Which was vacant and they go, oh man, you see the guys.

OK, they're not rushing like normally when you have a fireman, you're great to go there, like any seating and everything, they're going back to this place.

Who knows how many times they went?

You know they became complacent.

They get there.

OK, they get there.

There's no smoke and fire showing their smoking fire.

Join man, it's it's real, but there's no smoking fire, nothing.

Showing so the guys get off.

They don't even put on there.

They put their turnouts on.

A couple guys didn't have their air bottles.

Their jackets were open so they did the number one mistake.

They went up the elevator, which you don't do when there's a fire in a high rise or multistory building.

The first thing you do is bring the elevators down and lock them.

And take the stairway as you all saw in 911 they went on the stairway so they got they went up the elevator, they're laughing and everything. I mean you know they're.

They're just complacent.

Like David, they're just been through this so many times, another false alarm, and when the elevator doors open, there was fire on that floor and the air from the vent of the shaft of the elevator sucked in and killed 4 firefighters.

Not that even if they.

They did have all their full protection on and their masks.

Maybe they would have been saved, but the fact is they were so complacent they weren't even following the the proper safety rules.

And that's how David was OK.

He was complacent.

What was he thinking?

You know?

Well, you know God, I've been out, I've been since so many battles I've been out there man, I I need a break man Lord I mean did he pray about?

It did. He seek counsel.

From the prophet Samuel, or from somebody, I'm going to stay back, no, because they would have said David.

No, you need to get out there and lead your men if he thought to be God.

If he prayed and reached out to God, can I stay back in the spring?

I did all this.

No, just like I lead you you need to go out there and lead them.

But he didn't.

Chose this thing back.

Chill out.

You know he's probably full of himself.

He goes man I I want so many bells IDs over brave.

You know, I've, I've thought like that before you.

Know man they did this so hard I'm.

Kicking back, So what did he do?

He took off.

His physical armor because he wasn't going to battle.

And obviously.

He took off his spiritual armor.

Not all at once.

One piece at a time.

You know we don't know the time span of this here.

You know when he came back and when he was in the battle.

And when he did all the things he.

Did it's probably, it just didn't happen overnight.

Number one being the king he was up on top, he separated himself.

He isolated himself.

He isolated himself.

Proverbs 18 one says, whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire.

But he breaks out against all judgment.

So you see what you want to do, you you lose your judgment, you lose all your rationale when you isolate yourself, the enemy comes in.

My grandma used to have a saying I might have shared in the past. I didn't know what it meant when I was little, but she always say that idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Grandma, Rosie God bless her season with the Lord right now. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. What the heck does that mean?

I started recognizing that when I became a teenager because when you're bored, we got in trouble.

You know we.

We did a few things we shouldn't.

Have you know?

Because we were bored, we didn't have we.

Weren't playing baseball, weren't on.

It so that was David, he's bored.

You know?

We become sitting ducks for the enemy.

We're defenseless.

So David, you know, being by himself, he had no accountability.

That's when we fall into sin.

And thin is gradual.

He just didn't start singing, you just don't go there and jump into sinus, gradual.

It's kind of like gaining weight, you know.

You guys never gained a little weight here.

And there I.

I have, you know you start out little.

You know I did it in.

A couple years ago and.

I got I lost a lot of weight.

And then, little by little you know.

I deserve this.

I'm gonna try that boom.

Actually, you know?

Woah, £15, where did that come from? It doesn't happen overnight. Sin doesn't just happen or it's a time thing. Little by little you just drop your armor, you become complacent. You come relax.

So complacency will harm you.

It will definitely injure you and it can definitely kill you in any career, any job you know.

You get complacent driving down the street in your car.

Oh shoot, you know?

Boom, you you lose your focus.

Anything where complacency comes in can harm you.

My second point.

David was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so he's already kicking back.

He's where he's not supposed to be.

He should have been in battle, though.

Verse two to five says this.

Then that David happened.

Then it happened 1 evening.

That David arose.

From his bed and walked on the roof of the King's house.

And from the roof he saw a woman bathing.

And the woman was very beautiful to behold.


My question to I wanted to know is this the first time David win on the rooftop?

OK, the way it was built he was the king.

His house was his palace, whatever was higher than the whole city, he could see everybody rooftop, you know.

I don't think I.

Don't know it could be wrong.

Is this the first time Dave was up there?

Maybe he's gone up there before.


One evening he woke up from his bed.

What was he doing all day?

Probably taking naps and eating and drinking, you know?

So he's on the King's roof and he saw a woman bathing. I also wondered, was this the first woman he ever saw bathing? Had he been up there before and maybe saw a woman bathing from another household?

Across the the city there.

I, I think so, you know.

And behold, the woman was very beautiful to behold.

You know?

Yes, God created beautiful women to behold, you know, so I wish to tell the guys you know.

You know that if it's.

OK to look at a woman you know.

One look.

Yes, God created that beautiful woman, you know, but just you can't help but look at it.

Look at her, you know.

And then just hey David should have said wow, she's pretty nice and went back home, you know.

But he didn't.

And that's the problem with us, you know.

We take it so casual, you know.

God created her 'cause he was beautiful, but I don't think that was the first one he ever looked at.

You know, we, as we all know David had.

A lot of wives and a lot.

Of concubines.

So he he had a maybe he had an issue with lust.

Lusting after women, you know.

Satan knows how to entice us.

If we are not suited up, we are vulnerable and we will fall, obviously.

He left his spiritual armor with his physical armor.

He took all his spiritual armor off at one time, but his spiritual armor, our spiritual armor, comes off a piece at a time.

OK, and that's how the enemy gets in.

You take off one piece that dart can fit in there.

Scene was already creeping in, so this thus David first step in moral failure was not that he Shabbat.

He saw Bathsheba bathing.

His failure was that he did not flee like who else fled in the Bible.

Joseph remember the story of Joseph and Potiphar.

Wife, she wanted that young man.

She was after him.

You know, from the day she met him.

And and.

Just he could have been with her.

Nobody would have known.

I mean sure, she would have said something, but.

The fact that.

He fled tells me that Joseph had his spiritual armor on.

To be able to run out of there, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to run he he flew out there.

She's she ended.

Up with his coat and that's what got him in trouble.

That's how fast he left.

That's how we should run from sin.

That's if David was up in his armor and he had his spiritual online when he went up there and he saw that Sheba he would have said beautiful creation, Lord, and walked away.

You know?

But he didn't.

So sin was already creeping in little by little.

That's how it comes in.

We go to verse 3.

David Mann so he sent, inquired about that woman and someone said, is this not Bathsheba the daughter of Elam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?

David's main man, his main man, one of his great warriors.

Then David sent messengers and took her, and she came upon him, and he lay with her where she was cleansed from her impurity.

And she returned to her house.

And the woman conceived.

So she sent and told David, and said, I am with child.

OK man, David and that happens a lot.

The wife you hear about these affairs with the best friend or the brother in law.

He's with the wife of one of his main soldiers.

That tell me he had a spiritual armor on quite the contrary.

And that's us.

We can never say I'm set or it'll never happen.

I would never do that.

I would never do that.

I would never do that.

We can't say that.

We would never do it if we're.

Full of God and were covered with his spiritual armor.

But if we're not, we're going to do it.

So my Third Point is David.

He had no accountability, OK?

First, he was complacent.

Then he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And he had no accountability.

Did he go?

To the to to Samuel or to one of his.

People, one of the prophets that he got counsel with, did he say, did he go to the Lord and say, Lord, I think I'm going to stay back this time?

I'm not going to go to war.

I know those counselors they would have said no.

You need.

Like I said earlier, you need to go out there and leave my people.

I need you to lead my people.

So he had no accountability.

It was no accident.

What should he was a king.

He was a king.

He was large and in charge.

Nobody told him what to do.

But it was in that moment that he made decision that it would destroy his life.

David had a.

He was a lack of accountability.

Through God and only through God David.

Was a successful king.

What happens when you become successful?

We we see it a lot in the media and in in our leaders, our government leaders and the Hollywood people you know, success can make you.

Nothing wrong with success with your armor.

God is going to bless you.

But 'cause when you're when you're.

Trying to be successful and you haven't made it to the top, you're struggling.

You're on your guard.

You're doing your job.

You're you're making sure everything happens the way it's supposed to be.

But once you've made it like when David made it.

You're inclined to let your guard down.

You know?

Like you go on vacation, you go on vacation.

You don't go on a case from the Lord.

The Lord is still there.

You tend to let your guard down.

You start believing yourself rather than distrusting yourself and trusting in the Lord.

You know David.

Let his guard down so successful, so awesome, so powerful because of God.

But it started, you know.

Had pride got in the way?

So he lowered his guard down and what happens?

Who's waiting around?

For you to lower your guard.

Satan, he's waiting.

He's 24/7, you know he's put on his demonic armor. He puts it on every day like we should be putting on our spiritual armor. Satan does it 24/7. He's waiting. Once your guard goes down, bam.

Yeah, we could success.

Now I look at something I did successfully.

I ran the ally Marathon.

Believe it or not.

Don't laugh, you know, but I did.

One time I trained for that.

Hi man, I gave up the I ate right.

I gave up all the bad foods I wanted to do it just one time and I did it.

Can't remember the year.

I have proof Zelda has the middle.

I have proof so if anybody asked I got a picture crossing the line.

The time wasn't that good but I did it without stopping.

I did it without stopping.

So but after that.

Man, I was.

My body was like.

Man I need a.

Break so once again.

I let my guard down.

I started eating all the stuff I gave up to get in shape.

I stopped running I.

I couldn't run and feel like running anymore.

Next thing you know.

Whoa, it all came back, you know.

So I let my guard down, so whenever you let your guard down.

Whenever you do.

Whatever you're doing construction, I don't care what kind.

Of work you're at.

Even in the office, if you let your guard down, something is going to happen or you're going to have an accident or something is going to mess up.

Uhm, you sent the wrong email.

So he did not, so he was already falling.

He did not continue to seek God.

He did not seek counsel from any prophet Samuel from the Prophet Sammy or any of his advisors.

They would have told him, like I said earlier, go to battle you need.

To leave God, you know.

One more analogy, when there is a major fire, the the Fire Chief of our department, or any department, he will go out and all the ranking chiefs will go out.

They'll all show up on the major fire.

They're not going in.

They're not doing the work, but they're there, and by seeing them there knowing that they are with their white helmets, we.

Have orange or captains and the yellow helmets for the firefighter by knowing that there we know we're protected, they're going to give us whatever resources we need.

They're going to bring in more soldiers, or, you know, just like David is going to be out there from atop watching.

We need that flank to rush.

This way we need flight.

That's what the Fire Chief does.

It's not going to go in there.

He put his time in there.

Now he's leading us and he gives us encouragement and what we need.

To win the battle, we need accountability.

So I thought about what were the guys thinking.

David soldiers him not being there.

You know, I'm sure you know they're talking about.

It where's where's our leader?

Where's David, you know?

Hey, they probably started getting fearful they won the battles.

The Grace of God, but they probably started fearing, you know, fathers.

Father, my brothers and the Lord.

We are the leaders of our family.

They need to see us trusting, relying on God.

With our spiritual armor on.

OK, because Satan once again he's there 24/7 to destroy, wants to destroy our family. Look what happened when he destroyed the leader, David. What happens when a man?

Goes down his whole family tumbles down behind him.

That's Satan.

God wants us.

To be the leaders of our home guys.

Check yourself today.

Let's all check ourselves.

You know, are we like David?

Are we like Joseph, at this point you know, do we wake up and you know?

Yeah, we all we're all guilty.

We wake up, we rush out we.

Go do we have?

To do, but we got it.

We don't know if we're ever going to come back that day or what's going to happen, or what dart the enemy is going to throw and God is greater than all those darts.

God is greater.

So as we know it, it it goes on.

I'm not gonna.

I wanted to focus on those chapters because are those verses.

'cause that's where it began at beginning the the chapter before that.

But what happens after that then, David?

He could have repented, right?

Then he could have repented at the after he.

Had relations with Mashiba, you know?

If he would have had some of his armor, some he could have learned he could ask forgiveness.

Yes, he would have had he would have reaped, but God would have forgave him.

But what happens when we sin?

When we lie, we become deceptive.

We start cheating to cover everything else, our footsteps, and that's what.

David started doing.

You know, I don't think he he didn't intend initially to have Uriah killed.

He devised a devious plan to make him look good.

Hey, come on in.

Kick back over here.

Go be with, you know, let's eat and drink and go be with your wife.

But Uriah did what David should have done.

The riot made David looked like a fool, right?

I said no if my men are out there I'm going to go out there he goes no stay here so he didn't go in and be with his wife.

The comfort of his home and children.

He slipped on the on the front porch on the doorsteps because he knew it wasn't right.

He shouldn't have been there, but he didn't want to disobey a king again, he.

And then he devised the plan when David couldn't get him drunk, then go be with his wife and then they could say, oh, it would be all good, no?

It didn't work that way.

We end up having a murderer basically murdered, and you know what do you?

Think the soldiers.

The troops, when they saw that you know.

Why is he out there by himself?

They knew that were they placed him and the others, those arrows are going to.

Rain down on them and kill him.

They weren't. They weren't dummies.

So I think today the main point I want to say to everyone to myself is this that we totally.

Pick up your spiritual armor daily.

Put it on yourself first, fathers.

Men and then put it on your wife.

Put it on your children.

You know where God leads?

There's going to be people out there that you're going to put on them.

You're going to be praying for them just like we're praying right now for all the families that have lost loved ones and are sick with cancer.

That's part of the spiritual armor.

The prayer, you know, but your prayers aren't worth anything if your heart is not in.

The right place.

So there's no.

There's no person in the Bible that was perfect other than Jesus.

You know God intended it to be a perfect world, you know.

But we started from Adam the sin of Adam, can't blame Eve. It was Adam's choice, just like David. Adam could have said.

I'm not taking that bite of that Apple.

No, that's you.

If he would have had his spiritual armor on, he could have resisted that Apple and all the times, all these other men of God fell into sin.

They were like David, they were.

They were helpless.

They couldn't stop the enemy.

So number one complacency.

It's so easy to get complacent as I kind of chuckled driving over here.

This morning I remember when we were in the hard lockdown pandemic and you know nobody could even do outside service.

Passenger had morning service.

PJ's coffee, you know little bathrobe. It was kind of nice the first couple of times and I could see how people they got into that.

And now there's some of those people now.

Even though that churches are open throughout, they're still there on Sunday morning in their PJ.

What's going to happen?

They're complacent.

They're not getting the fellowship.

They're not getting the encouragement.

They're not getting their rebuking that we need to do.

Sometimes our wives need to rebuke us.

We need to rebuke them spiritually, and our children and sometimes brothers and sisters in the church.

If you're isolating yourself, you're opening yourself up.

Don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


I mean like the old saying, if you're an alcoholic, don't go to the bar, you know.

Don't go to the local bar, I'm going.

To get 7.

Up, yeah right you.

Know you're gonna go in there and maybe you'll start with a 7UP.

But then you'll start hitting the hard stuff you know, don't go where your weaknesses at you know.

That's where the enemy is and don't don't do like David.

It's kind of like if David was living in modern times, or if they had computers back in there in those days and he just, you know, was on the computer.

And oh, this thing popped up.

Mashiba popped up on the screen.

OK, he could have went.

Oh, if you would had his spiritual armor on 'cause.

That that happens, you know.

You're on Oh my you click it, you erase it you know you get.

All scared wasn't me, big wasn't.

He but.

But he didn't, he continued.

To go oh press here you know so he pressed there Oh my.

That's how it starts.

OK, you can't stop it.

You can't delete it without being covered.

With your spiritual armor.

And then.

Accountability, accountability, accountability, something I fought for years and thank God for my patient life because.

'cause you know she would always tell me you need to kind of.

Do you need somebody you can trust in that you can share with?

You know you can go to and be open.

Hey bro I'm struggling in this area.

Oh man I said this to my wife and you know I didn't.

I didn't have that.

I used to isolate myself.

OK, I'm being honest with you.

I want to be transparent, guys.

I isolated myself.

I didn't want to be around Bella, you know when we bought our house over here.

Or left oh this is.

Your house Lord, you know.

But now let's have a pool party, let's have fellowship.

I wanted it.

Nah man babe.

I was like David, you know worked three or four shifts I'm beat man I just wanna chill out you know and I isolated myself not just.

From you from.

Her from the kids you know until God you.

Know shook me up.

So that's what happens.

Complacency, no accountability finds someone.

Men and women find someone.

That you can trust.

Pray if you don't have somebody.

Man I can't trust you know that.

Gossip where's gossip worse in the church gossip is worse in the church you know.

And what is that?

That's a thin.

If you don't have your armor on, you're going to.

Follow it in.

Oh, you're kidding me.

Wow, we'll have to pray for that brother.

Hey Joe Rick bro.

Hey we gotta pray for Billy Man why would happen?

Well instead of saying well let's just pray for, well you know what happened bro we need to pray that's just the thinness in accountability.

Find that partner.

Thank God, my wife and I were getting there or she's, you know, she's I'm accountable to her too.

But I also have my brother Russell that I can.

He knows my.

He knows the darkness in my life and the blessing that God is giving me.

We all need somebody like that find that guy David didn't have that.

Guy and look what happened to him.

That's pretty.

Father, we thank you, Lord God for.

Oh Lord, for your Grace and Mercy, Lord, which is new.

Every morning Lord God.

Every moment your unconditional love, Lord God, that you give us.

When we don't deserve it, Lord.

And Lord, Father God, we we just pray right now, Lord God, that you would.

Search allow us to search deep in our hearts father to see.

Where we're at with you, Lord God, and what we need to do, what piece of the spiritual armor do we need to put back on Lord God?

Is it just one part Lord?

Is it just the breast plate or the helmet of salvation?

Lord God.

Show us which one it is or God or is it all the pieces Lord?

We just pray right now, Lord, for all those that they would just trust you, Lord, that we could be like David, Lord God, and we know, Lord God.

After all this, David repented father and you used him mightily again.

Yes, there were repercussions, but he was able to get up out of his sin, Lord God, I pray right now, Lord.

For anybody here, Lord or anybody on the Internet, Father God, if they're in sin, Lord God, that they would come before you right now Lord, and confess it.

Confess it to their wife.

Confess it to their brother in the Lord Lord, that they may start fresh, like David did, and be used mildly father.

We thank you for this Time Lord God and we just praise you, Lord, that you would be with us this day in Jesus name we pray Amen.