Acts 18, When God Acts

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Jonathan Horne shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Acts on Sunday, February 20, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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We're going to be in acts Chapter 18 this morning.

So if you guys could turn to acts Chapter 18, we're in the book of Acts, right, Nehemiah?

Yeah, we're in the book of acts in Youth group on Sundays, and so I just decided, hey, I usually teach on Sundays and youth so I'll just continue on with acts.

So just want to encourage you guys if you guys have your Bibles, please turn there.

If you don't have a Bible, we have a couple in the back and would love for you guys to get those Bibles.

Just a couple announcements why you guys are turning their seeking waraxe is.

Uh, first and foremost, if you guys are available.

If you're a man available next Saturday, Pastor Gil in Bakersfield would love for us to come out for their men breakfast, but just let me know so I know if we go out or not go out.

Totally understand if you guys can't.

'cause a lot of things are going on, but if you guys want to go get some.

Free breakfast would love to drive out there.

It's only like an hour and a half two hour drive, but it's worth it just for the fellowship just for the love and and for the food of course also next not next Saturday but March 5th.

So Kathy Temple inland has challenged us and I didn't let Jerry know this.

But Kerry Temple inland challenged a youth group to a softball game that includes youth and leaders.

And to me, I mean we're such a small church, everyone the leader.

So if you guys want to come out in the morning, would love for you guys to head out.

To Mira Loma to play some softball and gently beat them in love and love. If we can, I mean by God's grace.

I know I can't run the bases like I used to a long time ago, but wanna encourage you guys with that.

Also coming up in March is our youth Winter tree 18th through 20th.

If you know anyone from 6th through 12th grade would love for for them to join us.

I'm really really excited because.

Like I shared with you guys.

This before we've held our retreats at Green Valley Recovery Calvary Chapel Christian Camp since 2003, but because of COVID and all this stuff and things have happened, the doors have closed.

But we're literally going across the street to Camp Cedarcrest, where I actually gave my life to the Lord.

Uh, back a long time ago when things were black and white, right?

Bella, right things are still black and white and a long time ago, but it's just it's just a blessing that.

Like where quote UN quote my journey, my life, my walk with the Lord started he's bringing it back and would definitely love to bring whoever wants to come.

Along with that.

Please pray, pray how you guys could be.

Involved, I know, mostly guys are a little bit older than me, which isn't that much, but God could still.

And desires to use you guys.

So how how that is?

Come seek the Lord and it's really cool.

This year we're getting a school bus to go up.

Usually we have like 20 cars that drive us all up there.

We got a school bus and so we're going to go on a school bus adventure.

Hopefully he gets us there safely, but.

Think of that it's I don't have any other announcements.

Anything else Jerry, no cool.

So hopefully we're in acts chapter 18.

Let's open up in a word of prayer before we get started.

Dear Lord Jesus, we do thank you.

Thank you for this morning.

Thank you for allowing us to gather together as a family and to hear from you.

And I pray, Lord right now, learn that your spirit would fall upon this place upon each and every one of us, or to speak to us, to minister us, to just help us just understand.

Who you are.

And really, who we are, Lord.

But who we are because of you.

And maybe we just fall deeper in love with you and allow you to work in and through our lives.

Lord, in Jesus name, we do pray, Amen.

Just something I might have shared this.

I don't know if I shared it, but I I share food a lot as you guys could tell, but one of the places I've and it's not because I like the food, but I've grown to really like McDonald's.

A lot like I used to like.

It when I.

Was a kid and then got a.

Little too sophisticated for it.

But now I'm really enjoying McDonald's, not because of the food.

Like I said, like mine don't get me wrong, the fries like I think they put like some drug in it.

'cause I I have like some.

Like I have urges to get the fries, but for the most part like it's just regular.

Food, right?

But I love it only because it allows me to be who I am.

William and most of you guys know if you guys don't know.

Me like I'm.

A true introvert like I could be happy not talking to anybody.

Not because I don't like you guys, but because that's just who I am.

I could be in the background and just that's and I.

And I like that.

That's what that's who God.

Made me right and McDonald's.

I don't know if you guys know this has.

Like a app.

Because, like most places have apps right?

Lena knows this like they have the mobile order right?

So you just order your food.

You just pull up to the numbered slot that you go into and they bring the food out.

You don't have to talk to anyone you don't have to say anything like that's who.

I am it allows.

Me to be me right?

And and so I find myself at McDonald's.

A lot and then they just opened up at my work at Ontario Airport.

A Dunkin' Donuts, Dunkin' Donuts and I love Dunkin' Donuts now because they have a mobile app too and I just need a poop and then I walk up.

But they say you know, whoever you know, John, they say my name and I just popped and just walk away.

I don't have to say anything, do it.

I just.

It's just it just allows me to be.

Me right.

And so you're saying why am I up here?

'cause I'm talking to all you guys and that's why I'm saying why am I up here because I'm talking.

To you guys, and it's because honestly, it's because of the Lord.

And the wonderful thing going through the book of acts with our youth, it's just.

I'm just seeing how God is so great and so mighty and that he is acting in and through his church, and that's really what the book of acts is all about.

It's God doing a work in his church by the Holy Spirit.

Through people, men and women who have.

Nothing to offer.

Who are just as kind of lame as me, but he decides and has decided to use lame people like me and you, sorry.

For his glory.

And so this morning a title theme is acts Chapter 18.

When God acts right when God acts and hopefully our youth are awake.

Bella, who wrote the book of acts.

Close, but no, she doesn't listen to me, obviously.

Any Luke, yes, Luke Luke wrote the book.

Of acts right and and really.

The book of Acts is a continuation.

Of the Book of Luke.

And Luke was a doctor, and the and the wonderful thing about that is, there's a lot of facts and stuff that most people wouldn't probably right about.

But God chose loot too and and it's really cool as Luke is a doctor and he likes rightfax.

It helps us to see reading the book of acts.

It's just not a bunch of stories that someone made.

But you could actually say it's historical fact.

Like the Bible, as far as I know, is the only religious book that is not just a religious book, but it's a historical book, a scientific book, philosophical.

But it's like everything that you could think of and imagine and we could.

And we have a firm foundation in Christ in it, and it's really cool looking at the book of actually seeing what God truly did through his early church.

And it is said, and you guys probably heard it, that acts as the only book that doesn't really have a real ending.

Because God is continually.

Acting in the church today and let me just encourage you guys and remind you guys that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

So as we read what he has done, know that it's nothing impossible for him.

'cause we've I've read you, I'm sure you guys have read like miraculous and wonderful things and if he.

Could do it.

2000 plus years ago, he definitely could do it today and so I just want to encourage you guys.

Whatever you guys are going through, he is still acting in and through the church and and through.

The world because he loves us and so.

Acts Chapter 18 will begin and I'm getting old.

I need to get glasses.

So I'm going to bring it up to.

My eyes verse one it's.

'cause after these things Paul departed from Athens and went to Corinth and he founds a certain Jew named Aquila born in Pontus, who have recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome and he came to them.

So because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and worked for by occupation.

They were tentmakers verse four and he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded both Jews and Greeks.

And we'll stop there.

And my first point this morning is when God acts when God acts, our occupation becomes our ordination.

Our occupation becomes our ordination.

I got that that first title from John Carson.

He uses a lot.

I like his like Corson isms.

I don't know what that but our occupation.

Becomes our ordination if if you guys have read the book of acts just before this Paul was in Athens and he gave this wonderful speech to the Athenians of of really who God was and the unknown God and the unknown God was.

The one that they were truly searching for and that was in Jesus and found in him.

But really, if you guys look at it, no one really gives her life, so Lord and he kind of goes away, bummed out and he finds himself in Corinth, right?

And it says he departed from Athens into Corinth and and it says in verse 2.

He found a certain Jew named Aquila born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome.

And at this time the Emperor of Rome was Claudius, and he actually made a decree in 1849 that all the Jews had to leave Rome because they started riots.

And so Emperor Claudius said, hey, you guys got kicked out, get kicked out, and so soon after this, obviously.

All the Jews were left and we find that.

Aquila and Priscilla, which are husband and wife team there in Corinth, right, and Paul finds them.

But it's interesting Paul finds them and stays with them.

Why because of their trade, what was?

Their trade I'm asking you 'cause?

They were tentmakers they were tentmakers.

He was a tentmaker and so he was like, hey, we're both tentmakers or Jews.

Hey, can I hang out with you guys, can I?

Uh, yeah, find find a place to lodge and and they they open their doors for him to to stay at their place.

And they built tents together.

I don't know what that involved 'cause I don't build tents, but it involved building tents, right?

And while he was doing that, he went to the synagogues and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks about Jesus.

But I just want to throw this out to you, 'cause before this everywhere Paul would go, if you guys know he's been on, this is his second missionary journey.

He's been traveling throughout the Meadow.

Right and everywhere he goes, it usually usually says like.

Paul Paul would stay with these believers or Paul would stay with these believers and Paul would hang out with these.

Believers, but here specifically, it just says that he hung out with these people.

Why it doesn't say because they were believers, but because they were tentmakers.

And as we continue on to read and you guys know this, Priscilla and Aquila.

They're pretty well known people in the Bible, right?

Like we do you guys know who Priscilla Nicole wore before I read their names?

OK, well I was the only one I think.

So right when you guys have heard their names right, they they are believers, right?

But more than likely they weren't.

At this point.

And Paul was just hanging out with them just doing their tentmaking thing.

During his occupation, and God would use him to minister to them, and we would find out that God would use this couple to minister to other people.

And like I mean, their names are written in the Bible, like for for eternity, right?

Like that's pretty cool, but it all started with.

I would say Paul just simply doing his occupation.

And his occupation is his ordination, and I want to encourage you guys like where God has you whatever your occupation is God has called you to be there for a reason, whether it's to stay at Home Minister, to those that are in your household.

Whether it's in the office place, God has you there for a reason, not just to make the money, not just to clean the house, not just to but for him to be glorified and magnified, and for lives to be changed for eternity.

And so let me just encourage you guys.

That our occupation.

Is our ordination and I always encourage our kids. Well I tried to and like my daughter showed she probably doesn't listen to me but I encourage her like hey, they're at our they're they're in school for a reason. Definitely to get A's and B honor students right now, but.

But because most of you guys know, like our public schools like kind of work, right?

They kind of, they're not teaching anything about Christ.

But they are our pastors in those schools 'cause us old folks definitely can't go on on campus and definitely not pastors and stuff like that.

But they can and God has them.

Their God has you in your work.

Like God has you in your home for a reason and be faithful to that because he's faithful to us and and how can we how can we.

We use our occupation as our ordination.

Well, really, I would encourage you guys through love.

Through joy and through grace and through other things. But try those things out first, definitely through your love and John 1512, it says, my commandment, my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you.

That's a command by Jesus that we would love one another as he has loved us.

And how did he love us guys?

He loved us to the point of death.

He had the sacrificial love and a lot of times definitely as a parent.

There has to be a sacrificial love to our kids, especially when they become teenagers.

There's a lot of.

Not so much love, at least in this end, but I need more of Christ in my life so I could show that love.

So she, my daughter and my youngest could see Christ.

And and prayerfully, maybe probably you as well or or at the workplace?

I know, and I I share this with you guys, that from TSA it's so annoying sometimes, right?

I work for TSA and and just dealing with passengers all day and they don't listen to you and I've shared with you guys the whole bin.

Situation like hey don't take anything out of your bag like this is because we have new machines right and continually still to this day so it's been like six months since I or whatever.

When I shared with you my frustration about that.

They're still taking things out of their bags, even though I'm telling them I'm begging him and yelling at all, not yelling at him, right?

But they're still taking things out of the bags, but Christ has me there for a reason, and I pray that those five seconds 10 seconds that I meet with passengers that they would see Christ some way and maybe a little bit.

More love on my point.

A little, definitely a little bit more grace and a little bit more joy.

But how can God use you guys?

And that's the question.

I would encourage you guys.

Definitely through your love, your joy, your Grace, maybe even mercy.

God has you in the place where he has you for a reason.

It's not by mistake.

But the key is guys in order to have love, joy, grace, we need to spend time with Jesus, right?

We need to spend time with the source.

He is love.

He is joy.

He is full of grace and if we don't spend time with them and we'll only have our our own love and joy and grace and and that doesn't last long.


Like someone will get us mad and there goes the there goes grace.

There goes the joy there goes, but it it's in him is is our source and so I would encourage you guys look to him 'cause he wants to act.

When God acts are occupation become.

Terms are ordination and so seek how God could use you.

First man verses that verse five when Silas and Timothy had come from Macedonia.

Paul was compelled by the spirit and testified to the Jews that Jesus is the Christ.

But when they opposed him and blasting, he shook his garments and said to them, your blood be upon your own.

Heads I am clean from now on.

I will go to the Gentiles and he departed from there and entered the House of a certain man named Justice.

One who worshipped God whose house was next door to the synagogue, then Crispus.

The ruler of the synagogue believed on the Lord with all his household and many of the Corinthians hearing believed, and they were baptized.

So here Paul is in Corinth, right?

And he's probably ministering and we.

As like I said is, we'll find out like we don't see a like a full conversion, but we find out that Priscilla Nickola are believers, right?

So he's using his occupation as his ordination.

And Paul is going to the synagogue to minister, right?

And what was the reaction of the Jews in the synagogues to Paul?

Did they love them?

Do they like yes, let's get saved.

No, they they they were.

They were upset they were blaspheming, right?

And they were just mad and so Paul just brushed it off like hey, it's it's on your heads now.

And I want to encourage you guys be faithful to where you are at, what God is doing, but understand.

Not everyone is going to receive the gospel.

Yeah, it's great news.

It's wonderful news, but it's also news that means that our lives will change and some for some strange reason, us dumb humans like.

The same thing that we've always done.

Like you know, we're just lost.

Dumb sheep and some people just won't get it, but we can continue to pray for them, right?

But Paul is like, hey, you guys don't want to hear this gospel I'm going to.

Move on, right?

And and just an encouragement like some maybe if the Lord is calling you to spend the rest of your life like.

Ministering to someone, then do it like be faithful to that and you might not see fruit.

You might see fruit, whatever but be faithful to what God.

Has called you.

But at the same time, be faithful to to be willing and able to to let go and let God take care like hey.

Like I've done, I've done what God has called me.

I need to move on because others need to hear the gospel right.

And that's what Paul is saying. Like others need to hear the gospel. The Gentiles need 2/2, so I'm going to head out to them and he does. And and people do get saved, right? He he goes to a guy next door justice who worship God with his his.

Next to synagogue, right and crispest though.

So out of the synagogue, this guy named Christmas, who was the ruler of the synagogue.

He believed and not just him, but once he believed his household believed and I want to encourage you guys as men men here so not some of you guys aren't men in here so don't I mean God could use you too and God wants to use you.

But for you men it is vital.

And important for you to step up and for me to step up as.

As a man of a household in the sense we're called Sabi.

Kind of the pastors of our house.

If you guys are the man of the house and so take that responsibility, don't take it lightly guys.

I need to and I I lack in it greatly and so pray for me and pray for one another that we would be encouraged because how many times do we see when the man like get saved like the whole household?

It's it's a wonderful thing.

Usually it's the women that get saved and then everyone but the man, like you know the man holding out.

But man, once the men like, just falls down and like it's, it's all good, right?

So women continue to pray for for the men, 'cause we're.

Stubborn, stubborn but verse 9 continue on it says.

Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision.

Do not be afraid, but speak and do not keep silent, for I am with you and no one will attack you, to hurt you, for I have many people in the city, and he continued there.

A year and six months teaching the word of God among them.

And my next point is.

When God acts, he is with us.

Be reminded when God is working when God is moving.

When as God is calling, he is with us here.

If you guys don't know.

This is his second missionary journey and already on his second missionary journey.

He's already been beaten, thrown in jail a couple times, beaten to the point with rocks to the point where most people believe that he couldn't really see at this time like.

He's gone through.

A lot as a as a Christian, he's gone through a lot.

And we could look at Paul and think that he's like some superhuman like, you know, spiritual guy, but realize like 99.9% of everyone in the Bible except for Jesus, 'cause he's only one man that was perfect, right? 'cause he's got.

He's just like us.

He had fears he had interpretations, he had worries, he had cares, and I'm sure Paul, seeing that like the Jews at the synagogue, were upset with him.

He probably got flashbacks right?

PTSD stuff like.

Like hey, when I was over there they threw stones at me when I was over there they were yelling at me like these guys are upset with me now what's going to go on?

And so God came to him in a vision and reminded him, hey.

I'm with you.

Right, he's like do not be afraid, but speak and do not keep silent, for I am with you and no one will attack you.

To hurt you.

For I have many people in the city.

God just needed to encourage Paul with something simple, but something great.

It's simple but great that he is with him.

And if God for us, if God with us then who could be against us, right?

God was with Paul and Paul was reminded of that and because of that right after that it says in verse 11 right and he continued there a year and six months.

So probably at a point where he is ready to bounce, ready to leave 'cause he's scared for his life, he didn't want to get hit with any rocks.

Get yelled at anymore.

The Lord came to him, encourage him, and how long did he stay for another year and six months?

Quite a long time.

If you guys know Paul and reading his his story, he he's jumping through different places and ministering to different places.

But here he stayed in Corinth.

It's a minister for a year and a half, simply because God encouraged them to continue on.

And and know where God has you.

Definitely in your occupation he has you there for for a reason and for his season and be faithful to that.

'cause he's with you.

He's called you there, he won't leave you, he won't forsake you.

And Paul would later write.

To the Church of Corinth, invert in 2nd Corinthians 12 nine, he says, and he said to me, My Grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness, and I would encourage you guys.

God's grace is sufficient for you.

Through whatever you may be dealing with or going through.

At your occupation.

Where you're at, where God has you?

'cause more than likely, like Paul, like every human we have our definite ups and we have our definite downs and our downs get us down right.

But he's with us.

His grace is sufficient.

Getting what we don't deserve, right? God riches at Christ's expense.

That is sufficient.

And I would encourage you guys.

God is with you.

Continue on says when Galileo.

So was pro counts of Acaciae the Jews with one accord rose up against Paul and brought him to the judgment seat, saying, this fellow persuades men to worship God contrary to the law.

And when Paul was about to open his mouth, Galileo said to the Jews.

If it were a matter of wrongdoing or wicked crimes of Jews.

There would be a reason why I should bear with you, but if it is a question of words and names and your own law, look to your Tutu it yourselves, for I do not want to be a judge of such matters for 16, and he drove them from the judgment seat.

Then all the Greeks took so fitness the ruler.

Of the synagogue and beat him before the judgment seat, but Galileo took no.

Notice of these things.

So here God reminds here.

God encourages Paul like, hey, I know you're very afraid.

I know you're fearful, but I'm with you and that encouraged Paul to stay there for a year and a half.

And during this time the Jews were still upset, still mad, and so they go up to to the the Pro Council Galileo.

Who come?

Was historically the proconsul of this area 8451 and they take they say, hey, you know this guy named Paul?

He's he's doing some wrong stuff in galileos like I don't really care of whatever you guys are talking about.

If it's not, has nothing to do with the Roman stuff and I don't really care.

And so he dismissed the matter and and it really just shows and really reminded Paul and reminds us that God was in control.

God was with them, right?

God promised I'm like hey I got people you're you're taking care of.

Don't be fearful, just do what you've been called.

I do.

And I'll be with you.

And God proved it.

As the Jewish people were upset and mad and angry and wanted probably to stone him like they did before, or at least yell at him and and other stuff.

Galileo was used by God to protect them and God will use and God will do wonderful and mighty things.

So reminds you guys and remind myself that he's with us.

May we see his goodness in Philippians 419? It says my God self supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Be encouraged, be reminded he'll supply all our needs, not some, not even most right.

And at my work.

I always say hey.

All like keep take out all the things out of your pocket.

And then they always say what are my my wallet and I say I just said all and I say what about my keys and I said all and then.

So what does what does all mean?

Everything it means all right.

And that's the promise that Paul had and is encouraging us that our God will supply all our needs.

And so whatever we're going through, whatever we're facing, he's with us.

Please be encouraged.

Please be reminded that he is with us, especially during these times, right these last couple years have been tough and rough.

But he's with us continuing on it, says verse.

Man, I really do need my.

Glasses leans well.

I'm I'm old verse 18.

It says so.

Paul still remained a good while.

Verse 18 then he took leave of the Brethren, and sail to Syria, and Priscilla and Aquila were with him.

He had his hair cut off at Centria, for he had taken.

A vow, and he came to Ephesus and left them there, but he himself entered the synagogue, and reasoned with the Jews.

When they asked him to stay a longer time with them.

He did not consent, but he took leave of them, saying, I must by all means keep this coming feast in Jerusalem.

But I will return again to you, God willing, and he said, sailed from Ephesus.

And when he had landed in Cesaria, and gone up and greeted the church, he went down to Antioch.

After he had spent some time there, he departed and went over the region of Galatia and Perga in order strengthening all the disciples.

My next point is.

When God acts.

New chapters and adventures await when God acts new chapters and adventures await here Paul, so he leaves Corinth, right, and who's with him real quick when he leaves corn, did you?

Guys get that.

Priscilla and Aquila, right, the husband wife team.

They they're with them, right?

And they head out too.

Ephesus and on their way there it says that he gets his hair cut and it's that's like an important thing right like getting a haircut woo right what was important thing because God put it there right and it says he got a haircut because of Alan and I was trying to read and understand and a lot of people.

Well not a lot of people.

There are some people debating over.

This found this found more than likely.

He got a haircut because of what they call a nazarite vow.

Do you guys know?

Him as right bow no.

You guys got to read your Bible little March to King.

's in the Old Testament really is it's it's a.

It's a vowel in which a person takes for a time, except there was one person in the Bible.

You guys remember that kind of had that Valve for his whole life, Bible scholars.

Samson, right?

And what was so important about Samson?

His strength and what was like a symbol of his strength.

His hair right and so if you guys know anything about the nazarite vow, there were three things that a person would take for a certain time period except for Samson, 'cause he, his whole life, right?

And for the certain time period, whatever it was you would give this time to the Lord and say, hey, I'm going to abstain from these things to show and and and just really just dedicate.

My life to the Lord at this time, and so those three things were, you wouldn't cut your hair like Samson, right?

He had long wonderful locks and then you wouldn't touch anything that had that was dead, so he didn't touch anything that was dead.

And so I don't do that either.

But well, no. I.

Well, I guess I do.

'cause I love meat.

Going back to McDonald's, but McDonald's isn't really real meat, so I guess it's.

Not really dead so.

And then you want to have anything to do with grapes.

Why grapes?

Because grapes make wine and intoxication.

So you were just dedicating a certain time just to the Lord, saying, hey, I'm just fully devoted and people are going to know because of my wonderful lock hairs and stuff like that, right?

And so many people say this.

That was the what was that was?

That was what Paul was.

Doing because at the end of your value would cut your hair and then you would head to Jerusalem where.

We read that's where Paul is going to.

He's going to Jerusalem and usually you would make a sacrifice and kind of end your time there with that vow and so.

Just interesting that as God acts new chapters and adventures await, because now God is acting.

God is working.

God is moving in.

Paul's life and and and God is leading him in in new directions and so understand that a new chapter is in his life, right? He's cutting his hair this.

Vow is over, for whatever reason he took it.

He's showing that his vows over he's going to Jerusalem.

He has to be there at a certain time.

Just to just to do this end this vow right? And at the end of it it says, and when he had landed verse 22 he landed in Syria and gone up and greeted the church.

He went down to Antioch and all you Bible scholars, you know what's so important about the church in Antioch?

For Paul?

Do you guys know?

Someone said something.

Jesus was it you antiok?

Antiok was Paul's home church, so every time he would do a missionary journey like you would start off at Antioch and then head through the Mediterranean.

So go back to Antioch, then head through the Mediterranean.

Guess where he's at now antiok, and so this is the end of 1 missionary journey and from there he's going on a new missionary journey.

The third.

This is the start of the third missionary journey, so it's a new adventure for him.

And if you guys read the book of Acts, it's going to be a wonderful exciting adventure for him.

And understand as God.

When God acts in our lives, there are going to be new chapters and new adventures that await us.

We have a game here woo, I didn't even know you were going to be here, I thought.

We kicked you out if.

You guys don't know.

Oh we.

Didn't kick him out, but God has a new adventure and new chapter for his family, right?

They moved to Texas and so why?

Are you here but?

But but for season.

Gabe was here right, gave us here ministering alongside of us and now God, I got to talk to you.

Why are you here but?

God has him.

And his family in Texas now, right?

And the same is with all of us.

Like God has us in our occupation.

For an ordination for a season of time.

And you might be bummed out.

And man, I can't take it anymore.

God is faithful to you.

He'll give you what you need.

Just be faithful till he calls you somewhere else and when.

He calls you somewhere else.

Be ready to go and whatever that may be, and however that looks like I know, for my daughter, she's in 8th grade.

Guess what the next chapter in her life?

Is high school.

Right like high school.

That's that's even scarier, and worse, right?

But that's what God has.

Heard right, we've all most of us have been through that right?

That's scary.

I can't believe you're that old or I'm that old, right?

But there's new adventures that away and and.

Be faithful, I would encourage you guys just to be faithful to what God has called you and he will show his faithfulness to you and and continue on.

Says verse 24.

Now asserted you name Apollo's born Alexandra, Alexandria and eloquent.

Man and mighty and scripture came to Ephesus.

This man had been instructed in the way of the Lord, and, being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things of the Lord.

Though he knew only the baptism of John, so he began to speak boldly in the synagogue when Aquila.

And Priscilla heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.

Verse 27 and when he described, desired to crossed Acacia, the Brethren wrote, exhorting the disciples to receive him, and when he arrives, he greatly helped those who had believed through grace, for he vigorously refuted the Jews publicly, showing that from the scripture.

That Jesus is the.

So my final point is this morning.

When God acts.

He uses and equips us.

When God acts, he uses and equips us here.

If he from verse 18.

Yeah, from verse 18 when Paul was doing his thing right, Priscilla and Aquila were with him and he leaves them in the city of Ephesus and so before we start.

Or Luke starts writing about Paul again.

In Chapter 19 he he takes a side detour to talk about this one guy in Ephesus whose name is.

Apollos right, and uh.

What's so interesting about this guy?

Nothing really much, except that he was mighty in Scripture, right?

And he came to Ephesus.

This man had been instructed in the way of the Lord verse 25 and being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things of the Lord. Though he knew only the baptism.

So here this guy who who only knew the baptism the John if you guys own the baptism John, it is really just what John was the Baptist was speaking and ministering about.

Which was you guys remember?

Like repent right like turn your life around for the Kingdom of God is at hand and and is that something wrong?

No, that's like what we need to hear right like hey, repent.

Turn your life around we need God right, but that's not just the full gospel message, right?

Like repent right is part of it, but.

Come here.

That's all, that's all Apollo's new. But that's what he shared, right? That's what he knew, that's all he knew and that's what he shared.

And he shared it boldly and let me encourage you guys.

We don't need to be Bible scholars.

We don't need any initials in front of our names or in back of our names, or have so many degrees or years in order to.

Speak or stand before you guys 'cause then we wouldn't have anyone up here right like.

All we need is Christ.

All we need is Christ and be bold.

In what you have and that's Christ.

All Apollos had was like, hey, we need God.

We need to repent.

We need to get right.

We're sinners, we need to repent and and what did he?

Do he was bold in that?

I, I believe that most of you, many of you, especially sitting under passenger you you guys have enough.

To just share the gospel message, you guys know the playing simple God we've talked about.

I share this with our youth.

Like if you only know John 316, that's that's pretty much kind of all you need to know just to encourage and share like what we need in our lives for eternal life that we simply need to believe in Christ.

And be bold in that and.

How to do that?

Through love, Joy and grace.

In your actions and.

Pray that the Lord would allow you to use words as well, but definitely through.

Our occupation as our ordination.

But God is using Apollo.

's not because he knew the full extent of everything at this point, right?

He didn't.

But God was using him, but God would equip him as well, right?

Because he sent it says he sent Priscilla Nicole.

They're they're listening and like, and they pull them aside like, hey, that's cool.

The baptism of John, but there's even more right.

There's even more that Jesus Christ came.

He died, and he sent the Holy Spirit to empower us.

And now we're going out.

To make disciples.

He just needed to be, you know, taught a little bit more. And God used this husband and wife team that we saw in the beginning of this chapter to to encourage him to equip him to do the work to do God's work right.

And it says in verse 27 and when he desired to cross Acacia, the Brethren wrote, exhorting the disciples to receive him.

And when he arrived, he greatly helped those who had believed through grace.

And here Priscilla and Aquila are used by God to help him in his walk to equip him to do what God has called him.

And now he's going out and equipping others and encouraging others.

When God acts, he uses and equips us.

Kind of simple.

He is the one working.

He is the one acting.

He's the one doing it all or kind of just need to be empty vessels.

Why? Because you guys know this, Matthew 1819. This is a command right? Go out and make disciples.

Go out and make disciples.

To where?

Everywhere, basically right.

Anywhere and everywhere.

Go and make disciples.

It's the Great Commission.

Nowhere does it say that.

Go out and make disciples after you know this or you've read this much of the Bible or you've been to college this long or whatever, like nowhere does it say Jesus makes those requirements.

The only requirement is go.

And so are we willing, he's acting, are we willing?

He's acting he's moving. Are we willing? Acts 18 says.

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to me.

The promise.

As you go.

God given us.

Power through who through our own strength or own wisdom through our own might.

There aren't no through his Holy Spirit.

He'll equip us and he'll use men and women around us to to help us along, just like policy.

God youth Priscilla and Aquila.

To help him equip him to go out and minister, but what a wonderful thing is.

Just men and women throughout the book of acts.

Just being faith.

So God acting in their lives and God moving and and and and.

And before acts Chapter 18, it's really cool in the sense because Paul is preaching and teaching and and people are getting upset with them.

One thing that they say is this guy.

These guys are turning the world upside down.

They were turning the world upside down, but in reality they were turning the world right side up because the world is already upside down because of sin and that's why Jesus Christ came to to make everything new again.

If we simply believe right?

And that's what Paul was preaching.

That was what?

The early church.

Was doing, and that's what I I really think.

We as the church needs to be focused on to.

It's a simple gospel message because God is acting.

Will we be faithful in our occupation?

Understanding it's our ordination.

Be reminded that he is with us.

And understand as he's with us, he'll lead us to new chapters and new adventures.

And as those adventures and new chapters come, and they go.

Understand he uses and equips us.

Be open and available guys.

I wanna encourage you guys he has you where you're at for a reason and when he moves you he'll move you for a reason and when he says stay it's for a reason.

But all we have to.

Do is allow him to act in our lives.

Be faithful to let him be faithful in our lives.

I would encourage you guys with that.

I'm going to invite my wife to end us in worship song, but let's pray real quick.

Dear Lord Jesus, I do thank you.

I thank you for.

Acting these last 2000 plus years to see a world that you so love.

To the point that you died on the.

Cross for us, Lord.

That you would use us.

As simple tools, simple instruments for those around us to know who you are, and may we be faithful to allow you to work in our lives.

Lord, because we all know people that are hurting.

People that are struggling with things.

People that just need love and support, and that's all found in you.

But I pray that you would use us to do that.

Lord, I pray Lord, that you would move us and and equip us and and pour your Holy Spirit upon us Lord, because I believe you are closer than ever before to return.

For your bride.

And I pray that we would be ready.

For you.

With open arms Lord, but I pray that we would have a lot more by our side 'cause it is true, the more the merrier.

And we thank you for calling us.

Not because of what we have.

Of what we could offer.

But because you love us.

And you just want to show yourself strong and faithful and true through simple people like us or like me, definitely.

So as we have this opportunity just to continue to worship, maybe reflect.

What should have been speaking to us?

And may we just leave here boldly desiring to see you glorified you magnified you known?

Through the people around us.

And the world.

You have us in in Jesus name.

We do pray Amen.