Acts 4:5-14, Ordinary People In The Powerful Name Of Jesus

Acts 4:5-14, Ordinary People In The Powerful Name Of Jesus
1. Speak Truth Clearly In The Name Of Jesus (v8-10)
2. Do The Work Of God In The Name Of Jesus (v10)
3. Know And Understand The Scriptures (v11)
4. Offer Salvation In The Name Of Jesus (v12)
5. Produce An Undeniable Testimony For Jesus (v13-14)

Pastor Jerry Simmons teaching Acts 4:5-14, Ordinary People In The Powerful Name Of Jesus

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Acts on Sunday, February 26, 2023 using the New Living Translation (NLT).

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Well, as we look at acts Chapter 4 this morning, I really want to begin by calling your attention to two verses in this passage, 2 verses that will kind of guide our time together and our consideration of what is taking place here acts, Chapter 4, verse 7. Tells us they brought in the two disciples and demanded by what power or in whose name have you done this? We're jumping into the passage where a lame man has been healed. God has done a great work. It starts in chapter three of acts, and you can. Go back and catch up on some of the events that transpired as that was going on as that healing. The place. But now the leaders are gathering together to investigate, and they have this pressing question for Peter and John. By what power or in whose name have you done this? They're concerned about. They're curious about. They want to know what power they were operating in. They wanted to know whose name they were operating under. They needed to know what was the source of this miracle of this preaching of this work that had gone. And so they're concerned about power. They're concerned about the authority whose name they are operating under. But then jumping down to verse 13 for the second verse to really pay attention to this morning, verse 13 says the members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John. For they could see that they were notice ordinary men with no special training in the scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. They're observing a situation in which there is clearly some power that has been demonstrated. Clearly, there must be a name of authority under which this has been done. We need to find out. Let's ask Peter and John, where is the source of this power? What is the name that they are operating? Under that gives them the authority to do a miracle like this and to preach this message that they're preaching and as they're investigating as they're seeking to find out, these two things, the power and name involved in this. They end up being amazed. Because here they are interviewing Peter and John and they find these guys. They're just regular guys. They're ordinary men. They're not spectacular men. They weren't glowing. They didn't have, you know, the force outline around them, showing the power that was manifested when that man was healed. They were ordinary men. And they had no special training in the scriptures. Now of course this is the perspective of these religious leaders. I think we could argue differently, but from their point of view, they didn't have the degree. They didn't go to the great schools that they were familiar with and fond of. Of they were ordinary men with no special training. But they began to recognize. Here's what made them unique. Here's what gave them power. And the authority to operate in the name of Jesus. These were men who had been with Jesus. And verse 13 is one of those powerful verses that we will go back to often refer back to often the amazing. Observation here of the religious leaders looking at Peter and John, I would say you can look at this and ask the question has there ever been a better description of Christians? Has there ever been a better description of Christians than they were ordinary men and women with no special training? But they were men and women who had been with Jesus. And so I've titled the message this morning, ordinary people in the powerful name of Jesus. And I want to encourage you to consider that and I want to encourage you to meditate on that. And I want to encourage you to be that this is who we are and who we are called to be. Ordinary people in the powerful name of Jesus. You know, sometimes we get things a little bit mixed up. We prioritize. And we value some things that you know are put on display by prominent figures, prominent people, and we kind of get things backwards in regards to what is important. In our relationship with God and in our ministry to one another and the world around us. And this morning, the Lord wants to remind us. Here's what he's called us to be. Ordinary people. In the powerful name of Jesus the apostle Paul in First Corinthians chapter one talks about this a little bit, reminding us there's not many wise, not many noble are chosen. Instead, God is chosen. The base things of the world, the foolish things in the world to shame those who think they are wise. He's chosen the powerless. To shame those who are powerful. He's chosen the things despised by the world, the the things that are counted, nothing by all, and used them to bring to nothing what the world considers important. And this is great pictures of who we are called to be as believers in Jesus Christ. We are not to be superstars. In the sense. That the world knows and everybody knows we are so gifted and so talented and so good looking. And so fabulous in so many ways that our message is not us and our power is not us. And the name that we operate in is not our own. But of course, the world celebrates those things, and so names are elevated. Talents are elevated, opinions are listened to because of achievements. On the field or on the stage or in politics or whatever it might be. But when it comes to us as believers and when it comes to our relationship with God, the Lord wants us to take a different approach. And to come back to this truth, to come back to this reality. Of being ordinary people operating in the powerful name of Jesus. What made Peter and John powerful? What gave them the authority to work this miracle? To address this Council in the way that they did. Had nothing to do with their position. Their status had nothing to do with their achievements. With degrees or scholarships or education, really what really provided everything that they needed for this occasion was they were men who had been with Jesus. And that is really the key here. That is really the core. Of what we are called to be as believers in Jesus, we are called to be men and women who are with Jesus. And the overflow of that relationship, the outpouring of our connection with the Lord. Will be similar to the working that God did through the apostles. Here Peter and John and the miracles that they wrought, as well as the message that they brought. As I was preparing for this, the picture that continued to come back to my mind is that of an iceberg, and I'm sure this is not something new or shocking to you, but. Icebergs the way that they work, there is a very small portion of them that are visible above the water as little as 10 or 12% is the the normal amount that is visible. And so if you see an iceberg and you can see 10%, you can see, you know it might be quite large, it might be 200 feet tall. But you need to understand well, there's 90% more beneath the surface, not just in height, but in bulk it is. Not equivalent. It's not 5050, it is 9010. And I think this is something that is a vivid picture for us as we think about being with Jesus as we think about this miracle. That took place. This encounter that Peter and John had with these religious leaders, what we are seeing here is that 10% on top. And what we don't see, but what we can recognize, we can see the evidence is there for these are men who had been with Jesus. That's the 90% down below, below the surface they they had invested much time with the Lord. They were in strong communion and fellowship with the Lord. And that's what enabled. That little visible part of the miracle of the lame man of their delivery and their address to these religious leaders in this investigation, and this is the model for us to follow, to follow the example of the apostles here. To have a relationship with Jesus, to be with Jesus to the degree. Well, that we can have a substantial fellowship with him. That is not even visible. Sometimes we look at the visible side of a person's relationship with the Lord. And we think well, that that's pretty cool and we think that that's all that there is to it. The idea of ordinary people might lead us to say, OK, well, I'm ordinary. I'll try something and having no investment in a relationship with the Lord, we might easily find ourselves falling flat, having not developed under the surface, that real vibrant relationship with Jesus. The key here is not look at these powerful things and then emulate those activities. Go try to heal people and go try to preach to power the truth. You know that. That's not the key here to the take away. The the key here, the take away is model that relationship with the Lord. And then what will come to the surface? Will be the overflow of your relationship with the Lord. You know, sometimes we wonder, why don't we see, you know, some of the things that we read about in the book of acts? Why don't we see that in our day today or in our lives today or in our church today? Why don't we see? And part of that. Could be explained and we need to understand. They didn't heal lame people every day. This was, you know, a one time occasion that took place and it was noteworthy, but also don't get the impression that every day there was just this, you know, healing ministry that was happening. Peter would just his hand would get tired from laying hands on people to heal them. Right? Like, no, that's that's not the way that it worked. It wasn't that kind of ministry. So there's that aspect to it when you consider a 30 year time frame, it's much more realistic to see. Actually, God does continue to work like that and we do see people healed. We do see works of miracles and we do see powerful works of God take place over the duration of time. But also I think it's important to factor in. We look at the highlights here. We look at the top 10% and and we wonder like why aren't we seeing that and perhaps? Perhaps the reason why you are seeing the level of God's work in your life. To the same degree that you are investing in your relationship with Jesus. And it it perhaps is a lack of relationship with the Lord that has that little. You know, you just have a couple of little pieces that that break the surface of the water because there's just not much substance underneath. There's not much there in your relationship with the Lord. But the opportunity is you need to understand the apostles Peter and John. The rest of the apostles, the apostle Paul, these were all ordinary people, and so the opportunity to have that kind of impact, to have that level of interaction with the world and impact on the world, to have that opportunity to be a light to that degree is there available for anyone. Who will invest themselves? In a relationship with the Lord, because that's what we're called to be ordinary people. In the powerful name of Jesus. And so I want to highlight a few things here from this passage to help us dive into that, learn how to do that, five points to walk through five activities that we can engage in five results that we will see when we are investing ourselves in that relationship with the Lord that he is calling us. Two so point #1 this morning, we're going to look at verses 8 through 10. Speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus. Speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus. Now as I walk through these things again, I want to point out this isn't here's the point. Now go do it with all your strength and all your might. Now the point is use this to evaluate. Do I speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus and to the extent that I do not speak truth? Really, in the name of Jesus, that's to the extent that I need to invest myself in that relationship with him and he will rise me up. To enable me to speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus Verses 8 through 10 again say this. Then Peter filled with the Holy Spirit said to them rulers and elders of our people. Are we being questioned today because we've done a good deed for a crippled man? Do you want to know how he was healed? Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel that he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene. The man you crucified, but whom God raised. From the dead. The interrogation is happening. They are called before. The High council. And they're demanded that they give an answer. For the power. And the authority by which this man was healed. Now the response that they give is going to cause this Council to take note again. In verse 13, it says when they saw the boldness. Of Peter and John. The word boldness there. It speaks of telling it all. Telling it like it is being very clear in your accounting. Now there are some people who like to tell it like it is right, that that's a boldness that doesn't have anything necessarily to do with the work of God or the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. But here what they took note of was the boldness that they had, that that they were unintimidated by this Council, that they were standing before. This Council that not too long ago is the one that sentenced Jesus. To be crucified. This is the Council that hated Jesus. And it was the highest officials of. The Jewish people. Pastor Thomas Constable puts it this way. When we read the speech of Peter, we must remember to whom it was spoken and when we do remember that it becomes and sorry when we do remember that it becomes one of the world's greatest demonstrations of courage. It was spoken to an audience of the wealthiest, the most intellectual, the most powerful in the land. And yet Peter the Galilean fisherman, stands before them rather as their judge than as their victim. This is what caused the people to take note. They weren't used to being treated this way. The religious leaders were revered in the society, they were respected greatly. And so people would not tell them the truth. Much like we have today in our society, we have people who have. Risen up to very high positions, high statures. Great wealth and it's hard to find people in those positions. Who entertain clear truth being spoken to them most of the time they are surrounding themselves with people who speak to them what they want to hear and are not, you know, allowing or really considering or even interested in the truth that needs to be spoken to them. But you don't have to go to, you know, the wealthiest wealthiest of the wealthiest or the highest political powers to think about this. If you are inside of a workplace, you can easily see that there is a great tendency and a great temptation around any kind of boss or supervisor, or you know, someone who has a position in the company. And and there is this esteem that is given and many times there is truth that is withheld. There's truth that it's hidden. There's truth that is kept. So in order to protect myself and my job, I don't tell the boss everything because I don't want him to know how bad I messed up. You know, there's that part. Part of it. Then we don't want the boss to know that we think he's a dummy for going that path. And so we're withholding that truth and and you know. We're working and navigating those situations as well. The religious leaders here are standing before Peter and John, and they're used to. People being intimidated and fearful if they called someone in to give a testimony at the the High Council like this there, there would be people speaking with trembling voices. Here's Peter and John. Peter says in verse 10. Let me clearly state to all of you. And to all. The people of Israel that he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, and the notice the man you crucified, pointing right back at them, but whom God raised from the dead, Peter. Clearly, boldly. Told it like it is. Let me clearly state to you. I'm not going to beat around the Bush. I'm not going. To be ambiguous. Remember that guy that you crucified? God raised him from the dead, and it's in his name that this man has been made whole. They spoke the truth clearly. In the name of Jesus. Now, this wasn't some. Difficult thing for Peter in the sense that he really had to write himself a lot of notes. You know, you could look at his hand and it's like, OK, speak truth clearly. When you stand in front of the Sanhedrin. This was the overflow. Of his very real relationship with Jesus. For Peter, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead was not a theory. It was not some, you know, main idea that hopefully proves to be true over time. Was what he knew. He had this. Reality that he was living out. You crucified him, but God raised him from the dead. It tells us in verse eight that Peter. Filled with the Holy Spirit. Addressed the rulers and elders. Of the people. Peter, of course, was filled with the Holy Spirit back. A couple of chapters ago, acts Chapter 2, the day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church. We covered that on Wednesday evening and so if you want to spend some more time considering the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to go back and watch or listen to our Wednesday night service. But here there is a new and fresh filling of the Holy Spirit that Peter is experiencing. It's not a one time occasion, but it is now in the moment when it's needed. Peter is empowered by the Holy Spirit. To do. But God has called him. To do. It's the outflow, the over. Flow of his relationship with the Lord commentator Tony Marita says Luke is saying that the indwelling spirit freshly empowered Peter, which enabled him to preach boldly. This is a wonderful reality for believers. God is with us forever, and God will often supernaturally fill us with his spirit. To enable us to do his. Will and the his will part. Of this is so important. There's a lot of truth that we would like to speak clearly. To people. But it might not be the right. Time or place to do so. But here is the right time and the right place. It's the will of God for Peter to make this bold testimony. And so Peter is filled with. The Holy Spirit. And he speaks clearly the truth that is needed in the name of Jesus not backing down, not ashamed. And he's able to be a great witness in doing so. This is what the Lord is calling us to as well. Speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus. Now again, not so much that you have to work hard at speaking truth clearly. But that this is an evidence that will be there in your life when you have the depth of relationship with the Lord that needs to be there, there will be this evidence and that you will. Be able to in those times where God is leading you and guiding you. Giving that opportunity and that occasion to speak the truth, you will be filled with. The Holy Spirit. And able to speak the truth clearly in the name. Of Jesus. It's not that the disciples were never scared again. They were always bold. They never considered their words. You know, it's not going to be too much longer. A couple of chapters and. Peter's gonna be sneaking away after being imprisoned. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit. So it's not that they're always upfront in the rulers, faces and and defiant. And let me speak truth to you. No, it's. This is the will of the Lord. This is the opportunity before them. And so they're filled with the Holy Spirit and they speak truth clearly in the name of Jesus. It's evidence. These were ordinary men. Operating in the powerful name of Jesus. Well, moving on to verse 10, we get point #2. Do the work of God in the name of Jesus. Verse 10 says this. Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel. That was, he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, the man you crucified, but whom God raised. From the dead. Just wanted to camp. Out a little bit further in this verse here, verse 10. As he delivers this clear and honest truth, this powerful truth to this Council, he makes sure to point out. This man was healed. By the powerful name of Jesus Christ. The powerful name of Jesus, you know sometimes. Get so used to and accustomed to the name of Jesus that. We can forget. How powerful the name of Jesus is. You know, it's our habits. Our practice, we conclude prayers in Jesus name we pray. And sometimes we kind of forget the significance of that and what that means and how powerful the name of Jesus is. When Peter is saying here he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus, it's not just umm, I don't want to just say the name of Jesus because you know that doesn't really sound strong enough. What kind of adjective can I put in there to to really kind of up this, you know, amp this up? And and make it. A little bit stronger? No, he's. Referring to the name of Jesus as powerful. Because guess what, the name of Jesus is powerful. There's a power in the name of Jesus now, not don't think of it like magic spell. Kind of power. Not not power. Because you articulate those. But power. In the name of Jesus. Speaks to the authority, the position and the reality of Jesus. We pray in Jesus name not because that's the magic password that if you don't put that in the prayer, it doesn't get through. We pray in Jesus name. Well wouldn't because he instructed us to right. We pray in Jesus name because we are saying with all the authority that Jesus has. We're submitting this to the father. With whatever Jesus wants to do, we are submitting this. To the father. Operating as agents of Jesus on his behalf, we request Father that you do this in your sons's name. And so there's power in the name of Jesus because Jesus. As King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And he reigns on high. And those who believe on him, he's given them the right to be called children of God. And so we get the opportunity as sons and daughters of God, to be his representatives, his agents. And Peter here is saying on behalf of Jesus. I healed this man. If Jesus were here in my place in those circumstances, he would have healed this man. Jesus wasn't here physically, but he had me here. And so as his representative. Jesus healed him through me. Doing the work of God in the name of Jesus, that's what Peter did in acts Chapter 3. He didn't. Just. Think really want to do a miracle today. Let's go find a lame guy. What's interesting about this lame guy is as you go through the chapter, you. See that he was. There all the. Time he had to be carried there every time, but they passed this guy hundreds of times before and never healed him. But today was the day that it was the will of God. To heal this man. And Peter made eye contact with them and said I don't have any silver and gold. But in the name of Jesus Christ. I have something I can give you. Rise up and walk. On behalf of Jesus, here I am representing Jesus. I am seeking to do the will of God and the will of God for you right now is for you to rise. Up and walk. And so I can declare to you. I can commend you. Rise up and walk and he went walking and leaping and praising God because that was the will of God for him right then. This this is not. Please understand Peter having power to just Willy nilly just point at whoever he wanted to do a work in and do some kind of healing or magical power. This is not that. He's not autonomous and he just has power. He gets to just do whatever he wants and use the power however he wants to. No, he did it in the name. Of Jesus. He's saying I'm in communion with Jesus and I know what Jesus wants and in this guy's life I knew Jesus wanted to heal him. So in the name of Jesus. On behalf of Jesus. Jesus is telling me he wants you to get up and walk, so my friend get up and walk. Do the work of God in the name of Jesus. This wasn't just for Peter. Again, it wasn't because Peter and John were spectacular. They were ordinary. And so don't look at this account and think, well, that is, you know, way off the charts for any of us. Now, the way that God chooses to work is through ordinary people. Ordinary people who will listen to him and his will and do his work. In the name of Jesus. Working out the will of God. With the power of God. As he leads us. And our walk with him. Check out what Jesus said in John chapter 14. He said. I tell you the truth. Good thing he told us that otherwise we might think he was lying, right? I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same. Works I have done and even greater works because I'm going to be with the father. You can ask for anything in my name and I will do it so that the son can bring glory to the father. Ask me for anything in my name and I will do it. I don't know if that staggers. You, but that staggers me. Jesus says I want you to know this is the truth and notice, he says. Except for Joshua. No, Joshua is allowed, not. Nope, not that doesn't work in. This but anyone else? No, no. Anyone who believes in me, do you? Believe in Jesus. Anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done. Jesus says when we believe in him. There is the opportunity, the possibility that that he will work through us. Similar to the work that he did when he was physically present doing. The ministry that he had. And he says, and even greater works because I'm. Going with the father. There's going to be more. Of those kinds of works being done, Jesus says because I'm going to be the right hand of the father in heaven. And there's going to be many more of you. Jesus had three years of ministry. We get much more time, Lord willing. To be his agents, to be his representatives. To do the work of God according to the will of God. And so he says, you can ask for anything in my name. Now, again, don't let that give you the impression. Alright, new carp and you know whatever like we don't. That's not magic wish. It's not that. It's in the name of Jesus as authorized representatives of Jesus. We can ask. For anything that Jesus wants and Jesus will give. It to us. So the key is what does Jesus want? And I think that's part of the problem. A lot of times we have no idea. Because we need to develop that 90% right, we only see the top 10%. We think, yes, that's the power I want. I want to declare things and request things in the name. Of Jesus. But but developing the hearts of Jesus. Is where we. Need to be focused. So that as we're aligned with his heart, then we are able in the name of Jesus, to ask for anything. And his promise is I will. Do it. Sometimes we don't know the heart of God. We don't know the. Plan of God. And so sometimes we pray accordingly. Lord, we don't know your will. We could tell you our will. We hope for this. We would like to see this. But we can't pray that prayer with authority because we don't have. That insight from the Lord. On what his will is. But as we walk with him. And learn. To value what he values. As we learn to align. Our hearts and our minds with his. Will be better and better equipped. To pray for anything in his name. And watch him do it. Because it's his will and his desire. To do those things and to work through US operating. In fellowship with him. This isn't just for the Mega apostles, not just for Jesus, said anyone. Who believes in me? This is the kind of relationship I want. To have with. People, this is the kind of work I want to. Do through ordinary people. Who have a strong connection to me. Consider this other passage in Mark Chapter 9. John tells Jesus. Teacher, we saw something or we saw someone using your name to cast out demons. But we told them to stop because he wasn't in our group. Don't stop him, Jesus said. No one who performs a miracle in my name will soon be able to speak evil of me. Anyone who is not against us is for us. Here's another way we get tripped up, but they're not part of our group. How could they be working miracles in the name of Jesus? Or we might say we're not part. Of that group. So how could we work miracles? In the name. Of Jesus, we're not disciples. We're not apostles. Jesus says, look, this is not limited to. Only these select special people that are unique and there's only, you know, going to be one like them for all of history, this is for. Those who believe in me. And those who believe in Jesus and develop that. Deep and meaningful relationship. With the Lord. Are going to be fully authorized. And empowered by the Lord to do the work of God. In the name of Jesus. 10% might be visible, 10% prayers answered those things happening, but it's that 90% that enables that 10%, that 90%. Of time that we have spent with the Lord's prayers that we have prayed. Pursuing the heart of God? Well, moving on to verse 11, now we get point #3 know and understand the Scriptures, verse 11 says. For Jesus is the one referred to in the scriptures where it says that the stone that you builders rejected has now become the cornerstone. Peter, as he continues to speak the truth clearly. In the name of Jesus. Testifies to the work of God that he had done in the name of Jesus, and now he brings in some biblical support. For who Jesus is and the place that he has in the work of God and in the Kingdom of God, and so he brings in this quote. It's from Psalm 118. Psalm 118 I'll read a couple of verses here. The Psalm says I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory. The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone. This is the Lord's doing and it is wonderful to see. This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Someone 18, of course, is a powerful and important Psalm. Messianic Psalm Speaking of the Messiah, fulfilled by Jesus. This is the day the Lord has made that speaks of that triumphal entry day. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Hosanna, Hosanna saved now, right. This this song, Psalm 118 Peter quotes from. Verse 22. The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone. Peter here is saying we did this in the name of Jesus. Because although you rejected Jesus, he has now become the cornerstone, the highest, most important stone that holds all things together in the work of God and the Kingdom. Of God and in the plan of God. And so Peter here is saying you rejected Jesus. But it turns out Jesus is the most important being that ever existed. Jesus is God who became man. Dying upon the cross for us, he has the highest place of all authority. He is the cornerstone. And so he pulls in this scripture to testify of the position and place of Jesus and how Jesus has authority to bring healing to a lame man who has been there for many years now. Verse 13 again says the members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John. For they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the scriptures. Here's Peter quoting from the Scriptures, and they're scratching their heads. How does this guy know the scriptures? Isn't he a fisherman? He didn't go to our rabbinic schools. He didn't go to the, you know, education plan that we go through as religious leaders, as Pharisees and Sadducees. And he didn't go through the the rigorous training that we go through memorizing. Letter by letter through. The whole Torah. They would not expect the common person. To know the scriptures to be able to utilize the scriptures to be able to pull in the word of God and apply it. Accurately to a situation. And so from their assessment, they have no special training in the scriptures. How is it? They know someone 18. How is it that they can pull out verse 22 and and make a logical argument and and apply that to Jesus and illustrate the truth about who Jesus is and the position that he holds? They're amazed they're blown away. Because Peter knows and understands the scriptures. Again, this is not something just for Peter, just for John, just for those 12 or just from that you know those special extra anointed cold people, this is something that the Lord desires to give. To every believer in Jesus. In John chapter 14. Jesus talking with his disciples, said. I'm telling these things now while I'm still. I'm telling you these things now while I'm still with. You but when? The father sends the advocate as my representative. That is the Holy Spirit. He will teach you. Everything and remind you of everything. I have told you. Peter did have training in the Scriptures, but not through the formal education that the religious leaders were familiar with or expected. His training came with his time with Jesus. And then the work of the Holy Spirits teaching him all things and reminding him of the things that Jesus had already taught him. In Luke chapter 24, after Jesus has resurrected before he ascends to the father, he's talking with his disciples on one of those occasions that he show. Goes up, he says. When I was with you before I told you everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets. And in the Psalms must be fulfilled. In verse 45 of Luke 24 and says. Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures. Peter had some training in the scriptures. Far superior to what the religious leaders were familiar with because he had his mind opened by Jesus. To understand the scriptures. He had the indwelling of. The Holy Spirit. I correlate these two passages, Luke Chapter 24 and John Chapter 20. In John Chapter 20, verse 22, it tells us that Jesus breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit. That was after Jesus resurrected before he ascended. He breathed on the disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit. I suggest to you that's the same event that happened in Luke 24. 45 He opened their minds to understand the scripture. It is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Remember Ephesians chapter 6? Talks about the the word of God. Being the sword of the spirit. It is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that enables us to understand the scriptures. Now don't get the impression. That well then, understanding the scriptures. I'm sorry, I just realized I forgot to put the 24 on the screen, but there it is catching up. Don't get the impression that understanding the scriptures then is just instant. OK, I have the Holy Spirit, so now I just understand all mysteries and all knowledge. And I can't read a verse. That I never understand and. That's not. That's not the way. That it works. There's some investment. Time there's some study time, there's meditation time. There's prayer time in seeking to understand the word of God as we. Work our way through it. All of that is necessary. It doesn't negate the need or the opportunity to spend time with God in his word and seek him for inspiration. And it doesn't mean that there will be no mysteries this side of eternity. Looking at the Scriptures, we can say. That believers in Jesus because they have the indwelling of. The Holy Spirit. Have an understanding of the word of God and it cannot be obtained any other way. How much scripture do you understand? I would suggest to you that how much you understand is that top 10%. And it's the investment of study and prayer and meditation. That brings that understanding to the surface, and many times we're so mystified by the scriptures and by the word of God because we're not willing to invest that time. To seek the Lord. But there is opportunity for you. It's not elusive in the sense that you can't understand the scriptures. You can, but also doesn't just happen magically overnight. You just wake up and all of a sudden I understand everything. There are some things the Lord just gives you and now you understand it and know it. But the majority is developed over time as you invest deeply in a relationship with Jesus. Point #4 verse 12 offer salvation in the name of Jesus. Peter goes on to say there is salvation and no one else. God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. Here again, he's speaking to the Sanhedrin and he offers this clear invitation. This clear opportunity for salvation, making it clear it's only available in the name of Jesus. Only available in the name of Jesus. I like what John Stott said about this, he says. Notice the ease with which Peter moves from healing to salvation from the particular to the general. He sees one man's physical cure as a picture of the salvation which is offered to all in Christ. Peter preaches the gospel. Gives an invitation helps the religious leaders have one more opportunity. To understand that salvation is found no other way. Only by believing in Jesus. I need to wrap up because my time has expired, so let me just give you point #5 and then we'll finish with that point number. Five produce an undeniable testimony for Jesus. Verse 13 and 14. The members of the Council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training. In the scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus, but since they could see the man who had been healed, standing right there among them. There was nothing the Council. Could see the the Council was not persuaded by Peter's words. They weren't convinced by his arguments. They noted his boldness. They thought it was amazing how he was able to articulate the scriptures. They were blown away by what happened. But not to the degree that. They said I want. To believe in. Jesus, they were still infuriated. They plot it and figure out how can we shut this down and forbid them to preach in Jesus's name anymore. But even though they had that position against the name of Jesus and against these apostles. They also could not deny. The realities that stood before them. Here was this man. They could see him. He had been healed and he was standing right there among them. There was real tangible results that were undeniable. Not just in the theoretical. Not just well, I guess we just got to take your word for it. It's your word against my word. No, listen, when we develop. A deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord. There will be some things that are intangible that other people will never be able to. Understand or recognize. But there also be the testimony of the real work of God. That has. Been taking place that has gone on. A lame man is healed. That's not the only undeniable testimony, you know, another undeniable testimony evident here. Peter and John have boldness. You remember Peter a couple chapters earlier. So freaked out, so scared at the trial of Jesus, he's denying Jesus before a little girl. The same guy. He's a boldness. That they don't understand that they had not seen previously. He has an understanding of the scriptures. That they don't. They recognize it, they know the scriptures, they know where he's quoting from. They they get it. But how does he get it? We don't understand that. But the undeniable testimony is that. Peter knows the word of God. It was undeniable these men have been with Jesus. To produce real, recognizable results. This is what happens. Again, this isn't for us to try to manufacture an undeniable testimony. This is for us to pursue and develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus. The overflow of that in our lives will be Speaking of truth clearly. In the name of. Jesus and will be doing the work of God in. The name of Jesus. We'll be able to know and understand the scriptures more and more to a greater degree as we deepen our fellowship with the Lord on our alignment with him. We'll be able to offer salvation in the name of Jesus from other occasions, from other events, other things that lead us into that offer of clear testimony about who Jesus is and the salvation that's found in him. And our relationship with the Lord will produce an undeniable testimony for Jesus. You don't have to persuade them in the sense that convince them to agree with your arguments. But they'll be able to see from your life and the work that God is doing. They may not understand it. They may not like. What you say? About it. The results are undeniable. That is the work of. God, this is ordinary people. Operating in the powerful name of Jesus, available to anyone who will believe. And so let's believe in Jesus, and let's pursue him. Let's dig deep and dive deep. Filling our lives, immersing ourselves in the things of the Lord, aligning our hearts with the Lord. We can have a great impact, be a huge part of the work that God desires to do. As we fill. Our lives with more and more of him. But I pray for all of us that you would help us to do that. Help us to seek you first and your Kingdom your righteousness. Lord trusting you for all the other things. Lord, I pray that you. Would help us. Prevent us, Lord, from those distractions that keep us. From pursuing you and knowing you and walking with you. And I pray God as we lock on to you. And invest time with you. Or that you would fill us. With your Holy Spirit. Lead us further and deeper into our walk with you. And Lord, I pray that you had magnify yourself produce through our lives undeniable testimony. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You are alive and on the throne and you are coming again soon. I pray this in Jesus name.