Daniel 10, Insight Into The Spiritual Realm

Daniel 10, Insight Into The Spiritual Realm
1. Spiritual Insights Come With Preparation (v1-7)
2. Spiritual Experiences Bring Exhaustion (v8-9)
3. Prayer Moves Unseen Spiritual Mountains (v10-13)
4. God Sends Revelation, Strength, And Peace (v14-19)
5. The Spiritual Battles Continue (v20-21)

Pastor Jerry Simmons teaching Daniel 10, Insight Into The Spiritual Realm

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Daniel on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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Here, as we look at Daniel Chapter 10 this evening I've titled The Message Insight into the spiritual realm. This is one of those. Chapters that is. Full of really important truths and great mysteries and interesting insights. And so there's a lot here that we're not going to be able to really dig into and cover. But what we do see just looking on the chapter as a whole is some really interesting insights into the spiritual realm, as Daniel is interacting with the Lord now. The last three chapters of Daniel are one package together. They're split into three chapters, but it's all one continuous event where Daniel is spending time with the Lord and seeking the Lord, and then receives a vision from the Lord with angelic explanation of that vision and so into. Chapter 11. In Chapter 12, the these are all happening all at this time, while Daniel. Is there on the Tigris River there in Babel? This is taking place really late in Daniel's life at this point. Daniel is a very old man. This is the latest event we have recorded in the book. He's probably in his mid 80s at this time. He's still in Babylon and Persia, but the the Middle Persian Empire has conquered Babylon by this time. King Cyrus. Now rules over. Babylon, because it has been conquered and this is about three years after Cyrus has conquered Babylon. And when you think about the timeframe, it makes it a little bit intriguing, because that means that many of the Jews have already returned to Jerusalem with Zerubavel. The rebuilding of the temple has. Begun the altar has been. And build the foundation of the temple is being worked on around this time, and possibly it is around this time that the temple is forced to come to a halt and not to be built any further and you can check out Ezra chapter three and four to kind of think about the the corresponding time frame there of what's happening. In Jerusalem, but here's Daniel. He didn't go back to Jerusalem, maybe because he's such an old man. He's 85 or so around this time probably, and so perhaps that's why, or perhaps just God told him not to. But the Lord still had to work for him here back in Persia, and so here he receives this incredible vision. But before he gets into the vision, really Chapter 11 and 12 are the vision, so we're not going to really get into the vision, but the leading up to the vision and kind of his experience in preparing for the vision. Is what we get to see here in Chapter 10, and so we get to see some insight now into the spiritual realm of what Daniel is experiencing and what's happening behind the scenes in preparation for this great revelation that he is about to receive. Commentator Paul Weaver puts it this way. This chapter provides a glimpse into the spiritual warfare taking place not ordinarily visible by human eyes. And so we're going to get a little bit of a, you know, background viewer about behind the scenes view of the things that are happening leading up to Daniel receiving this. Incredible Vision recorded in Chapter 11 and 12, and so it's insight into the spiritual realm which can help. Us understand as we seek to walk with the Lord and in experience the life of the spirit and the work of God and serving the Lord in our lives. There is some valuable insights here for us, and so we're going to walk through 5 insights to pull out of this chapter and. Think about those things that are involved in the spiritual realm and how that impacts us. And so here's point. #1, looking at verses one through 7 spiritual insights come with preparation. Spiritual insights come with preparation. This whole event that transpired, it's clear as you walk through it. This was not something that happened without some preparation and steps that Daniel was taking in advance that there was Daniel preparing himself to receive the vision, even though he didn't know exactly. What was about to unfold? Looking again at verse one it says in the third year of Cyrus, King of Persia, a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name is called Belteshazzar. The message was true, but the appointed time was long and he understood the message and had understanding of the vision. And so here Daniel introduces this whole vision. That's going to be recorded in these three chapters that closed the book. And again, the the details of the vision are recorded in Chapter 11 and 12, and he understood the vision because he had some angelic explanation and revelation from God, and so there was this vision. There was the need to explain it. There was all of these things that were going on, but all of that was preceded. By some preparatory steps in Daniel's life, look at verse two. In those days, I Daniel was mourning 3 full weeks, so leading up to this vision the Angel coming to explain the vision, the vision that he has of the Lord that is. Preceded by three full weeks. Of morning. And we learn in the next verse. It's fasting and morning. Now we don't know exactly the details why Daniel was morning for these three full weeks. There's lots of things that we could speculate about. As I mentioned before, the Jews had returned to Jerusalem, and so some suggest that. There was a morning in Daniel's life because. Only a few Jews. 50,000 of the you know, millions that could have returned only 50,000 returned, and so perhaps he was mourning over that. Perhaps he was mourning over the idea that the temple is being rebuilt, like here's Daniel faithful, servants of God, for you know, more than 70 years now in Bab. So on and he was the first part of the first group to be taken captive. So when he left Jerusalem, the temple was standing and and then he hears news of the temple being destroyed. Later on in his captivity, but but now it's being rebuilt and and I could imagine even though Daniels and old men at this point I can imagine. Some sadness. That he would be there, wishing that he could have been part of the rebuilding or seen it or. Or maybe he says I'm an old man. I could just at least encourage the people who are doing the building right and and pray with them and encourage them along the way that that perhaps he was sad and and mourning because there was a good work of God that was going on. And he wasn't able to be part. Of it, he also could have been morning as I mentioned before, Ezra Chapter three and four records that, as they began to lay the foundation of the temple, there's some opposition from the surrounding peoples and and the work is forced to stop. And so there may be some corresponding time frames here where Daniels heard that news and that caused him warning. But there's maybe some better ideas as well, and that is. Is this also was the time where the Passover feast would be celebrated? In verse four it tells us on the 24th day of the first month, so this was the conclusion really of his time of fasting and the beginning now of the explanation. Of the vision, but it means that during his time of mourning and fasting, the Passover feast would have been on the calendar. But they didn't practice the about the Passover feast while they're in Babylon because they didn't have the temple, they didn't have the altar there. There wasn't the opportunity for them to sacrifice the lamb like they are instructed to, and so it could be. And it seems a little bit likely in my head that he's mourning and and maybe this was a. Tradition for him every year around the Passover time he would take this time to mourn and fast over the state of their nation and the rebellion as they are prevented from. Practicing this feast that God had established for them to remind them of how he had delivered them out of Egypt. And so that is a possibility as well that that it was just part of his routine. Every year he would fast and pray and and be reflective in this time as the Passover feast was going on, or would have been going on. Based on some other verses here in the the chapter, it's also possible that he had received a previous vision that he didn't quite understand and so he went into this time of fasting and and mourning seeking further clarification. And then what we have here unfold in chapter 101112 is the further clarification of that so. There's a few options for you to choose from of why Daniel might have been mourning, but the point is, for three weeks he was. Morning for three weeks. He was fasting. Verse three says I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth. Nor did I anoint myself at all till three whole weeks were fulfilled. And so we get this several times, 3 full weeks in verse 2, three whole weeks in verse 3. 21 days is mentioned a little bit later and so we are. It's really emphasized to us. There's a good amount of time that went into this preparation. And during this time Daniel is fasting. Now there's different kinds of fasting. And So what? Daniel is practicing at this point is not the type of fasting that is no food at all, it it was the restriction of no pleasant food, no meat or wine. But he wasn't completely fasting, he was just. Eliminating certain things so that he could have this devoted time to the Lord, and that's appropriate. There's, you know, not a lot of laws and regulations about fasting in the scriptures. For us there there's encouragements to do so, and. There is kind of the the general impression that it's expected that there will be times of fasting in our lives as Jesus said, when you fast that that that will be a part of your walk with the Lord, there'll be times of fasting and sometimes it'll be appropriate and perhaps God would put upon your heart a complete food, fasts and so you. Eliminate food altogether from your diet, or perhaps it's a partial fasts of some sorts. And of course many people also practice fasting from other things as well, so maybe fasting from electronics or fasting from chores, or fasting from you, know whatever it might be, but but the. The thing is to remember is the purpose of fasting is always to put ourselves in a position to seek the Lord and to hear from the Lord. And so the point of fasting is not to arm wrestle God. Alright God, I'm not going to eat until you give me what I want or tell me what I want to hear like that's not the right approach to fasting, but but to say. Lord, I'm I'm seeking you and I want to be devoted to you and so every time my stomach growls 'cause I'm hungry, then that's a reminder to me to spend some time in prayer to look to you and to invite you to to work in my. Life and so. The purpose of fasting is that, and if it's a partial fast like this, every time I'm craving meat, Daniel might say, or every time I'm I'm wishing for some dessert, some pleasant food, then that will remind me I need to get on my knees and spend some time in prayer and and and be devoted to seeking the Lord. During this time and so, the point here is that he had three weeks of really devoted time that was really focused on hearing from the Lord seeking the Lord, calling out to the Lord. And it was preparation for the vision that he would have in the next couple verses. But even further, the vision that would unfold in the next two chapters. But before he gets into the details of the vision, he sees a vision of a glorious person and that's. Probably a vision of Jesus. Some believe it to be an Angel, but here's the description in verse 4-5 and six on the 24th day of the first month, as I was by the side of the Great River, that is the Tigris. I lifted my eyes and looked, and behold, a certain man clothed in linen, whose waist was girded with gold from movies. His body was like barrel his face like the appearance of lightning. His eyes like torches of fire, his arms and feet like burnished bronze in color and the sound of his words like the voice. Of a multitude. There is some discussion about whether or not this is an Angel, and the Angel that's interacting with him later, or if this is an appearance of Jesus and then an Angel comes after. This I'm not going to get into that discussion, but just simply to say you compare it to Revelation chapter one and the description of Jesus and Revelation. Chapter one is very, very in parallel with the vision of this man that that Daniel sees here. So I would lean towards the idea that this is a vision. Of Jesus, and then that further interactions are an Angel that appears but. This vision of Jesus, or an Angel. It's kind of not really particular to the point in this moment for us, because the the idea here that the thing to grab hold of is that this vision, this spiritual insight and encounter that Daniel has it came. Along with the preparation that Daniel had spent three weeks of devoted time seeking, the Lord calling out to the Lord and and putting the Lord first in his life for that time that he would have that devoted time consecrated unto the Lord and, and this seems to be a pattern, it's not just. This event, but if you back up a chapter back in Daniel Chapter 9, there's that incredible chapter with the vision that Daniel has and the explanation of the 70 weeks of the the people of God, right? But but as you look at the first couple verses. It tells us in Daniel Chapter 9 verse Soo I understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the Prophet, that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem. Then I set my face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications with fasting. Sackcloth and ashes. So Daniel was reading the Bible. He get gets to. The Book of Jeremiah. He sees the prophecy about the 70 years and does some math. He understands I was part of that first captivity. I know the 70 years I have an accurate calculation of the time. I know it's about to end and so it causes him to launch into a devoted time. Of prayer, supplications, fasting with sackcloth and ashes, and so he has this devoted time of seeking the Lord in Daniel Chapter 9. And then what happens, then, he receives. The vision and the revelation that happens there in Daniel Chapter 9. Then in Jet Daniel, Chapter 10, we see that same pattern. It's after serious preparation, a serious time of devotion to the Lord that Daniel experiences this vision and this revelation from. God also, I think it's noteworthy to point out in verse 7, Daniel is the only one who sees the vision, although other people are with him. Seven and I Daniel alone saw the vision for the men who were with me did not see the vision, but a great terror fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves. Now, that's not necessarily that those guys you know they weren't seeking the Lord with Daniel or not, but but just to kind of emphasize that a little bit to consider that that that this was Daniel's to receive, because Daniel had been preparing. We don't know the spiritual state of those other guys and so maybe they were right on with the Lord. And it was just God didn't want to show. Them the vision, but but also just to not. Miss the point and consider the possibility that it's possible. Perhaps these guys did not get to participate in this vision. Because they were not prepared in the way that Daniel was, they were not prepared. They hadn't spent the time seeking the Lord in the way. That Daniel had. Perhaps again, not to slander them. You know they could maybe rebuke me when I get to heaven, but you know the the important thing to understand is that there are things that happen that that some of us don't get to experience. And participate in because. Is there was not the preparation involved and others prepared and sat with the Lord and sought the Lord and devoted themselves to the Lord. And so they they experienced some things of the Lord as a result of that spiritual insights come with preparation. Think about it this way, with what Jesus shared in Matthew Chapter 17. Sometimes in the work of the Lord and the things of the Lord, there's some extra preparation necessary, and the passage there in Matthew 17 after the Mount of Transfiguration, when Jesus is coming down the mountain, he encounters a crowd with his disciples who were not with him on the mountain. And they were dealing with a situation where there was a a demon possession and and the disciples while Jesus was absent, could not cast it out. And so Jesus comes. He addresses the situation. The demon is cast out, but the disciples asked him privately in verse 19 of Matthew 17, the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, why could we not cast it out? Jesus said to them, because of your unbelief, for assuredly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move. From here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting, and so Jesus says you guys have a couple weaknesses. Your unbelief is one of them, but your lack of preparation, he wasn't saying. You encountered this situation and so now launch into a time of prayer and fasting. He was saying there would have been some prayer and fasting necessary leading up to this event for you to have been successful and instrumental in delivering that person from the demonic possession. And so we understand here that insights from the Lord and the work of the Lord often involves and requires preparation in advance. And I could spend quite a bit of time probably talking about this, and so I probably shouldn't and just move on 'cause this is still just .1. But I do want to encourage us all to consider this, that we can't just react to things. We can't just wait and see if we want to, you know, see what the Lord is doing and then jump in that there are really a lot of things in God's plan for your life. That you just will legitimately not experience because. The preparation was, you know, not that exciting and preparation rarely is. Whenever we're doing work for the the company I work for for flooring, doing an installation video or an installation guide like 80% of the work in doing a floor is the preparation. Like if you want if you want it to be solid. If you want it to to to last. A long time to meet the warranty criteria and and be able to file a claim and have it fulfilled. You know there is the preparation that has to be done. You think about doing a paint job. Everybody knows that as well, right? There's there's all the preparation, and the preparation is the the major boring part and the the biggest portion of time but. But it's necessary in order for the next part. To go well and to be what it's supposed to be in a similar way, spiritual insights. Your relationship with God, your walk with the Lord. What you receive from the Lord. It is to some degree, based upon your willingness. To devote some time in prayer and worship and seeking the Lord, maybe that includes fasting that that there are these times and maybe again. Kind of speculating, but maybe like Daniel every year around the feast of Passover he would have this time. Maybe there needs to be those those regular and consistent times in your life and in seasons of your life that that there is this devoted time of preparation so that you are equipped and ready to receive from the Lord those insights. And what he has in store for you, Pastor Warren Brisby says Daniels experienced by the Tigris River, conveys a lesson to all christianly There's there is a price to pay. If we're to see what God wants us to see and hear what he is saying to us, there's a price to pay. There's some investment involved. There's some preparation in advance. You know the grace of God is amazing, and. That we have. Access to the throne of God at any time and and at times of need. We can walk boldly into the. The throne of Grace and obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of. Need right Hebrews 4 tells us. But at the same time that opportunity to enter in doesn't mean that every time we enter in, we get the full experience that could be had. The next chapter of Hebrews, Hebrews chapter 5, the author of Hebrews says I have a lot to say about this to you, but it's hard to explain since you've become dull of hearing. You haven't been preparing yourself, and so you're not ready for the insights from the Lord about these things that will benefit you in your relationship. With God and in your walk. With the Lord, and so so there is that need for us to do the homework, to invest ourselves in. The things of the Lord, and to have those devoted Times Now again not. To make it. A demanding of God and we're going to force God to do something that we want. You know, it's just that that we need to be sensitive to the leading of the Lord and be willing to put in some work to prepare ourselves with no idea about what may come, but. But with the confidence that as I invest time. With the Lord. Every moment that I spend seeking the Lord and devoting myself to the. Will be valuable and you know, like the word of God, it will not return void right every every moment that you spend in pursuit of God will not return void. It will accomplish in your life what God wants to accomplish. If you don't spend time with God in his word in prayer, if you don't have times of fasting in your. Don't be surprised that you don't. Hear from him very much. You know, sometimes we show up to church and we blame the servants. We say, well, I didn't really get a worship tonight 'cause it was Jerry leading worship. And you know he doesn't do it that well, and he makes some mistakes and his voice is kind of weird and annoying and nasally and stuff and his guitar playing. He always hits that top string really hard and it just like you know, bounces around. It's just really. It's just not great. So you know, that's why I didn't really get to worship. Tonight, 'cause Jerry was leading worship. But if I could, without slandering you too much, propose something else perhaps. You didn't get to worship. Because what you're really saying is, hey Jerry, your worship didn't awaken me out of my callous slumber, and it wasn't captivating enough to wrap me in emotionally to to really get my attention and and wake me up to to cause me to seek the Lord. And so you know, I really need someone to like wake me up and and help me to seek. The Lord and cause me to seek the Lord. And so you know, I just kind of stayed asleep 'cause your worship didn't do that for me. And OK, well yeah, pray for better worship leaders, absolutely. At the same time. When we come to seek the Lord prepared when we're investing some time ahead and we can worship the Lord no matter who's doing it, we can receive from the word no matter who's bringing it forth. It that there is a large part on us and we can't just blame the people and say I just hate it when that guy teaches. It's just terrible. And we never get anything out of it, right? Well, yeah, maybe maybe. But maybe a mirror would be a much more effective for us to remind us. We need to prepare. Think about retreats, right? You go to a retreat and then God is always faithful to show up and to speak and reveal himself in that time that you've devoted to the Lord. And it's like why? Doesn't God do this all the time? Well, the rest of the time perhaps. Again, not trying to slander anybody, but just perhaps we're not as devoted to the Lord and not focused on the Lord and not investing that kind of time with the Lord. Not that we can always just live on the mountain like the Mount of Transfiguration the disciples wanted right, but at the same time that there is the special times of devotion and and God is just. People to meet that preparation with revelation. If you show up to church unprepared, don't be surprised. If you get little out of it. If you show up to church unprepared, don't be surprised when your role is unclear. Every Sunday we pray. Over the roles. In the body and I've been sharing these things for a little bit now, but but there are these roles that I believe God wants to be in operation every time his people gather together. And so the Holy Spirit is going to. Give these roles to various people so that as we interact and as we interoperate as the body of Christ. That the work. Of God is happening, and if these things are not being fulfilled then the work of God is not happening and it's not a church gathering. It's not a body of Christ gathering, it's something else and and these are the things that that that are needed. But but I want to encourage you to continue to pray over these things because they you don't just show up and then it. Just strikes you. Out of nowhere, but but I would suggest these are the rules that we need to be praying about long before 10:00 AM on Sunday morning that that we would be showing up prepared having put in the time and and then ready to receive that instruction that call that imparting of the spirit of the law. Word for the service itself. Because of the preparation that went in its place or in advance, and so spiritual insights come with preparation point #2 Spiritual experiences bring exhaustion. Verse eight and nine says therefore. I was left alone when I. Saw this great vision. And no strength remained in me for my vigor was turned to frailty in me and I retained no strength. Yet I heard the sound of his words, and while I heard the sound of his words, I was in a deep sleep on my. Face with my face to the ground. This is kind of a theme that we'll see throughout the chapter as we continue on in the coming verses as well. That Daniel is incredibly weak, and in this experience he was alone. So he is weak and in that way he doesn't have his guys around him to help give him strength, but but he has no strength in him, he says. No strength remained in me, he says. I used to have vigor. Before this I had I had. I had energy and I was on fire and there was a there was a passion there but but my vigor turned to frailty in me and I retained no strength and I I just. Kind of. Get the feeling of Daniel like describing this strength draining from him like he just feels like just. Like it's just. All being drawn out of him and he's just left with no strength, no energy. He's dealing with a a great weakness and exhaustion in this. Time, but but he hears the. Words it tells us in. Verse 9. There's still the work of the Lord that's happening, he's hearing. The words, but he says I was in a deep sleep on my face. With my face to the ground. Similar to previous quote, Warren Rasby says when you pray for deeper experiences with the Lord, expect to pay a price. I often encourage people and remind people emotions are real. Emotions affect you when you are going through some intense emotional experiences that you shouldn't just kind of divorce that and think well I can live my normal life and keep my normal schedule. I just change the subject in my mind and just put up a wall and I. Just keep going, no, that's a. A bad way to handle it, it's it's affecting you physically. It's affecting your spiritual life like we're all interconnected in our physical, emotional, spiritual. Uh, components and spiritual experiences do affect us in a similar way that that it impacts our body. It impacts our mental capacity, it impacts what we're able to do, and so that's important to note to to be prepared for it, to not be caught off guard, but but to be. Prepared for the exhaustion that comes. If you have a time of devoted seeking the Lord and you're looking for service unto the Lord or Revelation from the Lord and, and you need to kind of anticipate and prepare for. The the draining that will take place. It's just part of the. Experience we in this body are not equipped to really encounter the Lord and hear from the Lord very well. We, in our glorified bodies will be able to experience much more of the spiritual realm, but but our experiences in the spiritual realm and our experiences in a. Relationship with the Lord. It takes a toll and we need to be prepared for that and some of the reason why we don't do the preparation is because we already have learned this lesson and it's exhausting to seek the Lord to spend time devoted to him in prayer, in worship, in the world. And so we are reluctant to do that. And sometimes we can be quite lazy in our relationship with the Lord and just kind of coast on previous preparations. But but to to move forward and to dig deeper, we need to understand there will be a level of fatigue and tiredness and exhaustion that goes along with that and we need to be. Counting the cost and willing to pay that price, well, it's not all bad news. OK, so preparation exhaustion, you're like bojeri. This makes it sound like a drudge to seek the Lord and hear from him. No, here's here's why. It's all worth it. Point #3. Looking at verses 10 through 13. Teen prayer moves unseen spiritual mountains it's. It's all worth it because we get. To interact with the Lord and encounter the Lord. It's all worth it because in that we get to participate in big work in the crazy large things that have eternal impact and eternal value. That God is doing verse 10 through 13 says suddenly a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands. And he said to me, oh Daniel man, greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright, for I have now been sent to. You, while he was speaking this word to me, I stood trembling. Then he said to me, do not fear Daniel. For from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard. And I have come because of your words, but the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days, and behold, Michael. One of the chief Princess came to help me for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. Now Daniel has fasted and prayed for three weeks. He's seen a vision, probably of Jesus. He's fallen down, weak and completely empty and drained, but now a hand touches him and is an angelic being. Now who is interacting with Daniel and. He's going to be walking him through the vision that is to come, but before he does, he says, let me give you some background. Daniel, let me tell you what's been happening. You've been praying and that whole time there's been a battle that's been happening. I was sent. I was dispatched immediately as you began to pray, but I was caught up in this fight in this spiritual battle that was going on and so I've only just arrived because this battle was going on and Michael the Archangel was sent to join me in the battle. And that's what. Enabled me to be free to now come finish the journey to you and to begin to reveal to you the things that God is saying. Verse 12 note that it says at the end. There I have. I have come because of your words and it's a very strong implication there. I have come because of your words that this encounter with this Angel only happened because Daniel prayed. And it really makes it very clear if Daniel had not been devoting himself to the Lord in this time. If he hadn't been doing the preparation work, this Angel would not have been sent, but because he prayed. This Angel has been sent because he prayed there was this battle that was happening in the spiritual realm and Michael was sent to sent in as kind of reinforcements back up and and now this Angel gets to Daniel and he says because of your words I have come and it's such an important reminder that you know sometimes. We can look at the sovereignty of God. We can look at how big God is and we can think what's the use in praying. What like why do we need to pray? God already knows, you know, the things that we need and you know we can talk ourselves out of praying. But but at. The same time we also see things. Like this that. That the Lord responds as his. People pray. In James Chapter 4, verse 2. He says there are some things that you have because you do not ask. Some of the things you ask for you don't get because you're asking with fleshly desires and a. Fleshly mind, but. But there are legitimately some things that God would bestow upon you and love to give you some revelation. He would provide some direction, some guidance, some insights and blessing that he would give. If we would ask now, don't take that in a way of like God just you know, playing hard to get and being aloof and you got to guess the magic word in order to get the blessings from God. You don't have to say the right words you. Don't have to. Say the right combination. But asking the Lord to work in your life, asking the Lord for blessing and responding to what he's speaking to you about and. Asking him for the promises that you see in the Scriptures and Lord would you fulfill that promise in my life like we see that all throughout the scriptures, right responding to the promptings that he puts upon your heart. Lord, I I don't see this happening in my life, but I feel like you've put this on my heart and soul. Or would you? Fulfill this. Then that you've put upon my heart, would you work in this way? Would you speak to me that that we don't have to come up with the magic words that are some mystery? And now we got the right combination. And now the Lord will give it, but. But there is that need for us to ask for God to work and to look to God to work. And because Daniel prayed. He received this vision. This Angel came. This battle was fought and Daniel got to be part of that work. He says in verse 12 from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God. Your words were heard, and that's important to note that the prayer is answered immediately. The prayer was heard immediately. It didn't take 21, got days for God to get to Daniel's prayer in the pile of prayers. You know, I'm a little bit behind. I'll catch up. You know, and you know, get to your prayer eventually. No, it was immediate response. The response was not immediately visible. And that is always not necessarily always. You know, sometimes the servant of Abraham prays and the prayers answered, right? But when he's not even finished making the prayer right, that that's not how prayer is always fulfilled. But it's always how we prefer it. And so for this reason, the Lord taught us in Luke Chapter 18, a parable to teach us the point that men are always ought to pray, and. Not lose heart. Luke 18 one and he gives this parable of the judge in this widow, and I'm not going to get into the parable. But but the point of the the parable that Jesus says is this is what you need to. Learn from this you always. Ought to pray and not lose heart. Be diligent in prayer. Because it works and it moves. Unseen spiritual mountains and you may not see the response and the results right away. You may not see the evidence of it working, but that whole 21 days that Daniel was fasting and devoting himself and seeking the Lord and praying there was work happening that he couldn't see. And so many times there are delays that we don't get to see, but God is working and we can trust God and that is what it means to pray in faith, to walk by faith and not by sight that we don't base it on what we can see, but that we trust that God is really responding. Being as we are praying and I would maybe put it this way, I understand delays as a need for more preparation when I'm not getting the answer. I'm not seeing the response to my prayer, then I can take that as a lesson. There's more preparation. Go back to point number one. And so, Lord, I need to align my heart with yours and seek you. And continue to prepare myself so that as you respond and answer this prayer, I'm ready for it and unable to receive the answer to the prayer that you want to provide. Well, verse 13 says the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days. So what was happening here in this answer to prayer, the angels on his way. He's intercepted by the Prince of the. Kingdom of Persia Speaking of a fallen Angel, some spiritual entity that is opposed to the things of God. And he was not able. This Angel was not able to overcome this Prince of the Kingdom of Persia on his own. And so verse 13 says that Mark Michael came to help me for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. And so there's this battle. There's a struggle, and this introduces all kinds of interesting ideas in our heads and questions and wonderings. And what does that mean? And and and why did God do this and why he's gonna allow it this way? But I think it's obvious to understand if God wanted the Angel to get to Daniel instantly. God could have made that happen. Right we we understand that I'm thinking about job. God sets the limits and parameters on Satan, and so if God wanted to set those limits, he could have. He allowed this battle to take place, and he allowed Daniel to be part of that work and so Daniel gets to be part of that victory in this spiritual realm and the work and the battle that is going on there with the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia. The apostle Paul tells us in Second Corinthians chapter 4. Our light affliction, which is but for a moment is working for us, a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, but the things which are seen are temporary. But the things which are. Not seen are. Eternal as we struggle with different things and we go through afflictions or difficulties. And we're praying about those things Paul says. We're not losing heart in that. We're not giving up in that because we're not looking at the things which are seen but but we're trusting that the prayers that we're praying and the endurance that we're experiencing in this, it's moving unseen spiritual mountains. It it reminds me of what Jesus taught in Matthew 2121. Talking about if we have faith and don't doubt we can say that the mountain be cast into the sea and it will be done and I picture Jesus looking at a physical mountain and saying that right and we think about that and say what does that mean and why would I want a mountain moved out of the way like that? I I haven't seen that happen or read about that in history but. But perhaps looking at this from a different. Light Jesus is looking. At a physical mountain, but he's seeing beyond the physical to that spiritual, unseen mountain. And he's saying, like those mountains, those huge obstacles, those seemingly impossible things that are happening behind the scenes, your prayer. By Faith has an opportunity to tear down strongholds of the enemy to remove obstacles and mountains, and things will be cast aside and cast out of the way. Because you pray, prayer moves unseen. Spiritual mountains. I liked the comments of Daniel Eakin on this. Passage, he says, I confess. To being convicted even. Haunted by this chapter, if the words of this chapter. Are true and I believe. They are. Why do I not pray more? Why do I not? Pray with more passion and earnestness. Our prayers matter. They make a difference in this unseen but certain world of the spiritual and so let us be encouraged. Been reminded the importance, the value, the effectiveness of prayer. We may not see the visible results of it immediately, but for sure as we trust God, there is a work that God is doing behind the scenes. Well point #4. God sends revelation, strength and peace and verses 14 through 19. It says now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days. For the vision refers to many days yet to come when he had spoken such words to me, I turned my face toward the ground, and became speechless. And suddenly, when having the likeness of the sons of men. Touched my lips then I opened my mouth and spoke, saying to him, who stood before me, my Lord because of the vision my sorrows have overwhelmed me and I have retained no strength. For how can the servants of my Lord talk with you, my Lord, As for me, no. Strength remains in me now, nor is any breath left in. Then again, when having the likeness of a man touched me and strengthened me. And he said, oh man, greatly beloved, fear not peace to you. Be strong. Yes, be strong. So when he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, let my Lord speak. For you have strengthened me here. The Lord is providing Daniel the strength that he needs. It seems like there's several angels now interacting, and. Ministering to Daniel in his time of need, he's confessing again. Weakness, and so he's kind of recovering a little bit, hearing a little bit more, receiving a little bit more from the Lord, and then weak and drained again. And and expressing that and then the Lord is strengthening him. In verse 18. Wasn't having the likeness of a man touched me? And strength. Into me and so yes, there is a price to pay. Yes, there is fatigue and exhaustion and effort in the preparation, but you also need to understand that with that effort comes a strengthening from the Lord. With that exhaustion comes a renewing from the Lord. As Paul said, leader in second Corinthians. Wasting away, but inwardly being renewed day by day. And so there is this, ministering to us and this meeting of our need that God always provides as we seek him. And as we experience the effects of that.

And so he says, be strong. Yes, be strong in verse 19. And so Daniel saying, I'm weak. And now he's receiving strength and being strengthened. By the Lord. Through these angelic ministers in verse 19 he says, so when he spoke to me, I was strengthened. And said, let the Lord speak, for you have strengthened me. And so he received the revelation, the strength and the peace. In verse 19 he says, oh man, greatly beloved, fear, not peace to you, and I think we could camp out just on those things for a long time. I won't. OK but. Greatly beloved. Fear, not peace to you like these are incredible statements to Daniel that he is greatly beloved and and so he can know where he stands with the Lord. And there's no reason to fear. But there's these spiritual. Battles and the Prince is in Persian and there's things like you don't need to fear God's in control. He's on the throne. Daniel, what the Lord wants you to have in the midst of this is not be freaked out by the idea of spiritual battles, but Daniel have peace. Have rest. Because God is with you and you are his greatly beloved, we need to be reminded. I think that fear is primarily a tactic of the enemy. Fear is not God tool in God's instrument. It's the enemy's instrument. And it's a useful tactic. It's a useful tool. It's why the enemy uses it so much and. Our society uses it so much. The fear of missing out, right? That's a tactic, not of the Lord. The Lord doesn't use that tactic. He's not the one putting that fear in you. That's the tactic of the enemy. Paul tells us in Romans Chapter 8 you did not receive the spirit of ******* again to fear, but you received. The spirit of adoption by. Whom we cry out. ABBA father. The enemy wants to keep you afraid and away from God. But that's not the Lord. He doesn't use fear. Timothy Paul tells Timothy God has not given us a spirit of fear. That that's not the way that load works. What does God do when he's ministering to us? He sends revelation strength. Endpiece I think you. Can relate it to. The gift of prophecy that Paul talks about in first Corinthians 14. He who prophesize he who speaks on behalf of the Lord, speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. This is God's primary, primary way of working in his primary tools. Building up Encouraging and comforting. Yes, there is time for rebuke. There is time for correction, but that's not God's primary tool. In fact, it's this kindness that leads us to repentance, right? Edification, exhortation and comfort. That's God's primary tool. And so be reminded that God sends Revelation, strength, and peace, and that fear. Is not the tactic and the tool that he reaches for first well finally point #5. The spiritual battle continues. Verse 20 and 21 says then, he said, do you know why I've come to you? And now I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia, and when I have gone forth, indeed, the Prince. Of Greece will come. But I will tell you what is noted in the scripture of truth. No one upholds me against these except Michael. Your prints and then his conversation continues into Chapter 11, which we won't get into. But Chapter 11 goes on. Now to give a lot of details about this vision, which are incredible when you look at the history that corresponds with it, he's outlining in advance the history of the Persian Empire and the Greek Empire. And you can walk through it verse by verse I. Printed out some. Timelines on the back table. If you want to kind of have the verse and the time period and you can do your own digging and and a little. Bit of research. Along to see that as well, but it's just incredible, and that's one of the reasons why people. Skeptics doubt the authorship of Daniel writing this book because it's so accurate. How could it have been written in advance? It had to have been written after these things occurred. Is the conclusion that they make but no God. God gives revelation. He knows the end from the beginning and Daniel because of his relationship with the Lord and his. Preparation and seeking the Lord he received in advance. It's this whole layout of the next couple 100 years and what was going to be happening on the national scene and then even beyond that into the final days of the Tribulation and eternity. So so incredible things ahead in the coming chapters. But also the battle continues. The Angel is giving this vision. He says, you know, Daniel, I gotta tell you these things. But then I gotta jam because I gotta go back and fight with the Prince of Persia and notice he uses the word fight. I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia, but we're talking about a real battle and then after that I gotta fight with the Prince of Greece. And remember it was the Persian Empire that was ruling right now in Daniel Day. But then the Greek Empire was going to conquer Persia, Alexander the Great and all of that will be outlined in Chapter 11, right? So so all of these things that are happening in. The world, the empires that are rising and falling. There's a corresponding spiritual scene that is going along with that. The angels, like I got to get back to that. There's some real battles, real fights, real things going on, but I'm going to tell you these things and reveal to you these things. And then I'm going back to the battle. The spiritual battles continue. And I think it's important to note that to remind ourselves, it's not a one time occasion. It's not that we get one revelation from the Lord. And then alright, I'm good. I'm set for life. I heard from the Lord before and so that's it. And so I don't need to do the preparation anymore. I don't need to, you know, walk through that exhaustion boy, that was exhausting to to have that that. Serious devoted time with the Lord and hearing from him and and interacting and serving him in that way. Who I'm glad that's over with and I don't have to do that anymore. No, no, the the spiritual battles continue and so there is the need for as we exit. 1 Experience an encounter with. The Lord that now we get to prepare for the next one and invest ourselves and seek the Lord and be devoted to the Lord. It's an ongoing thing. There's a real battle taking place, and so we need to be engaged in that battle. It's not that we experienced 1V and then OK, alright done for life I got my victory and so I'm set now I can spiritually. Retire and just kind of kick back in Cruise now. Here's Daniel in his 80s seeking the Lord devoting himself to the Lord, experiencing extreme vision and work from God to the point of exhaustion. But but he's he's pressing on. He's continuing on in his relationship with the Lord and involving himself in the work of the Lord. The apostle Paul tells us. To be strong in the Lord and the power of his might to put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the Wiles of the devil. And that verse we often quote for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. It's not the physical that is really the battlefield. It's against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this. Rage Against Spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, and so the physical Kingdom of Persia, the physical Kingdom of Greece. Those were actual physical battles, but there were spiritual things happening behind the scenes that were the real battle. That's where the real things were happening and and so we always need to keep our eyes on the unseen and understand the spiritual battles continue and we need to get back in the battle there is. The time of recovery and rest after these you know events and encounters with the Lord, and that's appropriate again, it it affects us where we're spiritual beings. But we're also physical beings and and the two interact and so, so it is appropriate for for that kind of thing. But but we can't. This experience some more. I say OK, I've had enough. I've gone through enough. I've experienced enough spiritual battles and now you know, I'm just not going to engage in those things. I'm not going to seek the Lord that way and devote myself to the Lord, or expect to hear from the Lord I'm. Just going to. Now just kind of retire and cruise in the spiritual life that I've experienced thus far that. That's not what God has called us to. The spiritual battles are continue. And Daniel got to be part of this whole work that was going on that was happening behind the scenes. He had no idea. About, but he got to be part of it because he prepared himself, and he devoted himself to the Lord, and he sought the Lord and his prayers made a big impact in the things of God. Now God can do it without him. And God can. Do it without us, of course, but the beautiful thing about God is he invites us to be part of it. Not in a way where he is like lost and desperate without us, but. That we get to be part of the work. Like if you got to be part of, I don't know a team you know going to the Super Bowl like like when I don't even play football or care about football or know anything about football. But yeah sure yeah put me on the bench at all. Enjoy that last game and get the ring in celebration and like that would be cool thing to experience right in a similar way we get to be part of such greater things. And and it requires some preparation. It requires you know some investment of time and seeking the Lord and putting him first and devoting ourselves to him. But all the reward is great and the opportunity. To be part of. The work of God is incredible. This last verse from the apostle Paul in Romans 15. Writing to the Romans, he says, I beg you, brethren, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the love of the spirit. That you strive together with me in prayers to God for me. That I may be delivered from those in Judea who do not believe, and that my service for Jerusalem may be acceptable to the Saints, that I may come to you with joy by the will of God, and may be refreshed together with you pulses. I have some pro requests here. Here's my prayer requests and you can look at those, but. That that phrase there has always stood out. Romans 15 verse. Be strive together with me in prayers to God. For me, Paul tells the Romans. I've never been there. I'm hoping to go there one day even though we're far apart. We barely know each other. Listen, you can participate in the work that I'm called to and involved in. You can strive together with me. By praying to God for me, and there is a real opportunity for us to be engaged in the spiritual battle to be part of the work that God is doing. By prayer. There's some preparation involved. There's some exhaustion that we can expect. But we can also expect. For unseen mountains to be moved. As we devote ourselves to. The Lord and seek him in prayer. God will provide. All the strength and revelation and peace. That we need. And then we need to keep on doing it, do it. Again, the battle. Continues, there's going to be another one tomorrow. Around the Thanksgiving dinner table, probably. It's going to be another one next month around the Christmas dinner table, probably right? There's going to be another election. There's going to be another proposition. There's going to be another encounter, another opportunity. There's going to be witnessing opportunities. There's going to be church services. There's going to be so much that God wants to do. And we get to be a part of it. May this insight into the spiritual realm encourage you and help you. To equip yourself and prepare that, you can engage in the work that God wants to do through you. But I pray that you would help us to see these things and be encouraged. Lord, recognizing there is a cost but also recognizing the great value Lord, how incredible it is that you invite us in to the work to be part of. The incredible things that you're doing. The eternal, lasting impacts Lord of of the work that you have given us an opportunity. To be part of. And engaged with. I pray Lord, that you would help us to be mindful, Lord, to be present, Lord, to be seeking you, to be willing Lord too. Our time our pleasures are. Energy and strength. Our finances. Or let us be willing to sacrifice greatly to know you more, to seek you further, to walk in your ways, to hear from you, and receive from you the instruction and direction. Would you call us your workmanship? And you said you've set before us good works that we should walk in them. And so Lord help us to seek you. To prepare ourselves to receive from you that we might walk in the path that you set before us. Lord, that your name would be glorified. Your name would be known that your work would be accomplished and Lord, thank you for the privilege and honor. To have our little small part of it. But what a joy it is. To be part of your work. Thank you and we pray this in Jesus name.