John 20-21, Jesus Always Shows Up For His Disciples

John 20-21, Jesus Always Shows Up For His Disciples
1. Jesus Comforts Sorrowful Disciples (20:11-18)
2. Jesus Encourages Fearful Disciples (20:19-23)
3. Jesus Settles Doubting Disciples (20:24-31)
4. Jesus Blesses Disciples With Surprises (21:1-14)
5. Jesus Restores Failed Disciples (21:15-19)

Pastor Jerry Simmons on Easter Sunday teaching John 20-21, Jesus Always Shows Up For His Disciples

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from John on Sunday, April 9, 2023 using the New Living Translation (NLT).

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We are gathered together in the name of Jesus today because although he died upon the cross, although the the the death was sealed and it was done, it was a complete and real death that he experienced on the third day. He rose from the dead and so he is alive. He can hear our prayers. He's with us right now. In our midst. And we get to celebrate his presence in our lives every day, but especially today, we remember because it actually happened on a Sunday morning early Sunday morning, and we'll read about that here in John Chapter 20. So let's jump in. John Chapter 20, reading verses one through 10. What it says. Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the end. She ran and found Simon, Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, she said. They have taken the Lord's body out of the tomb and we don't know where they have put him. Peter and the other disciples started out for the tomb. They were both running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. He stooped and looked in and saw the linen wrappings lying there, but he didn't go in. Then Simon Peter arrived and went inside. He also noticed the linen wrappings lying there, while the cloth that had covered Jesus's head was folded up and lying apart from the other wrappings. Then the disciple who had reached the tomb first also went in. And he saw and believed. For until then, they still hadn't understood the scriptures. That said, Jesus must rise from the dead. Verse 10. Then they went home. Let's pray Lord, as we read your word this morning and consider your resurrection. I pray God that you would bring joy and comfort and hope and peace to our hearts. That we might rest in the reality of your life, of your life, eternal and the eternal life that you offer to us as well. We pray this in Jesus name. As we look at John Chapter 20 and 21 this morning, considering the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have a title for the message and that is that Jesus always shows up for his disciples. Jesus always shows up for his disciples, and I hope that you know that I pray that you know that. And if you didn't before, I pray that by the end of our time together, you would know that and believe that and count on Jesus always showing up for his disciples. Now Jesus showing up for his disciples that phrase his disciples is specific and a requirement for this statement to be true. We see in the resurrection of Jesus in the account here as well as the rest of the gospels, that after Jesus rose from the dead, he revealed himself to very specific. People we've recently been going through the book of Acts and this really caught my attention in acts Chapter 10 when Peter is talking to the household of Cornelius and delivering the gospel message, he tells them. When we apostles are witnesses of all he did throughout Judea and in Jerusalem, they put him to death by hanging him on a cross. But God raised him to life on the third day. Then God allowed him to appear. Notice verse 41, not to the general public, but to us whom God had chosen in advance. To be his witnesses, we were those who ate and drink with him after he rose from the dead. They're talking to the household of Cornelius. Peter points out something very interesting that Jesus, when he rose from the dead, he did not reveal himself to the general public. You could think about the resurrection of Jesus reading the gospel of counts and and seeing the crucifixion and the trial that preceded that. And you might wonder why. Why not appear to pilot right after this whole ordeal? This dramatic scene, this, you know, back and forth between pilot and the religious leaders, pilot and King Herod and and and the the drama. That was there. And and pilot washing his hands and saying, hey, I don't want anything to do with this. I'm turning him over to. Frustrated that Jesus wouldn't answer whether or not he was the king of the Jews, frustrated about the whole situation, pilot was there wrestling with this and I could imagine. What if Jesus appeared to pilot and said you did the wrong thing, buddy, like you should not have you crucified the son of God. And look, I am here. I am resurrected from the dead. I'm the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And you put me on the cross. Well, that would have been heavy. Or or why not appear to the Sanhedrin? The religious council that. Brought Jesus to pilot that worked throughout the whole life and Ministry of Jesus to put an end to his ministry and to put him to death. Why not appear before the Sanhedrin and say, hey Sanhedrin, you guys have been lying to everybody for so long and deceiving people with religious rituals? Here I am. I told you I am the son of God. Here I am proving it. I have resurrected. From the dead or why not appear to Caesar, the Emperor of the world at that time, and and show himself to be the son of God? Jesus doesn't do any of that. He doesn't show himself to the general public, you know, he who he showed himself to. He showed himself to his disciples. It's those who believed in him and those who followed him, who got to see and benefit from the reality that he had risen from the dead, as it's often been said, in God's economy, it's not, see. And then you'll believe, but it's believe and then you will see. It's for those who believed that Jesus appeared. Those who believed got to see and were able to understand that Jesus has resurrected. From the dead, and that is still the reality today. Jesus always shows up. But not to the general public. He shows up for his disciples. He shows up for his followers and if you want to know the reality of the risen Lord, you must believe in Jesus. You must. Begin the path, begin the pattern of following Jesus with your life. Jesus made this promise in Matthew chapter 28. As he is about to ascend into heaven a little bit later on, after he rose from the dead. He instructed his disciples to go and make more disciples, teach others to follow Jesus, teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I've given you, and be sure of this. I am with you always. Even to the end of the age. And I love this instruction and encouragement of Jesus, because here we can see clearly this was not just meant for those people who were gathered with Jesus at that moment on the mount of olives. But he says I'm with you always, even to the end of the age. So as you make disciples and your disciples make disciples, and your disciples make disciples and and we're all teaching other how to follow Jesus and and be his disciples, the promise of jesuses as you make that decision, and you commit to following me. I'm going to be with you. I'm going to be showing up for you. I'm going to be revealing myself to you and you're going to be experiencing the life of Jesus. Because I will be with you always, even to the end of the age. Jesus always shows up for his disciples. And so we're going to consider 5 examples of that here in John Chapter 20 and 21 this. 5 examples that can kind of help us think through some different times of life where Jesus shows up for his disciples and how meaningful and impactful that is. Every disciple of Jesus Christ can tell stories of times when Jesus has showed up in their life, right when they needed it. Right when it was necessary, right when they were desperate for God to work. And you can always count on that as a disciple of Jesus, he will always show up for you. The first example we'll look at is here in John Chapter 20. Moving on into verses 11 through 18. Here's point #1, Jesus comforts sorrowful disciples. Jesus comforts. Sorrowful disciples in times of sorrow. The Disciples of Jesus can count on this reality. This promise Jesus will always show up for you in that time of sorrow. Let's dive in verses 11 through 13, it says. Mary was standing outside the tomb crying, and as she wept, she stooped and looked in. She saw that 2 white robed. Angels, one sitting at the head and the other at the foot of the police, where the body of. Jesus had been lying. Dear woman, why are you crying? The Angels asked. Because they have taken away, my Lords, she replied. And I don't know where they have put him. Here on that Sunday morning very early, Mary Magdalene has gone to address the body of Jesus, and she's seeking to complete the burial process. No idea. No even imagination. In her mind at this point that Jesus has resurrected from the dead. She's gone and told Peter and John she's let some people know the body's missing the. Body's missing. She comes back now and. She's all torn up. It tells us in verse 11 she's. Standing outside the tomb crying. And as you think about that, as you read that standing outside the tomb crying don't picture in your mind a little. You know, a little this little tiny baby tear just coming down her. Cheek and a little whimper. Like that. The idea here is that she is crying. She is wailing in the Jewish culture, the crying in the morning for the dead is not reserved. Sometimes for us as Americans, it's quite reserved, right? You put on sunglasses. Nobody see me cry. You know you don't. You don't make a sound. You don't make a whimper sometimes. But in their culture, you don't hold back. You let it out. In fact, you kind of go exaggerative. And so she's crying and wailing. In great sorrow. Because of what has happened to Jesus. Now Mary Magdalene is a really interesting figure in the life and Ministry of Jesus. In a moment, she will be the first to see Jesus resurrected from the dead. What a great privilege and honor for her to be the first one. To see him risen from the dead. But we also see her devotion to Jesus and his ministry throughout his time in ministering throughout the Gospels. She is so devoted to Jesus that she really is the last to leave the cross. She's there when Joseph Averre Mathia comes and brings the body off of the cross and buries Jesus in the tomb. She she's there, watching the stone be rolled across the tomb. She she's the none of the. Disciples are there. Mary Magdalene and a couple of the ladies. They're there. They're watching. They're holding on. They're still devastated by what has happened. When Jesus was crucified. She's the first one to the tomb on Sunday morning. Mark Records this for us. In March Chapter 15 and 16. She was there till the very end while they were. Sealing up the tomb of Jesus. Then that Sunday morning, she was the first one there. She was the first one to see Jesus. But Mark 16, verse nine, also points out she was that woman. From whom Jesus had cast out seven demons. And it gives us a little bit of an indication of the kind of devotion and love that Mary had for Jesus. Because he had made such an incredible impact. On her life. Can you imagine? What it must have been like to be possessed. By 7 demons having her will stripped away having. Her joy stripped away, having her self-control stripped away, having oppression and depression, having great torment in her mind, in her heart, in her soul, continually. To be delivered. At the hands of Jesus, it made a huge impact. It changed her life completely, and she's been with. Him for three years. But now he's gone. This one, who had touched her life so deeply, this one who had transformed her so greatly, made such a huge impact in her life. That man is now gone. Commentator FB Meyer puts it this way. Mary wept with hopeless sorrow with no thought that Jesus was risen and anxious only to secure the body of her dear master and friend. She's not looking for a living savior at this point. She's looking for the body of the one. Helped her so tremendously. That meant so much to her. But has now died, and she's so distraught by this, I think it's interesting to note verse 13, even angels, do not comfort her seeing angels. Verse 13 they say dear woman, why are you crying? The Angels asked her. And she doesn't say. Oh, I could stop crying now. The Angels are here? No, she says. Because they've taken away, my Lord, that doesn't even cause her to hesitate. She's not excited about angels in that moment. She's so concerned with so consumed with Jesus. That's all that she cares about. Angels don't satisfy. But Jesus will, in just a moment, when he shows up. In verse 14. It says she turned to leave and saw someone standing there. It was Jesus. But she didn't recognize him. Dear woman, why are you crying? Jesus asked her. Who are you looking for? She thought he was the gardener, Sir, she said. If you have taken him away, tell me where you have put him and I will go. And get him. She's getting ready to leave. Not even angels are comforting her or keeping her there. She's going to go search. She's going to go try to find Jesus. And now, here's this guy, a gardener. She assumes she thinks. And he says, hey, why are you crying? Who are you searching for? If you've taken his body, she says. Then please. Tell me where so that I can come and and get him. I I'll go get him and I'll. I'll take care of him. I'll I'll bury him properly again. No idea. No concept in her mind yet that Jesus has risen from the dead. But then in verse 16 Jesus shows up. He always shows up for his disciples and Mary was a disciple of Jesus. She had believed in Jesus, been delivered by Jesus. She was a follower of Jesus. And so Jesus now shows up by just saying her name, verse 16, Mary Jesus said. She turned to him and cried out Raboni, which is Hebrew for teacher. Don't cling to me, Jesus said, for I haven't yet ascended to the father, but go find my brothers and tell them I'm ascending to my father and your father to my God and to your God. He says her name and suddenly she recognizes him. This isn't the gardener, this is Jesus. Jesus said my sheep know my voice. They hear my voice and they follow me. He speaks her name and she says. Oh, I know that voice. That's the voice of my savior. That's the voice of Jesus. She says robo. And I it's you and and you know, obviously her mind is still processing, right? She hasn't completely absorbed and connected all the scriptures and understood that this was the fulfillment of this. This of course this was to be she. She's not working through any of that. She's just clinging to Jesus. Just in her joy, in her sheer excitement, no understanding of why. Yet she's holding on. And I like the way that Pastor Chuck describes it, that that she's like, hey, I let you go once and that didn't go so well. And it tore me up. I'm never letting you go again. And so she clung to him. I'm never letting. You out of my sight. She was clinging to him. To make sure that she did not miss him again. But she'll never have. To miss him again. She's a disciple of Jesus and Jesus always shows up. For his disciples. Pastor Warren Risby says the Savior knew that Mary's heart was broken and that her mind was confused. He did not rebuke her tenderly. He revealed himself. To her, this is what the Lord does. And I want us to consider the example of Mary for our own hearts this morning because, well, there are times like this in our life as well. No, we don't have to suffer the loss of a savior. We have that promise. He lives everlasting. He will not remove himself again. He will not be put to death. Again, he lives on the throne, and so it's not in that way, but at the same time, we do experience sorrow in this life, sorrow in this life is a result of the existence of sin. They're introduced at the garden and it's been wrecking havoc ever since. Causes a lot of people to wrestle with the idea of sin, suffering, sorrow, all of those things. But Jesus died for sin brought about a solution. For the sorrow and the suffering that is caused as a result of sin in this world. And he promises a future of no more sorrow. So he went to the cross himself to resolve the issue that brings the sorrow he promises a future of no more tears, no more sorrow. And in the meantime, in between he promises his presence. I will never leave you. Nor forsake you. So that we can know as we experience times of great sorrow, sorrow, where we sorrow like we've never sorrowed before, where people who have impacted us greatly and made tremendous influence in our life and and meant so much to us or or tragedies have happened and and things take place in our life and we sorrow so greatly that we don't even hold back our sorrow. But but that we let it loose. And that we wail. As a disciple of Jesus. We can count on him showing up. He always shows up for his disciples and he will bring comfort. For disciples whose sorrow. The apostle Paul in Second Corinthians chapter one. Encourages the Corinthians with a similar idea, he says praise to God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us, Paul said. God is the source of all comfort. Angels can't comfort you in those times. Oftentimes people as much as they want to, can't really comfort you in those times. What people need in times of their greatest sorrow is the presence of Jesus. And the promise is. As a disciple of Jesus, he will show up for you in those times. Of great sorrow. As we've gathered together this morning, I wonder how many disciples here today. Have experienced the comfort of Jesus. In times of great sorrow, where you have experienced Jesus showing up in the time. Of sorrow. Can you testify that Jesus is risen? Can you testify to the truth of this? Listen, if you can testify to that. I want to invite you to see that phrase we practiced earlier that requires a response. You remember that. There you go. He has risen indeed. Richard says. I've been sorrowful and Jesus has met me and shown up in that time of sorrow. Anybody else can you testify? He has risen indeed anybody else. He has risen, indeed, in our times of sorrow, the promise is true. Jesus shows up for his disciples. To bring comfort, it doesn't take away all issues and all difficulties in life, but he does meet us in those times of need. And bring comfort and joy and hope and peace. When we need it. Listen this morning. If you want Jesus to show up for you, if you need Jesus to show up for you in a time of great sorrow, you need to be his disciple. There's no promise, there's no revelation. There's no appearance of Jesus. To the general public, it's to those who have believed in him. You must make a decision to believe in Jesus. You must make a decision to follow Jesus and be born again. You must become a disciple of Jesus and when you do. You can hold on to this promise. Jesus always shows up for his disciples in times of sorrow. Now moving on to example, #2 verses 19 through 23. Here's point #2. Jesus encourages fearful disciples. In times of sorrow, Jesus shows up always for his disciples in times of fear. We have a similar promise. Jesus will show up. In the times where we are so fearful, verse 19 and 20 says this. That Sunday evening, the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly Jesus was standing there. Among them. Peace be with you, he said. As he spoke. He showed them the wounds in his hand and his side. They were filled with joy when they saw the Lord. Here we find the disciples. Why are they afraid? Well, they're the followers of Jesus. At this point. They have no real understanding. Of the resurrection of Jesus. They know the body's missing. They've heard reports from some of the ladies that they've seen him. They're still not quite sure what's going on. The religious leaders are the ones who hated Jesus so passionately that they worked really hard to get him. To be put to death. And now his body is missing and people are blaming the disciples, saying the disciples stole him during the night, stole his body overnight. Yeah, they overtook the that Roman guard and broke the seal and rolled away the stone and they stole the body of Jesus. That's the story that's going around. And so the disciples are fearing for their lives at this point because they know the same religious leaders that hated Jesus are now thinking they stole the body of Jesus. They're expecting the worst. They're in fear for their lives. And there. Hidden, it says behind locked doors. They they got. Their house, as secure as they knew. How you ever do that? Like you have kind of a little scary thing happen. Happens to us occasionally. Some of our neighbors kind of go crazy. 3:00 o'clock in the morning this morning. Screaming and shouting down the street like it's like you, you're just gotta be convinced, like there's no other. Reason for this, but murder? But no, it's just kids playing in the street, but in men inside the house. Until I opened the door, it sounds like, ah, this is going to be a bloody scene when I look out the door here. No, just kids messing around. OK, sometimes that happens and it's like lock it, bolt it, close the screen door, shut the door shut all the shades, you know, go back in the the back room. Lock that door. That's the idea here. They're so fearful. They're sneaking in and out. Did anybody see you? OK, I think we're safe. Lock the door. The Jews might find out where here they might come to get us. What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get through this? We're gonna have to leave Israel, cause they're not going to stop the body of Jesus is missing, and they're blaming us. And then in the midst of that. Tells us in verse 19 suddenly Jesus was standing there among them. Just boom, he appears. Instantly, he didn't walk through the door. He didn't have to knock. And get them to unlock. Yes, you know. No, he just boom. He's inside, he's with them and he says peace. Now they don't have any peace. They are fearful and stressed out and fearing for their lives and fearing for their families. And now Jesus shows up and he says peace. Be with you. He shows them his hands. He shows them the wound in his side. And they realize it is Jesus resurrected from. The dead. How do the? Disciples get from locked behind the door, fearful of their lives. To this account in acts Chapter 4, where Peter and John stand before the Sanhedrin that prosecuted Jesus and put him to death. And the Sanhedrin are amazed when they see the boldness of Peter and John. Recognizing their ordinary men, no special training in the scriptures. But then it dawned on them. These guys were with Jesus. What a radical transformation? Fearful. Hiding behind locked doors. But Jesus showed up. As he always does for his disciples. And they are transformed from those hiding in fear to those on the advance to bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jewish people and a lost and dying world. Jesus goes on in verse 21. He says again. He said peace be with you as the father has sent me. So I am sending you. Then he breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit and here the disciples are born again. Their lives are transformed. Not that they never have any fears or not that they never have any struggles, but from here on out they are missionaries on behalf of Jesus, sent just as the father sent Jesus, Jesus sent forth the disciples. And those fearful disciples were encouraged, emboldened, filled with the Holy Spirit. And equipped. For the hard thing that was ahead of them. Pastor Tony Evans says notice that their situation hadn't changed. The Jewish leaders would still oppose them in the days. Ahead, but Jesus can speak peace into trouble. Though your circumstances are unstable, he can provide the internal stability your heart needs. Jesus can provide that stability your heart needs and that you want and need so desperately. Jesus encourages fearful disciples. I wonder if there's any disciples here today. Have faced fear who've known that there was something ahead of them. Incredibly hard hiding from it, hiding in fear until. Jesus showed up in their lives and gave them boldness and strength and peace that they would be able to go forward and do what it was that God had called them to do. Can anyone testify that Jesus has risen? He has risen, indeed. Anybody else Jesus met you in your fear? Has risen indeed. You heard that big, bold Samoan, Josh said. Yes, I was fearful. Hiding behind locked doors. But Jesus showed up and gave me peace. He truly is alive. Do you want Jesus to show up for you? Listen, he doesn't appear to. The general public. He appears to his disciples. You must make a decision to believe in Jesus. You must make a decision to follow Jesus. You must become a disciple of Jesus and let him transform your life completely. Moving on to the third example, in verses 24 through 31, we're going to look at the example of Thomas here's point #3 Jesus settles, doubting disciples. Jesus can settle the hearts of those who really struggling with the realities that the Lord calls us to believe. Verse 24 and 25, one of the 12 disciples Thomas, nicknamed the twin, was not with the others. When Jesus came, they told him we have seen the Lord, but he replied. I won't believe it unless I see the nail wounds in his hands. Put my fingers into them and place my hand into the wound. In his side. Thomas missed out on that previous encounter. Jesus appeared to his disciples on that Sunday, and it's often been encouraged or used to encourage everyone. Don't miss the Sunday, because sometimes Jesus shows up and you might be like Thomas missing out. But we can also come in. Good job. You showed up the next Sunday, so if you missed out last Sunday, it's not too late. Show up the next Sunday and you'll have an opportunity to meet with Jesus. They're telling Thomas all week long, Thomas. We've seen the Lord and he says I just. It's too radical. It's just too crazy. We saw the Prince in his hands. We saw the wound on his side. Listen, Thomas says. Unless I see those things. I'm not going to believe. Thomas here. It points out he's nicknamed the twin, but we don't know him by that so much as we know him as doubting Thomas. Doubting Thomas? He gets a. Hard rap from a lot of people he really here is only asking for the very same things that the rest of them saw. They didn't believe when the women told them, oh, we saw Jesus, right, but now they're saying to him, hey, we saw Jesus and he doesn't. He's kind of following the same pattern. But doubts are not really. The main issue here there is a willfulness. That is at hand, he says. I won't believe. I won't believe that's not a doubt. That's not. I can't believe that's I choose not to. I refuse to believe. I need to see this for myself, Pastor Warren Risby says. Thomas's words help us to understand the difference between doubt and unbelief. Doubt says I cannot believe there are too many problems. Unbelief says I will not believe unless you give me the evidence I ask for. Whether you want to classify it as doubts or unbelief, I think. The bottom line is it's not super relevant. The point is. Even for this disciple of Jesus, who refused to believe that he is resurrected or had doubts and couldn't get himself to overcome those intellectual objections that were happening in his mind. Jesus shows up. To that one who is doubting his. Existence, his presence, the reality of his resurrection, verse 27. Jesus says to Thomas. Put your finger here and look at my hands. Put your hand in the wound in my side. Don't be faithless any longer. And and here again you can see there's a wilfulness here. Jesus is giving Thomas a command stop being faithless and start. Believing that is choose to believe. Yeah, you've got a lot of arguments in your mind. You got a lot of things that you're wrestling with intellectually. Maybe you want to see some evidence for yourself. Thomas, stop behaving that way. Jesus says. Here Jesus is telling Thomas Thomas. No more evidence is necessary. Now Jesus is being gracious and showing up to Thomas and even inviting him to. Touch the wounds and feel them for himself. But Thomas doesn't actually need that step. Once Jesus is actually there. Jesus here is pointing out. Look, no more evidence is actually necessary. Your your issue and your reason for not believing is not because of doubts. It's because you refuse to believe. The reality is and and I can say this with. Great confidence. If anyone anywhere at anytime has any willingness to believe in Jesus. Jesus will provide for them exactly what they need to be able to believe all doubts overcome. All you know, issues and concerns washed away. If if you're willing to believe Jesus. Will provide you whatever you need to be able to believe the issue is not. The arguments the doubts. The challenge is the issue. Is the willingness it always comes back. To that heart. Are you willing to believe in Jesus? If you're willing to believe in Jesus, Jesus will settle all of your doubts. And those who have walked with the Lord are not immune from doubts, and so the disciples of Jesus, like Thomas walking with Jesus for three years, he has doubts. Can Jesus do that? Did Jesus really resurrect from the dead? I don't know if I. Can believe that. Jesus shows up and he's able to help us through. Those issues of our mind, of our heart, whether they're unbelief or doubts, whether they're mental or spiritual or heart issues. If we're willing to believe in Jesus. We have this. Promise this guaranteed Jesus is going to show up. And help to settle our doubts. Just like Thomas. There is no more evidence that is necessary. For any of us at anytime, throughout all history, there is no more evidence that's necessary. There is enough evidence. In the reality of Jesus, the life and death of Jesus, the testimony of the Scriptures and the prophecies, the testimony of the eyewitnesses, there is enough evidence. No more evidence is necessary. It comes back down to a willingness to believe, and whether you've never believed in Jesus or believed in Jesus for a long time, we will all hit those points in our lives where we find it hard to believe. And it's always going to come back to our willingness. To believe, but the disciples of Jesus have this hope have this assurance. When you hit those times when you hit those hardships, when you hit those things that are hard, your faith is shaken. Questions are raised, doubts are flying and and sometimes it feels like your whole foundation is just crumbling under you. A disciple of Jesus, one who is willing to believe Jesus at his word. You can count on Jesus showing up. To settle. Those doubts, those struggles, those questions and concerns. I wonder. Any disciples here today able? To give that testimony, can you testify that Jesus has risen because he has shown up in your times of doubt? He has risen, indeed. This isn't a feeble it's not a fairy tale. This isn't just, you know, good morals and good stories. This is the reality. We have a risen savior. Who's with us? You want Jesus to show up for you, help you work through those doubts, those agonies in your mind, those questions and wrestlings. You don't need more evidence. You need to be willing to believe you need to make a decision to believe in Jesus. It's a decision that it comes down to. It's your choice to believe in Jesus, to follow Jesus, your choice to become a disciple. Of Jesus Christ. Well, I want to finish up with a couple quick ones as we head into Chapter 20. Point #4 looking at the disciples once again, Jesus blesses disciples with surprises. You know talking about mourning. That's kind of heavy duty, right? Talking about doubts and struggling to in, in faith and belief and fear like heavy duty things. But but I also want you to know this morning that Jesus doesn't just show up. For only the heavy times in our lives, in Chapter 21, we have an interesting situation where the disciples, they're kind of like in between stuff. They know Jesus has resurrected. They're not quite sure what their mission is or how to go forward, and so they decide to go fishing. John Chapter 21 let me read a few verses here, starting in verse one later, Jesus appeared again to the disciples beside the Sea of Galilee. This is how it. Happened several of the disciples were there. Simon Peter Thomas, nicknamed the twin Nathaniel from Canaan, Galilee. The sons of Zebedee and two other disciples. Simon Peter said. I'm going fishing. We'll come too. They all said. So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing. All night at Dawn, Jesus was standing on the beach, but the. Disciples couldn't see. Who he was. He called out. Have you caught any fish? No, they replied. Then he said throw your net on the right hand side of the boat and you will get some. So they did and they couldn't haul in the net because there were so many fish. In it. This is a similar experience to what they had when Jesus 1st called these disciples. They're out fishing, getting nothing. They're all out there all night working hard, trying to get fish. This is their trade, their fishermen, and they're unable to catch fish. How embarrassing. But it just seems like they had a little bit of time on their hands. They didn't quite know what to do. Rather than sit around, just like waiting for something to happen, Peter says I'm going to go fishing. Like, let's just go fishing. Guys, let's just go get out on the water. You know, everything's kind of a little bit, make sense. You know, when you get in the boat, when you start doing the work and we can just kind of pass some time and. Do something we enjoy doing. Let's go catch some fish. But then they don't catch anything until Jesus stands on the shore. And says hey, cast your net on. The other side and they catch so much. And then they. Realize, Oh yeah, that's the Lord Peter jumps in the water. He swims as fast as. He can to the shore. All the disciples get to the shore and they find that Jesus has fish already. He has a fire maid and he says. Verse 12 here. John 21. Now come and have some breakfast, Jesus said. None of the disciples dared to ask him. Who are you? They knew it was the Lord. Then Jesus served them the bread and the fish. This was the third time Jesus had appeared to his disciples since he had been raised from the dead. What's interesting about this passage is there's no real dramatic scene. Jesus decides you know what I want to do. I want to have breakfast with. My disciples. And so I'm just going to surprise them. I'm gonna show up on. The shore. Give them a bunch of fish they don't need. I have fish, but they're fishing. I'll give them a bunch of fish. I'm just gonna surprise them with some blessings. I'm going to just spend some. Time with them. Hang out with them. This is part of the Ministry of Jesus to his disciples as well. Yes, he meets us in our sorrows. Yes, he encourages us through times of fear. Yes, he helps us work through doubts and struggles with faith in our lives, but also he just loves to show. Up and spend time with us. He loves to just surprise us with blessings and to have some breakfast with us and talk with us and hear from us he loves. To engage with his disciples. I wonder if there's any disciples here who can testify to that. Has Jesus showed up in your life and just surprised you with blessings at any time? He's risen, indeed. He really, yes. He really does. He shows up. You want Jesus to show up for you, you want to be surprised with blessings. You must make a decision to believe in Jesus. To be his follower. His disciple and you will experience. The Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, showing up. To surprise you with great blessings in your life. Well, finally point #5 looking at verses 2115 through 19, chapter 21 verses 15 through 19. Jesus restores failed disciples. Here's that. Very well known passage of the restoration of Peter, Verse 15 says after breakfast Jesus asked Simon Peter Simon, son of John. Do you love me more than these? Yes, Lord, Peter replied. You know I love you. Then feed my lambs, Jesus told. Jesus repeated the question. Simon, son of John. Do you love me? Lord Peter said. You know I love you and take care. Of my sheep, Jesus said. A third time? He asked him Simon, son of John, do. You love me. Peter was hurt, that Jesus asked the question a third time. He said. Lord, you know everything you know. That I love you. Jesus said. Then feed my sheep. I tell you the truth. When you were young, young, you were able to go or able to do as you liked. You dressed yourself and went wherever you wanted to go, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands and others will dress you and take you where you do not want to go. Jesus said this to let him know by what kind of death he would glorify God. Then Jesus told him, follow me. Here we have the restoration. Of Peter. Peter, do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me? Oh, it hurts so much that you had to ask 3. Times. Jesus, yes. I love you. It hurt so much because Peter had denied the Lord three times. Jesus warned him about it. Told him he was going to do. It before the cross. Peter refused to think that he would be capable of denying the Lord, failing so hard. But then. It began to happen. Surely you're with Jesus. You're one of his disciples. No, no, no. I don't know that guy. You must be I. I think I saw you with one of the other disciples. No, I promise I'm not that guy. Then in Matthew 26 it says a little while later some of the other bystanders came over to Peter and said you must be one of them. We can tell by your Galilean accent. Peter swore a curse on me. If I'm lying, I don't know the man, and immediately the rooster crowed. Suddenly, Jesus's words flashed through Peter's mind before the rooster crows. You will deny me three times that you even know me, and he went away weeping. He failed. Denying Jesus. Even with promises and curses. But the Lord. Shows up there in John 21 in. Peter's life. No disciple is perfect. All disciples fail. But the good news is. Jesus shows up. For those failed disciples. And he says there's still a path ahead. Come follow me. Come on, let's keep going. Let's keep walking together. Let's keep moving forward and what God has for you. Jesus always shows up for his disciples even when they've failed, Pastor Warren Risby says. In spite of his faults and failures. Peter did indeed love the Lord, and he was not ashamed to admit it. Peter had already confessed his sin and been forgiven. Now he was being restored to the Apostleship and leadership. He loved Jesus. That wasn't the issue. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak as Jesus had warned him. And he was unable. To fulfill what he wanted to do, he wanted to be a bold witness for Jesus. But he couldn't. Fulfill that he failed in his attempt. But all was not lost. Jesus restores failed disciples. I wonder if there's any. Failed disciples that could testify to that this morning. He has risen, indeed. He really is. He's alive. And he takes our failures, and he redeems them. You want Jesus to show up for you. Turn those failures into victories. Turn those things that you're ashamed of and embarrassed about into things that God can use for good. To turn out to be a blessing in the end for your life. We can't imagine how, but he can do. You must become a disciple of Jesus. You must make the decision. To follow Jesus with all of your heart. Jesus always shows up. For his disciples this morning, as we remember the resurrection. Let us be encouraged. Let us be excited. Let's let us grasp hold of this truth. His promise? I will never leave you nor forsake you extends to Jesus's disciples today. So we can know in times of sorrow we can count on his comfort in times of fear. We can count on his presence and encouragement and the enabling of the Holy Spirit to do what God has set before us in times of doubting and wrestling in questions and foundations being shaken. We can trust that the Lord will settle our hearts, bring about resolution in our mind, to the things that we're wrestling with. We can count on Jesus showing up randomly out of the blue just to hang out just to bless us with his presence with provision. Some time with him. And in our times of failure. We can count on Jesus showing up to bring restoration to bring healing. And to turn what the enemy meant for evil. Into something good. But this is only promised to the disciples of Jesus. He revealed himself to select people, not the general public, not to pilot, not to the Sanhedrin, not to Caesar, not to random Joe on the street he revealed himself. To his followers, who had chosen to love him, to obey him, to walk with him. You can wrestle with God on why that is. You can talk with him about all that, but don't don't let those. Doubts and those. Things distract you from this moment. What we all need the most. Is to believe in Jesus. Be willing to listen to what he says. Do you want Jesus to show up for you? All it takes is a decision to believe in Jesus. All it takes, all it requires is a decision to follow Jesus, to be born again, that that is he's going to transform us from the inside out, giving us spiritual life. To be a disciple of Jesus, it's not just intellectually acknowledging that a historical figure named Jesus lived or died upon the cross, or even resurrected from the dead. To be a disciple of Jesus is to say. All of those things and. I believe that your death upon the cross. Satisfies my issue of sin before God. Forgive me of my sin. Give me a right relationship with the father and Jesus in response to what you've done for me. I'm going to live my life for you with your help. I'm going to be changed and transformed and my life will never be the same. Because of who you are. And the fact that you have risen from the dead. If you want Jesus to show up for you, you can begin to accept that promise and believe that promise and hold on to that. Right now, as we pray, let's all bow our heads and. If that's you, if you need to make that prayer, you need to make that. Decision to believe in Jesus. You can pray these words in your heart after me. Jesus, I believe in you. I believe that you died and rose again. Jesus, I ask you. To forgive me of my sin. And I ask you to radically change my life. Give me spiritual life. And a real relationship with God. I decide right now to follow you. Let me pray for all of us. Lord, I pray for our hearts. Lord, those who prayed that prayer, those who have prayed that prayer many times over the years when we are your disciples. And we have great promises from you. But we thank you. That you. By your Grace and mercy, extend to us the offer of life. And we can have so much joy and hope and incredible promises in this life. And then for all of eternity. When you're so good to us. Would you reveal yourself more and more? Would you show up more and more? Would you help us to give you more opportunity in our lives? Or that we would walk with you, that we would know you well and that you would be glorified. God, I pray that you would help us to be your witnesses. Not only that, we believe that you've risen from the dead. Lord may others around us believe that you have risen from the dead because of the visible impact in our own lives and hearts and faiths and attitude and disposition and thoughts and words. Lord, would you show up and transform us? To make us more like you. We pray this in Jesus name.