Joshua 14-18, Ask God For Your Inheritance

Joshua 14-18, Ask God For Your Inheritance
1. Ask God To Fulfill His Promises To You (Joshua 14)
2. Ask God To Give You Extra Blessings (Joshua 15)
3. Ask God To Fulfill The Scriptures For You (Joshua 17)
4. Ask God To Reveal His Plans For You (Joshua 18)

Pastor Jerry Simmons from Joshua 14-18, Ask God For Your Inheritance

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as we begin our service this morning. Looking at Joshua chapter 14, I've titled the message, Ask God for your inheritance, ask God for your inheritance. So we're going to look at a few different examples of people here in the book of Joshua asking making requests for their inheritance. The first example we see here is Caleb and we'll get into his example in just a moment. But as we begin to look at these examples this morning again, considering the promised land, there's some pictures that are painted for us in this whole account of what happened as Israel is taking inheritance or taking possession of the land that God had promised to them. It is their inheritance from the Lord and it pictures for us, we have been referring to it frequently over the past several weeks looking at Joshua, it pictures that life of victory that we have in jesus, it pictures for us a life that is led by the Holy Spirit and there's some really powerful uh illustrations that God uses these things to instruct us In Romans Chapter eight, I would suggest is the parallel passage for the Christian today to the book of Joshua. It's the victorious Christian life and what we have by the power of the Holy Spirit and romans chapter eight verse 16 and 17, It's a passage for us to consider in regard to this romans 8 16 says the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are Children of God and if Children, then heirs heirs of God and joint heirs with christ if indeed we suffer with him, that we may also be glorified together. That new testament is very clear that as believers in jesus, we are heirs along with christ that as we have believed in, Jesus were identified in christ. And so his inheritance is our inheritance and we have an inheritance from God that is promised to us just as Israel had an inheritance and each tribe of Israel had an inheritance that was promised to them. And each family within each tribe had an inheritance that was promised to them. And similarly, each of us as believers, we are joint heirs with jesus and we have an inheritance that's promised to us. This inheritance is God's blessing and the fulfillment of all his promises towards us. And of course we can first look to eternity for that. That we look and understand that eternity is the fulfillment of all God's promises and our full inheritance will be established then. But this morning, I also want to remind you that there is so much that God wants to do in this life. Also that if our inheritance was only eternity, that's all that you know, the plans that God had for us and the promises that God wanted to work out if all of it existed in eternity only. Well then we'd be much better off if God would just rapture us immediately and you know, we would be an eternity and experience that but there is also an inheritance that God wants to establish for you, promises he wants to fulfil plans. He wants to work out things he wants to accomplish in your life and through your life here in this life in eternity is the final fulfillment. But right now, and just as he had this plan for Israel to come in and to possess the land and there was going to be the opportunity for them to experience all the benefits and blessings there. This life also has those kinds of things for you as well. But as I was reading through Joshua this week, starting in chapter 14 on monday and working our way, chapter by chapter day by day through the week, what really stood out to me as I was working my way and looking at all the division of the land and the the portions being given to each of the tribes. What really stood out to me was how much asking was involved in receiving the inheritance that the tribes were promised this from God way back. Hundreds of years earlier through Abraham, God promised this to this people. God had been promising it to them as they came out of Egypt. I mean, it was very clear this was God's promise to them. It was their inheritance and yet at the same time now when it's time to actually take possession of the land and inhabit the land, we see there's a great deal of requests being made and it wasn't that they just passively received it, but there was this active asking For the things that God had promised to them. And so there's some great examples for us to learn from as we look through these chapters this morning again, Joshua chapters 14 through 18, encouraging us to ask for the inheritance that God has promised us. Ask God for the things that he wants to do in your life. Will look at for examples for things we can ask for starting with the example of Caleb here in Joshua chapter 14, Here's point number one ask God to fulfill his promises to you Ask God to fulfill his promises to you. Look again at verse 12 here of Joshua 14, it says now therefore give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day. For you heard in that day how the Anakin were there and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me and I shall be able to drive them out. As the Lord said here, quoting the words of Caleb to Joshua. We see this great bold request that killer mix. He stands before Joshua. The tribes are gathered together and they're starting to give out the different portions of territory and Caleb marches to the front and with great boldness says now therefore give me this mountain. I mean that is great boldness to consider give me this mountain. It's a request, but it is a very strong request, right? It's not just a, you know. Well, I was hoping that maybe if you could think about, you know, possibly considering that like this is give me this mountain like very bold requests as I was thinking about that, it reminded me of this scene from one of the greatest movies that's ever been made and it might not be the movie that you're thinking. I'm thinking about not Star Wars this time. Okay, the three amigos. Remember three amigos and amigos show up in the town and they're clueless as to what's really going on and they're showing off and the town people are impressed because they think they really know what they're doing. And the little boy goes up to, I forget the character's name Dusty and no dusty is the younger one, a different guy anyways. But so he says, can I have your watch when you are dead? uh It's a bold request. Right? Because he's expecting what was going to come and these guys are gonna be dead pretty soon. And I want first dibs on that watch. That's a nice watch. Very bold request. Caleb makes his bold request. Give me this mountain very, very clear, very bold not and obnoxious way. Not in a way that is, you know, disrespectful, but in a way that is clear and firm and bold, knowing what God has said. Pastor David music says. We should imitate Caleb's boldness and asking for what God promised him. We may find it hard to believe. But God appreciates this kind of boldness. We need to imitate this kind of boldness. Good success. This is a good example for us, a good model for us. Now to be clear, we're not talking about what is sometimes referred to as name it and claim it. The idea of name it and claim it is, I decide what I want, I declare it and then now God is bound to the thing that I said to fulfill it. This is really the inverse of that. This is Caleb saying God said it. And so I'm claiming it, Not, I'm saying it. And so I'm claiming it, but God said it in verse 12, he says, give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke. The basis of Caleb's boldness is on what God has promised previously. He said, look, God has already told us this is my inheritance. God has declared in advance. This is the land that was promised to me. If you back up a couple verses here in Joshua 14 diverse nine. It says moses swore on that day saying surely the land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance. It was God's promise given to Caleb through Moses. Now you remember that Caleb was one of the 12 spies that were sent out into the land. And so the context here gives us the impression the land that he has given. It sounds like the spies were split up and they all scouted out different portions of the land. And so the land that Kayla was responsible for scouting out. Well that's the land that God said, that is going to be your land. We find the Background for this in Judah Rana Me Chapter one where God speaking to moses says none of these men this evil generation shall see the good land of which I swore to give your father's except Caleb, the son of Garifuna. He shall see it and to him and his Children. I am giving the land on which he walked because he wholly followed the Lord. All the other 12 spies. Well the 10 spies who brought back the bad report the rest of the congregation that was over 20 years old. That disbelieved the promises of God and refused to enter in God says they're not going to see any of it. But he gives this promise. Tequila Caleb what on this certain piece of land, this certain territory. And because Kayla believed me, God says I am giving him that land. That land is going to be his And so this promise from God was established, recounted their in Deuteronomy chapter one and here in Joshua chapter 14 Caleb says, okay, I am showing up now to cash in on that promise that was given. And so his boldness is based upon the promise of God again, it's not name it and claim it in the sense that he made up what he wanted. And then demanded that God give it to him. He's saying, God promised me this. And so now with boldness, I'm going to claim that promise and I'm going to tell Joshua, give me this mountain. Give me what God has promised to me. I am asking for what God has declared would be my inheritance Caleb here provides a great example for us. Ask God to fulfill his promises to you. That there is the opportunity for us. And it might feel a little bit strange for us. It might there might be a little bit of conflict in us because well, sometimes we have Overreactions to the things that are false. And so maybe you have some exposure to the name it and claim it type of mentality. And so there's this like, you know, I want to distance myself from that. And so I'm not bold in my requests to God. I'm not, you know, confident, I'm not that firm in my requests to God, but when it comes to the promises of God, we need to understand that not only is there the opportunity, but God appreciates when his people take his words seriously and say, yes, Lord, you said this and I'm asking you to fulfill it. We have so many examples of that throughout the scriptures so many times where God's people looked into the scriptures, looked into the word of God and looked at what God had said and said, well this is what you said. And so I'm asking you to be faithful to your word. I believe you at your word and God appreciates and honors a faith that trusts in the things that he has declared and the things that he has promised, I think it's noteworthy to consider the time that has passed. And verse 10 Caleb says, behold the Lord has kept me alive As he said, these 45 years. And that's something to think about When God gave this promise, it was 45 years earlier. So now when he's boldly asking for the request, it's 45 years later. Sometimes God's promises are fulfilled 45 years later. We need to settle that in our hearts and allow that kind of time frame to be in the picture. Sometimes in this idea of asking God boldly and firmly, we can be greatly disappointed if we're demanding that he works on our schedule, right? God's promises will be fulfilled. That is guaranteed. But we also need to understand God knows the perfect time, the right time to fulfill those promises. And so we need to be patient. We need to be bold and not shaken in the belief of God in the trust in God's promises and we need to be patient. But sometimes we're going to need to keep asking and waiting for that promise to be fulfilled for 45 years. And there are some who are still holding onto promises that God had given to them And it's maybe been 40, years. Right? But that's not a stretch for God to figure out how to work out or to wrestle with. It's just something that we wrestle with. So much time might pass at the same time. We need to be encouraged and be bold to ask God to fulfill his promises to us. Another thing to take note of here in Caleb's request is, Caleb includes The understanding of battle that will unfold in the fulfilling of this promise. Look at verse 11 and 12, he says as yet. I am as strong this day as on the day that moses sent me just as my strength was then. So now is my strength for war, both for going out and for coming in now. Therefore give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day. For you heard in that day how the Anakin were there and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me and I shall be able to drive them out. As the Lord said. Sometimes when we think about promises from God and then being fulfilled, we picture like easy peasy no problems. It's just laid out in front of us. It's just accomplished without any effort or risk or challenge or difficulty for us. But Kill appear understands This is my inheritance. This is what God has promised me. It's been 45 years and it's going to require a serious battle. There's going to be some great challenges the antechamber there. These are the giants in the land. So I'm not taking over a territory that is the weakest of the people in the land. I'm taking over a territory that inhabits the strongest of the people of the land. But he says God has kept my strength so that I'm able to face this battle. God has been preparing me these 45 years and preserving me these 45 years so that I'm able still to this day to go to battle against the strongest of the enemy and with the Lord's help, I'll be able to drive them out. Not in my own strength. God kept me strong but I'm still not relying on my own strength. But with the Lord I'm going to be victorious. Caleb expects battle. He expects to exert a lot of energy. He expects it to be difficult, but he also expects that God will fulfill his promises. That doesn't mean there won't be battles, but he'll be able to face and be victorious in the midst of those battles. And so I asked God to fulfill his promises to you. There may be time that passes to be patient and there may be battles that need to be fought. So be bold and trust God but ask him to fulfill those promises. Pastor Warren Grigsby says what an example for us to follow. Age did not hinder him? The disappointments of the past did not embitter him. And giants did not frighten him at a time in life when others were looking for security and ease, kilo was saying, give me this mountain. I want what God promised me. I know it's going to be good for me. I know it's going to be a blessing. It's going to involve some battle. It involved a lot of waiting, but I'm ready. I'm ready for God to fulfill what he promised to me a great example for us to ask God to fulfill his promises to us. Well, the next example that we'll look at is Caleb's daughter in Joshua chapter 15. Here's point number two, ask God to give you extra blessings. Ask God to give you extra blessings turned it. Chapter 15. And we'll look at versus 16 through 19 here of Joshua Joshua 15, starting in verse 16 says, and Caleb said he who attacks carjacked, suffer and takes it to him. I will give Aqsa my daughter his wife. So Othniel, the son of kenya's the brother of Caleb took it and he gave Aqsa his daughter as wife. Now it was So when she came to him that she persuaded him to ask her father for a field. So she dismounted from her donkey and Caleb said to her, What do you wish? She answered. Give me a blessing since you have given me land in the south. Give me also springs of water. So he gave her the upper springs and the lower springs. It seems that Caleb's faith rubbed off on his daughter. His boldness to make a request. She inherited that from him. And so here as Caleb's daughter gets married to Off Neil Caleb had set up this test. Let's find out who's worthy to marry my daughter. The one who can conquer this city, the one who has a relationship with God that is vibrant enough and real enough to trust God and to hear from God how to conquer the city. That guy is a guy that is worthy of marrying my daughter, Caleb says. And so he sets up this relationship off Neil conquers the city. But what's interesting is as the two are now married off Neil and Aqsa, she talks to her new husband and says, hey, you need to persuade my father for a field. As Caleb is conquering the territory that he is inherited. They encounter this particularly strong city, this fortresses stronghold. He works out this test. He sees Othniel victorious and so he mary's him with his daughter. Now this of course is a little bit different than what we understand in our context, in our culture today. Right. But in those days it was a normal thing to do, a normal way for a husband and wife to be joined together. And it would have been a great blessing for Othniel to be married to Caleb's daughter. I mean, you could think about it, you know, he gave them a life together. Give them a loving relationship to enjoy for the rest of their lives. A great blessing. But the axa says, you know as well, we're just getting to know each other here. So I'm going to need to help you kind of grow in your boldness and in your faith, you need to ask my dad for something more. And I could imagine official saying, I don't know, that's kind of scary. I mean killer is a big guy. He's scary. He's 85 years old, but he can still conquer giants, you know, So I don't know if I want to like get on his bad side to say, hey look, your daughter is not enough can have a field to like, I don't know. That seems like it's pushing it uh Just be content right with the marriage. But he says, no, no, no, no, you need to ask my dad for a field. He's given you a bride, let him give us a place to live. Let him give us a place to settle down a police to call our own. And so what Neil asked for a field and it's not directly stated, but it's implied here we see that it happens, Caleb grants that request. And so first he receives a bride and then he asked for a field and he receives a field. Well then Axa continues on to ask for more. In verse 18 as she approaches her dad, Caleb says, What do you wish? And she says in Verse 19, give me a blessing. Give me a blessing. Now, in a lot of ways you can understand he's given her a blessing in the marriage. He's given her a blessing in the field. But now she says he Dad, when you think about more blessing, I like the sound of that. How about you, dad? Why don't you give me a blessing? You've given me land? You've given me that field. But it would be really extra special extra blessing upon the blessings that you've already provided some springs of water. We need some water for our field. We want to be able to plant and harvest and be refreshed. And what do you think, Dad? Could you give us some water along with the field? And Caleb answered that request. It says in verse 19, he gave her the Upper Springs and the lower springs. And so here we have blessing upon blessing the marriage the field. She asked for springs of water. He gave her two Springs of water, blessing upon blessing upon blessing. It's a really good example for us. The boldness to make the request. That is demonstrated here in Caleb's daughter is a good example for us in our relationship with the Lord asked God to give you extra blessings because sometimes we can feel like the way I described Othniel feeling right, like God's already done so much. I can't ask for anything more that's too bold. I don't want to be disrespectful. You know, I need to be content bible talks about being content and so, you know, I should just be content. Now. There's a difference. Again, I would suggest between asking and demanding. Right? So asking is not saying God you better give this to me or else, but in some ways it doesn't hurt to ask some of the things that you asked for. It might not be good for you. And part of God's plan for you. And so asking doesn't mean that God will give you everything that you asked for at the same time. Sometimes there are things that God wants to do in your life blessings he wants to provide. I don't want to do. If only you would ask, give him that opportunity to bless you. I was thinking about what Paul said in Romans Chapter Eight Again, Romans is the parallel for the new testament, christian romans eight is the parallel passage to the whole book of Joshua Paul says in romans E what shall we see to these things of God is for us who can be against us. He who did not spare his own son, but delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him Also, freely give us all things places like you need to understand God loves you so much. He sacrificed his own son. He didn't spare his own son. He delivered him up for us all. So if God loves you that much, of course he's going to be willing to freely give you anything else that is good for you and beneficial for you. Of course the greatest price has already been paid now. Again like you know, we might think, oh but so I've already received so much and so I can't ask anymore, but I'll say no, no. God's going to give you everything that you need. Of course he will. Of course he's willing to. He's written the $5 billion 25 cents of course. Like everything that we need in this life is that kind of scale compared to what God has already done for us? Your biggest problem, It's like a quarter in the Lord's economy. It's just like God can handle that. No problem. Like I kind of borrowed quarter. Here you go. But you've already given me $5 million. Yeah, but it's just a quarter. I got it. No problem. It's just changing my couch. I just fish out a quarter. Here you go. Fix your problems. Answer your questions, provide blessings for you. Ask God for extra blessings. James In James. Chapter four gives us some important things to consider. He begins saying, hey, there's fights and wars that are happening between you believers. Where did those come from? It comes from your fleshly desires that war within your members. But it also comes from a misunderstanding about your relationship with God. He says, you lust and do not have you murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight in war, yet you do not have because you do not ask. There's these battles that are going on, this, this rage that is happening within and part of that is your fleshly nature and you need to allow God to deal with that. But also part of the lack in your life, he says, is because you're trying to fulfill yourself, you're trying to accomplish things in your own strength and for your own purposes and you're not asking God for that blessing. You're not asking God to lead you in that you're not asking God to provide for you in that. And when you do ask, he goes on to say, then you don't receive because you ask amiss that you may spend it on your pleasures, your requests when you do present them to God are self centered and focused on fleshly things rather than the things of God. And so again, this idea of asking God to give you extra blessings that's not demanding that God give you whatever you want whenever you want it, however you want it. That's that's not the idea here. But but there is the understanding that there's a lot of things that God wants to do in your life that he will not do if you don't ask him to. There's a lot of things that could be. There's a lot of potential blessings that God would desire to pour out into your life. And you can try to satisfy your life in your own fleshly nature and your own self strength and your own wisdom and your own understanding. And what James is explaining here is going to be frustrated and you're going to have battles and you're going to have conflict between people. But if you would step away from trying to fulfill yourself with your own resources and focus on your connection to God and walk with him and ask of him for those things that you desire for those things that you lack. Well then you just might receive those blessings that you're seeking. You have not because you asked now. So ask God to give you extra blessings. Be bold. God, you blessed me with a car. Oh man, I'm so thankful. Lord, can I just ask a little favor It can I have gas from my car. God wants to give you gas for your car when he gives you a car, right? Like when he provides blessings in your life, you're like, Lord give me a spouse and then you're like, Lord, I need help dealing with my spouse. He's ask for the extra blessing he's going to give you the extra blessing. The help that you need, What I want a family. And then later on, Oh Lord, I don't know what I'm going to do with this family. This is so hard asked for the extra blessing. Ask God to pour blessing upon. You've already received so much. But that's not uh something to say that. Well, I should never ask for anything again. No, that should be an encouragement to you to continue to ask Hebrews. Chapter 11: verse six tells us that God is a reward er of those who diligently seek him. He likes to reward us as we trust him in faith, as we look to him to be the answer to be the source of fulfillment within he wants to provide blessing. Ask God, just as Aqsa was bold and willing to present this request to her father. You can approach your heavenly father to ask God for the things that are going on in your life. The things that you need. The things that would be a great blessing to you and to those around you. We're moving on to chapter 17 we get the third example to consider here and here we're looking at a group of daughters, the daughters of Zell ofa had. And here we get point number three, ask God to fulfill the scriptures for you. Look at verse three and four of Joshua. Chapter 17 it says, But Zoloft ahead. The Son of Hell. For the Son of Gilead. The Son of Mac. You're the son of Manasseh had no sons, but only daughters. And these are the names of his daughters moloch, Noah Agua milka and tears up and they came near before Eleazar the priest before Joshua, the son of nun and before the rulers saying the Lord commanded moses to give us an inheritance among our brothers. Therefore, according to the commandment of the Lord, he gave them an inheritance among their fathers brothers. For Here in Joshua, Chapter 17, as the land is continuing to be divided and apportioned out to the various tribes and the different peoples and different families within the tribes. Now we have this group of daughters. And the situation here is this guy. Zoloft had didn't have any sense. Now, prior to this, all of the language surrounding inheritance was centered around the inheritance being passed to the sons of the father. But in this case there was no sons. There was only daughters. And so it records for us in numbers. Chapter 27, the daughters of Zoloft had saying, hey, you know, it doesn't seem fair that our dad shouldn't receive an inheritance or shouldn't have an inheritance preserved in the land like all the rest of his kinsman, just because he didn't have any sons and he only had daughters. So they brought this up back in numbers. Chapter 27 at that time moses was still leading the people, they were on their way to the promised land, but had not crossed over the Jordan yet. And so it was all just instruction about the promised land that spread this conversation And they make the point in numbers. Chapter 27, you know our dad wasn't rebellious, he wasn't one of those who died as a result of the many rebellions that happened. He was faithful to the Lord his whole life. He just, he didn't have any sons. So why should his name be removed from the inheritance of the land of Israel? And so moses said, you know that's a fair point. Let me ask the Lord what he says about that. And the numbers, chapter 27: verse six and 7. It tells us the Lord spoke to moses. The daughters of Zillow facade speak what is right. You shall surely give them a possession of inheritance among their fathers, brothers and cause the inheritance of their father to pass to them. But then God goes on to say they make a write request. It's a fair point. So here is the instruction for this kind of scenario, But not just for this family. God goes on to say in verse eight and you shall speak to the Children of Israel saying, if a man dies and has no son, then you shall cause his inheritance to pass to his daughter. So this special case was not just a special case for this one family, but the Lord says what they're saying is right, this is now applied to the whole nation. This is the law for the people of Israel, anytime this kind of situation happens, this is the new role of the new law. If there is no son to inherit, then the daughters will inherit from the father. And so we see here the daughters of Z, I'll just keep calling him that because that's a bit shorter and easier to pronounce. The daughters of Z asked twice for this inheritance. They ask first in numbers chapter 27 they are bold and they bring up the point and they say, hey, you know, this doesn't seem to fit what we know about God. This doesn't seem to fit the nature and character of God and the way that he relates to us. We think that we need to examine this particular kind of situation. And so they have this boldness to ask the first time before moses died, before they're in the promised land. But now they're in the promised land, The land is conquered. Now it's time the inheritance is being passed out. And we see them again, speak up. They're bold to bring the request to say, listen, remember God established his law as the inheritance is being passed up. Hey, don't overlook us. Don't pass over us. Don't don't ignore us. God commanded God instructed that this inheritance should be given to us. And so they're asking for the scripture to be fulfilled. The word of God to be carried out an active for them and in their lives? This is a really great example for us now for point number one, we talked about asking God to fulfill his promises and of course many of the promises that we rely upon and we look to our found in the scriptures found in the word of God. And so there's a lot of overlap between point number one, point number three. But Point # one also can be like Caleb. It's a personal promise. It doesn't necessarily have to be written in the scripture. God can speak to you promises directly and those are promises as God speaks to you that you can hold on to that you can trust in and you need to ask God to fulfill them. But there's also general promises. General instructions. General commands, found throughout the scriptures for all believers that we can look to, that we need to hold on to and that we should ask God to fulfill that we should speak up like the daughters of Z and say, hey, by the way, remember this passage speaks to this situation that I'm in. And so what I'm asking you this is what you said, this is where I'm at. And so would you be faithful to your word and fulfill what you declared again? We have a lot of examples of that throughout the scriptures, men and women of God who kind of took the bible and showed it to Lord Lord look, remember that verse right here. See that like you said this and so would you fulfill it, Would you bring us back into the land? Would you deliver us from this situation? Would you bring victory in the midst of this? And many examples that we could look at? But I want to instead consider some examples for us, some things that we should ask God for to fulfill in his word. And so few examples here, just to mentioned quickly, um You can check out these passages later on on your own. But salvation is one of those things that we ask God to fulfill according to the scriptures in Romans. Chapter 10 Paul talks about the the reality of how salvation is experienced. He says, you confess with your mouth, the Lord jesus and you believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved. He goes on to say, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. There's there's this request of God that we say God, I believe what you said about forgiveness about what christ did for us upon the cross. And so I'm calling on you and and I'm holding you to what you said. I'm trusting you for salvation, confessing with my mouth. The Lord jesus asked God to fulfill the scriptures for you in your salvation. And if that's not something that you've done, that's what you need to do. You need to ask God to fulfill his word as you confess, jesus, as Lord as you call upon his name, his promises, you will be saved. The Holy Spirit is also a promise that we can hold God too In Acts. Chapter two Peter says that this is a promise for all who believe those who are far off and as many as the Lord our God will call and so you and I, we have this Promise of the Holy Spirit, The Promise of the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is a reality for every believer. But beyond that, we have the promise of the filling or the baptized baptism of the Holy Spirit. We're commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit, we're commanded to continue on having the Holy Spirit operate and work within us, That we might experience all that God has for us again parallel to the whole book of Joshua Romans, Chapter eight The Life of the Spirit, The fruit of the spirit and Galatians. Chapter five, I would bring it up here this morning to say, listen, you, you need to have a real sense of the Holy Spirit at work in your life. And if you don't have a real sense of the Holy Spirit at work in your life, he and dwells you as a believer in jesus. Whether you recognize that or not, whether you have that sense or not. But also there is uh that that additional work of the Holy Spirit where he's active in your life in a way that you can sense the moving of the Holy Spirit. You can see the fruit of the spirit, you you're experiencing his work and can testify of what he is doing. And I would encourage you to ask God to fulfill the scriptures for you. If that's not the case, if you're not experiencing a real and vibrant work of the Holy Spirit in your life, that you need to reach out to the Lord and ask him to do that kind of work in your life by the Holy Spirit to be filling you to be leading you to be guiding you to be producing the fruit of the spirit to be empowering you to serve him and be a witness for him. That you need to ask God to fulfill the promise that he made in the scriptures regarding the Holy Spirit in his work in your life. I mentioned this next versa a few weeks ago. Victory, I guess it was last Sunday victory in Isaiah chapter 54 17. God says, this is the heritage of my servants, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, this is your inheritance. This is what the scripture says, and perhaps you need to ask God because it doesn't look like there is victory happening in your life now again, like with Caleb sometimes the reason why we don't see victory is just not enough time has passed. Maybe that victory is 45 years out still. And so we're going to see the victory. But it's just not time yet. But we can ask God for victory. We can trust God that he will work all things together for good. We can ask God to bring about the fulfillment of what he has said. The victory that he has promised to us forgiveness first, John 19 tells us if we confess our sins, he is faithful. And just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all in righteousness. And this is something we can take to the Lord and say, Lord, I blew it. I messed up. I've sinned, I've rebelled. I've been wicked. I've been vile. But here I am confessing my sin to you, I acknowledge, but that I have seen, I really blew it. And God I don't deserve it. But because you said it, why would you forgive me? Would you cleanse me from all in righteousness? Give me that right standing with you. That I would be justified. Just as if I had never seen that, that I would have that right relationship with you have access to the holy of holies. Once again have access to your presence and your blessing and all your work in my life. Ask God to fulfill his scriptures for you to fulfill the forgiveness and he will, he does. He is faithful to do so Ask God for peace Philippians chapter 4: verse six and 7 Paul talks about being anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, letting her requests be made known to God. And then the peace of God which surpasses understanding, will guard our hearts and minds through christ jesus. The piece is promised. But it's prefaced by make your requests to God. Ask God, what do you not have peace about? Ask God about that. Ask God for help in that. Ask God to work in that. And his promise is that he will work as we trust in him. He will work and he will provide us peace for the time where he is working. Right? What's interesting about Philippians 46 and seven is it doesn't say ask make your request known before God and all of your requests will be answered immediately. Right. No, no, it says. And the peace of God will guard your hearts. So that when it takes 45 years for that request to be answered, well, you have peace during that time. You're not anxious that whole time. You're waiting for that request to be answered. You have the peace of God. You can have peace even in the midst of the time where things are not certain and things are unsettled. You can have peace from God as you make your request known to him. And so when you find yourself anxious. When you find yourself unsettled, ask God to fulfill his word, make your request known to him and ask him to give you the piece that he promised to give. Ask God for Wisdom. James one tells us if you lack wisdom, ask God he gives to all liberally and without reproach. That means he doesn't rebuke you for not having wisdom. He doesn't say why are you so dumb dummy? I'm not going to give you wisdom because you're a dummy. He doesn't say that. He says, God gives wisdom liberally to those who ask. And so you need wisdom. Ask God to fulfill the scriptures and say God, I need wisdom for this situation. I need wisdom to deal with my kids. I need wisdom to deal with this workplace. I need wisdom to deal with it. You know, I need wisdom from God. We'll ask God show him the scripture and say Lord look right here, remember this verse, you said it, you're going to give me wisdom. And so I'm asking you for wisdom, give it to me literally. I pray Necessities in Matthew chapter six Jesus teaches there. Don't worry about what you're going to eat, what you're going to drink what you're going to wear. But the Kingdom of God 1st and all these things will be added to you. Life's necessities. God knows you need them. He promises to fulfill them. Make your requests, ask God put him 1st let him fulfill that promise. And then finally close relationship with God Romans. Chapter eight Paul talks about us receiving the Holy Spirit by which we cry out Abba Father and it speaks of a close relationship with God. It speaks about a real connection to God. And if that's something that you don't think that you experience, if you don't have that real connection to God, that close relationship, that intimacy with the Lord, well, you can look at the scripture and say God, you promised. What you said is that by the Holy Spirit, we were able to cry out Abba Father that the Holy Spirit would within testify that I'm your child. And if you don't feel like a child of God, you go back to the scriptures and you say God, would you fulfill this scripture? I want to know that I'm your child. I want to know this kind of relationship, to know that I have this connection to you, that you're in my life in this way. Ask God to fulfill the scriptures for you. Obviously, this is just a few examples, some powerful examples to consider, many more scriptures, many more things that God would want to do in your life, but sometimes we need to invite God to do that work in our lives. Ask God to fulfill the scriptures for you. Well, finally, we're going to look at Joshua chapter 18 For Point # four, ask God to reveal his plans for you. Chapter 18 is very interesting because here we find a few tribes who have not yet received their portion of land, Joshua. Chapter 18 we're going to look at versus one through four. Here's what it says. Now, the whole congregation of the Children of Israel assembled together at Shiloh and set up the Tabernacle of meeting there and the land was subdued before them, But there remained among the Children of Israel seven tribes which had not yet received their inheritance. Then Joshua said to the Children of Israel, how long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the Lord, your Lord God of your fathers has given you Pick out from among you three men for each tribe and I will send them. They shall arise and go through the land survey it according to the inheritance and come back to me here we find an interesting situation as the land is being divided up between the different tribes. There's a few tribes, seven tribes that don't yet know what land is theirs. And it's interesting to consider this because Joshua doesn't take responsibility for this. He doesn't say, oh man, I forgot to divide the rest of the land. I mean, I got so preoccupied with these southern tribes and getting their land situated and you know, the daughters of Z asking me questions and Kayla asking me questions and you know, I got so distracted by those things. It was on my to do list to divide the rest of the land. I just haven't got to it yet. That's not, that's not how Joshua responds, Joshua leaves it fully on them. He tells them in verse three, how long were you neglect to go and possess the land? And so the understanding that we get from this is not that they were just sitting there with no indication, no idea of the land that God wanted to give them, but they were sitting there with no zeal, no passion to go and discover the land that God had given to them. It's really interesting picture as you kind of play it through in your head, where were all these tribes spending their time? A few tribes had already settled in on the east side of the Jordan river. Few tribes, Judah, Ephraim, Manasseh. They have been established and settled in their land. These other seven tribes, we get the impression they're just hanging around the Tabernacle still and verse when they moved the Tabernacle to Shiloh and those tribes is move with it. Okay, we're moving to silo. Now, we were in google. Now we're in Shiloh and Joshua is looking at this crowd. You know, going along with the Tabernacle and saying, guys, why you still camping here? There's land that God has given to you. What, what, what do you need in order to go get that? Why are you neglecting that? They moved the Tabernacle, right. All the other tribes go home. But here, these seven tribes just kind of look at each other like uh, we just go back to our tent, I guess. We'll go back to our tents. The other tribes are going home. These tribes are just going back to camping and Joshua says, what's wrong with you guys? You need to take the land that God has given to you. We don't have all the details yet. And so Joshua says, pick out three men from each tribe, go explore, go find out what it is that God has for you. Go survey the land according to the inheritance and come back to me. You know, the general form of what God has given to you. You know, the general direction that God is sending. You go get some details about that, bring it back and we'll work out the inheritance amongst all the families they're of the tribe, Joshua here says, don't just sit there, go nap it out, go explore the land so that you have an understanding that God can then reveal his will, his plans for you based on your discoveries, based on your understanding of the things that he has already said and the things that he has already established. Pastor Warren rigsby comments on these tribes, he says, unlike Caleb and the daughters of Zella Fahd, these tribes didn't have faith and spiritual zeal. These tribes had helped fight battles and defeat the enemy, but now they hesitated to claim their inheritance and enjoy the land that God had given them. And I think this is really interesting to consider they fought battles to conquer the promised land, right? They were part of the victories. They were part of those battles. They saw the Lord work. And then they were like, all right, that's good enough. I'm just going to camp in my tent still and they stopped short of the real inheritance that God had for them. Sometimes you have to explore the land a bit. You have to go beyond that initial victory. You have to go beyond the those battles that were fought and and go explore the boundaries of what God has for you. And sometimes we as believers, we can have some victories. We can have some accomplishments in our life and then we can kind of settle for that. We can just call it quits. And I would say, no, you need to ask God for more clarity. There's more that God has planned for. You ask God to reveal his plans for you. Do you know if you're in the boundaries that God is set for you, do you know right now, that you're in the will of God, that you're fulfilling his purposes and accomplishing what he wants for you, That you're inheriting and receiving from him the blessings and the inheritance that he has for you. You might not know just because you're just resting in the previous victories. That maybe you need to do some exploring and searching out. Maybe you need to ask God to show you Lord, what is it that you want to do next? Where is the land that you want me to hang out at the time that you want me to spend and how you want me to do that. Ask God to reveal his plans for you. So here we have these great examples for us in the book of Joshua. The example of Caleb his daughter, the daughters of Z And then the bad example of these seven tribes neglecting their inheritance. We can learn a great deal to encourage us to ask God for our inheritance. Ask God to fulfill his promises to you, ask God to put extra blessings in your life. Ask God to fulfill the word of God, the scriptures that have been declared. And if you don't know where he wants to ask God to show you, reveal his plans for you, that you can go forward and receive all that he has for you, Jonathan is going to come up and close this in a couple songs as he does. I want to encourage you to spend some time reflecting on your inheritance and the opportunity and perhaps the need for you to be bold like Caleb like his daughter, like the daughters of Z and to ask for what it is that God wants to do in your life. And so I've put together a little card here and the ushers are going to pass it out as the worship begins. But it says here, I'm asking God for my inheritance. There's nothing special or magical about this card. Okay? But you know, sometimes we just need a point of contact. Sometimes we just need a way to verbalize, you know what God is saying this to me, Has the date on it, August 2021. The idea is maybe there is something that you're asking God for it, Something that God wants to do in your life. But you're not sure when you're not sure how and you're not sure where and maybe you need to write your prayer and say God, would you fulfill your promise to me? I'm asking you today on august 8 2021 it might be august 8 2061 that you fulfill that promise, but I believe you. This is the scripture Lord that I'm praying through. This is the scripture I know you have for me. So Lord, I'm showing that to you and I'm asking you, Lord, would you fulfill that scripture in my life, Lord. I need some blessings. You give me some land bagging some water. Lord, Would you, would you pull out your blessings on me? It might be one of these things that might be all of these things. I don't know what God wants to stir up in your heart right now. But I just want to encourage you take some time as we wish the Lord and ask God for your inheritance. He loves you. He operates according to grace, not merit. You believe in jesus and that's enough for him to pour out all his blessings. It's all every spiritual blessing is ours in him there. Yes, and Amen. So ask God, allow him invite him to work in your life and the way that he wants to. And so as we worship the Lord, you can seek the Lord, you can write down those prayers and we'll look forward to God fulfilling those things. As we walk with him. Lord, we pray that you would stir up in our hearts. A great understanding of what you want to do. Lord reveal your plans in ways that we might be able to ask and receive from you the great blessings and victories, but the growth and all that you want to do in our hearts and lives. We pray this in jesus name. Amen.