Matthew 6:5-15, When You Pray with Pastor Tom Ruiz

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Tom Ruiz shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Matthew on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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Well, it's really good to be with you here.

This evening we flew in from Japan just a few nights ago, so if I fall asleep during the message, you guys will know.

OK, you guys will give me some grace huh?

Alright well man I hope everybody has been doing very well.

You know for us just.

To be really honest, you know COVID has just been such a crazy thing for us in Japan.

Our country has been closed off for the last two years.

No tourists, no no one is allowed to come in except only for.

Visa holders and actually Japanese citizens.

So it's been really difficult and so with that, the borders are still closed out of all the seven industrial nations.

Japan is the only one who still has their borders closed, so we're able to.

Come back and forth because we have our Japanese visas, but it's very difficult.

With quarantines.

The last time I was here in America we had to quarantine for 14 days in Tokyo.

Before we were able to move back into Okinawa, but things are beginning to lift when we came here, we did not have to get our PCR tests which praise the Lord.

We save some money, so that was awesome.

They cancelled it.

Actually two days before we flew in.

So we were planning on getting.

Our PCR.

Tests on Sunday right after church 12:30 we're going to have to jet out of there and go get our tests, but on that Saturday they released the news that on the 12th officially that you don't have to have a PCR test to enter the United States and so we're flying out on the 13th and the Lord did it just.

For me, no, not just for me.

Also, for the rest of my family, but yeah, so it really is a blessing that we were able to fly in, save that money 'cause it is very expensive if you start thinking at times.

4 * 4 Right you have to pay for the tests.

Uhm, but boy, what has been happening?

You know, during this time we can.

Those last two years we were continuing to go forward even though difficulties were happening, we continued to hold services and.

Some of the people were very, very grateful.

Some of the Japanese people would come up to us and say thank you so much for not closing up the service because.

You know they just had nowhere to go a lot of Japanese churches closed up and they have never opened up since.

They just closed their doors and so it was just amazing to see that during COVID their clothes and all of a sudden now like they disappeared.

So I'm like wow.

Where did those churches go?

And I gave you guys statistics before about how many churches are closing every year in Japan.

And you can imagine just COVID really knocked out a lot.

So boy.

I would say the last couple of years or things that happened especially, we've now up to planted 7 Calvary chapels in in Okinawa and and then we had a few others that we planted in mainland Japan and continue to pray because now we reached out to Marco Island and we have a Calvary Chapel.

That's being planted in.

Uh Marco Island and God just did a blessing with the couple that's there.

They have a building now and they're teaching English and holding some Friday night services.

Not officially Sunday morning yet, but they are under a lot of spiritual attack, so there's really like one or two churches.

On that island of 50,000 people.

So you can imagine Satan has a strong grip on that island and he does not want the gospel being shared there, so they're under a lot of spiritual attacks.

So please pray for Lane and NALCO if you think about them.

Pray for them that they continue to go forward in Jesus name.

And this past year we planted well, we sent out our first missionaries to America.

So we're sending back.

We sent Zach and you Kati and their family and sent them out to Montana and.

You know they're out there and it's just really good news because zakiyah heart for Japan that the church is already going to be starting to support the ministry on Marco Island, as well as Zacks always talking about Japan, so hopefully the church is going to get fired up to continue on going forward and.

And just like here, hopefully you guys will come and visit us when the when the doors open up, as well as hopefully we're getting visitors all the way from Montana, so we're looking forward to the things that God is doing.

Oh boy, there's a lot of things to say, but let's get right into the word Matthew Chapter 6 verses 5 through 15.

Again, we're going to be looking at 11 versus this evening, and we are in Matthew Chapter 6 verses 5 through 15, and I guess I've labeled this.

Message when you pray when you pray.

So what is Jesus telling us in this portion in these 11 verses?

Jesus tells his disciples that they should be praying, and when they pray, this is how they should do it.

And really, the purpose of this message is that we would pray the way Jesus wants us to pray again, my prayer.

Is that we would understand that we would pray the way Jesus wants us to pray.

I once stabbed my father in law.

I was working with him at the upholstery shop here in Corona, just right down the road here.

He needed help putting a button through a piece of foam and fabric he handed me.

A large plunder, a plunger needle large plunger needle.

And he held the cushion in his hand, really close to the entry point.

And he said Tom put the needle right here.

I was nervous.

The needles like this long.

It's got a long core, a strong cord through it and then you put the button through it and he said put it right here and my father now is not a very big man.

He's tall, but he's not, but his hands were strong from upholstery, so he was holding the fabric this certain way and hold it.

And I was nervous.

Nervous and I remember getting the plunger and I and I just stabbed it down.

Went right into his hand.

Right into his hand.

And he looked up at me.

You know, he just kind of looked at me and.

I was just shocked I.

I held the plunger still in his hand I'm off.

And he looked up to me, and he said.

He said Kurt.

Right, here's my brother-in-law.

This is Pastor Kurt Schroeder and Mary from Good news church.

They're here with us this evening and he's my well, his brother in law.

Would I say Bradley, yeah, Breton law, he's my brother in law and so he could tell you 1000 things in him. And and my brother-in-law too. They I might, well, I see I'm getting confused on his.

Brother, that that they did.

Pranks on my father in law and everything so he just looked up.

He just said that word, Kurt.

And then I remember taking the plunger out and his hands were so I don't know tough or whatever.

There was no blood, OK, and then I put the plunger in and so you know, I finally got the job.

I finished the job correctly.

There were many times after this that my father in law taught me how to get the job done correctly.

In the Book of Matthew here Chapter 5, Jesus tells us that we should be praying and this is how it should be done.

But later in Luke Chapter 11, one of the disciples asked Jesus to teach them.

They said Jesus teach us how to pray like John the Baptist taught his disciples.

Jesus gives the disciples the same exact prayer that he gave them earlier.

In the ministry.

In here in Mark Matthew Chapter 6 verse nine for word only if you look it up you could look up in.

Also in Luke Chapter 11 no changes.

No grander way to pray.

Word for word the way he taught them almost three years earlier.

So you get the idea.

That you do not mature into a greater level of prayer, you just grow in a greater relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let's begin by reading together here.

Let's read together because your devotion time should be just that, your devotion time with Jesus.

Hear from him.

Talk to him.

Let's read here.

In chapter six, we are in Matthew.

OK, let me turn there.

We are in Matthew Chapter 6.

We're going to be in versus 5 through 15, but again, let's just read verses 5 through 8 right now.

Follow along with me says this, and when you prayed again, this is Jesus.

Saying this, and when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men.

Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.

Verse 6 but you when you pray go into your room and when you have shut your door, pray to your father who is in the secret place and your father who sees in secret.

Will reward you openly.

Verse seven and when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathens do.

For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

Verse 8 therefore do not be like them, for your father knows the things that you have need of before you ask of him.

Look at this portion here because we see that Jesus tells us first of all to pray for the glory of God.

When you pray again, not if but when you pray and you notice that beginning here in verse five through verse 8 three times.

Jesus says that when you pray, so it's important to understand that there is always to be a close communication with the Lord in prayer.

Prayer is something that we do as a Christian and we should be as Christians always praying.

He begins by saying, you shall not be like the hypocrites, which means, as those who wear an actor's mask, OK, it actually means as those who wear a mask.

And I was saying, oh, I can't say that because we've been wearing masks for like 2 years, right?

But really it means those.

Who are actors they love to pray standing in the synagogues in the corners of the streets?

Why to be?

Seen by men.

The Pharisees loved to be seen by men in Jesus time, right?

A good Jewish man.

A good Jewish person prayed three times a day.

They prayed at 9:00 AM at 12 noon and at 3:00 PM you know I always joke around.

I pray three times a day at breakfast.

Lunch and dinner right?

But we're called to be in constant prayer, but a good Jew would pray three times a day.

The Pharisees would stand on the corner and offer long prayers so people would see them and praise them for their holiness, and you can understand.

That this is wrong.

Well, at times we can be guilty.

Also, whenever we offer prayers to be sounding more holy.

Maybe that's also hypocritical.

We should never pray to get man approval, but only to really be heard from God.

We're praying to our Heavenly Father, those who pray to get man approval.

They have received their reward.

Well, Jesus goes on to tell us how we should pray in verse six when you pray, go into your room.

When you shut your door, pray to God in secret.

Go into your room really, really, a correct translation would speak of a prayer closet, which meant a secret.

Place now, it doesn't mean that you have to have a designated place in your house a secret room, but any place that you can just secretly get away with God.

I remember when I got saved at the age of 18 years old, just right out of high school I was at a youth retreat and I shared this with before I was there for all the wrong reasons.

But when I got there, God got a hold of my life and just transformed me.

I can honestly say from that day forward I was never the same.

Of course I had ups and downs in my Christian walk, but that was a day that I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord and I just wanted to follow Jesus.

In fact, I was working for my dad at the restaurant and after my shift, where would I head out to?

I would go directly to Kurt's church and I would hang out there and get in people's way. Probably annoy people, but I was always there.

That's all I wanted to do.

Everything changed.

I no longer wanted to go to college.

I no longer wanted to work in the restaurant.

Business for the rest of my life, but I just wanted to serve the Lord. I don't know what it meant, but I remember just learning as a a very young Christian. The importance of prayer and reading God's word. And I had my prayer closet back.

Back then, and my prayer closet was almost every morning 'cause I've worked the morning shift at the restaurant, my dad restaurant and I would head up.

To the border.

Park area and there was a place that would park and I would be already dressed in my work clothes and everything.

I'd just get alone with God and I would just pray and I'd read my Bible there and then it would be time for me to get to work and I'd get in my car, climb into my car and I would drive straight to the restaurant and I would run my shift.

But it's so important that when we.

That we do have a special time that you get alone with God well.

For me now as I'm just been through the years in the older Christian and especially in Japan, probably my my prayer closet is changed to a time where it's when I go running and I don't like to run.

I do not people say, oh you like to run, that's why you run three days a week.

I say no, I don't.

Like to run number one, I have to run 'cause I eat too much.

But also I need to pray and so my best prayer times is when I run.

So I'll run and at a point now where I have a route around my neighborhood where I run and through the area where as I pray.

At certain points in my run, I know that I need to be praying for these people at this point or whatever situation, so that by the time really it's quite amazing by the time that you finish my whole prayer or my whole prayer.

Out and you know I'm able to lift up and pray all of these specific things.

So for me because of my running, it's gained me a very systematic prayer time, specifically that I'm praying for people, but I tell people I don't like to run.

I run 'cause I need to pray, right?

So that's something.

To that, I encourage you know, for those of you who.

Who like to walk or do some type of exercise, pray, spend some time in prayer when you pray, go to that time.

That secret room that secret time with you and the Lord that you are just praying?

And what does the Bible say that God will reward you for getting alone with him?

You will be rewarded.

Openly wow.

Now openly by the Lord.

So there's a blessing when you pray, you will be rewarded.

What's your reward?

I don't know.

I really don't, but you will be rewarded and one thing specifically is answered prayer.

There's blessings as you see the Lord.

Work and answer your prayers throughout the day.

Well, then Jesus goes on to say in verse seven when you pray, do not use vain repetitions.

Repetitions, which means to Babble or just to repeat the same things over and over.

As the heathens do.

The false religions of their times used many many words and they would repeat those words until they literally fell into a trance.

And that's not what we're supposed to do.

Our prayers do not need to be long and drawn out, but they should be concise, straight to the point.

God here God hears us so not so much our many words right.

God hears us.

It's not about our many words.

I never many many years ago and it really helped us out in our prayer meetings that we.

We have and we always state this.

I always state this before we begin our prayer meetings.

Pastor Phil 20.

The missions pastor at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa.

When we would have prayer meetings and when we would go on missions conferences, we would gather for prayer meetings in the morning and he would tell us.

Pray, short prays.

Specifically so that we can pray multiple times.

So we tell us to pray short prayers specifically so that we can go around multiple times.

And it's not just me praying one time, but because people are praying they're just constant lifting up.

We're able to pray multiple times and not long and drawn out.

Jesus says in verse 8 do not be like them.

Your father knows the things that you have need of.

Even before you ask of them, some people say you should not pray for things more than one time.

You should only pray for a situation one time.

To do so, they say you have a lack of faith.

Pray once God hears, don't ask again.

They say that is not correct.

In fact, Jesus Jesus did not say pray only once he says do not pray.

Meaningless words.

In fact, we know that in the Bible Jesus prayed more than once for a specific.

Situation, look at the prayer in the garden of Gas Enemy. Jesus prayed three times in the garden with the same request. Matthew Chapter 26 verses 30 through 46.

Also, Paul the Apostle prayed 3 times for the same thing and what was that prayer that God would take away his thorn in the flesh?

2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 or 7 so it is biblical to pray multiple times for situations and things, but not using just vain idle words.

Well, how do?

We pray Jesus tells us in this matter, therefore praying.

Jesus will show his disciples and us.

How we are to pray?

Many have called verses 9 through 13 the Lord's Prayer, but it really is the disciples prayer or the model prayer.

Jesus tells his disciples this is how you should pray.

He gives us the model prayer that we should be praying.

In the English language.

It's about 65 words short or 65 words long.

But it says it all.

It folk puts our focus back on the Lord.

This prayer is a life changing prayer.

If you will pray it from your hearts.

If you pray it from your heart.

Oh man, I don't want to get too personal about my own personal prayer life, but.

This prayer

Has really transformed my life and I think you'll understand as I continue on and as we continue to read together here.

First of all, if you're taking some notes, it consists of six elements.

It speaks of six elements, number one, it speaks of God, person who he is in verse 9.

Secondly, it speaks of God's purpose.

His will be done.

Verse 10.

Thirdly, it speaks of God's provision. We need him to provide for us.

In verse 11.

Fourthly, if you're taking notes and we'll go back on these God's pardon, we need his forgiveness in verse 13.

At the beginning of the verse and in the last.

Part we see six Li.

Oh no, did I go so number 5 #5 right? I skipped it. #5 gods. Well verse 12 is number 4 verse 12 number number.

Five God protection.

We need his hands over our lives and that is verse 13 at the beginning of verse.

And then lastly 6 Lee Gods.

God's glory. He is all powerful.

Verse 13 B at the end of the verse, right?

Let me read this model prayer. Let me read for you this the disciples prayer 'cause it really isn't the Lord's prayers the disciples prayer.

Jesus taught them how to pray.

It says this in verse 9 in this manner.

Therefore, Jesus says, pray.

Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your Kingdom come, your will be done on Earth.

As it is in heaven 11.

Give us this day Our Daily Bread.

12 and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

For yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Amen, Amen.

Let's look at these pretty exciting verse nine God person.

First of all, verse 9 tells us God person our father in heaven.

How will it be thy name?

Our father, it's very interesting because this word father does not mean oh great one.

It does not mean Elohim, which means the strong one.

It does not mean elshad I the mighty one.

It does not mean Yahweh the unspeakable 1.

But it's the Greek word ABBA.

It's an affectionate word.

It means you're addressing your loving daddy.

It's a personal personal affection.

He is our father, so think about this.

If he is your father.

Then you and I are sons and daughters.

You and I are kings kids.

The Bible tells us that you are adopted and grafted in.

Write down these verses.

Ephesians chapter one.

Verse 5 Romans 11.

Verse 17.

Remember that God has.

Only one begotten son, and who is that?

That's right, it's.

Jesus, but you and I have been adopted.

And adopted by God.

That means that you and I have full rights as sons and daughters.

You've been adopted, not foster kids, right?

My my my sister has had many many foster kids but she ended up adopting nine of them, right?

My sister has 13 kids.

I should tell you I have 13 kids, right, four daughters and then she adopted 9.

And they have the full rights as all the rest of the children.

So you have been adopted according to AFFIES in chapter One, verse 5.

But also, the Bible says that you were on a wild olive branch.

You were a wild man.

Some of you guys are still a little bit wild, but.

God took you from that wild olive tree and the Bible says that you been did in to his olive tree.

You are now a part.

Of him, it's so amazing as you think about that, and that's what it means when when we are to pray our father, we have a right, as now sons and daughters to call him our father.

Again, like I said, there is only one begotten son of God.

His name is Jesus, but you have been adopted.

Into his family with full rights as sons and daughters, and it's important that you realize that daily.

How do we pray?

I'm a father.

Never forget that you are sons and daughters of God.

And like I've already said, you've been grafted into the true olive tree.

You being on a wild olive branch, God has grafted you into his family and you know what?

Grafting is so amazing.

It is very amazing.

Some of you are.

More understanding and fruit trees and back in in Japan.

You know, I'm trying to grow fruit trees out of pots because we don't have a lot of land and so I've got these.

Trees that are growing and some of them actually started as being grafted into another stronger root, and it's amazing that that graph just grows and takes.

You've been grafted into the family of God, and so your prayer must begin with thanking him and remembering that.

He is your father.

That changes everything when you come before your father in prayer, you're not coming before, even though you understand you are coming before the great one.

Right Yahweh elohim.

But we were.

To dress him as Daddy, his father, right, you can get things from dad when you dress him right right in a loving, affectionate way, you know.

You are sons and daughters and our prayers begin by understanding who he is and where you stand with them that he is your father.

But don't forget.

That he is in hell.

He is my father so I love him.

But he is in heaven, so I reverence him and I honor him.

There is no one greater than him.

There has been no one ever greater than him.

He is worthy of our honor and our praise.

There is no other God.

And we not.

We need to recognize that.

First of all, he's your father.

And that he is in heaven.

There is no other gods except for him.

He is the.

Only God Almighty and he dwells in the heavens.

But also he dwells in our hearts is that amazing as you think about that?

Think about that.

There is only one true God.

All else are fake and dead and weak, but your father dwells in heaven.

There is no other.

God at all, except for him, right?

How will it be thy name which it means to make holy?

Or separated holy.

Is your name.

Everything around me has been tainted by sin, but you alone are holy.

You alone are without sin.

You alone are awesome and you are my father so.

We worship him.

Prayer begins by acknowledging who God is and worshiping him.

He is your father.

He is in heaven and he is holy.

We begin by praying like that.

And then verse 10 tells us Jesus talks about God, proper God purpose his will be done.

The next verse says your Kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Your Kingdom come.

The Kingdom of God has not been.

Set up on this earth yet.

We need to pray daily.

For the coming of Jesus Christ.

When you pray daily for the return of Jesus.

Life looks different in that day.

Understanding that Jesus could come back today.

And I pray your Kingdom, come Lord.

Come quickly, Lord, Jesus rapture us only until he comes back for us, then his Kingdom will be established, right?

We're waiting for the rapture of the church. Many Christians, though, are not concerned about heaven or God's Kingdom. Why?

They're too busy making heaven here on Earth.

We're too busy.

Making heaven here on Earth and we're not concerned about.

The future that awaits us.

I've shared this with you before.

You know when I visit the Philippines.

And again, I haven't been able to go back very often, but when we would go back, especially when Pastor Mike Ramsey was there and I remember we would just be worshipping.

One thing is man, when we are there the Filipinos.

Just love to worship.

And then afterwards, you know.

You get into word and I remember just going, you know.

And one day we're going.

To be in heaven.

And yeah, everyone laymen, you know some good Christian yummies.

Umm, you know what I mean.

Tom Holman told me that Christian yummy some right?

But anyway, then I'm teaching it all sudden again, you know, like in saying, yeah, when we get to heaven or hey, man, everything by the third time I realized, wow.

These people are looking forward to heaven.

You know why?

Because life is difficult for them.

And they're looking forward to what lies ahead.

And for us, Christians were too busy.

Trying to bring heaven down here on Earth, you know now don't be convicted if you just bought a real nice TV.

In fact, you could donate it to Just kidding, you know you know what I mean.

Like you know, we just want the best the best.

He's the best couch the best this you know I want five air conditionings and you know.

Hey there, whoa.

You know we spent too much time trying to bring heaven down here on this earth when.

That we need to be praying for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Your Kingdom come and then.

Your will be done. Your will be done. There are two types of people, right? Really two types of people. Those who want God's will to be done and those who want their will to be done really comes down to it. Two types of people, those who want God's will and those who want.

Their will.

Do we pray with simplicity?

Your will be done Lord.

Or do we demand my will be done right?

Oftentimes, but.

Lord, I pray that you'll do this.

I'll pray you do this and God made you do this on this timing and it's timing and.

God, I need you to do this right.

When we need to be praying Lord may your will be done.

On earth.

As it is in heaven.

We definitely know.

That God's will is done in heaven.

And we want his will to be done here on this earth here in my life God, may you do your will here on in my life.

You know another story I shared with you guys, you know.

When we when we when I was younger you know like first of all you're starting your family and you know everyone has their dream car, right?

You have your dream car.

One day I'm going to get that dream car, but all of a sudden you know you get married and you realize I can't afford.

That dream car I gotta get two cars.

And then right about the time you're starting to think about that dream car all of a sudden, what happens?

You have kids, then you're like Oh no.

Here comes the sedan, right?

And then then you know you really been domesticated.

How do you know when you're really domesticated man?

Listen man, when do you know you're really domesticated?

You get the minivan.

The minivan.

That's it, you're no longer the head honcho you're domesticated.

You've been broken.

OK, you know, no longer that wild stallion.

You got a minivan, right?

But as time went on finally finally I was able to get my dream car and for me that dream Car was a Land Cruiser.

Ended up getting like, oh, I didn't want anyone.

I want an old one.

I ended up.

Sure enough, God and I'm so happy, you know Joanna let me get it after I twisted her arm, right?

Finally, you have your landkreuzer.

I remember just like.

God, this is what I.

Always wanted Lord I ah, you know.

Then then what happens?

You have to.

Fill up the.

Gas tank OK now now now I'd be crying right?

But you know.

Like back then, you're like.

You know, I'll send you drive around for like 5 minutes and you're like hey go to gas station again, right?

Landkreuzer eats.

A lot of gas.

And after a while I started realizing God.

I don't want this car.

I don't want it and and you guys were talking for a decade.

Probably praying for this and you finally get it and you realize I don't want this.

And I always tell people that was the that was one of those times that I really realized.

God, you know what's best because I.

Got what I wanted and once I had it I.

Didn't want it and guess what?

It got stolen right out of my front yard.

Joanna came out and she's all like.

Did you park your car somewhere else?

I'm like no, it's out front.

I just parked it there earlier.

Today and she goes she.

Goes, it's gone and she started crying and crying 'cause she thought it meant so much to me and I go.

Why are you crying?

She goes, that's your car and I went.

I'm so glad I saw I hope it doesn't really.

I say I hope it doesn't come back.

I kid you not.

Not everyone knows the story, but it was the week that they were gonna write a check to pay me off.

I get a phone call from Corona PD, you Tom Reed.

Yeah, I'm Tom Reese.

We found your car and I was like what they go.

We found your car.

Can you meet us over at such and such place and I go.

OK I went over there and I.

Found it, I found it next to Francine House, Joanne's best friend and I knew it was Francine all the time.

No, it wasn't her.

It wasn't her down there.

I'm just kidding.

But it was there.

It was parked there around it.

You know, close around the area and and I ended up getting that.

I got it.

Back and I was so bummed out.

And then, but they messed up a little bit and they ended up, you know, fixing it and stuff like that.

And then it was, you know, you guys might know the rest of this morning.

Shortly after that, we ended up moving away to OK now.

Brian, we ended up selling it really cheap.

Got rid of it but you realize God.

Not my will be done, but your will be done.

On Earth as your.

Will is done in heaven.

Then at that point, in verse 11, Jesus says then pray for God's provision. We need him to provide for us. Give us this day Our Daily Bread.

And this proves to me that we should be praying every day and we should be reading God's word every day, because here it says, give us this day Our Daily Bread.

We come to the point where we bring our now our request before God and this is very beautiful.

Not give me my bread, but give us our bread.

When we come before God, we just do not pray for.

Our own needs.

But for the needs of others, never forget those who are less fortunate than you.

Those around you pray for them.

Pray for the blessings of God upon them.

It's not give us this week or give us this month our bread but it said give us this day Our Daily Bread today.

Our needs are daily.

We do not come to him weekly or monthly, but it's to be a daily.

Thing that we come before in prayer, we need his provisions for today.

It shows us our daily necessity of God.

We need to come before God and say Lord meet our needs today.

We need your provision today.

Recognize your need.

In fact, I thank God for meeting my needs today because I know.

He is going to take care of me.

What are your needs today?

Do you need?

Help with things that are going on like your car needs to be.

Fixed your bills need to be paid.

Oh, you're sick and body.

Not tomorrow, but today.

Ask God for your needs today.

But then it goes on.

Then God, pardon.

We need his forgiveness.

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

We asked him to forgive us.

So beautiful God Forgives us of all our sins when we just.

He hears and he forgives us.

We need to ask him to forgive us every single day.

Daily we come and we ask for forgiveness.

There's a necessity to be cleansed daily.

John 13 verse 10 you can jot this down next to it. John 1310 tells us that we need our walk to be cleansed daily. We get dirty from this world and we need to.

Be cleansed daily.

There are sins that we committed the day before.

We've been angry at people snappy.

Bad attitudes.

These are the little sins that end up becoming bigger if we don't deal with them on a daily basis.

We need to come before him in the morning and ask him to forgive.

Us guess what?

He'll forgive you right there, right away.

Praise the Lord.

But not only that, we need to forgive others.

We must learn to forgive others.

There's so much freedom in forgiveness.

Isn't there?

UN forgiveness is like a heavy chain.

It only binds those who have no forgiveness.

Think about this.

When we have UN forgiveness in our hearts, we are bound up by it.

It does not necessarily hurt the person that we are not forgiving, but we are held in ******* to the chains of UN forgiveness.

There are some people today.

That I have UN forgiveness towards.

But I prayed daily to the Lord God forgive me of my sins.

As I forgive others, it's a confession God.

God forgive them today in faith.

Forgive me and Lord, I forgive them today in faith.

I truly forgive.

On my own it's a choice.

If you want to hold on to UN forgiveness or you want to give it up, but when you pray daily you pray this prayer.

Daily from your heart.

It's coming before the Lord and asking her to forgive you.

But Lord also.

I forgive those who sin against me and Lord help me to forgive them.

I say it in faith.

Forgive me.

I forgive them God, but help me to truly forgive them.

Anger and hatred will disappear when you really pray this.

From the heart, and I don't know where you're at and what situation you're in right now and what.

Unthinkable evil that others have done for you.

But you know?

What when you pray this from your heart?

Well, get it.

Grant you forgiveness.

I guarantee you and you'll begin to see it'll be lifted by the Lord because you're praying that in Faith, Lord, forgive me my sins, Lord, I forgive those who sin against me and God honestly.

I just.

I have unforgiveness, but Lord I forgive them.

Lord, help me and God will begin to overtake.

He's done it for me and I know that he'll do it for you as we come before him daily.

And we confess this to the Lord.

Again, you might say Tom, I'll never forgive that person, you're right.

You can't do it, but when you speak it when you speak forgiveness, the forgiveness will follow in time and oftentimes sooner.

Then later, I believe that there's ah, man, I believe there's Christians.

Some Christians are just bound up.

In their Christian walk because of UN forgiveness, they can't forgive people and it's hindered them in their Christian walk.

They can't go forward in the Lord because there's UN forgiveness.

As we prayed this prayer, the Lord's prayer, the disciples prayer, the model prayer we come before the Lord Daily and we receive forgiveness and we give forgiveness and it frees us up.

And you know it might be a prophetic word for someone here.

Some of you here, some online right?

I know there's those who are coming on.

That you're just kind of in that place in your life.

Your Christian walking you're just bogged down, you just can't go forward.

There's just something just.

Very well it might be UN forgiveness that you have not forgiven others or brought it even before the Lord, but you're hiding it and you're holding it.

And it's causing some real chains to rely just to strap you down in your life.

Pray this prayer from your heart.

And the forgiveness will come as you speak it forth in faith.

While the scripture goes on to tell us in verse 13 God protection, we need his protection in our lives and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil 1.

The word temptation.

Here is the word that means testing.

Wait a second, wait a minute, right?

Doesn't it?

Tell us in James.

1/2 to count it all joy when you go through trials. Yes, we're to be joyful in trials knowing that we're growing in them. Our patience is being strength.

The idea here the idea here lead us not into temptation.

Here it's the idea here is that we are not to be prideful and say, oh Lord, bring on this testing.

I can handle it, I can do it.

We should be humble Lord, lead me not into temp testing.

I'm not that strong, Lord, help me, we all need his protection, Lord.

Protect us.

And deliver us Lord. Rescue us from the evil One we need to pray for God's protection against the works of the enemy. We must never underestimate the work of the enemy. We need God's hand of deliverance against Satan.

We need to walk in humility and ask for God's protection. Temptation will come and when we ask, God bring us deliverance from temptation, ultimately.

We know ultimately the enemy is the one that brings this temptation, but God.

Will deliver us.

He'll help us.

He'll be with us.

Father, we are not so prideful thinking that we can stand in the day of testing, but we ask that you keep us safe from the evil 1.

And then lastly in verse 13 at the end God preeminence, God, glory.

He is all powerful, for yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen.

This prayer ends with an explosion of worship to the.

Yours is the Kingdom.

Everything belongs to you.

Lord, everything revolves around the Kingdom of God.

Yours is the power.

There is no one even close to the power of God.

God is number one.

There is no force on Earth or in the Expanse that is greater.

Than God.

You know that we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth over and over again, right?

We know that we have that, but God has power over the expanse.

All the expands.

All of the universe, yours is the glory.

All glory, honor, and praise belong to our God.

There is no one more glorious than our God.

He is majestic.

This is all yours Lord.

You are all powerful.

You deserve all the glory.

So be it, Lord.

You know, we begin this prayer in praise and we end it in worship to the Lord.

Our father, who art in heaven praise.

Yours is the Kingdom power and glory Amen worship.

Well, it's very interesting.

It's interesting gang, that Jesus just doesn't end there.

But he says something very powerful that we've already talked about.

But let's read the last two versus versus 14 and 15.

Four, if you forgive men their trespasses.

Your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.

But if you do not forgive men their trespasses.

Neither will your father forgive your trespasses.

Is that interesting that Jesus Christ ends this incredible model of prayer?

And he goes back to the importance of forgiveness.

It's important that we learn to forgive.

Jesus ends his prayer, but reminds us of one more thing.

Again, forgiveness.

Forgive one another.

If you forgive others.

You'll be forgiven.

If you hold bitterness in your heart.

You won't be forgiven.

If you forgive others, God will forgive you.

But if you do not forgive others.

God will not forgive you.

That's so so heavy.

How can you not forgive your brother?

When you have been.

Given so much.

You owe a debt to God that you cannot ever repay.

But he has forgiven you.

Your brother owes you a dollar.

And you can't forgive him, but you.

Oh God, a billion dollars and he forgives you right away.

It doesn't make sense, right?

It really doesn't make sense when you think about that.

That your brother owes you a dollar and you.

Don't forgive him, right?

But you owe God a billion dollars and he.

Forgives you of everything.

He forgives you of all your sins and and you can't forgive your brother.

No matter what.

No matter what has happened.

Forgiveness is so important.

Heavy when you forgive.

Then God could begin the healing, let him heal you of your wounds, let him heal you of your wounds.

So in our conclusion really pray spend time with God daily.

Spend time with God daily.

You know, you know, honestly, you know.

I don't pray this prayer, just our father aren't having how beat I need and then I'm off.

But I shared this seen many, many times and every this is kind of my model model thing.

I you know, I hope maybe on my grave one day or something they'll write 15 minutes with Jesus.

He told you to spend 15 minutes with Jesus, 15 minutes with Jesus.

It'll change your life.

If you spend 15 minutes with Jesus every day.

It'll change your life.

That's what changed my life.

It's my 15 minutes with Jesus, right?

You know you get in you. You begin in the morning when you get up. The first thing you do is just read God's word. Just read it. I like what Warren Wiersbe says. Warren Wiersbe says just.

Just read the word.

Just digest it.

God speaks to you, then stop and reflect.

But if not, just keep on eating right and it reminds me of breakfast.

You know when you when you eat breakfast you just kind of eat your breakfast and every now and then you're like oh that's pretty good, you know then you keep on eating right?

And you know, but sometimes we just.

You know we don't eat and take one bite and go.

Do your work cereal.

And then OK.

OK, banana here you go, you know.

What I mean, you see?

And what happens when you eat that?

Just when you eat it just.

It does something inside it does something that we really don't quite understand.

I mean, scientifically, I'll tell you, but we don't understand.

It gives us the energy to go for the day, right as we eat.

Same thing with reading the Bible just.

Read it, just digest it.

You know, I always tell everyone you if you read between three and four chapters a day in the Bible, you easily go through the Bible in a year easily.

You know, we look at the Bible and we're like Oh my God, it's somebody to read this.

You know the students at Bible College.

They're like how am I ever going to do this homework and I just go.

It's like I go, how do you eat an elephant?

They're like I don't know how you eat elephant.

One bite at a time.

Just one bite at a time.

Right, so if you.

Look at the word.

You know you might get overwhelmed.

I got I'm gonna read this in a year that'll never happen, no, but if you just read three or four chapters a day, you.

Will you'll finished early.

Through the word of God in one year, but 15 minutes alone with the Lord just.

Reading God's word and then brain.

And then praying.

Try praying this model prayer.

I challenge you to pray this model prayer tomorrow morning.

Begin by going my father who art in heaven.

How it be thy name, and then reflect upon that.

You're my father.

Wow, when you think about that, when you let that digest inside of you, that God is that you're my father.

So that means I'm a King's kid and you walk around a lot different that day as you realize that you're a King's kid.

And God, you're in heaven, so I'm not addressing just some idle that in fact there is no other gods.

There's only one and I address you.

And you're in hell.

You're in heaven.

I'm addressing you.

You hear me right.

How would be thy name?

And Lord, I pray today God may your Kingdom come.

Jesus come back today.

I pray for your return.

Today may your Kingdom come.

But Lord, I pray that your will would be done today.

Here on this earth Lord, as is in heaven, Lord may your will be done in my life here on this earth.

May your will be done here as it is in heaven.

And then at that point you begin to pray, Lord, give us this day Our Daily Bread Lord, meet my needs today God.

I then then you could.

You could spout out those needs, spell out the needs of the people that you know you begin to bring out those requests and on and on and on.

If you pray this prayer from your heart, it will change your life.

It changed my life.

I pray this prayer and I just reflect upon who he is, what he has done for me.

Then I come to a point where.

Dude I need forgiveness, right?

You know right away we just think like I haven't committed any big sins you.

Know it's the big.

It's the little sins that become big sins if you don't deal with them right and you, like, Lord, forgive me of my sins.

Yeah, yesterday I was yelling with this person and I was whatever oh God forgive me.

Then Lord, as I forgive those who sinned against me.

Lord, that person.

Cut me off and then he gave me the real nice signal with his finger.

I forgive him.

I forgive them.

Help me to forgive them.

That's oftentimes my prayer.

I'm all like Lord, I forgive, forgive me my sins come.

As I forgive such and such, who sinned against me, Lord, help me to forgive them.

I say it in the faith.

You know, and you go on and on.

And by the time you finish this prayer and it ends with an explosion of prayer, Lord, all praise and glory and honor belongs to you.

In Jesus name.

It's powerful God will do something as you pray this from your heart, you watch what God does.

I want to challenge you and I guess that's the thing.

That really why I'm giving you this message, because it just is dear to my heart.

It's something that God is still speaking to me, right?

You know?

I've always said this, you know, the best messages are the messages that God speaks to your heart first.


And so this is.

Just going through my mind and you know, as I'm in Okinawa and you know and Pastor Jerry has graciously allowed me to teach, and I'm like.

What do you?

Or what are you saying to me?

What are you saying to me?

What do you want me to say to the body of Christ, you know?

What message do you have?

God, we can speak to your heart.

Then you.

Say oh wow, yeah, this is what you're doing in my heart.

This is what you're doing in my heart in Japan.

You know, I'm 6000 miles away from you and we're celebrating, you know, going into our 19th year you know, me and Joanna are like empty nesters, right?

So a little couple side things, you know, ASA won't be returning back to Okinawa with us.

He's going to be interning with Zach now.

He's pastoring out there, and so we're going to be doing stretching out the Bible College.

Hopefully we're doing kind.

Of this thing that hopefully will work out, and our prayer is that next, you know, it, man, we're sending you know interns all over different parts of the world.

Different parts of America to come and assist the pastors, and they're still doing Bible college stuff and we're holding them accountable.

You know, 'cause?

It's always hard for a pastor to hold an intern accountable, but they can be yelled.

By me, right?

Hey you, why aren't?

You doing we're supposed to be on there, you know, but anyway, so we're kind of working that out, but.

You know God is doing something in in continuing our life, and I know he's doing great things in your life too.

But we got to allow God just to move and to work and to speak to us in a personal way.

And you know, we've been there 19 years almost and.

We live by faith.

Just trusting in God and you.

Know for the last.

Almost 19 years, God has always met our needs in just incredible ways.

And I tell people I don't want to go.

I don't want to go back, but from living by faith.

Because God, you just see God's hand of protection had so much to say to you guys. There's so much to say you know, let me just say this out.

Getting in details, I mean Joanna knows this that you know, just secret things gone.

I haven't told anybody.

I haven't really told our congregation, but just God.

Has healed me.

33 specific times big things healed. Healed me personally. Mirrored miraculous. I believe in God's healing touch, 'cause he's healed me.

And he'll heal you.

And you know what communion has a big deal with it?

It really does.

The bread and the cup.

And why did Jesus go through the beatings?

Why did did God just want to torture his son?

But why?

For our physical healing.

Our physical healing it tells us by his stripes you are healed and I like what Pastor Chuck said.

He always said.

He says never underestimate the power of God to heal you during communion.

Because God wants he's got Paul.

The apostle says that God is for the body and he's for the spirit.

That's why we cannot go and live our lives in debauchery.

Smoking pot and doing all kinds of the, even though it's legal.

Do you understand?

Who I just hit a top one hot one right there you cannot.

Desecrate this body.

Paul Apostle says by living or going to a harlot.

Because you are the temple of the Lord, would you take Jesus and join him to this junk?

Of course not because Paul says God is for the body and for the spirit as the teachers of that time.

We're teaching that saying that God doesn't care about your body, but only about your spirit.

So they were living in debauchery.

Look at First Corinthians, right?

But The thing is.

Is that God is for your body?

And by his stripes you are healed.

Don't underestimate the power to God for God to heal your physical body.

Through the receiving of the bread.

Because we receive our spiritual healing through the cot where the blood of Jesus was poured out, and his resurrection secures your future resurrection.

There is going to come your resurrection.

It's secured because of what Jesus Christ did for us.

So follow Jesus on a daily basis.

Pray this prayer from your heart and.

And read God's word.

I'm blown away. I'm running some people, some Christians and say you don't have to read God's word every day. And I'm all dude, where are you getting this from? Who's?

Feeling you with this garbage.

Well, you know they didn't have the Bible back in Jesus time.

There was nobody walking, yeah, but they had the Old Testament and they studied it.

Hey, you want to learn the the pen attitude?

You know all.

Jewish boys learn you man.

They studied the word.

You know?

And we have within our.

The greatest love letter, right?

Given to us.

Read God's word every day and pray and expect God to do miraculous things in your heart.

Let's pray.

Lord, thank you so much for this time that I was able to just share my heart with your people here and those who are coming online God bring him back into the sanctuary soon.

Ah Lord, we just pray.

That your word would continue to speak to our hearts, and I pray that every person here would be encouraged.

And Lord is used stress that's the importance of forgiving others.

Help us Lord help us to forgive those.

Who sinned against us?

Oh Lord.

Help us to forgive.

And may you continue to just transform us and change us and make your spirit.

Work through our lives.

And we ask all this in Jesus beautiful name.