Missions Encouragement By Pastor Ryan Gause

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from on Sunday, June 19, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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And we're going to kind of be in a couple different places.

You could turn to Deuteronomy chapter one.

We'll start off there.

Sort of.

When well, if you're taking notes, the title of today's message is Comish and comish, and when I was a kid, somehow I got roped into a spelling bee.

Right now I I was not smart and some things never change and so I I didn't.

I did my study trying to study for the.

For the spelling bee, almost called the.

Science fair the.

Spelling bee and they give you like this.

This books of justice words.

And if you were like me when you were a young man in school, you didn't like homework, you didn't like studying.

So I looked over it.

I was like OK, I'll just give it a go.

I probably got.

Close to last place, I don't know.

But there was something in.

Me from that time that kind of sparked like.

I was very competitive and I didn't.

Like losing and if it.

Didn't come natural to me.

I wasn't gonna try very hard, but something struck me after the spelling.

Man, I remember there was a time I must have been about five 5th 6th grade somewhere around.

There and I I began reading the dictionary.

Like I've it's weird, right?

Like what kid does that?

Well, you know a kid that's not very smart might read the dictionary and that's what I did.

I was like I want to know words.

I want to know what these words mean.

I want to know how to spell them and and it didn't last very long, but it was a season and by my young life.

Where I began to read through the dictionary and I'd learn words and I kind of became fascinated with words.

I like definitions of words.

I think definitions of words have value so we can communicate one with another.

We're living in a day.

When definitions of words almost no longer mean anything, they could mean whatever you want them to mean.

You just can't tell me what I mean by that word is not what it means.

Everybody following so far your head spinning yet right.

So I figured I'd take some.

Liberty today with the word.

The word commissioned.

Now we don't find the word Commission the Great Commission right.

We know the Great Commission anybody but chapter verse anybody?

My Matthew chapter 20.

Eight at least.

There's a good.

There's your good.

Go to Matthew 28. We know the great.

Commission Jesus commissions.

As disciples, but in that section of Scripture.

It doesn't say that.

They were commissioned.

He tells them go, baptized, teach.

Make disciples, these are the things he tells them.

And we call it the great.

Commission so I'm going.

To have fun with the word Commission today.

OK, the word commissioned in the sense that we use it biblically is one who has been given a command, has been given orders to go and do a thing.

It's a great description for Matthew Chapter 28. Exactly what Jesus is telling his people. He's like I'm commanding you. Go and go do this thing just like God told Joshua go.

Be strong and of good courage.

Go go.

It's a command that's to be commissioned.

An officer who are like an NCO, a noncommissioned officer or anybody here been in the military.

Yeah, right, once you get in.

You know you're in, you're in to do your time, you are.

You are commissioned to be a part of that body of people for a time and you can't get out until your time.

's up until what has been asked of you, the commitment, the commitment you've made has.

Been fulfilled now.

And so it's it's a great.

It's a great application.

It's a great word that applies to what Jesus told his disciples to do.

Now I want to use in a different way because now we got for liberty with words today praise the Lord.

I want to use it and I want to break it up into 2 words.

Co missioned right?

OK we're Co.

You and I were Co.

Laborers and this.

Is absolutely biblical.

We are Co laborers.

In advancing the Kingdom.

Of Christ against the gates of hell that are a responsibility.

Is to be locked arm and arm with one another in the unity of the body of Christ.

1 Baptism 1 Spirit 1 Lord Marching Forward in truth preaching the gospel because that's the advancement of the Kingdom.

People have tons of different ideas of what the Kingdom of God is.

The Kingdom of heaven.

I'm not that smart, I just make it really.

Simple the.

The Kingdom of heaven.

The Kingdom of God.

Is you and I the church body, advancing the gospel forward?

That just makes it real simple for me, it's our.

Really, and so we are called to be Co laborers Co missionaries in the sense right?

'cause even the word missionary is in a biblical term.

It's one we use to describe things that people do for the gospel.

But it's our responsibility, and now you know the the fear is the fear for my heart, the fear for hopefully your heart is, you know, sometimes the church gets off track.

Sometimes we're like we're like, you know, missioned right or solo mission.

Right, I don't know if you're in the military, I don't, you know, I don't even know if there's a military even do solo missions, right?

Right, you send one guy out.

Hey I.

Want you go over to Iraq?

I got you.

Know even snipers have a partner.

Jesus sends them out two by two.

Nobody goes out by themselves.

Unfortunately, sometimes in our walk with the Lord, we kind of isolate ourselves, right?

We do our own thing.

We're not about advancing the Kingdom because we sometimes kind of create a Kingdom of our own.

Could be a very dangerous place, and we've all fallen into the trap to some degree.

And we use.

Western terminology to justify it, right?

Well, God, you know God gives and God takes away.

If God didn't want me to have it, I wouldn't have it.

I was like, well, you know sometimes man we just go out and buy it or we can't put on credit card, right?

God doesn't want us to have it.

But Matt Wolf forces will force his hand.

We can do a lot of things on our own and our own strength, and that's where that's where for the Christian life.

That's where we get into some Danes.

Here in life and again, right, I'm not preaching at you.

I'm I'm preaching at us because I've fallen into the same trap many times in my life.

And So what I want to look at today is just basically two ideas about the mission that we're on 'cause I want to.

Maybe you today you need to be really focused on the mission.

What's my mission in life?

What's my purpose in life?

It's what.

The world asks itself in Christianity, how is the only group of people, the body of Christ, that has a true purpose.

Everybody else is just living to die.


I mean we're we are living to live eternally.

And so may we be have that Kingdom mindedness that we're on a mission.

Don't forget the mission.

And so again, I just want to look at two things.

And the first I want to look at is I want to look at a warning and I want to start there in Deuteronomy chapter one.

Now warnings are good for what reason?

Right Mom Dad told you.

Don't touch the stove when it's hot because you might get.

Nowadays they might go to prison.

I don't know how any of that works anymore.

My kids are older, but.

Warnings are good because.

They keep us.

From suffering the consequences of sin and disobedience, and in Deuteronomy chapter one. So this is Moses's retelling.

Of the 40 years in the wilderness, there's.

Tour the the.

Children of Israel are towards the end of their weight team.

They're wandering right.

Though the K Dash Barnea Kadesh Barnea.

Time in the wilderness you know that word meaning.

In Hebrew that there is the the the wandering and holy purification, right?

That's that's the idea they were wandering in the wilderness.

God was purifying himself, a people to set apart for land that he had destined for them.

Just like the church.

It's the same idea.

But that first generation, they failed and we know the story right?

Israel starts off well.

All to some degree and then they fall in.

The end but here.

Moses is just dealing with reminding them.

Reminding them of what God brought them out of and what ultimately their purpose and fulfillment that God has for them, and so I don't want to read all of chapter one.

Jerry said that I.

I could go 1/2 hour over if I wanted.

So so bear with us.

Moses reminding Israel in Deuteronomy chapter one and so.

He goes through the whole the whole.

Section of of Chapter one telling them, especially starting in verse 19.

We departed from Horeb.

We went through that great and terrible that great and terrible wilderness.

We encountered enemies.

Right, and I'm just going to abbreviate through this whole thing.

They came to the the.

The mountains of the Amorites and the Lord's giving them the land.

The Lord's

Already promised the land, he tells him in verse 21 at the end of that verse.

Don't don't fear nor be discouraged, and everyone came and said hey, let us send out the elders get together like hey let us send out some spies to go check this land out.

It makes sense.

Moses even says hey it sounded good to me.

I got no problem with.

That so we know the story right.

The 12 go out the 12, come back the 10, give the bad report.

Caleb and Joshua, they give the good report. Hey yeah it's tough but we can do it. The Lord's with us. The battle is already.

It's already one, we just need to step into what God has. And of course they're reluctant in in the rebellion of their heart. In verse 26 they rebel against the commander.

The Lord to go, they complained in their tent tents. Verse 27.

Complaint the Lord hates us.

He brought us out to die or to the you know, hand of the Amorites and all this.

Verse 28.

The warning right or the the real heart of the people?

Where can we go up our brethren have discouraged our hearts, saying that people are greater and taller than we.

The cities are great and fortified up to the heaven, moreover.

We have seen the sons of the Anakim there.

You know the nepheline.

Those **** ***** half human half sons of God, angelic beans, whatever you.

However you want to Heavenly Council.

However, you want to define these Genesis 6 rebellious.

Angelic beings that came down and made children with human women.

They were Half Men and half heavenly host.

But they're giant and probably the definition of that word is actually pretty good when you look at the etymology of.

Of the the.

The foundation of the word, even in Hebrew.

The word nepheline

Are they the fallen ones?

Well, yeah they are, but it's probably better because of the description of them.

They were always giants.

We know who's the famous giant in the Bible, or at least one of them.

He's the one that we all.

Learned about in grade.

School, David and.

Goliath, right?

And then his brothers, and they've got EOG, King of Bashawn.

We've got the.

And they we've got the samsu mean.

We've got the.

I can't think of the other ones right now.

Anybody else?

The ref ieem.

Yes, the refereeing exams.

I mean the nepheline.

The Anakim, right, the the plurality of these these strange creatures.

They're barricaded in the land.

Right, and that's an interesting thought.

God gives God calls a man right?

So we see, we know these the three rebellions, right?

The rebellion in the garden, the rebellion at the rebellion at at the flood.

And then we got the rebellion at Babel, right?

So we got these three rebellions of human and angelic rebellion against the living God.

After that last rebellion, God calls a man he calls a man by the name of Abraham.

And says I'm going to take you and your wife who can't have children and you're super old and.

I'm going to make my own nation.

Everybody else is hearts have rebelled.

They followed the gods.

You're going to follow me.

Now that was. Abraham lived to be about 175 years old. So you got 175 years.

Now I'm not good at math, so somebody will have to come up.

Gonna have to do.

The math, as I say it out.

Will output Pastor Jerry up to the task right. 175 years. Abraham alright, let's just put it. Let's just leave it there. Then. Let's say that there's.

When Jacob gets into into into Egypt, there's another 400 years. So now what do we add? A pastor, Jerry?

But he's the last one to answer.

Not very quick.

On his toes we're.

At 575 years after God told Abraham that I'm gonna make a descend, a nation from you, I'm gonna put you in the land.

I'm gonna bring a people for myself from you were.

At 575 years later, and then there's a 40 year interval.

After they leave Egypt, we're up to.

615 He's got his calculator out. He's super cheaty now.

Gosh, I knew it.

All pastors are alike.

So what were we had against, say water? We had 615 probably about 7.

If you really add in Isaacs, life, Jacobs life, which I really believe they did dwell in tents, I believe biblically that when you do the math, Abraham lived at the time of Jacob, like you do the math they did.

Hebrews tells us they dwelled.

In tents together they did they they.

Lived together for a time.

So you add that all up it's probably 700 years, 700 years from what? From the time that God told after the last rebellion, God told.

Abraham, that I'm going to make a great nation from you.

So all this time the enemy knows Satan.

Satan knows there's rebellious anakim.

These these half beat these half human beings.

After the flood.

They know they know the nations name, they know who the lineages going to come from.

They know what the plan.

And purpose is God is going.

To crush the head of the serpent.

With the seed of the woman.

700 years later, where are?

All of the Giants.

They're all buckled down high in fortified cities in the land of Canaan, and the promised land that God has told them Israel coming up there in between the Edomites and the Amorites, Israel, right at the right at.

Not the Jordan.

What's the One South?

It's, uh, Wadi, I don't remember the.

Name of it.

Yeah, they're at that they're.

I forgot the.

Name of the river they're at or they're at or they're at a river.

In the desert.

In between the land of the Edomites and the Amorites, they come up, and they're sitting on that east side of the Jordan, looking over to the land.

And God says, yeah, sure, go ahead, send some spies out, they come back and they're like.

Yeah, we can't do it.

You know, we've probably heard 1000 stories about the Giants that we face in life, but the reality of it is I kind of want to go a different direction.

I want to look at it from the perspective of.

If we don't learn from history, we're doomed to repeat.

Right, there's these crazy scriptures in Romans Chapter 11.

You know Romans 9 Chapter 9 through 11, just this incredible teaching by Paul about Israel and Israel ultimate redemption.

But he says in Chapter 11 he warns the church.

He says if God casts them away.

We don't do a word called to do what would prevent him from casting us away.

Now I don't think he's laying down doctrine.

I don't think that he's saying, hey, look, you know what?

God going God going to cast the church away.

He can't do that.

Israel was never fully castaway anyway because there was always a number of people who bowed their feet at the at the the name of the living God.

Right, and remember Elijah.

Is crowding, weeping, and wailing omen, you know?

There's chicks chasing.

Me down wants to kill me. You know Ahab's wife at Jezebel and and woe is me and God like man, you know.

Dude, I got 7000 people who.

Haven't bowed their knee.

Right, don't stop your pity party.

All right, get up and do what I've called you to do.

And I think I think for me sometimes, especially as a passer and maybe pass Jerry Pierce the same way, sometimes we're like.

Lord, am I the last one?

Am I the only one that loves you Lord right?

And there's a lot of pride and pomp in that, that kind of heart that doesn't belong there.

And but the reality of it is for the church in general.

Right, we can look out on the on the scenery and we're no dummies like man.

The church is going through a transformation right now.

They got all kinds of weird stuff going on.

We've been letting this happen, letting that happen.

That's not even that.

Is a direct.

Commandment that we shouldn't do that in the Bible, but man, who's to tell anybody what they can and can't do?

And so the church is at a point where man it if we fall and fail under the pressure of the culture.

What will be left?

And now we know the true church will always stand it every born again believer everybody whose heart is surrendered to Christ and his shed blood on the cross we know our redemption is not.

Through our works, but it's.

Through his grace alone, faith alone, the word of God alone, those you and I we're not going anywhere.

We nobody can take us out of his hand.

It's not possible.

You're signed, sealed and delivered for the day of redemption by the Holy Spirit.

It's not possible.

But we see something parading itself as the church, and now we can't get caught up in.

That influence we.

Need to stand.

On the word of God because if.

We do follow.

The influence of the culture we're going to end.

Up in the same.

Exact place that Israel ended up.

And where did they end up?

Oh man, I'm already running on time.

You know, after 400 years of judges, they asked.

For a key, we want to be like the nations.

Give us a king to rule over us.

Samuel's, like ain't gonna happen. God like let it happen. Give them what they want.

God warns them again in King's gonna enslave your kids. It's gonna be bad for you. They're like we want a king, right?

Just like those in Jerusalem, you know, crucify him, crucify him, you know at that moment, they they divorced themselves from God.

But God was gracious and said, that's.

Fine, I'll give you a king, but if you.

If you serve me.

And be obedient to me.

Then I will give you a good king if you do not serve me, and you are not obedient to me, I will give you a king that.

Will put it you under.

Submission to his will, right?

And so now the church, right?

And in the church in in.

The West we we get our leader.

We get the leaders that our culture deserves.

So you know we've got.

I don't care where you send Joe Biden.

Uh, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, whoever you but I don't even I.

Politics, right? It doesn't matter.

Because if the church does what it's supposed to do, and we are light and salt.

And we go and we go out with the Commission to convert.

Well, Matt lookout.

Let's see who God will give us then.

Maybe Jerry will run for president.

We can all vote for him confidently, right?

But God gives us.

God gives us what we deserve in the moment.

And we need to take heed because as Israel's come in to face this battle.

They're looking at it from a physical perspective.

My encouragement to you is right.

We're on a mission together.

My personal conviction is that every believer is an evangelist.

Now, there may be some who are called and gifted with a special calling and gifting, but I just don't see anywhere in Scripture or any of us are told.

Hey go sit in a Pew on Sunday more.

I mean, you just do your best in the community and you be a light and and everybody will want to come to Jesus.

Now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, blessing of the feet that go.

And preach the Gospel of peace.

We gotta talk, we gotta share.

And that's where that that's where the greatest fear is, right?

And I can I walked.

Brother was your name again.

Oregon hat Roman but Omar I talked to Omar and I saw his hat.

I can walk right up to him like hey bro man or I'm I'm I'm a I'm a I'm USC all the way.

You know he's an organ duct fan.

Pagan organ


But I can go up.

And talk to him about that.

It's not.

It's easy to talk to people about things we're comfortable with.

Why isn't it easier for us to talk to people about the Lord?

You know, hey how long you've been walking with Jesus.

I don't believe in that junk really.

Why not like why can't we engage people in that conversation?

Why is it not the the the purpose of our heart?

Now look, I may be preaching the gospel, and you guys are like man, don't judge me.

I'm out every weekend, every day after work at work I preach the gospel.

Everybody hates me, they call me preacher at work.

They call me this that hey, praise God.

Praise God that's we should be accused of being.

Christians who all we want to do is talk.

About Jesus, and we believe he's the answer to all of our problems.

All of those.

Negative, you know?

Idioms in our.

In our culture, you know Jesus is your, you know as your crutch.

You need a car.

You need your wheel.

Yeah, it's like man of.

Course I'm a cripple.

I need Jesus.

You know that.

That would be our heart.

Because when God putting Israel in the land, what's he telling them to do?

The whole purpose of putting Israel in the land is, he says, I'm gonna put you in this land.

You're going to.

Be a light.

And you're going to draw the nations to me.

The law was made.

The Toro was made to draw the nations.

Everything was different, lending dietary sacrificial services.

Everything was different from every culture around them.

Because it was bring the people to me.

And what did Israel do, they said.

We want their culture here and we'll invite their gods here, but we don't really want them here, right?

It's like, keep the people out, but let the the contaminated culture come in.

Wow, that's dangerous.

And we and we we stand the same.

You know, we we stand on the edge of that same form of defeat in the church.

If we're like, well, we're here in the land and I'm not of this world, but I'll take about as much of it as I can until I can't takes no more or the Lord won't let me have no more.

Whatever the case may be, we need to be careful.

Israel looks at this from a physical standpoint.


We need to understand it's a spiritual war that we're in.

You know Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12.

And I get these verses mixed up, so I probably should just go there.

We just start with.

Nope, Nope.

Fusion 612 Yeah, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.

Against rulers of darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Those are domains that's domain terminology.

You know the enemy has domain.

Does he have domain in your life?


Enemy does not have the you are sacred space.

You are the place where God chose to do what God chose to put himself inside of you.

That's amazing.

This filthy thing, old beat up inside and out thing God said I'm going to put my spirit in you.

I mean, it's crazy in scripture, right?

God is in.

Us Christ is in us, the holy it's like the whole Trinity dwells.

It's a weird thing.

I don't even want to like touch on that, theologically, because it's a, it's a weird deal, but we've become.

The space where God has chosen to dwell and shine.

But the enemy has his space, and I would tell you this right.

Be careful, be careful in even in the Christian culture where we have this idea and you know what?

Hey I may be bucking a trend here.

I don't know, but I I, I believe with all of conviction in my heart that the enemy has no space in our mind, right?

We have this weird theology that.

Satan put that thought in my mind.

And I, you know, I think these bad thoughts and Satan must be putting them there.

And where else would they come from?

I know where your wicked flesh that is still attached to your the holy the holy being that God has made you.

The enemy has no power over our mind.

There's not one scripture to support that we can take some out of context and stretch the scriptures and take liberty, but it does not work.

The enemy has no place in your mind.

Your holy space.

He can't even go there.

He can tempt.

US he can put people that he has control and power over in front of us to trip us.

But he has no power to come into you.

Could you imagine that?

Could you imagine if your kid came to you or you go to your kid?

One day and you're like, hey?

Why is your room so dirty?

Oh well.

Satan in my mind and his dude I can't.

I can't clean up Satan telling me filthy, filthy and right.

Do you?

Measure kid use that excuse.

Be like you know, eat your vegetables.

No, Satan doesn't want me to mom.

He's in my mind telling me right now that I shouldn't eat my vegetables.

Are you kidding me?

You know?

I mean, I've had my children.

Sit at the dinner table and cry until they.

Finished their cold vegetables, right?

It's like no.

We don't put up with that well, why?

Why do I?

As why as Christians do we use that as a cop out?

And you know, This is why it's a cop out.

And this is the and this is the encouragement to you is.

Is to be careful what we justify because sometimes we've got sin in our lives that we choose and we say.

Satan put that thought in my head that led to the action.

It's like no, he didn't, your flesh did.

We need to take responsibility, but if we take responsibility for what comes in.

Look out what kind of product we're going.

To kick out.

Right, we take we take in first Corinthians or Second Corinthians 10 versus 3 through 5, right that the wages of our warfare are not carnal, but they're mighty and right there we don't.

The warfare we're fighting, it's not carnal, it's spiritual.

The wage warfare?

It's not carnal, but it's mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments every high thing that exalts itself against God.

It's the whole domain.

Language again.

Enemy has his domain.

You have yours.

The battle is not physical, it's spiritual.

And then the last thing he says in verse five, he says, bringing every thought into captivity until the obedience of Christ Jesus.

He makes us responsible for the obedience to our.

Thoughts, imagine that.

Right, imagine if that's how we lived.

Our life is like Lord, you know what?

Oh gosh, that thought just came in.

I you.

God, you gotta kick this out.

That's my flash just rearing up inside of me, Lord, I don't want to.

I don't want to think that.

'cause if I make that a powder of my thinking, a pattern of my thinking, it's going to become the pattern of my action.

And then we just fall right back into where Israel was.

It's kind of these lukewarm.

Nominal Christians.

We don't have any.

Purpose in life.

We've lost the purpose.

The purpose of advancing the Kingdom.

It's the same thing God called Israel to do.

It's the same thing that he's calling us to do.

I am in deep danger of going much longer than I thought.

Sometimes the enemy has us so focused on our circumstances that we're not conscious of the war, right?

Anybody fall into that trap.

My circumstances, my circumstances, we get our eyes off the war we're.

In a war.

The battle that.

Is as serious is what Israel was looking at going to take.

The promised land.

Is it serious for us?

I saw my wife down here and this might be some tricky theology.

But those same nephlim.

They got eradicated through the hand of David.

Finally, right there, they're dead and gone.

There's different opinions.

I would contend that they are the demons and evil spirits that we see in Jesus Day.

OK everybody OK like what are demons and evil spirits?

Well, they're the nephalem that fell prior during the flood and they're the Nephalem.

That fell after.

The flood they have no dwelling place.

They have no eternal place.

Their place is not in the heavens and it is not on the land.

They travel in their in their interdimensional beings.

It's how they have the ability to take on a human.

Come into a human being.

And well, have power control.

So on my argument would be that those nepheline.

In that day.

That we're sitting there waiting for Israel to come for 700 years. Come into the land we're wedding ready for you Messiah is not coming here we will kill every last one of you Israelites.

And they went in and killed him.

Almost all of them.

Joshua couldn't finish the job.

David comes along years later and kill it, wipes them out.

They're done.

They're out.

Of the land, for the most part.

Well, they those have become spiritual entities.

Interdimensional beings that now possess humanity.

Jesus comes on the scene he's casting demons out everywhere.

Well, I didn't see that we didn't see that before Christ came.

Not a lot of it.

My argument would be that that's the war we're fighting.

Right in America in Mexico witchcraft.

The whole area where you saw Calvary Chapel, Esperanza witchcraft.

And in the West, like our Western American, European mentality is like we don't even like Salem witch trials.

Wasn't that something weird where they killed a bunch of which is?

I don't even organ or I don't know site Salem is right back east somewhere I don't.

Know I don't even know.

I go to Mexico, I'm.

Like woah witchcraft?

This is real.

This is real power.

We've had people come in and try you pray, pray with them, tell him hey, you're going to pray, pray, ask the Lord for forgiveness right now you you want salvation you want to come to know.

The Lord, you pray right now they start gagging.

What's wrong with you?

He's like how it starts growing.

I don't know why this always happens whenever I try to draw close to God, I just gag and gag.

It's like well, what have you been doing like, well, smoking weed, reading the Satanic Bible grew up in witchcraft, whatever it is.

Those same spirits that that Jesus was casting out and David turned into spirits and the children of Israel did.

I would say.

That's the battle we're fighting.

That's the battle that Paul is talking about, Paul said.

Look are the weapons?

Or it's not.

We're not in a carnal battle, man.

We can't beat the flesh.

We can't strengthen the flesh.

We can only strengthen it through the word of God through faith in Christ through being sharpened through battles.

And the battle we're fighting.

It's a spiritual line.

It's in heavenly places.

It's interesting, it's an interdimensional battle.

Well where these demons and evil spirits have power over humanity.

Right, look at the American government.

American pharmaceutical.

I mean, I can go.

On for hours about this stuff.

Where, where these entities find their power in high governing positions, the Giants odd King of Bush and the giant the king.

He was a giant.

They always want the superior power.

It's where they have most control.

No, I'm not here to.

I'm not here to scare you because you know what the reality.

You know what power they have over you, nothing.

They got nothing.

Because we have the blood of Christ.

They can't make an accusation against us that will stand because you're forgiven.

They have no power to possess because we are already.

Possessed by the Lord.

His spirit dwells inside of us, but.

You know you.

Got those coworkers.

You know you got those family members.

Some of those people that go to church with you.

Know I'm just kidding, right?

We got people.

In our lives that it's like man, they are so radical about destroying your faith through temptation.

Through inoculation through, you know whatever it may be, they want to come in, and they want to rob you.

That's the spiritual battle, because there are principalities and powers behind people.

Right Ephesians 2 one through 3.

That there are.

They are under, they are.

They are chill.

We were children of wrath by nature, but they still present tense are children of wrath by nature.

That's who we were.

We came out of it by the.

Grace of God.

Now it's what?

It's our job to bring him out.

Right, we don't go in slicing and dicing and killing people.

Because that's not the battle.

The only time God tells people go kill and do a biblical survey of this.

When God says go kill.

Well, there are always people who are tainted with the blood of these nepheline.

Kill em all.

Men, women, children, why?

'cause they're poison for humanity.

They are not human.

They're not redeemable.

That's why we don't go killing people today.

But we get him with the gospel because once the spirit of God comes inside of them and and takes out any Rhema.

They have eternal life.

They become the church they called out ones.

And it looks like we're only going to get to that point today.

But I want to finish with my second point real brief, right?

So the warning be careful church where we at, are we the ones that are going forward?

Are we advancing the Kingdom?

Do we know the war that we're in?

Are we praying in that spiritual place?

Are we spraying against the spiritual powers?

Are we the ones that are taking the gospel into the darkness of every workplace?

Every family?

Festival every encounter that we have the opportunity and or take the opportunity are we those people.

It's where Israel failed.

Let us not fail there it is our responsibility.

The in the last thing is just.

Is is winning right?

So we got the warning and we got the winning and we love winning.

Right in.

I got a horrible title for a book.

It's you know I will never write this book.

It sounds so philosophic.

Going humanistic which is, you know, two ways to become.

A winning Christian.

You're like you're like well.

Tell I want to buy.

That book right now Joel Osteen selling that stuff probably somewhere in the future.

So you know I.

He he can have the money, but you know it seems like a it's a silly thing, but in Philippians Chapter 4 and I'm just gonna.

Have to kind of abbreviate this.

In Philippians chapter 4.

There's two things that that Paul presents to the church, right.

He tells him in, whereas that in verse eight and nine, he says, hey, all things that are noble, all things that are right.

Right, so he goes.

Through this whole list of these things, he tells us what he says.

In the new King James, it says meditate on these things.

It's actually better translated.

Think on these things, which is a good translation for meditation?

Because meditation is the idea of thinking upon things.

OK, so he says meditate on the things that are good that are noble, that under Christ again the mind right.

You see the idea.

Here the mind.

Where we win by worshipping the Lord with our mind. The word meditate in the Hebrew. It's used. I don't know like 1220 times in the Hebrew the word meditate in the Hebrew.

It is the idea.

Of a couch when it's cud.

Anybody dairy lecheria anything like that, right?

Well, I you.

Know the cows.

Have 3 stomachs.

They take their food down, they bring it up, they chew it, they get in there.

It's going through this.

But it's this idea of coming up and bringing down and chewing and getting the mass of most amount of nourishment as you can and David.

Says in Psalm chapter one in.

Verse two, he says, Lord.

Let him meditate on your word night and day.

But that's where the nourishment comes from, and it's an old record at Calvary.

I were verse by verse we we love the word of God.

We study the word of God, Lord willing, that's our heart.

We know that.

But man, meditate on the.

Word of God.

That we are.

We're just constantly filtering, right?

Second Corinthians chapter 10 three through 5, bringing every thought into captivity.

We're filtering our lives, our actions, our thoughts through the word of.

God is that what?

We do those things that are.

Noble and right.

Kind loving all of these things.

They stay the garbage goes.

And and then he goes on from there, right?

The two ways to be the winning Christian one.

Is to keep your focus on those things #2.

Is about satisfaction.

Everybody knows from the 60s that.

You can't.

Yet no satisfaction right?

Rolling Stones, right?

So cheesy, right?

The believer is the only one.

Who can actually find true satisfaction?

And it's a strange thing because we.

We don't talk about it a lot, but the satisfaction in the life of the believer.

It isn't some idea of happiness, right?

Ultimate happiness.

It's contentment.

And that's what Paul says Paul from Jelly says.

I've learned in all things I've learned to be what to be content.

And every single thing I have learned to be nothing moves me independent of all external circumstance.

I've learned to be content I'm satisfied where I'm at.

And he wasn't looking for he wasn't looking.

To get out.

Although I'm sure he would like to he had plans to go see the Philippian church.

They never fell through, but he was content right where he was at, and that's probably, you know.

The most important thing for for the believer you want to you want to win this race.

Be content with what you have.

Be content.

With who you are.

Because our identity is in Christ, the very thing that we have our greatest value in possession is Christ.

If it becomes anything else, we become no better than the children of Israel.

And that's the great danger that that we're in in our day.

And I have great hope.

I have great hope.

I was reading this.

I read a lot I read.

A lot of things I got to think was I.

Oh, I was.

It's a video as much a video.

I'll finish here, so let's watch some video on this.

How this is gonna get confusing.

I was reading this video on this.

He was supposed to be a Christian.

He's talking about, but he's in the field of anthropology, so the study of humanity.

And he was saying, since the.

Enlightenment area era of the.

18th century, the 1700s where this movement came. In of this humanism and and atheism and evolution, and where we've displaced God, and we've brought in human intellect.

And now we can all just get along because we've displaced the the God who who puts the burdens on people and.

For free, we're finally free from that *******

Now we can just all get along and.

Have utopia, right?

Well, how how, how good.

Is that gone?

It's not going well.

So anthropology after a couple 100 years, what the study of humanity secular people are coming to the conclusion.

They're saying this doesn't work.

They said we need to get back to religion.

This is dangerous because we know there's a religious system coming that we should probably be aware of.

These but but human humanistic anthropology is coming to the conclusion that we need religion.

That's the word they use.

We need religion.

Religion is the is the the guiding force for societal harm.

Many we want we all want peace, peace in the Middle East, whatever it may be.

Peace on the streets.

And secular humanists.

We need religion.

Now that's both encouraging and scary at the same time.

So I really think I really think after listening that I was really encouraged was.

Like man, you know what?

There's hope because we've got the truth.

People are going to seek truth.

They're not seeking the lie.

They fall into the lie, but we have the truth.

So let's get them the truth.

Maybe in the last moment that they have maybe in the last.

Moment that we have.

Let's get them the truth.

Because they're ripe for it.

'cause there's a common religion.

That may even be here.

That is going to deceive.

And so may we finish the race in faith.

May we finish preaching the gospel.

May we finish the Commission that the disciples were sent out with?

Linked ARM and ARM going forth with the gospel.

You know, that's my hope for you, it's my.

Hope for myself.

That we would be people that would improve approach people.

Not about living your best life now.

It's about living for Jesus.

Let's pray, let's pray father, we thank you.

Lord, where can we go?

You have the words of life.

We thank you that there's no other name.

No other name under heaven, by which man can be saved.

But through the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Help us to not forget that.

But your position in our heart.

Is everything?

The place that you take in our mind is everything.

Lord may you be the high and lifted up one.

In every place.

Lord, may we glorify you with our words.

May we bring glory to your name?

May we praise your name amongst all men while there's still time?

Help us to not give up as we just see darkness all around us and discouragement.

You sent your son into the middle of that.

Darkness and discouragement.

To rescue humanity to bring up a generation that.

Would rock the world with your truth or.

Help us.

We want to be those people, sometimes we just.

Forget or we don't know how.

I pray for you to put a bird on everybody heart in here Lord, there's a name there's a face there is an individual there's a group that needs to hear the gospel.

That they're thinking of or are going to think of.

You give him the courage to be strong and to go, and the boldness of your spirit to minister.

The gospel.

Help us to not hold back Lord.

Help us to.

Not be ashamed.

It's your gospel that has power to save.

Help us Lord lead us and guide us help this body of believers to grow in your grace and in their faith and in communion with one another.

We thank you for that.

We still have a place to come.

Have fellowship and friendship.

To glorify you and we pray these things in Jesus name Amen, Amen.