Proverbs 5-6, Pay Attention To Wisdom

Proverbs 5-6, Pay Attention To Wisdom
1. Stay Far From Sexual Immorality (5:1-14, 6:20-35)
2. Always Be Enraptured By Your Spouse (5:15-23)
3. Deliver Yourself From Foolish Commitments (6:1-5)
4. Prepare Now For The Season Ahead (6:6-11)
5. Hate The Things That God Hates (6:12-19)

Pastor Jerry Simmons teaching Proverbs 5-6, Pay Attention To Wisdom

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Jerry Simmons shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Proverbs on Saturday, June 11, 2022 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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As we look at proverbs chapter five and six this evening, I've titled the message pay attention to wisdom, pay attention to wisdom because, well, that's what we're called to do here in verse one, my son pay attention to my wisdom.

The idea here is that wisdom understanding are not.

Really natural byproducts of our course through life, but that they're.

Requires some intentionality that requires a pursuit of wisdom on our behalf, and so if we want to be wise if we want.

To have understanding.

We do learn a lot.

Of course, through the course of life.

And gain understanding and knowledge as we grow older and experience more things.

But we can also be a very old, foolish person, right that in order for us to have wisdom and have understanding there.

Needs to be.

A deliberate effort on our part to pay attention to wisdom, to listen to what God has to say, and so here in chapter five and six, this exhortation begins our evening that we would kind of really open our eyes and quick in our hearts and our minds to receive and listen attentively to the things that the Lord wants to say.

To us now, this is our first time in the Book of Proverbs this round through the Bible in three years.

And so a quick introduction here the the Book of Proverbs is a collection of wise sayings.

The majority of them are from King Solomon, the son of.

And we will be looking a lot at him and his sayings as we go through.

Because most of the book is written by him.

But there's a few other authors gathered together in different portions, and so we'll see those as we go.

But King Solomon, of course, was known as the Wisest Man on Earth.

The wisest man who ever lived apart from Jesus.

Because when he first became king and 1st King Chapter 3, God gave him an opportunity to ask for anything that he wanted, and Solomon asked for wisdom.

And with the wisdom that God gave him in granting that request, Solomon brought the Nation of Israel to the height of its glory.

He had infinite, not infinite, but great wisdom.

God has infinite wisdom.

He was not as wise as God, but but he had great wisdom more than anyone had known around and and all from all parts of the Earth.

People came to hear the wisdom of Solomon, but of course we know the life of Solomon is interesting because the wisest man who ever lived became a fool.

And how did that happen?

We can follow his journey in First Kings.

We did a while back and so I'm not going to go.

Into a lot of depth there.

But but Solomon disregarded the things that he knew, even many of these proverbs that will read tonight and throughout our reading over the next several weeks that he knew.

Things of the Lord.

He knew what was wise and right and wrong.

And yet he didn't practice them.

He didn't pay attention to the wisdom that he knew, and so again, it illustrates for us, and Solomon is a really great illustration of our need to not just walk through these things and figure they don't have much impact for us, or much meaning for us, but.

But to really?

Tune our hearts.

In to what God has to say, because if Solomon.

Could write all of this and then wander in many of the very things he instructed about and warned against.

Of course, then we are all vulnerable to similar things and we need to guard our hearts by focusing our attention and receiving what God has to say now.

The classic.

Kind of Proverb really begins in proverbs Chapter 10, where you have those short sayings.

Things one definition described those proverbs as a short statement based on long experience and I like that idea.

It's a short statement that's based on a lot of experience and so we see these proverbs and we'll get to them in a couple days.

In chapter 10, those one liners or couple verses to put together.

These wise things that can stick with you and can really help guide you through the course of this life.

But the first few chapters of proverbs are writings about wisdom, poetic writings about various things that are still words of wisdom, but just not the classic kind of Proverb that we think of when the word Proverb is mentioned.

Now, the purpose of the Book of Proverbs is recorded for us in the very first chapter, verses one through 7.

Without getting into those details and reading it, you can go back and do that on your own.

The purpose of proverbs is to know wisdom.

To give prudence to the simple, that is to those who don't have wisdom but want it, the book of proverbs is here for that very purpose.

And also it is to increase the wisdom of the wise and so for those who have some wisdom because they've sat with.

The Lord and heard.

From the Lord and walked with the Lord.

Received from the Lord we can.

In the Book of Proverbs, increase that and continue to grow and develop and become more wise in our understanding of life and the pursuit of God and what God has for us.

And so there's great value in this book, and in what God can do as we seek him in it.

The Book of Proverbs Full of Wisdom you can think of that as insights for living a fulfilled life.

These are not laws in the same way that we would go back to the, you know, first five books of Moses and see the the law of God, but.

These are general.

Principles and guidelines for life that God is given.

To us because he wants you to live, he fulfilled the full and overflowing.

Life and if we will receive these words of wisdom from the Lord, our lives will be full and abundant as we walk in them.

So pay attention to wisdom and so we're going to walk through chapter five and six, not covering everything in depth but hitting some of the highlights here in Chapters 5 and six.

To help us to receive the wisdom that God has for us.

And the first thing that.

We'll look at.

Covers a few parts of Chapter 5 as well as chapter 6.

Here's point number one tonight.

Stay away or stay far from sexual immorality.

Stay far from sexual immorality.

Looking again at verses one and two it says my son pay attention to my wisdom.

Lend your ear to my understanding that you may preserve discretion and your lips may keep knowledge.

Verse 3 for the lips.

Of an immoral woman.

Drip honey.

And her mouth is smoother than oil.

But in the end she is bitter as Wormwood.

Sharp as a 2 edged sword.

Here in the first part of chapter five we are going to be exhorted and encouraged in regards to.

Immorality to stay far away from immorality. Now it's the predominant topic of Chapter 5. It's a big part of Chapter 6, and it's also the predominant topic of Chapter 7, so 5-6 and seven mostly deal with this subject of sexual immorality and staying away from it.

And so it's something that the Lord really wants to drive home in our hearts today and tomorrow as we read through these passages.

And so the first half of Chapter 5 deals with that.

The last part of Chapter 6 deals with that so.

I'm kind of mushing these two together to address this topic and help us to consider the importance of staying far from sexual immorality.

And the picture that is painted here that the author is writing is that there is this temptation of immorality, and it is alluring and enticing.

He says in verse 3 the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, and her mouth is smooth.

Other than oil that there is something that looks really fantastic, there is something that looks really sweet.

There is something that looks really smooth and there is, you know, an appeal to that and a desire.

Any draw to that.

But the classic idea of a.

The Hebrew poetry is a contrast of thoughts, and so these proverbs are often this kind of poetry where there's a contrast and so on.

The one hand, there is this.

Immorality that is placed in front of you that looks so sweet.

It looks so desirable and there's a craving for it.

But then the contrast in verse 4, but in the end she is bitter as Wormwood sharp as a 2 edged sword.

And so pay attention to this contrast.

There is something right in front of you that looks incredibly sweet and very desirable.

But if you partake.

Of that honey, then the end result is not what was promised.

When it was placed in front of you.

The promise of sweetness.

The promise of smoothness, the the promise of fulfillment is there in front of you, and it is a desirable promise.

But but it cannot fulfill the promise and and the end result is worse.

Then not partaking of that honey.

The end result is bitterness.

And hurt and pain.

He says it's sharp as a 2 edged sword.

Verse five goes on to say her feet go down to death.

Her steps lay hold of hell lest you ponder her path of life.

Her ways are unstable.

You do not know them.

Her ways are unstable and you do not know them.

This temptation.

Is of course a constant reality for us that.

We live in.

A world that loves and entices us with.

Immorality and the Scripture is clear, and the author of proverbs here is calling us to God is speaking to us.

And in these verses and throughout the scriptures, to remind us to let us know with great clarity.

As beautiful as sweet, as amazing as those things look.

The result of those things is death, and the world loves to entice us with things that will destroy us.

Even though there's this promise of great satisfaction, even though it seems to be the answer that we are looking for, and it is the fulfillment of something that is a strong desire within us.

But God says those things will destroy you.

If you want to be fulfilled, and if you want to have abundant life, God says follow my commands.

Don't believe the promises of those desirable things set in front of you.

Believe me at my word and follow.

What I say.

So verse seven therefore hear me now my children, and do not depart from the words of my mouth.

Remove your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house.

Remove your way far.

From her

Sexual immorality, in particular, can be a strong temptation for.

All of us.

And and many in struggling with this are wondering how how do I remove myself from this?

Of course there is the actual physical relationship that can be referred to here.

There is the battle that happens internally and the the thoughts and minds of of us as we crave things and desire things that are not of the Lord.

Jesus said to lust after someone in our heart.

Is this kind of sin, its immorality, in its committing adultery, spiritually speaking, and internally and so many in facing this battle, want to know and need the direction to be able to.

Resist this kind of temptation and and what is the direction that God would give us in that while verse 8 gives us the steps that we need to take.

Remove your way far from her and do not go near the door.

Of her house.

The exhortation is the encouragement is don't put yourself in a situation where you are going to easily be tripped up or easily snared into this kind of trap.

The answer to sexual immorality and resisting that temptation is to keep yourself from those kinds of situations, to stay as far away as you can.

There are a lot of times in our Christian life where we need to come face to face with a difficulty and we need to battle it out with certain things in life and certain tendencies and habits and and mindsets and desires.

But when it comes to sexual immorality, the exhortation from the scriptures.

Don't try to go toe to toe.

Don't try to go near the door and see if you can resist or go a little bit closer and and try to build up your resistance.

You know that that's not the way to handle temptation.

In this way.

It is instead to put yourself as far from that situation as you can.

Paul tells us in First Corinthians chapter 6 verse 18 to flee sexual immorality.

And so the idea here is get off the path to her house and don't go near the door and so you can kind of.

Go up kind of backwards, right like?

Don't go near the door.

In fact, don't get on the path.

In fact, run the opposite direction.

Flee from the path that leads to the door that leads to the House of immorality and sin.

Paul tells Timothy in second Timothy Chapter 2, verse 22, flee youthful lusts but pursue righteousness. Faith, love, peace.

With those who call on the.

Lord, out of a pure heart.

That there is to be a turning our back on that path towards immorality and a pursuit and and replacing.

That that that walking that direction, that movement with something that benefits us in the things of the Lord, pursue righteousness.

So it's not just don't go down the path, it's not just don't open the door it's.

Stay away from the door, get off the path that leads to the door and in fact turn and go the opposite direction of that path to protect yourself and preserve yourself from those kinds of situations.

And so we are to follow the practice of Joseph.

A good example for us in dealing with sexual immorality as day after day there was this offer from Potiphar's wife. When she grabbed him by the cloak he ran. He flead youthful lusts. He flead sexual immorality or fled from sexual immorality and.

Got out of there and so in battling temptation.

The best thing for us to do is to take practical steps in advance to keep.

Plus out of the the temptations that will be there out of those situations that will cause us to stumble.

Now, that's not a perfect solution for all things we we will still have battles.

We will still have struggles and temptations, but so it's not the answer like so you will never be tempted ever again.

That's it's not that it's you can keep yourself from a lot of temptations and really help benefit yourself by taking some practical steps and moving in the direction of the Lord and.

Away from those things.

That cause you to be tripped up so easily.

Well, he goes on in the next few verses to describe some of the regrets.

Listen if you don't stay off the path if you go down the path and if you open that.

Door what's going to happen?

Verse 9.

Lest you give.

Your Honor to others and your years to the cruel 1.

Lest aliens be filled with your wealth, and your labours go to the House of a foreigner.

And you mourn at last, when your flesh and your body are consumed, and say how I have hated instruction, and my heart despised, correction.

I have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined my ear to those who instructed me.

I was on the verge of total ruin in the midst of the assembly and congregation.

There's going to be a lifetime of regret.

If we don't learn to stay off the path.

To sin.

If you are involved in sin right now, if you are involved in your life, if there is these habits and patterns and lifestyles of sin.

Listen, you need to understand you're on the verge of total ruin.

Even though you're in the midst of the assembly and congregation.

As he says in verse 14, I was there in the midst of the Assembly I heard all those things, but I hated instruction.

I didn't listen to the instruction to stay off the path I I didn't listen to those things.

I hated instruction I I didn't want to allow the Lord or anybody else to direct my steps or give me instruction on what to do.

And so I ignored my teachers.

And there I was.

I was on the verge of total ruin and I ignored everybody.

And the end result there is now my honor has been given to others.

I've lost my reputation.

I've lost my ability to be respected.

I've lost so much, he says in your years to the cruel, and it describes the the hardship and ******* that comes from sin.

That that's in promises.

This sweetness and and so much greatness but.

Sin, as it dominates our lives, becomes a cruel master.

And so others benefit from our levers.

And we mourn at the end.

As our flesh and our body are just consumed by.

The consequences and devastation of sin.

So, great regrets.

Described very clearly here to help us understand the end and many of the proverbs and much about wisdom is about looking ahead at what the results are.

What is it that this path leads you to and make sure that you want to go to that destination.

If you're going to continue down that path that, get off the path.

If if it's something that will lead to ruin and destruction in your life, commentator FB Meyer says it is a matter for great thankfulness.

That the Bible which is God's book rather than man's, deals so strongly and wisely with one great evil, which has manifested itself in every age and in every state of society.

It speaks boldly and plainly, and all who will meditate on its teaching, with a prayerful heart, will be saved from many a painful.

We have great cause.

To be thankful.

In our society in our world there is a relaxing of standards and not just a relaxing of standards, but a strong opposition against the standards that God has pleased.

The design of God, the command of God is for sexual relationship to be only within the confines of a marriage relationship between a husband and a wife.

And that's what God says, and he's clear about that in his word.

And of course, society relaxes that and says you don't have to be married.

That doesn't.

That's not a requirement, or now even battling.

You don't have to be opposite genders.

Society is pushing against the instruction of God hating the instruction.

Of God.

And so we are.

Surrounded by this kind of influence, we are surrounded by attempts to normalize immorality to make it not sinful in our minds and not sinful in our eyes and.

And it's really important, and again, a reason for us to be really grateful to God, because there is this.

Devastating sin that is being promoted and celebrated, and you know that that that honey is being presented to us continually in a variety of ways in a bunch of fashions.

But we have.

Of a clarity from God's word that that if you partake of that and you believe all of the agendas that are being pushed and promoted upon us, there will be a bitterness that will result, and a ruin that will come. And the Bible stands firm as a lighthouse in the midst of that, and says.

This is a great danger.

This will destroy your life and you have the opportune.

To receive this instruction to pay attention.

To God's wisdom.

And get off of that path and save yourself from the hurt and heartache that so many around us are experiencing because they've bought into the lies of this world and that so many will experience even to a far greater degree as they continue down that path and continue down that course and visiting those things.

On and on and on again.

Well, this same subject is picked up again in Chapter 6, and so we're going to jump to proverbs Chapter 6, verse 20.

And look at verses 2324 to start. It says my son keep your father command and do not forsake the law of your mother. Bind them continually upon your heart.

Tie them around your neck.

When you roam, they will lead you.

When you sleep they will keep you and when you're awake they will speak with you.

For the commandment is a lamp, and the law a light.

Reproofs of instruction are the way of life to keep you from the evil woman.

From the flattering tongue.

Of a seductress.

Now these verses.

Introduce the subject again of immorality, but.

There's a strong and clear statement about holding fast to the word of God leading up to this subject.

In fact, it's interesting as you look at it.

This same pattern is found in Chapter 5, verse one and two.

We are encouraged to pay attention to wisdom to deliberately give our ear to understanding.

Right and then here in Chapter 6, verse 20, to keep the commands to bind them around your neck and keep them on your heart that that there is to be this focus on the word of God.

And then in Chapter 7 in the 1st 5 verses, there's this exhortation again to keep my words to keep the word of God.

And so, introducing sexual immorality all three times there is this prelude that reminds us to grasp, hold firmly of the commands of God found in his word.

And I I find that significant.

I think it's important because this kind of commitment to the word of God is especially needed in the subject of immorality, where there is so much deception and so much lies of the enemy.

All around us.

In order for us to resist the immorality that is being set before us, continually.

Again, it's not you just get to the door and then try to resist, but then you stay away from the door and get off the path in order to resist and protect ourselves from this kind of immorality.

What we need to do is commit ourselves firmly.

To the word of God.

In advance, in preparation, it's not just that well, you know when I'm really, really tempted and struggling. I'm gonna dabble with's in a little bit.

I'm going to entice myself a little bit.

I'm gonna enjoy some things for a while, but but then you know when it gets too serious then I'll shut it down and and that's not the way to go.

And and the the Lord is saying.

To us look you can't dabble.

You can't like play around on the path that's like playing around on the freeway you're you're gonna get hit you're gonna get trapped you're gonna get knocked out you need to focus.

On what God has to say and and have a firm commitment to obey him even before.

Those moments of temptation come yeah, there's been many studies done on the brain.

Over the years.

And I'm not a doctor or scholar in that way, but I would summarize some of those studies.

This way, the more enticed you are.

The less logic you have that that as we are in the midst of temptation and desire and and lust and craving, that our ability to think logically and rationally is reduced and reduced and reduced.

That's not an excuse for us to just give in to sin.

But but the point is, if you wait till then to try to be logical and and resist temptation, we're going to just be destroyed.

Our judgement is impaired by sexual stimulation.

Our judgment is impaired by those things that entice us.

And so Solomon says you've got to protect yourself from that in advance by guarding my words by holding fast to my instruction.

Because your brain is going to try to throw all that out as soon as temptation comes.

Prepare now and grasp hold now so that you're not shaken in the midst of those temptations.

Prepare it now by keeping.

The commands in verse 21, he says, bind them continually upon your heart. Tie them around your neck.

That's one of the reasons why we need to be firm in our discipline and commitment to spend time with God in his word that we would honor what he has to say and that we would be serious in our pursuit of knowing God and obeying him.

As we spend time with him in his word.

We need to be people of the word.

That God's word is with us always in our hearts and our minds, and in our hands.

Pastor Warren Wisby says the word of God in the mind and heart is like a guide who leads us on the safe path and protects us from attacks.

It's also like a friend who take who talks to us and counsels us along the way.

We need to.

Keep the word of God close.

Keep our commitment to the word.

Of God strong.

To help protect us, there's no protection against all temptation.

But we can be preserved from a lot of temptation.

By being faithful to and committed in our time with God in his word, well going on in verse 25, he says, do not lust after her beauty in your heart, nor let her allure you with her eyelids.

For by means of a harlot, a man is reduced to a crust of bread, and an adulteress will prey upon his precious life.

Notice there is the.

Participation here that we are called to have.

Do not let her allure you with her eyelids.

There is an element there.

There is again that the lips that that drip like honey, that that is enticing.

But we have a part to play and we can succumb to that, and we can let that build in us.

Or we can follow the instruction here and understand the end result.

Again, notice.

Verse 26 think about this path. Here's where this path takes you.

You will be reduced to a crust of bread.

That this course.

This path will result in a diminishing of all things in your life until you're just.

The crust you know people don't even want to have the crust.

It's not the desirable part of the bread.

You tear it off, you throw it away.

A worthlessness that is being described here.

That is the result.

Of engaging in a lifestyle of sin.

He goes on to challenge us.

Do you think that there will be no consequences if you dabble in sin?

If you play around with temptation, verse 27, can a man take fire to his bosom and his clothes not be burned?

Can one walk on hot coals and his feet not be seared?

So is he who goes into his neighbors.

Wife whoever touches her.

Shall not be innocent.

Now people swallow fire.

And walk over hot coals, right?

Does that prove all this wrong, no.

There there is a lot of effort and training, and there's side effects and repercussions to all of those wondrous feats as well.

The point here is very simple.

Are gonna be tempted to think that.

You have things under control.

You're going to be tempted to think that you can manage things I I've trained myself, I I know how to walk over hot coals.

But you can't walk over hot coals and train yourself to do that without developing calluses and and losing sensitivity.

You you don't have, even if you've trained yourself in that, you don't have the prime and pristine condition of of feet that God intends for you to have right the the point.

Is your going to have effects?

You're going to get burned.

There's going to be consequences, and then one of these days that dulled sense that you've developed because you've been walking over coals a bunch of times is going to put you in a position where you cannot control the situation and now the damage becomes much, much.

The problem with this kind of sin is that we often think that we can control things and manage things.

But it's no different than Eve in the garden.

There she is.

The the fruit looks good.

It looks good to eat.

It's desirable to make one wise so this this is going to be amazing, and then it's followed by a lifetime of regret.

You cannot.

Get away with.

A pursuit of sin.

There are consequences.

So do not play with sin.

Do not dabble in *********** Do not flirt with a coworker.

Do not because become close to.

That person of the opposite sex or same sex that is appealing to you that is desirable.

Do you don't let your mind dwell on those kinds of things that stir up those desires in you don't watch those shows, those programs, those tik T.O.K channels that that stir up those desires and and entice you in that way.

Don't let your eyes wander or stare.

Do not participate in sexual activity outside of the marriage relationship because you cannot do that and not get burned.

Well, verse 30 goes on to say people do not despise a thief.

If he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving.

Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold.

He may have to give up all the substance of his house.

Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding.

He who does so destroys his own soul wounds and dishonor.

He will get, and his reproach will not be wiped away for jealousy as a husband fear.

Therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.

He will accept no recompense, nor will he be appeased.

Though you give many gifts.

Here he compares immorality and adultery with stealing and the the point here is that.

You can understand someone when they steal because their family is starving or they're starving.

It makes sense, you can understand it, but but when they're caught, there's still the price to pay and and they will be worse off.

Even though you can understand and you can sympathize with the condition.

They're worse off because they stole, even though we understand why in a similar way.

Committing adultery, sexual immorality.

As much as it looks appealing and everything looks great.

We will be worse off.

If we engage in those things that God has called us to stay away from now, our society is a little bit different.

The jealousy of a husband you may not experience the vengeance that is described here, right?

That doesn't change this instruction, though.

The the danger is not just.

The threat of physical harm by a jealous husband.

The danger?

Is the devastation of sin.

That will.

Be plagued upon our hearts and we'll see that more as we go back to Chapter 5 in just a moment.

But again, the point is stay far from sexual immorality, so let's jump back to chapter 5, verses 15 through 21 or 23 gives us.

Point #2, and that is always be enraptured by your spouse.

Always being raptured by your spouse.

Verse 15.

Says drink water from your own cistern and running water from your own well.

Should your fountains be dispersed abroad, streams of water in the streets?

Let them be.

Only your own and not for strangers.

With you.

So here, after giving this exhortation to stay away from sexual immorality, Solomon goes on to give the proper place.

For sexual fulfillment and we need to keep the balance here because in all this warning against sexual immorality, it's important to remember that God is not against.

Sexual relationships he created sex.

He has a specific plan in place and purpose.

In fact, he even commands sexual relationship within a marriage relationship and that is.

When he can bless the relationship.

The Moody Bible commentary says, for the wise Son, there is a far better way.

He need not deny the reality of his sexual passions but fulfill them in the right place.

With his wife.

Or with your spouse, and so.

It is not a full abstinence that God requires from everybody.

It is parameters and boundaries that this kind of relationship is only to be experienced within the marriage relationship, and so he gives that.

Description There he pictures that as a well or a cistern, drink water from your own cistern.

You have those desires.

You have those cravings.

Don't go outside.

Of your own home, your own property to try to satisfy that thirst.

Run to the well that.

Belongs to you.

And drink water there, don't disperse your fountains.

And don't bring other fountains in.

Don't allow.

The exploration of other parties, but aside from husband and wife to be involved in any kind of sexual relationship that that this is to be exclusive to you and your spouse.

Verse 18 let your fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of your youth.

As a loving deer in a graceful doe, let her breasts satisfy you at all times and always be enraptured with her love.

Notice again there is the involvement here that that there is the opportunity to engage in what God has said and be enraptured with her love that.

This idea of, well, we just kind of fell out of love and so now we're pursuing other things like like that is not like well, it's just nobody's fault.

It's just things that happen no that that there is to be a.

A pursuit of that loving relationship between husband and wife.

So that you nurture it that you cultivate it, that that you preserve it.

So that those outside sources and outside temptations are not practiced, but instead you direct all of that energy that attention and those desires to one another as husband and wife.

The author of Hebrews says marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge again.

We have reason to be really thankful to God.

Because fornication that is sex before marriage is a commonplace, and it's a great deception in our society and many lives and families and children and children, children and children, children shows, children, children are being destroyed because they've bought into the lie that there is.

Not the requirement of marriage.

For the sexual relationship.

God is going to deal with that fornicators and adulterers.

God will judge, but.

The marriage bed is undefiled, that's the place that God has appointed for these.

Desires for these experiences for the fulfillment of the things that he has created and put in us. Verse 24.

Why should you, my son, be enraptured by an immoral woman and be embraced in the arms of a seductress?

For the ways of man or before the eyes of the Lord?

And he ponders all his path.

His own iniquities entrap the wicked man, and he is caught in the cords of his.

Sin he shall die for lack of instruction, and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

Notice he says in verse 21 the ways of the men are.

Before the eyes of the Lord.

So even going back to Chapter 6, if the husband doesn't beat you up.

If you don't get caught, even if the husband doesn't care or you know you're never found out, the Lord knows and our own iniquities entrap us, he says. In verse 22 there there is still we're still caught, even if we're not caught by somebody, even if we're not caught on camera.

We're still caught.

We're entrapped.

In the chords of our sin.

And so there is no escape.

From these traps, when we disregard God's word and pursue a path.

That is not of the Lord.

Pastor Thomas Constable says strict faithfulness will not result in unhappiness or failure to experience.

What is best in life as the world likes to try to make us think?

Rather, it guards us from the heartbreak and tragedy that accompany promiscuity.

There is a fear of missing out, perhaps.

There's an enticement and appeal.

It seems like the grass is greener on the other side.

Something better is out there and so we're pursuing it and chasing it and we can feel like faithfulness to our marriage vows.

Faithfulness to our spouse.

Will result in unhappiness and we'll miss out on the best things in life if we hold fast to this.

Commitment this covenant, this marriage that we have engaged in.

But those are all lies of the world.

Lies of the enemy, the lies that we tell ourselves to try to justify our sinful desires.

Faithfulness will lead to the best things that God has for you and it will guard you from the dangers, the devastation, the heartache, the brokenness.

That comes from disregarding what God has given to us in his word, and so.

An important subject, a clear subject.

I pray that it is not something that you are in the midst of, but if you are in the midst of it, it's not too late.

There is opportunity to turn back right now from that immorality from that path of temptation.

There's there's time to turn back and not.

Experience the fullness of devastation that will come if you carry on that path.

Stay far away from sexual immorality and devote all of your attention and passion to the spouse that God has appointed for.

Well, moving on into Chapter 6, again starting in verses one through five, we get the Third Point to consider moving away from the subject of sexual immorality, and so you can kind of relax a little bit and just kind of loosen up.

OK, let's talk about foolish commitments.

Deliver yourself from foolish commitments verses one through five year of Chapter 6 says.

My son, if you become surety for your friend if you have shaken hands and pledge for a stranger, you are snared by the words of your mouth and are taken by the words of your mouth.

So do this my son, and deliver yourself, for you have come into the hand of your friend.

Go and humble yourself, plead with your friend.

Give no sleep to your eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids.

Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter and like a bird from the hand.

Of the Fowler.

The wisdom is provided.

The exhortation is given.

Get out of those foolish commitments that.

You have made.

Not by disregarding your word, or being unfaithful to your word, but negotiate an exit.

For the commitment that has been made, he says if you've become surety for a friend or shaken hands in pledge for a stranger.

So if you made a commitment to any kind of people within the range, whether it's your your friend, your neighbor, that the one that you've.

Known for many.

Years, all.

They'll never do me wrong.

Or someone that you've never met.

Before or anybody in between.

The idea here is.

Whoever you've made that kind of agreement with.

The person that you've made the.

Agreement with is.

Not the subject here.

The main point, the main point is you've become surety.

For someone else.

Now surety was like we would describe it today, as like cosigning for someone.

It's someone who gives a guarantee on behalf of another person.

So the idea is you're vouching for them. You're saying, alright, if this person doesn't pay you back, the $100,000 that they're borrowing, I'll be responsible for it and give you the $100,000 now. This idea this concept of being surety and cosigning for other people, it is discouraged.

All throughout the book of Proverbs it's not forbidden as though, like this is a sinful thing to cosign for somebody, it's it's not forbidden.

It's not a law in that way, it's just discouraged in the sense that it's setting yourself up for a possible.

Really bad scenario if that person that you trusted.

Bails on their responsibility and now you are stuck with the bill.

And so the reality is, it's not really wise for us to be surety for someone to cosign in that way unless.

We can afford to pay for, you know, whatever it is that we're being surety for. FB Meyer says, if we can afford to be surety, then we can afford to lend the money ourselves. And if we can't do the former, if we can't lend the money, it's weak and foolish.

To do the latter, that is, to be sure to you and to be the cosigner for it.

That's something to consider.

It's a wisdom for us to meditate on, because that the reality here is that.

As much as you trust this person today down the line 2 years from now, you know there's a lot of things that may happen in life and you will be held responsible if they don't follow through on their commitment.

And if you're not in a position where you can handle that responsibility where you know your family is going to be hurt, your your life is going to be destroyed because your friend did not hold up, or your family member did not hold up their side of the commit.

It's a foolish commitment.

Then that you've engaged in your, you're counting on them, you know, behaving.

Although they've presented all kinds of evidence to not behave that way their whole lives, but all of a.

Sudden this time.

This time it's going to be different.

No, no.

Don't enter into that foolish commitment.

And if you have in the next few verses, he says to whatever.

You can do to get yourself out of it, deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter.

You cosign for you know that truck and.

Now you're going to be on the hook for that $30,000.

If your friend your family member doesn't pay.

Listen, you need to humble yourself and go back.

He says don't give sleep to your eyes or slumber.

To your eyelids.

Take that truck back.

Well, they're going to cost me.

You know they're going to charge a restocking fee and you know, there's all these.

If it costs you 10% more to take it back like pay that fee upfront, now that's better than being.

On the hook for the potential problems and difficulties later on, deliver yourself from foolish commitments.

So watch out for being surety when you cannot afford it.

Is the exhortation there moving on to versus 6 or 11?

We get point #4. Prepare now for the season ahead. Prepare now for the season ahead. Go to the aunts it says in verse 6 go to the edge, you sluggard consider her ways and be wise.

Which, having no captain, overseer, or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.

How long will you slumber, oh sluggard?

When will you rise from your sleep?

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep so shall your poverty come on you like a prowler and your need like an armed man.

Here we're encouraged to look at the example of the Ant.

The Ant.

Right now, maybe you're dealing with ants in your home.

Why are they all over the place all of a sudden?

Well, they're preparing for the season ahead where they won't be able to be out and about, and there won't be food for them to scavenge, and so they go and they store it all up right now, so that in the next season.

When they're not able to be out and about, they have the supplies that they need.

You know we can fall into the trap of kind of expecting everything to be as good tomorrow as it is today, and maybe you're thinking, well, it's not really good today, so I'm not falling into that trap, but.

It could get worse tomorrow.

Not not to try to like bring us all down or anything but.

But we can fall into the trap of thinking that things are going to go on as they are today.

And today is the standard of how life is going.

To be from now on but.

That's not the reality.

And there's some things ahead that are perhaps foreseeable.

There's seasons ahead, you know, seasons happen four times a year.

In most places, right and.

And they're not like.

Surprise, Oh my goodness.

Suddenly there's a winter this year.

Can't believe it's so strange.

Like there are things that there's seasons that we.

Go through that.

Are clear and predictable and and and happen every time and.

We need to be careful that we don't.

That we don't get blinded by.

Fulfilling ourselves and pursuing things that we want to pursue and neglecting.

The preparations that are necessary, you know, sometimes we need to be more diligent in our preparations and we can grumble and complain and have all kinds of stories.

Why we can't afford things?

Because, you know, we weren't expecting the tires to wear out and we weren't expecting things to get old and we weren't expecting to have to put food in our mouth and we weren't expecting for inflation to happen and we weren't expecting.

You know all these things?

Right and.

There are some surprises in life, yes, but there's also a lot of predictability in life.

Go to the aunt.

You slugger don't don't be lazy.

And do nothing in preparation.

For what's coming next.

Prepare yourself for the season ahead.

Work hard and prepare now for the things that are to come.

Now you can think about that.

I'm not saying that we all need to be.

What do they call preppers?

You know?

Like, like we're preparing for the disaster in the end of the world.

I'm not really even talking about that, it's just hey, you know there's going to be Christmas and so work now.

Prepare now for whatever you want to enjoy in Christmas.

Our society is the opposite, right?

It's like pee or enjoy the benefits now and figure out a way to pay for it later.

That's reversed, right?

But but no.

Prepare now you want to go on vacation.

Prepare now further things ahead so that you can enjoy and afford to go on vacation and and have that opportu.

Indeed, and so here the the Ant is the example for us of seeing what is coming, looking at what's ahead, whether it's desirable or undesirable and working now for those things that are to come and preparing ourselves for it.

Well, the final point found in verses 12 through 19 hate the things that God hates.

Verse 12 says a worthless person.

A wicked man walks with a perverse mouth.

He winks with his eyes.

He shuffles his feet, he points with his fingers.

Perversity is in his heart.

He devises evil continually.

He sows discord.

Therefore, his calamity shall come suddenly.

Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy.

Here we're given a description of a wicked man, and.

There's a lot of things, of course, that we could think about here that is going on walking with the perverse mouth, changing the story, speaking foul things, not being faithful to their word, not being faithful to the Lord with the things that they say.

Winking with the eyes, promising things.

Flirting and and and those types of things laughing at things that are sacred there.

There's a lot of things that can be expressed in this way as as the wicked man shuffles his feet and points with his fingers.

Maybe it's an accusation.

Maybe it's in mockery and laughter.

Perversity is in his.

Art and perversity is a crookedness that that the heart is twisted.

It's not straight, it can't see straight.

And so the mockery and the laughter it comes genuinely because the heart is twisted and and and it laughs at things that should not be laughed at.

It pursues things that should not be pursued.

And so the wicked man devises evil continually.

He doesn't just kind of dabble in things, but he, he devises it.

He invents it, he engineers it.

He he works on things that are against.

God and not of God.

And then he says he sows discord, divides people.

He upsets people, and sets the left against the right.

One side against the other side.

This wicked man.

Well, God says his calamity shall come suddenly.

He shall be broken without remedy.

Immorality or anything else that we've been talking about tonight, disregarding the word of God and what God has said, will always result in destruction.

The wages of sin is death.

It's destruction.

That is what God has promised verse.

16 these six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to him.

A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil.

A false witness who speaks lies.

And one who sows discord among brethren.

The wicked man engages in a lot of these things that the Lord hates.

Six things the Lord hates.

Seven are an abomination to him.

It's a way of expressing these things are things that God absolutely despises, an abomination.

It means it's a disgusting thing.

All seven of them are discussing all.

Seven of them are hated by the Lord, but but it's said this way to to make it memorable.

To help us understand this is serious, God hates.

These things

A proud look.

As you walk through these things, or some of them, hands shedding innocent blood, you know you might be like, hey, I don't do that so I'm good.

But but not all of these are murder.

A proud look, a lying tongue.

Devising wicked plans.

Sowing discord.

Slander, gossip.

There's these things that.

We are capable of, and perhaps do practice.

God says he hates them.

These things are disgusting.

And so we need to adopt the Lord's perspective and have the same attitude.

Toward it.

Heat the things.

That God hates.

It kind of ties into Sunday and Psalm 139. I didn't get to get into it on Sunday morning, but David was talking about don't. I hate those that you hate, Lord.

That we are to align ourselves with God and to identify those behaviors and those things that are sinful that God has declared are wrong and sin.

And he's not declared them wrong and sent to keep us from good things.

He's declared them wrong and sinful because they're destructive and they're terrible and they will bring about devastating consequences.

In our lives.

And so hate the things that God hates because God hates them because of how much they hurt you.

And they promise sweetness.

They promise incredible goodness and and all kinds of things.

But they will result.

In destruction.

And so believe God at his word.

Don't buy into this world and the lies and the deception of the enemies.

Don't buy into the justification that we tell ourselves for why we can engage in these things and why it's OK.

We need to learn to hate the things that God hates, and that means we'll stay far from sexual immorality.

And we'll deliver ourselves from foolish commitments that will be diligent instead of lazy, and that will be always enraptured by our spouses, and pointing ourselves in the direction of the things that God has called us to and set before us, and getting ourselves off of the path.

Those things that entice and lead astray.

Where the enemy desires to bring us into *******

To waist down and to crush us.

Hate the things that God hates.

Pay attention to wisdom.

It's not wise to carry on.

In sinful activity and these things that God is expressly and clearly said this.

I hate it.

It's disgusting, don't do it so.

Pay attention to what God has said.

Let it influence and impact the way that you live, Lord, I pray.

That you would help us.

To pay attention to what you have said.

Here in your word.

And Lord, any area where we are walking down a path that leads to a door Lord help us to not.

Go just a little bit further to push down a little ways down on the path and.

Dabbling in things that you've called disgusting and that you have declared that you hate Lord help us.

To hear what you have said.

And to turn our hearts around.

And to pursue righteousness and peace and love and righteousness and truth and justice.

Lord, that we would seek.

Your ways and your will.

With all of our hearts.

Help us to.

Tune up our ears.

And pay attention to the wisdom that you are providing.

Through your word, pray this in Jesus name.