Psalm 3 with Russell Burrell, Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen

Psalm 3 with Russell Burrell
Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen
1. Take Your Troubles To The Lord (v1-2)
2. Protection And Help Comes From God (v3-4)
3. God Will Sustain You In The Midst Of Your Troubles (v5-6)
4. Salvation And Blessings Come From God (v7-8)

Russell Burrell teaching Psalm 3, Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen

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Russell Burrell shared this Verse By Verse Bible study from Psalm on Sunday, June 25, 2023 using the New King James Version (NKJV).

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Russell Burrell [00:00:00]:

I will study this morning, guys, is gonna be in the book of Psalm. I'm gonna be looking at Psalm 3.

Russell Burrell [00:00:10]:

Some of the supported scriptures that we're gonna be also looking at this morning. A lot of it is gonna come from various chapters

Russell Burrell [00:00:22]:

in the book of Psalms.

Russell Burrell [00:00:25]:

We're also gonna be looking at, you know, That's a foundation 2nd Samuel

Russell Burrell [00:00:31]:

chapter 15,

Russell Burrell [00:00:32]:

the book of Jeremiah,

Russell Burrell [00:00:35]:


Russell Burrell [00:00:36]:

verse 1 or 2 verses in the book of Micah, the book of Isaiah, and the book of Philippians. So I'll just give you guys a foundation of what we're gonna be going and some of the scriptures that you can, you know, jot down and you can look at them later if you feel so inclined to do so. Like I said, Our text is in the book of Psalms. We're gonna be looking at all eight verses. There's a short a a a chapter It is a sum written by King David, doing a very difficult time in his life. In order to understand and get a background and get the full scope of our study this morning, and what David was facing and experiencing when he wrote this particular Psalm, we gonna look at take a quick look at, like I said, 2nd Samuel 15. And starting with 13th 1st 2nd Samuel, 15 verse 13, and we'll be reading

Russell Burrell [00:01:46]:

roughly 5 verses here. It says here, 2nd samuel 1513,

Russell Burrell [00:01:51]:

Now now a messenger came to David's saying, the hearts of the men of Israel are with Epsilon. So David said to all his servants who were with him at Jerusalem, arise, and let us flee or we shall not escape from Epsilon. Make haste to depart, Lacey overtake us suddenly and bring disaster upon us and strike the city with the edge of the sword, verse 15. And the king's servants said to the king, we are your servants, ready to do whatever my lord the king commands. then the king went out with all his household after him. But the king left 10 women concubines to keep the house, and the king went out with all the people after him and stopped at the outskirts. then all his servants passed before him. And all the charathites, all the pelletites, and all the get get tithes, 600 men who had followed him from death passed before the king. As we can see here, David's world had been turned upside down. because of the treachery of his own son, Epsilon,

Russell Burrell [00:03:21]:

who was attempting

Russell Burrell [00:03:24]:

to usurp authority from his father, King David. Essentially, He was carrying out a coup against David. And because of this betrayal, David was forced to leave his home and flee for his life. No doubt when David wrote this particular Psalm, he was under extreme distress, and he probably was greatly troubled by the situation that was planned out in his life.

Russell Burrell [00:04:01]:

Probably wondering to himself, what do I do now?

Russell Burrell [00:04:04]:

Who do I turn to for help? In your own life, as believers, when you're faced with problems and the troubles that are associated with this life, that seems insurmountable, and you don't know which way to turn or who to turn to for help. Who do you call on? You better not say Ghostbusters. Okay?

Russell Burrell [00:04:36]:

You see when life beat us down, we can feel like the lyrics of that over religious song.

Russell Burrell [00:04:44]:

It says nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Nobody knows my sorrows. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down. Oh lord, sometimes I'm almost to the ground. Nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Nobody knows but Jesus.

Russell Burrell [00:05:05]:

David found himself in over his head.

Russell Burrell [00:05:10]:

And as I mentioned, He was overcome with the problems and the troubles that were beyond his control even though he was the king of Israel, Israel, these troubles, the problems that he was facing from within his own household was beyond his control. And no doubt David May, even though the song wasn't around at that particular time, maybe felt like the lyrics of that particular song, that song that I just recited to you guys. So the title of today's message is nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Funny story this morning when I got here, Jerry Richard and myself, we was outside.

Russell Burrell [00:06:03]:

and Jared came up to me, and he asked, you know, he said, Russell, what is the title of your message this morning? And I gave it to him. And, you know, I told him the the the background of of initially Richard said, I'd never heard of that song before. And then Jerry said, yeah. I've heard of it from Deliah King. It's amazing, you know, the generational gap there. And I told them, I said, you know, that's a song that used to be sung by Lewis Armstrong. They probably don't even know who that is either. You know, sashmoe. But Jerry, you know, said, he just remember, I guess, Timba. Timber and what the other guy's name? Simone? Timma. Who was it? Poonba singing that song. Yeah. Poonba. So I told him I tried to get Tim, but it teach today, but he was unavailable. So so that song guys, it it not from the lion's king. Okay? It's it's it's it's an old religious song. Like I said, that Louis Armstrong to seeing a lot.

Russell Burrell [00:07:13]:

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Like I said, no doubt David felt that way. at this particular juncture in his life. Job 14 1 says, man who was born a woman It's about a few days and full of trouble. This particular verse from the book of Job can sum up every person's life that's ever lived here on this earth. those who have lived in past generations, those of us who are living in this present generation, and no doubt it would still apply to people that gonna be born in future generations. Our days here on Earth are few. but they can be full of trouble. Jesus tells us, oh, in this life, we're gonna have trials and tribulations. But at the same time, he said that we are to be a good cheer because he had overcome the world. And that in him, we can have peace doing these trials in tribulations that we go through in life. Therefore, as believers always remember that Christ is our peace He's our strength in the midst of any trials and tribulations that we face in life.

Russell Burrell [00:08:48]:

Doctor McGee and his commentary on this particular portion of Skip to put it this way, and I quote, He said, trials and sorrows are shared by all godly people, regardless of who they are, or in what period of his history

Russell Burrell [00:09:05]:

they live. The comfort given in these Psalms, and he referenced Psalms 3 through 7, is for all of god's children. End quote, when the weight of this world It's on your shoulders, and you're burning down under its heavy load. we, as believers, need to turn to god and the promises given in his in his word.

Russell Burrell [00:09:36]:

The bible tells us that he has promised never to leave us nor forsake us.

Russell Burrell [00:09:44]:

He's also promised us that he would always be with us even until the end of the age. Now with that as an introduction, turn into our text this morning. We would see that this is what David did. when he was faced with this difficult time in his life. He depended on the power of God, And he stood on the promises of God during this particular time. This Psalm, Psalm 3, is a very personal Psalm for King David. He talks about the anger anguish and the difficult difficulty of the situation that he has found himself in. If you sit in here today and you're burdened now, this Psalm can also be personal for you also. if you find yourself in a difficult situation in life. From our study this morning, we're gonna focus on four points. Our first point is gonna come from verses 1 and 2 of Psalm 3. And the first point is take your problems and your troubles to God. First one says, lord, how they have increased? Who troubled me? Many are they who rise up against me, many are they who say of me, there's no help for him in God, Seela.

Russell Burrell [00:11:28]:

David has stated, he had Lord.

Russell Burrell [00:11:33]:

The people that against that have come against me, they have increased, and they are troubling me greatly. he said many are they who has rise who have rose up against them.

Russell Burrell [00:11:49]:

David is saying, lord, my my problems they they they they multiply.

Russell Burrell [00:11:55]:

I got problems on every side. I got problem coming from the left, and I got problem coming from the right. I got people attacking me from every conceivable side, and I need help.

Russell Burrell [00:12:15]:

As you sit here today,

Russell Burrell [00:12:17]:

you know, you may feel like David. Your problems are many, so much so that they can't be numbered. They are they may be beyond your control, and you don't know what to do. And you don't know who you are to turn to maybe. I encourage you to turn to Jesus if you're facing this in your life today. Again, in verse 2, we see David Retreat repeat that phrase. Many are they. Many are they. He goes on to say, who say, there is no help from him, for for him in God. Again, you might be sitting here and some of the people that are surrounding you have told you, there's no hope for you. There's no help for you. You're you're beyond HIPAA help. No one can help you, not even God himself. And if they're not saying that to you out rightly, they may be thinking that. They may be thinking, you know, you're a believer. You're always talking about god and how good God is and what God can do. And now look at you. Look at the situation you're caught up in. Where is your so called God now? If you find yourself facing insurmountable problems, and you don't know what to do. Remember what God's words has. God tells us to be still and know that I am am God. there's no greater assurance that we have as believers than this. Knowing that we have a god who is able to help us doing life difficult times and troubles that we face. If you're sitting here, you're listening online, and if you are a believer, Know that the lord of hosts is with you, the god of Jacob, It's your refuge, as it says in Psalms,

Russell Burrell [00:14:54]:


Russell Burrell [00:14:57]:

But if you sit in here, Or you're listening online and you're not a believer, maybe you will have to make that call to Ghostbusters. You know? But our hope is not lost for you. You can still call on God right where you are. Right now, if you want to, All you have to do is surrender your life to him and ask him for help. And he'll be there, and he'll become your deliverer he have become that place of refuge for you also, so all is not lost. If you sit in here and you're not a believer today. Then David is, this portion of scripture versus 1 and 2 with the word sea law. That word occurs about seventy one times in the book of Psalm. And I like the way to amplify bible version said, what what it says about this particular word. It put it this way. It says now pause and calmly think of that. pause and calmly think about what you have just read. We need to thoughtfully consider what we have just read and what King David is saying here. We need to get a full understanding of the words that have been spoken. David, like I said, no doubt, he's facing dire circumstances here. and there appears to be no help for him, even from god himself. according to many of the people that are around him.

Russell Burrell [00:16:53]:

They probably are watching and waiting saying, absalom is about to take over the kingdom. David, a god a man after god's own heart. What is he gonna do now? Who is he gonna call out to now? Who is he gonna depend on now?

Russell Burrell [00:17:12]:

in the following verses from our from Psalm chapter 3, we're gonna see exactly what David is gonna do. We're gonna see David's faith and his dependency in god come into play. Before we move on though, to our next versus a quick side note. and and what I'm about to say, please don't take it the wrong way. I don't mean to sound irreverent.

Russell Burrell [00:17:49]:

in any way. But I think a lot of time, god maybe look at us

Russell Burrell [00:17:54]:

in amazement sometimes, especially if you sit here and you claim to be a believer. Sometimes I think when we're going through difficult times, and was wondering, what are we gonna do? How are we gonna handle this situation? Who's gonna come down with who's gonna offer us help in that particular situation?

Russell Burrell [00:18:27]:

And we probably sometimes even think, man,

Russell Burrell [00:18:32]:

Not even god himself can help me now. In the situation that I've gotten myself into or the situation that I find myself in. And I think maybe look at us No doubt in love and in amazement sometimes.

Russell Burrell [00:18:51]:

And he said, come on, man. Come on, people. Do you guys know who I am? Do you guys know who I am and what I'm capable of doing?

Russell Burrell [00:19:02]:

It says in the book of Jeremiah, the lord says, behold, I am the lord. The god of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me? And I think sometimes that's believers we forget about that. because we're focused sometimes a lot of times on what we can do. of what someone else can do to help us instead of being focused on God and what he can do and what he will do to help us.

Russell Burrell [00:19:34]:

It's like that all stay commercial.

Russell Burrell [00:19:40]:

Remember that God is able.

Russell Burrell [00:19:42]:

And if you are in his hands, you truly are in good hands.

Russell Burrell [00:19:49]:

And he is more than capable of handling any type of mayhem that will come into your life. if he's able to do that, we should lean and depend on on the words that are that Apostle Paul wrote in

Russell Burrell [00:20:12]:

Philippians for a very familiar portion of scripture. If God is all of that, the apostle Paul says, therefore, don't be anxious for nothing.

Russell Burrell [00:20:27]:

In a situation you might find yourself in, don't be anxious in it. But in everything through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be known to god, and the peace of god will surpasses all understanding Well, god your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Our god, the ones able to work all things for good, for those who love him. Our second point this morning It's gonna come from verses 34. And it is protection and help comes from God. First 3 says, but you, oh lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head. I cried to the lord with my voice, and he heard me from his holy hill, Seela. As believers, when we cry out to God for help, we can be assured that He hears our prayer our prayers. It may not always seem like it. It may not even appears a lot of time that he's even listening listening to what we got to say, but he is I found this in an old dentist, diminished comic strip from years back. As Dennis got on his knees to pray, he said this. God, I hope it's not too late. I didn't know what time you close-up there. As believers, we never have to worry about god going to god and finding a do not disturb sign hanging on his door. Because the bible tells us that he, speaking about god, the one that we depend on, He that keeps us never slumbers, and he never sleeps. So you don't have to worry about going to God and saying, oh, he's not available. Someone telling you, oh, call back later. we don't have to face that problem.

Russell Burrell [00:22:56]:

David knew this all too well,

Russell Burrell [00:22:59]:

and he was well aware of the god he believed in and the god he trusted in. After telling god about what he was going through in the first two verses of this particular Psalm, he stopped verse 3 with these two words. He said, but you. But you. referring to god, and I love this. Then he goes on to say, what God is in comparison to the problems and the troubles that he's currently facing. Listen to this. He said, but you are my shield.

Russell Burrell [00:23:41]:

You alone are able to protect me From all the troubles that I'm currently facing, David was telling god. 2nd Samuel, 2231 says he is a shield to all who take refuge in him.

Russell Burrell [00:23:59]:

He is your protector. It gets all that life can throw at you and will throw at you. Some 143 nines, another sum written by David, he said, deliver me, oh, lord, from my enemies. I take refuge in you.

Russell Burrell [00:24:23]:

Then after saying, but you, lord, of my shield. He goes on to say,

Russell Burrell [00:24:28]:

but you are also also my glory. You alone, Lord, are worthy because of your greatness, because of your splendor, because of your power, you alone are able to address and remedy this situation that I currently find myself in.

Russell Burrell [00:24:55]:

In Psalms 50, verse 15, god tells us to call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me. Also in the book of Isaiah, Isaiah 43, it says, for I am the lord your god, the holy one of Israel, your savior.

Russell Burrell [00:25:23]:

realize who it is that is in your corner as a believer. He's the almighty god. He's our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. And like I said earlier, it's anything too hard for him. David goes on to say, but you, are also the lifter of my head when your soul is distressed and without hope. God is able to strengthen you in your times of trouble. Some 34th seventeens that the righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them. and deliver them out of all their troubles. I'm telling y'all these versus the scripture,

Russell Burrell [00:26:24]:

pointing out all the promises that are in God's word for each and every one of us in our times of trouble. and it behooves each and every one of us to remember these portions of scripture, and men are like it. so we can lean and depend upon God's word and not our feelings, not our circumstances. But the promise that that he would had given us

Russell Burrell [00:26:49]:

in his words, and he is always there to help us. He is always there no matter what we're dealing with or what we're going through, when your soul is overwhelmed, Remember what the word of god says,

Russell Burrell [00:27:05]:

and strengthen yourself in his word.

Russell Burrell [00:27:10]:

strengthen yourself in his promises and what he says.

Russell Burrell [00:27:17]:

The Psalm is in Psalm 42, verse 5 said this. He said, why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad?

Russell Burrell [00:27:28]:

I would put my hope in god. I would praise him again, my savior, savior, and my god. And, also, remember these words from Psalms 145 verses 1819. It said the lord is nearer to all who call upon him. He will also hear their cry and save them. How encouraging and glorious are the words of God and his promises if we just lean and depend upon them. And I'm not upstanding up here trying to downplay problems or situations in people's lives. Those things can happen in your life, that can really turn your world upside down, like what's going on here with David. But I'm simply here to encourage you and encourage myself as well, that issues that we face in life, the things that we go through in life, we need to try to keep our focus on God. And if we get, you know,

Russell Burrell [00:28:49]:

off the beaten path or off the track, we need to refocus. And say, god, you know what I'm going through.

Russell Burrell [00:28:56]:

You know what I'm dealing with. You know the doubts that I'm having. It's nothing be honest with God.

Russell Burrell [00:29:04]:

Tell him exactly what you're going through and what you fill it. He already knows in a way, but he want us to come to him and have the intimacy with him and express our feelings, our true feelings to him and tell him what we're going through. In verse 4, David, he said, I cried to the lord with my voice, and he heard me. As I stated earlier, we can always be assured that God hear the cries of his children. Just like mothers, runs to take they run to take care of their kids, their babies when they hear them cry out.

Russell Burrell [00:29:45]:

Our god does the same thing for us. Psalm 40 verse 1 says, I waited patiently for the lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. Like I said, it might not always seem like it. It, you know, we go through difficulty in life And we call out to God, and a lot of time we're so willing to judge, but, well, you know, I prayed about this. you know, it'd been a week. It'd been 2 weeks. It'd been a month. God hasn't answered me yet, and we give up. Then we go looking elsewhere. We go

Russell Burrell [00:30:24]:

to our friends, our families. And and it's nothing wrong with that because maybe God is directing you to do that. But like I like I'm trying to say,

Russell Burrell [00:30:34]:

all too often, sometimes we get ahead of God and we give up on God when he had just saying, hey, just wait on me. be still and wait on me. And that's what we need to train ourself to do and say, lord, I don't understand why you're telling me to wait. I don't understand why I have to wait. But if that's what you're telling me to do, that's what I'm gonna do. And then again, we see this word, Sheila. Now Paul's saying calmly think about that. Lord, David was saying my problems are METI, but you. those 2 words. If you don't remember anything else this morning, remember those 2 words. But you, lord. My problems, the magnified ten times over, but you. but you.

Russell Burrell [00:31:37]:

In comparison to what I'm facing my problems,

Russell Burrell [00:31:40]:

you are able to help me. Micah chapter 7 verses 7 and 8 says this. Therefore, I would look to the Lord I will wait for the god of my salvation. My god would hear me. Do not rejoice over me, my enemy. When I fall, I will arise. When I sit in darkness,

Russell Burrell [00:32:06]:

the lord would be a light to me.

Russell Burrell [00:32:13]:

I like that particular portion of scripture. If I sit in darkness, the Lord would be my light. If you feel beaten down and darkness has engulfed your very soul, Call out to god and wait on him, and he will help you. The lord says, in Jeremiah 30, verse 11, for I am with you, says the lord, to save you. I am with you to save you. Our god is always with us. We have to remind ourselves for that. Even during the difficult time, we have to say, god, you promised me you'll be with me. You promised me you'd never leave me or forsake me. You promise me that you would be with me even until they end up age. You have to repeat God word, TSF. and no saying, hey. I got to stand on the promises. That'd be a word because I got nothing else. I got nothing else.

Russell Burrell [00:33:28]:

Our 3rd point this morning

Russell Burrell [00:33:31]:

come from verses 56, and it is god will sustain you in the midst of your troubles. for 5 says, I lay down and slept. I woke, but the lord sustained me. I would not be afraid of 10,000 of people who have set themselves against me all around. David started this particular portion, a scripture wit, I lay down and I slept. After all of this, then from the the the statements that he made in the previous chat verses, and taken his petition to God, David was able to lay down and to in peace and go to sleep. No

Russell Burrell [00:34:29]:

tulsing and turning,

Russell Burrell [00:34:32]:

not consumed with worries about what's gonna happen, how I'm gonna get out of this situation, how am I how am I gonna be able to come back home, How am I gonna be able to put down the the cool attempt that it's been

Russell Burrell [00:34:51]:

done by my very own son?

Russell Burrell [00:34:56]:

No. He just rested in God. and he was able to lay down his sleep. Some 42 verse 8 says this. The Lord will command his loving kindness in the daytime. And in the night, his song shall be with me.

Russell Burrell [00:35:19]:

I like that portion of scripture also.

Russell Burrell [00:35:24]:

And that one verse, it covered the 24 hour time frame. He's saying god would be with me in the daytime. And when I lay down and sleep at night, his song would be with me. Again, Doctor McGee, on his commentary on this particular portion of scripture says this. In spite of all the problems and troubles that David had, he trusted in the lord. He wasn't able to get an aspirin or a sedative to put him to sleep. He simply trusted in the lord, pillowed his head on the promises of god and went to sleep. close quote. He pillowed his head on god promises. and he was able to sleep peacefully. Not because of anything that David had done or could do, But like I said, he simply trusted in his god and believe god at his word. so he was able to sleep peacefully.

Russell Burrell [00:36:36]:

Knowing that god was in control, of the situation.

Russell Burrell [00:36:43]:

I can't remember where I read this particular quote

Russell Burrell [00:36:48]:

who I can't accredit it to anybody, but it says the word of god is like a soft pillow for a tired and weary soul. Doctor McGee may have said it, but I can't remember where I heard read it from. The word of god is like a soft pillow for a soft I mean, for a tired and weary soul. pillow

Russell Burrell [00:37:19]:

your worries and your concerns. on the word of god. And that's hard to do. I'll be the first one I've met because your mind is always racing. How am I gonna take care of this how am I gonna do this? I find it ironic,

Russell Burrell [00:37:40]:

you know, last night.

Russell Burrell [00:37:43]:

I had a difficult time sleeping. I think partially

Russell Burrell [00:37:55]:

you know, a lot of times in my own personal life when when when Jerry asked me to teach, I think the the the enemy

Russell Burrell [00:38:08]:

Constantly is berating me and coming down on me and putting thoughts in my head and saying things to me, and I was thinking about the message

Russell Burrell [00:38:19]:

last night. So I was tossing and I was turning, and I was thinking about some other issues that I'm dealing with in my life. And it would just and I said to myself, I found the kind of funny in a sense that God's here tomorrow. I'm teaching on this particular portion of scripture and I'm having a hard time sleeping. You know? So I needed to and I kept a lot of time when I do that, I repeat scriptures

Russell Burrell [00:38:50]:

in my mind as a mind there. I try to constantly scriptures that God bring to my mind are scriptures that I've memorized, and I repeat them to myself. Because, like I said, a lot of time to solve my god. You know? So pillow your head on the Word of god and his promises. David goes on to say in verse 5, I walk for the Lord sustained me. After resting peacefully in the lowest care, David woke refreshed.

Russell Burrell [00:39:36]:

Because like I said, he had given everything his whole situation, the problems that he was facing, the situation that he found himself in, he had given all of it to god, The bible tells us that we should cast our burdens on the lord, and he shall sustain us. He should never permit the righteous That is those who belong to him to be moved.

Russell Burrell [00:40:00]:

Then David said in verse 6, he said I would not be afraid. Why wasn't he afraid? because David was resting in the lord and the power of his might, and he was able to say Lord, I'm not afraid. Even if ten thousand people come against me, I'm trusting you. Psalm 118 said, the lord is on my side. I would not fear what can man do to me? When god is for you, who can be against you? Our final point this morning is gonna be found in the final 2 verses of Islam is salvation and blessings. come from god. Verse 7 and 8 says, arise o lord. Save me. Oh my god. for you have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone. You have broken the teeth of the ungodly. Salvation belongs to the lord. Your blessing is upon your people. Again, we see that word of sealah. David's final request and appeal to god was, arise god, and save me. In situations you're facing in life, again, I ask a question. Who are you calling out to? Who are you appealing to? In any and every situation we face in our in life, our our appeal should be to god. Psalm 60, verse 1112 says, Give us help from trouble, but a help a man is useless. Though go through god, we would do valiantly for it is he who should tread down our enemies.

Russell Burrell [00:41:57]:

Not turning to man,

Russell Burrell [00:42:01]:

But turn into God because the scriptures tells us, in certain situations,

Russell Burrell [00:42:09]:

to help

Russell Burrell [00:42:11]:

that come from man is useless. The power with all money, god. Our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, who is able to calm the storms in your life. So much so that the disciples beg the question on the sea of Galilee, when Jesus come this raging storm, they say, what manner of man is this? What manner a man is this that he can do such things? What manner a man is he? He's our god. He's our protector. He's our provider. He's our refuge. He's our great high priest. He's our lord, and he's our savior. He's our almighty god. and we need to remember that. We need to stand on that.

Russell Burrell [00:43:12]:

We need to depend on that. Doctor Tony Evans, in his commentary on this particular portion of script, he said, though we must not ignore the reality of our suffering,

Russell Burrell [00:43:25]:

we can find peace in the midst of our storms. And that peace for us as believers is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Russell Burrell [00:43:39]:

David's con concludes the sum with this statement. Salvation is found in the lord and his blessings on on those who belong to him, his people, those who belong to him, we as believers,

Russell Burrell [00:43:54]:

I wanna emphasize that. Not all people, but his people, See, if you don't belong to him, you can't expect

Russell Burrell [00:44:04]:

God to help you. You can't go to God and appeal to him. You know? It's just like my 2 boys. They're not gonna come to go to some other father and ask, by help, they're gonna come to me. I'm their father. That's what we need to do. We belong to God. He's our father. So we can appeal to him, but if you don't belong to him, you can appeal to him. It only applies to those who have put that trust in him that Lord and savior, those of us who are believers in Christ. And being believers, we are able to cry out to him. We are able to seek him.

Russell Burrell [00:44:45]:

we are able to expect help from him in our times of trouble.

Russell Burrell [00:44:52]:

Some some 43 said, but know that the lord has set apart for himself, Him, who is Godly. The lord will hear when I called to him. Not Gottlie in ourselves because we got nothing in us

Russell Burrell [00:45:11]:

that can make us godly if we haven't accept Christ says our lord and savior. But because we have Christ live in us. And it's his righteousness in us. that he has given to us as believers, I should say, that qualifies us to be godly. And because of this, we can boldly say, like it says in the book of Hebrews, the lord is my helper. The lord is my helper. And because he is our helper helper, we we have no need to fear life troubles. Isaiah, 4 to 110 10 says, fear not. For I am with you, be not dismayed or discouraged, for I am your god. I was strengthening you. Yes. I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. God instructs us to fear not in times of trouble. He said, I'm your god. I am with you. I will strengthen you, and we have to stand on those promise. We have to depend on those as believers. But like I said, if you're not a believer, you can't depend on that. But as I alluded to earlier, all hope is not lost. You can become a believer. And then you have to write as one of his children to cry out to him and say, lord, I need your help. And as your father then, he's able to provide that help. Again, in this portion of scripture, we come across this word against Sheila. Now, pause and calmly think about what you have just read and what you have just heard, we as believers have an awesome god. who has not only given us salvation, but one who pours out his blessings upon us as his children. As we prepare to close this morning, I just wanna point out a few examples quickly where God deliver his people from seemingly impossible situations. The first one is in the book of Genesis. You guys recall the story of Joseph, sold into slavery, falsely accused by potash's wife, and thrown into Egyptian prison for 13 approximately 13 years, And when it seemed that all hope was gone, god delivered him and made him prime minister of Egypt. In the very place, he has suffered so much harm and heartache. God delivered him. and the book of Exodus. Speaking of the nation of Israel, god rescued and delivered them from 400 years of slave bond bondage. in Egypt. He delivered them from pharaoh's army after pharaoh had released them He chased them now. You guys know the story to the shores of the Red Sea. And god, miraculously departed the rare seed and about and and and and provided a way of escape for them. Not only that, he led them on their wilderness journey for 40 years, and he safely brought them into the land of promise that he had told them about. In the book of 2nd kings, recall the story of king Hezekiah. During the reign of king Hezekiah, the king of Assyria came, sent word to him as a hezekiah,

Russell Burrell [00:49:11]:

I'm coming for you.

Russell Burrell [00:49:13]:

For you and the nation of Judah, you're gonna be mine. Look at the oldest surrounding countries that I've already taken care of, taking over rather to there's no help for you, so I'm coming for you. The nation of it Judah, as well as king Hezekiah, they were afraid and without hope. Unable to be delivered by the help of men. If you recall the story, they had appeal to the nation of Egypt. for help in order to fight the king of Assyria. They weren't in a help. But in turning to god,

Russell Burrell [00:49:54]:

through to prophet Isaiah. God, in one night, wiped out a 185,000 Assyrian soldiers

Russell Burrell [00:50:06]:

and delivered king Hasaka and a nation of Judah. Go a little bit farther to the book of Daniel, speaking up to 3 Hebrew boys. Shat Ratan Meshak and the Bendigo, thrown into the fire of Furnace because they refused to worship King Neva Kenazzar. It appeared that that fate was doomed, and they were they were without hope.

Russell Burrell [00:50:37]:

But in the midst of being in the fire, the king and his councilors looked into the fire of Furnace and say, hey, didn't we throw three people in there? How is it that we see for? And the one the 4th one appears to be the son of God.

Russell Burrell [00:50:57]:

God would walk in with them in the fire protecting them.

Russell Burrell [00:51:04]:

so much so that even when they were removed from the fire furnace, the bible tells us that Not even a hair on their body was cinch. Not even the smell of smoke, a fire was on them. Damn, we look at Daniel.

Russell Burrell [00:51:28]:

a godly man thrown into the lion's den because of a wicked decree that were put forth by corrupting godless men. He should have been torn apart within minutes, according to the law of nature. But the all powerful god of the universe was able to protect him because he was with them in that lion's den. Then god delivered him. And those who plotted against Sam, met the faith that they had intended for Daniel. And last but not least, the apostle Paul. God delivered Paul for many turmoil and troubles throughout his Christomite. from being beaten with rods to being stoned to death, from shipwrecks, from

Russell Burrell [00:52:28]:

drawers, and many other dangers that are listed in the 11 chapter of 2nd Corinthians. And when it was all said and done, Paul could say, in the book of 2nd Timothy,

Russell Burrell [00:52:40]:

I kept the faith. I fought the gut fight. And there is laid up for me, a crown that the lord would give to me in that day. Not because of anything I've done, but because I had my faith in Christ. I kept the faith. I run the good race. So I have this reward waiting for me. Now these are just a few examples in the bible where god delivered his people from seemingly impossible situations. And if he does that if he did that, then He is also able to do it now. He can deliver us from impossible situations. How can we be sure about this? Because the bible tells us that the God that we serve, it's the same yesterday today, and forever. He is still in the delivery business for his people. He is still able to deliver. As we conclude our study this morning, I wanna end this study as I began it with the lyrics of of another over religious song. It's an old hymnal from my childhood days, and our church choir was often seeing it. And I can see I hit a melody in my head now from our crow choir director A lady by the name of miss Mabel Hooper. Hoop Hoop Hooper. Yeah. And the song she was singing quite often would be leaning on their everlasting arms. And it says, oh, what a fellowship? Oh, what a jaw divine leaning on the everlasting arms, over the blessedness, over what a peace is mind, leaning on the everlasting arms. leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms, leaning, oh, leaning, leaning on their everlasting arms. After you as you experiences the ups and downs of this life, Keep your eyes focus on Jesus. Keep your trust completely in Jesus. and always lean upon the everlasting arms of Jesus because he alone he alone knows the troubles. that you have seen are the troubles that you're going through. I wanna end with this final birth. and Ephesient Ephesient 3 verse 20 through 21 says. Now to him, who is able to see do do a seated abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to the power that works in us, to him be glory in the church. by Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen guys? That's prayer. My father, we thank you for your word this morning. We thank you, my father, for the faithfulness of your word. We thank you, my father, for the promises in your word. Now we ask my father that you give us strength to stand on these promises. Even when we feel downtrodden, even when we doubtful even when we're not sure what to do or where to go, help us to remember to turn to you. that as she said in your word, you will never leave us, you will never forsake us, and that you will always be with us. throughout this life even to the end of the age. So the best way we can, my father, we ask you to strengthen us in these promises. We ask that you help us to depend on these promises when we're faced with the troubles and the trials of this life. Help us to remember who we serve. Help us to remember who is our god. the god of the universe, you, my father, who created the heaven and earth and everything in it. And as you say in your word, Is there anything to offer you? And we know the answer to that is no. So we thank you for this morning. We ask that you bless the rest of our day, that you be with us, keep us and direct us in all that we do. It's in your son, Jesus Christ. Holy name, we pray, Lord. Amen.

Russell Burrell [00:57:40]:

God bless you guys. Okay?