Youniquely Woman, by Kay Arthur, Emilie Barnes, Donna Otto

Much of life’s wisdom is gained through a series of trials and errors. How do you know to use caution around your very impressionable children? Because yesterday they mimicked your most undesirable quality in public.  Although wouldn’t it be wonderful to go through life without constantly thinking, “I wish I would have done that this way…” or “If I could do it over again, I would…” Knowing how to build a foundational and loving marriage, knowing how to raise children in the way they should go, knowing how to be that gracious women who has the time for everyone and everything is a goal all women desire to achieve. Until that fateful day when you realize that that stuff does not, in fact, come easy and it is not, unfortunately, taught - because it feels as though these are things that should come naturally. Only nothing comes naturally! Any desirable qualities, traits, wisdom comes from God. In “Youniquely Women” the authors, whom are ladies after God’s own heart, give sound advice on being that godly women precious in the eyes of the Lord. We all have that picture in our head of being that women with the most polite kids, the most loving husband, the most orderly home, the most sought after person when it comes to any sort of advice, that woman who can see God’s impression in all aspects of her life and all this without a hair out of place. Following the Lord makes it very possible to be that women you would like to be, because being that glorified women is who God wants you to be too! All you have to do is find out how to be such a God-approved woman, and this book can be that second step (after the Holy Bible of course) that offers great advisement in doing so.


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