Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.
Philippians 3:12 (NKJV)

A Path For Spiritual Growth

This checklist is a tool to help you identify areas where you can grow.
How far along the path are you?

Phase 0:
Decide To Follow Jesus

Before you can grow spiritually, you must first make the decision to believe in Jesus and follow Him.

Receive Forgiveness & Salvation By Faith In Jesus Christ
Be Baptized
Turn From Your Sinful Lifestyle
Develop A New Godly Lifestyle

Phase 1:

Spend Time Daily Reading The Bible

Every Christian should spend time with God in His Word each day. You will not grow without regular and consistent Bible reading.

Spend Time Each Day In Prayer

The purpose of salvation is fellowship with God. Talk to Him and listen to Him daily.

Engage In The Church Body

Every Christian needs other Christians. You cannot grow without others. Others cannot grow without you.

Develop Meaningful Friendships For Encouragement And Accountability
Volunteer To Serve In Some Capacity

Sing Worship Songs With The Congregation

Singing to God connects you to Him in a way that cannot be done any other way. Learn to join others in expressing your heart, love, adoration, commitment and need for God.

Let The Holy Spirit Guide You Each Day

Jesus has given you a great advantage in the Holy Spirit. Do not neglect Him. Learn to hear His voice and be obedient when He speaks to you.

Repent Of All Known Sin

You will not grow if you choose to practice sin. Repent as God reveals areas of sin.

Phase 1 Resources

Equipped To Walk

Enroll in this online course to help you learn how to walk with God.
Topics include: How to have a devotional life, How to pray, How to relate to other Christians, How to worship God, How to be led by the Spirit, and How to deal with sin.

Phase 2:

Be Baptized With The Holy Spirit

You will be empowered to be a witness to Jesus.

Learn The Gospel Message

Can you clearly explain to an unbeliever how to be saved?

Prepare Your Own Testimony

Can you clearly explain why you follow Jesus?

Phase 2 Resource

Equipped To Invite

Enroll in this online course to help you learn how to share your faith.
Topics include: The baptism of the Holy Spirit, Sharing your testimony, Sharing the gospel, and Sharing with wisdom.

Phase 3:

Every Christian needs to know what they believe, and why. This foundation of Biblical truth is essential for you to be steadfast in the faith.

Learn Why The Bible Is Trustworthy

Learn What The Bible Teaches About God

Learn What The Bible Teaches About People

Learn What The Bible Teaches About Jesus

Learn What The Bible Teaches About Salvation

Learn What The Bible Teaches About The Holy Spirit

Learn What The Bible Teaches About Future Events

Phase 3 Resource

Equipped To Believe

Enroll in this online course to help you learn about the major doctrines we believe and why we believe them.
Topics include: The Bible, God, Humanity, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, End Times and Eternity.

Phase 4:

Identify Your Role In The Body Of Christ

Every Christian has been called to perform a unique function within the church. Your calling may change in different seasons.

Learn To Use The Spiritual Gifts That Support Your Role

Spiritual gifts are not natural talents, but manifestations of the Spirit. Learning to let the Spirit work through you takes practice.

Give Financially What You Purpose In Your Heart

It is appropriate to support the place where God is growing you. Lay up treasure in Heaven by investing in the work of God.

Phase 4 Resources

Equipped To Serve

Enroll in this online course to help you learn how to fulfill your role in the church.
Topics include: The heart to serve, spiritual gifts, spiritual authority, faithfulness and rewards.

Phase 5:

Continue To Draw Near To God By Walking Closer To Him

Do you have a better relationship with God than ever before?

Continue To Get Better At Inviting People To Jesus

This growth comes from experience, prayer and continued study.

Continue To Learn What You Believe And Why

Always be ready to explain the hope that you have.

Continue To Exercise And Excel In Your Spiritual Calling & Gifts

Strive for excellence as you serve the Lord. You can become more effective for Him.

Phase 5 Resources

Equipped To Study

Enroll in this online course to help you learn how to study the Bible.
Topics include: Learning to slow down, asking the right questions, repetition, cross references, context and application.

Equipped To Lead

Enroll in this online course to help you learn Biblical leadership from examples in the Bible.
Examples include: Jesus, Moses & Joshua, David, Saul & Absalom, Ezra & Nehemiah, and Paul.

Equipped To Preach

Enroll in this online course to help you learn the pattern Pastor Jerry uses to prepare a message.
Topics include: Types of messages, Analyze the passage, Discern the message, Build the points, Support the message, Prepare your notes, Preach the message.