About E3G

About E3G:

E3G is Calvary Chapel Living Water’s Youth Ministry.  CC Living Water’s Youth Ministry started from day 1 when the church was founded in June 1991.  Throughout the years, this ministry has seen many Youth Leaders & Youth come through & be used greatly by our wonderful Lord.  In Fact… 3 of the 4 current Pastors of Calvary Chapel Living Water where all once Youth Pastor’s/Leaders of this ministry.  Also, a good number of Youth who went through this ministry are currently serving in a leadership role at CC Living Water, or are on the Mission Field in such places as Japan, Italy, Korea & Israel. In 2003 Jon was asked to step into the role of Youth Pastor, and at that point Calvary Chapel Living Water’s Youth Ministry officially changed it’s name to E3G.  E3G stands for the vision and heart that this ministry has towards the young men & women of this generation.  E3G stands for : ENCOURAGING, EQUIPPING & EVANGELIZING this GENERATION.  The desire of this ministry is not to take the place of Godly parents in raising their children, but rather to come along side parents & Encourage & Equip their children in really seeking, hearing,  loving our Lord & to be used for HIS good pleasure.  The main focus & tool that this ministry strives to do this, is simple teaching through prayer &  GOD’s word verse by verse. To  allow the LORD to work through HIS Word & by HIS SPIRIT to grab a hold of these young men & women’s lives. However, for those that come to this ministry, who do not come from Godly parents, our desire is first and foremost, to give them a place & “family” where they can be built up & equipped to live a life pleasing to our LORD.  As well as to pray & allow the Lord to equip them to minister to their family. E3G has services throughout the week.  The main service is held on Friday nights, and it has been that way since day 1, when the Youth Ministry started at CC Living Water.  The reason and heart for a Friday Night Youth Service, is because Friday Night is known as a Party & Hang Out Night for youth.  So a service has been held on Friday’s to give the youth of Corona an alternative to going or doing something that would not glorify the LORD.  Also it is a testimony for Youth towards their friends & family when it comes to the Youth being asked or invited to do something that may not please the LORD but chose to go to church instead. Along with the Friday Night Service, a mid week service is held for the Jr. High youth, & on Sunday’s both Jr. & Sr. High have services. Here at E3G, we pray that all who come would know Jesus, & let Him be known.  


Jon – Youth Pastor Jon is the current Youth Pastor of E3G.  He has been attending Calvary Chapel Living Water since day one when the church had its first service in June 1991.  He was born & raised in Los Angeles, CA & attended Christian schools in LA.  He accepted Jesus as His Savior in 6th grade… but as a High School kid, Jesus was not his LORD.  At the end of his senior year & his first year of college, certain circumstances & prayer from his family & encouragement from his best friend, he decided to surrender completely to Jesus, and not just have HIM as his Savior, but to truly make Jesus the LORD of his life. From that moment & with the discipleship from Pastor Cisco(who was the Youth Pastor at that time), Jon got involved in youth ministry at Calvary Chapel Living Water & he has not looked back.  Jon got involved with the youth ministry in 2000, and then was called out, to be a Missionary in American Samoa along with Pastor Pule.  After a wonderful time of ministry, he went to become a Missionary in Japan along with Pastor Tim & Melissa where they help the new work God was doing through Pastor Rick at Calvary Chapel Okinawa.  Also during this time Jon met and began his relationship with his future wife Evangelina. After Jon’s stint as a missionary, he came back and was asked to take over the youth ministry of Calvary Chapel Living Water in 2003.  Four year’s later he married his beautiful wife Evangelina and now they minister together, not only in youth ministry, but in the Worship ministry as well.  Soon after their marriage they had their first child “BELLA”.   They have a heart for the mission field… where ever the LORD would see fit to use them.  Currently it is in Corona with their wonderful church family at Calvary Chapel Living Water .

Evangelina – Youth Girls Overseer Evangelina was born in Corona, Ca. She was raised in a non Christian home. During elementary school years she  lived for a time in Santa Barbara & Monrovia.  Her family eventually moved back to Corona where she attended Norco Intermediate & High School.  During a time in her youth when she was battling with some personal issues of identity & self worth, her mother decided to bring her & her siblings to a little church on the corner of Lincoln & Railroad, better known as Calvary Chapel Living Water.  Here, through the teaching of God’s word through Pastor Tom(who at the time was the Head Pastor & Youth Pastor of CCLW), and later through Pastor Cisco, and Christian peers; Evangelina realized and understood that her identity was found in Christ Jesus, and that the GOD who created all things thought of her as a precious jewel.  As she began to fall in love with Jesus, she began to learn guitar & eventually became the first Youth to lead worship in youth Ministry.  Her love for worship was infectious… so much so that her future husband Jon, fell in love with her because of her love to worship & praise our wonderful Savior.  Many of those who lead in worship currently at Calvary Chapel Living Water & those missionaries who came from this church, can truly say Evangelina is a reason why they are leading worship now. After graduating from Norco High, Evangelina was the first student from CC Living Water,  to attend & graduate from Calvary Chapel Bible College.  While at the Bible College, she had a wonderful opportunity to study in Peru for a semester… where she not only gained unforgettable friends, but another family in the BONNERS. A few years after the Bible College she married her long time boyfriend and wonderful husband Jonathan.  They are both currently serving at Calvary Chapel Living Water in the youth ministry, and Evangelina is still being greatly used in the area of Worship.