The Power Of A Woman's Words, by Sharon Jaynes

The tongue is a mighty little thing, is it not? It merely looks like a fat, pink slug but it can accomplish more good (or bad) than all other members of your body put together. The words you say can provide someone in despair great hope, or it can tear down someone strong. As a woman, our words are especially influential; think of every acceptance speech made – women such as mom or wife are credited with being that endless supply of encouragement. When a loved one comes home after a particularly excruciating day, who else can bring such words of comfort as a woman can? It’s important to recognize how much your words can affect another person, and realize that you can’t “unsay” something. When you exhibit less than pretty speeches, all the “I’m sorry(s)" in the world still won’t erase any slip of the tongue. The ability to speak is a tremendous gift, but the tongue cannot be tamed (or trained) without love. Thus model your tongue to form words Jesus Christ would be pleased to hear you say, because only He who loves unconditionally can direct your mouth to provide true goodness to others. -Justine