The Pursuit Of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges

To be holy, is a statement most would balk at probably because how difficult that achievement seems to be. We are to be holy in body, holy in mind, holy in thoughts, holy in speech, holy in deeds, etc, etc. Though we are not slave to sin, sin puts up an awful good fight. We know what God would want us to do, and what he would want us to avoid – the Holy Spirit instills that knowledge within us. Yet how often we are defeated by sin! Thinking that the power of God should have kept us far away from such indecencies. God has given us the Spirit, and it is up to us to obey. If the Spirit prompts you to flee, then by all means flee! God has told us what to do, and if we choose to disobey it is not at the fault of God, but our own selfish desires. As it is said, practice makes perfect. Squish that morbid thought. Bite your tongue and let that insult slide. Turn around and place back what isn’t yours. The more you say no to what is wrong, the easier it will be to turn away from that which causes you to sin. It isn’t that if we try hard enough we will never sin again, but that if we are obedient to God we will find the power of sin to diminish significantly. -Justine