The Bumps Are What You Climb On, by Warren Wiersbe

Don’t you just wish that life was a straight and smooth path? That there were no rocks to trip over, hills to climb, potholes to plummet into, or side paths to confuse you? But if that were the case, do you know where you would be now? Without the rocks to trip over, imagined self-sufficiency would prevent God from guiding us. Without the hills to climb, God’s wondrous promises to see us through anything wouldn’t be as profound or meaningful. Without potholes to plummet into we do not experience the grace of God. Without side paths, we do not have God-given free will to build us up in our faith. Remembering that God is there and that there is meaning in this trail is great encouragement for working through those things that begin to weigh us down. God has something to teach you, show you, speak to you about; it is not until after we emerge from whatever trail we are going through that we become stronger, more at peace, more trusting, better. Have a picture of Jesus and what he went through in your mind, knowing that He is more than equipped to aid you in your struggles. If we never had the chance to fall, then we would never learn to walk. Though the path ahead doesn’t always look so bright, God is there. -Justine