Faith, by Chuck Smith

Superman had a steel body, and we have our faith. That is, Superman was never afraid to rush in to save the day because he was always certain that there wasn’t anything he would face that could destruct his nearly indestructible body. So because we have faith that God saves, there isn’t anything we should fear or worry over, we too can rush in to perform God’s will without fear of being destroyed. Jesus Christ is our hero, greater than Superman, with a perfectly indestructible body. No matter how bleak or dreary the circumstances look, God doesn’t get any weaker. When the world keeps knocking you down and a panicked heart-beat downs out God’s voice, faith tells you to get back up because God is there. When you cannot see any way out of your troubles, faith tells you that God can. Faith is, no matter what, believing in God. Faith is leaning on the Lord for deliverance, rejoicing because you believe in God’s promises even if evidence of it isn’t apparent just yet. How do you build faith? By prayer and being close to the Lord, by remembering who God is – powerful, wise, and almighty with the ability to conquer all. Have faith remembering that God loves you. -Justine