U-Turn For Christ, by Gerry Brown

No matter how deep of a hole you dig yourself in, it will never be too deep for God to reach in and pull you out. Left to our own logic we tend to make the most nauseating decisions, decisions that lead to destruction, decisions without God that lead to our own demise. Drugs and alcohol are tantalizing in their siren call for escape, warped with said drugs and alcohol people become things they were never meant to be – mean, selfish, demonic. When drugs and alcohol take the place of Christ, no redemption is found, and the grips of them seem too much of a stronghold to ease. And so we fail, and fail, and fail again and when comprehension dawns with the knowledge that a mistake was made, the thought of God – so strong and holy – helping us seems to be good to be true. So burdened with guilt or even delusional with assumed righteousness, many do not turn to God for help as it seems to easy and simple a solution to the path of problems we have set ourselves on. But God, Almighty Wonderful Magnificence that is He, waits to lift us up, to transform us from lowly awful disgrace to peaceful wise and pure. God is the only one who can do that, take what is broken and make it new, and He doesn’t hold back from rescuing us. The Lord isn’t looking for good works or a reason to save you, His love for us is enough of a reason. Jesus loves you, and He can and will save you should you only turn to Him.-Justine