Worldliness, by C.J. Mahaney

The world can look so joyful – really like the Disney ideal - filled to the brim with friendly faces, upbeat music, stylish culture, helpful news, and loads of fun things awaiting your possession. What harm does music, or style of clothes, or the media, or even your possessions have on you? Words are just words, and stuff is just that. Only being submerged in so many conflicting attitudes is like trying to run backwards and forewords at the same time – ultimately you're going nowhere. I know that some things don’t seem conflicting, after all God loves music and surely would like you to be blessed. But listen, that secular music is casting subtle hints about following your heart, drowning out the voice of God who warns you that the heart is fickle and wicked. And look, your peers are telling you how beautiful that blouse compliments you and your body, drowning out the voice of God who warns about pulling brothers down instead of lifting them up. Pay attention, the media is informing you of all the latest trends, which happen to go further and further from God’s law each time. It isn’t that every one of us is called to be shut up in a cave somewhere, just that it’s beneficial to your walk with Jesus if you can recognize the influence the world can have through various pathways. It won’t do to have so many voices combating for your attention; above all the Lord is the only voice where satisfaction is not fleeting.-Justine