Transforming Grace, by Leslie Martin

Sometimes, our heart can hurt. There is a hole within our inner soul that is longing, crying out for something. It is such a lonesome and depressive state, to have a heart full of air. And we can go through all the world has to offer to fill this hole. Food, sex, drugs, TV, relationships, books, popularity, gossip – we can satisfy every craving, whether it is good or bad, and still that deep need for something more is not met. Why? Because what we seek is not worldly things – we are spiritually hungry! Our very soul cries out for the Lord; it is only God that can sooth and fill the emptiness within. Being without the Lord is like free-falling backward into a pit of despair. Holding us back from Him, can be a thought, or a little voice, that whispers - “God doesn’t want you,” “You’ve been too horrible to even consider seeking refuge from the Lord,” or “What makes you think God will bless you after you’ve behaved in such a way?” But our Heavenly Father does not want us to hold back from Him, He offers Himself to us – and so what makes us think to reject Him is proper? God is understanding, and loving, and full of grace. The biggest concept here is that the Lord’s love is unconditional, as in He loves us regardless. The best response to that? Praise the Lord for giving us a need for Him, praise the Lord for faithfully fulfilling that need through Him. Whatever is holding you back from conversing with, turning to, or being in the presence of the Lord – squish it. Turn to the Lord, love Him back, because no matter what, God loves you! -Justine

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