Gray Matter by David Levy, MD with Joel Kilpatrick

Gray Matter by David Levy, MD with Joel Kilpatrick

Biography & Autobiography/Medical

God is good. This book invites you to see the hand of God move in the lives of people who have undergone surgery in the most delicate part of the human body, the brain. Dr. David Levy, a neurosurgeon from San Diego, CA recounts how he has seen God’s goodness through the power of prayer.

Dr. Levy gives us a glimpse into the world of neurosurgery; the delicate and precise use of instruments that travel through the vascular system of the human body into the brain to untangle webs of arteries that cause aneurysms, strokes or death. But the gray matter exists when God challenges him to pray for his patient bringing God into the forefront of medical science.

Through this book, we see God working in Dr. Levy’s life by tearing down his pride, ego and fear so he can pray with his patients. We see God’s goodness and faithfulness before and after the patient’s surgery (physical and spiritual). Dr. Levy talks about how anger, un-forgiveness and bitterness can cause serious health problems through the various patients he has treated. Some of the patients have experienced domestic violence, failed marriages, and day to day life struggles.

This book reminds us that God answers prayer and He is good in all circumstances. It is a must read book that challenges us to pray for others, and know his answered prayers are good regardless of the outcome.