Exodus 12:29, Would God have spared a firstborn Egyptian?

Question: In Exodus 12: 38, the Bible tells us that "many other people went up with [the Israelites]" out to the desert. It seems that they saw how great of a God the Israelite God was and wanted to be with God's people. This reminds me of Ruth and Naomi. Then Fia asked this question. If an Egyptian family knew an Israelite family well and saw how great the Israelite God was; and if they put blood on their doorpost, would their firstborn have died? Exodus 12:29 does say that the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt. But wondering if God would have spared a firstborn Egyptian in this way? Answer: Great question Fia! It does seem reasonable to me that God would spare an Egyptian family if they obeyed the command to put blood on the doorpost. However, since there is not a specific verse that addresses this question my answer is speculation based on what we know of God. -PJ

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