Deuteronomy 34 Moses not being able to enter the Promise Land

Question: Deut 34:4  God tells Moses he will not cross into the Promise Land.  Is it because of his disobedience?  Did he die right then and there?  And why does no one know where his grave is?


Moses was not able to enter into the Promise Land because of his misrepresentation & disobedience to the Lord (found in Numbers 20). As to the question if he “died right then & there”, I don’t know if you can really say that he did or didn’t according to Deut 34:5.  I just know that Moses was blessed by the Lord to have seen the land before he died. For the question, why no one knows where he is buried.  It is simply because God took the body, and buried it to a place where no one knows.  The reason is not for certain according to scripture, but more than likely it is so that no one would make his grave site a place of worship or a place to revere! -JH