1 Samuel 17, Do these events happen before chapter 16?

Question: Do the events in chapter 17 come before or after chapter 16? It seems like Saul meets David for the first time in chapter 16, but in verse 16 David is described as a man of war (NLT). It seems to me that David would receive the description as a man of war after his encounter with Goliath. Then at the end of chapter 17 Abner brings David to meet Saul and it seems like they are meeting the first time there. Answer: I think it is in the correct chronological order. In 1 Samuel 18 it says that Saul eyed David from that day forward, he was angry about the song the women sang about David. Saul's question in chapter 17 was not who David was, but who is father was. He knew David, but saw him as a young servant, it was not important to know about him. Now Saul is taking note and realizing this is a man to pay attention to. -PJ